A.M. Links: James Comey Nearly Quit DOJ Over Eavesdropping, Court Orders California to Release Prisoners, Protesters in Brazil Number More Than a Million


  • tough for the muslim brotherhood to co-opt this one

    President Obama's expected pick for the FBI, James Comey, reportedly nearly resigned from the Department of Justice a decade ago over electronic eavesdropping. Nearly.

  • The FBI has deemed every agent-involved shooting between 1993 and 2011 as justified. Good shoot and all that.
  • The deputy director of the Department of Environment in Tennessee claimed unfounded complaints about water quality amounted to acts of terrorism. There oughta be a Godwin's law.
  • A federal court ordered California to comply with a previous court order and begin releasing some prisoners due to overcrowding. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers in places like Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and South Dakota are looking to lower the prison populations by easing sentencing requirements. Tough times for "tough on crime" baloney.
  • Absent more help from the West, Syrian rebels are manufacturing their own weapons. Wait till they get 3D printers.
  • Protests in Brazil over corruption, poor public services and government preparations for the World Cup and Olympics have spread to more than 100 cities and now include more than a million Brazilians. Tudo não é bem.

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  1. Woman dressed as vagina stops street fight between penis and man in Glastonbury


    1. This is better than the stuff Fisty posts.

      1. I don’t care how much you people want it, I’m not posting penis links.

    2. Connecticut is full of pussies and dicks.

      1. Let’s hope they don’t come together too frequently or there will be an explosion of them

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      3. It’s in England, UK. I’d say something really mean but you’re currently pregnant and I can’t bring myself to do it.

        1. Oh. Shit. It was written in American and I had a bunch of cousins grow up in Glastonbury, CT

  2. President Obama’s expected pick for the FBI, James Comey, reportedly nearly resigned from the Department of Justice a decade ago over electronic eavesdropping.

    I’m guessing he’ll be whistling another tune these days.

    1. And Robert Redford nearly moved to Canada because Bush was reelected.

    2. It occurs to me that the NSA has finally provided a universal answer to the question of whether there’s a sound if a tree falls in the forest with no one around to hear it by ensuring there is never no one around to hear it.

  3. A man with 63kg testicles is unhappy after their removal as the operation left him with a tiny penis.


    1. They had to cut off part of the penis to remove the balls?

    2. So, did an image search for Wesley Warren Jr and got this.

      1. I’ll pass.

    3. Is it actually that short, it did the removal of the weight just cause it to retract up into his abdomen? If the later, they can probably fix it.

  4. Decline and fall: how American society unravelled
    Thirty years ago, the old deal that held US society together started to unwind, with social cohesion sacrificed to greed. Was it an inevitable process ? or was it engineered by self-interested elites?

    Much has been written about the effects of globalisation during the past generation. Much less has been said about the change in social norms that accompanied it. American elites took the vast transformation of the economy as a signal to rewrite the rules that used to govern their behaviour: a senator only resorting to the filibuster on rare occasions; a CEO limiting his salary to only 40 times what his average employees made instead of 800 times; a giant corporation paying its share of taxes instead of inventing creative ways to pay next to zero. There will always be isolated lawbreakers in high places; what destroys morale below is the systematic corner-cutting, the rule-bending, the self-dealing.

    It is no wonder that more and more Americans believe the game is rigged. It is no wonder that they buy houses they cannot afford and then walk away from the mortgage when they can no longer pay. Once the social contract is shredded, once the deal is off, only suckers still play by the rules.

    1. It’s funny to me how much shit gets added to “the social contract” every time some pinhead leftist wants to write a Get Off My Lawn piece.

      1. They can’t make the second step. The first step is to figure out that government destroys civil society. The second step is to understand that civil society grows organically from the society and can’t be planned. The second part is hard for them. They just can’t give up on the idea that civil society can somehow be managed by top men.

        1. The first step is to figure out that government destroys civil society.

          For them the second step is more government to fix the part that didn’t work as intended. Then more to fix that. And more and more and more… Less is not an option because intentions are all that matter.

        2. I actually was thinking of something else here – the way the left just makes up arbitrary non-legal rules and then claims they were “always” part of “the social contract”.

          Like here, for example. I thought the social contract was “I don’t kill you, you don’t kill me, and we mutually contribute to some stuff we do together, and we try to be civil when we argue about what that stuff should be and how much we should pay.”

          But then this writer comes along to let me know that there was also some secret stuff in there about how much I was allowed to ask my employer to pay me.

          “Huh? What part of the social contract was that?”

          1. Where do they keep a copy of the social contract? And where can I get a copy for myself?

            1. We need to re-negotiate this contract.

              1. The problem was leaving the term evergreen. I say we go to a month-to-month term, subject to termination at any time for any reason.

                1. I never signed the fucking thing and never will, not even month-to-month.

                  1. Apparently, you have an agent who signed. I know, I don’t recall allowing that, either.

            2. It’s a state secret. If you saw it you’d be guilty of treason.

          2. That is just them substituting society for morality. It used to be that people were religious and you could say “don’t take too much money from your employer because greed is a sin.” Leftists are atheists, so they can’t say that. But they still want to tell people how much money they should make. So they make up a bunch of bullshit about the social contract requiring it.

            1. Leftists are atheists

              No they’re not. They’re humanists. They worship government and the violence it employs.

          3. I actually was thinking of something else here – the way the left just makes up arbitrary non-legal rules and then claims they were “always” part of “the social contract”.

            Similar to their analysis of tax law. Where following the law as it exists is immoral and possibly illegal.

          4. It wasn’t so much “social contract” as the fact that in a competitive market, very few companies had enough “slack” to pay huge amounts of money to top executives. Not that government interference have reduced most markets to couple of massive entrenched corporations that are shielded from competition by a wall of regulations, they’re free to charge monopoly prices. Overpaying executives is one of the places those monopoly rents get spent.

        3. They just can’t give up on the idea that civil society can somehow be managed by top men.

          If they did they’d probably kill themselves. It would be like asking a religious person to turn their back on everything they believe.

    2. Forty years of education telling people capitalism is evil will do that. If you think the whole system is evil to begin with, then it doesn’t bother you to break the rules. Business schools are generally run by leftists who think capitalism is evil. Their students have gone out into corporate America with no respect for the system and a ready made rationalization for having nor morals.

      1. I’ve only been to one business school (USC) but with one exception, the Professors were the most openly conservative / libertarian I’ve ever met. It was a little island of sanity in an ocean of liberalism.

        1. A lot of them are. But, did you have a business ethics class? I bet that guy was a lefty.

          1. I had to take Values and Ethics for my engineering degree. I thought maybe it would be a series of case studies of engineering disasters caused by human error, or cutting corners in the design process, etc. until I saw who was teaching it. The most left-tarded hippy douchenozzle turned professor on the campus (there weren’t many of those at my school, but the few that were there were in the Humanities department, imagine that).

            Instead the class was a series of weekly “debates” on various issues (abortion, gun control, the death penalty, affirmitive action, etc.) in which the class would be pretty much split into “pro” and “con” sides, and a weekly journal.

            As near as I could tell your grade was determined by how far to the left the views you expressed in class were, with 2 letter grades taken off if you were in ROTC. Needless to say all the left-tards loved him. I thought he was a douche and his class was the biggest waste of time I’ve ever seen. I got a D, btw.

            1. My son got a D in his ethics class, which I actually LOLed at when he told me. Then he explained that it wasn’t really ethics but bullshit like you just described.

              1. My son got a D in his ethics class, which I actually LOLed at when he told me.

                That’s pretty much how my parents reacted… Dad? Is that you?

            2. Ethics are just a poorman’s substitute for morals.

            3. Hey I loved my ethics class, but then that’s because my hard lefty teacher was not a particularly skilled debater and I routinely made her look like a fool.

              Or I should say, exposed her as the fool she was

            4. Was also in engineering. I seem to have gotten lucky; I could take business law to satisfy my ethics requirement. One of my favorite classes as an undergrad.

          2. Yep – that was the one exception. He was fucking crucified in every case-study class discussion by grad students who had no tolerance for his bullshit. It was fun to watch him sweat.

          3. The engineering school at UofLouisville has a “law and ethics” class. I know the guy who teaches it (or taught it, I dont know anymore), he was a lawyer, not a professor. He always opened the first day with “Im a lawyer so I know nothing about ethics, so Im going to teach you the law.”

            1. Our guy had a JD and a PhD in engineering. It was basically a collection of advice on how not to get sued for being an engineer.

        2. I’m currently a Marshall undergrad andd I’ll say that I haven’t seen much political bias either way in my business classes. Non-business, I’d say most of the professors were definitely liberal. Although even then, probably not as bad as state schools in California. USC is known for being relatively conservative, though not as much today as in the past

      2. Business schools are generally run by leftists who think capitalism is evil.

        Which is understandable since the business that they are intimately familiar with, higher education, is fundamentally immoral on multiple levels.

        1. Which is understandable since the business that they are intimately familiar with, higher education, is fundamentally immoral on multiple levels.

          I’m curious. How so?

    3. It seems that I’ve been seeing more and more of these “good ol’ days” pieces from the left lately. I’ve also read in a few times a similar line to, “the old deal that held…” and then describing an older society that matches up perfectly with their ideology.

      Wasn’t that a trait of the right? You know, make up some idealized bullshit about the morality and goodness of those in the past and contrast it with the freewheeling libertines of today.

      1. It’s a trait of all of humanity to decry the lost of a non-existent past. We do it here too when we speak of some mythical pro-freedom government that didn’t exist in 1890.

      2. I have a soft spot for the 80’s and a bit of the 90’s, and there are days I long for the less-complex life (note, not “simpler”) of those times.

        But in no way do I have any illusions that the bullshit I have to put up with today is caused by anything other than the intrusive and growing state and it’s little fucking toadies doing its bidding. Because, you know, nothing says freedom and choice like a state that limits both, in the name of MOAR FREE SHIT.

        1. How old are you?

          I’m betting that the 80’s and a bit of the 90’s were less-complex not because they actually less complex, but because you were a kid and (surprise surprise) in normal society children are generally shielded from the complexities of life by their parents.

          1. I was in my 20’s and 30’s.

            I was changing my own diaper by that point.

      3. Mostly nostalgia and clinging to a non-existent past. I mean look at how popular dazed and confused was. If it took place in 1994, would anyone have given a shit about it?

  5. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/l…..BOH7fYlaCN

    James Gandolfini’s last meal.

    “Sopranos” star James Gandolfini, who struggled with booze addiction in his final weeks, scarfed down a decadent final meal that included at least eight alcoholic drinks, The Post has learned.

    Gandolfini guzzled four shots of rum, two pina coladas, and two beers at dinner with his son ? while he chowed down on two orders of fried king prawns and a “large portion” of foie gras, a hotel source in Rome said.

    1. A whole 8 drinks? Over like 4 hours? Madness! He deserved his fate!

      1. But he guzzled them!

        1. a typo. He nuzzled them. He was a sweet and tender drinker

    2. “and a “large portion” of foie gras”

      No wonder California had to ban it.

      1. Sounds like a nice way to go out.

        Hell yeah, let me have a last meal and dump so satisfying that I can die a happy death.

    3. obviously foie gras = poison.

    4. James Gandolfini’s last meal.

      Yes, but what was his last bowel movement like? That’s the real story everyone wants to hear.

      1. They would have found it in his pants post mortem. That’s why EMS is such a fun job.

        1. it’s true. I mop up after sick people on the back of a medic unit .. you know, cause i’m a heartless bastard.

        2. They never mention that in the stories.

    5. according to the Post the prawns were “slathered” in mayonnaise. Let’s hope it was at least artisanal

      1. Death from pus overdose?

      2. And they say this as if one meal could have killed him.

    6. Good for him. I only say that because he seems like the kind of guy who would play it the exact same way if given a second chance.

      Most people I’d pity for lack of self control, but Gandolfini didn’t seem to give a fuck or feel sorry for himself.

    7. A “large portion” of foie gras is about 6-8 ounces. Two orders of fried prawns is about 12 ounces. The fucking guy probably starved to death.

  6. Only evil libertarians would speculate about a link between “landlords from hell” and rent control.


    1. I have a tenant from hell. He’s an attorney, naturally. The terror he has visited on my family has shortened my life and the lives of my loved ones.

      1. I would never, ever rent my property to lawyer. I’d go section 8 first.

        1. I would never, ever rent my property to lawyer. I’d go section 8 light a match first.


  7. Sentenced: Man Received $3.6 Million From Medicare Running Bogus Ambulance Companies

    According to federal prosecutors, a Houston man has landed a six year prison sentence for operating several fake ambulance companies that fraudulently collected $3.6 million in Medicare payments.

    48-year-old Julian Kimble was convicted of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and was also ordered to pay back the money collected. He pleaded guilty to the charges in November of 2011 after being accused of operating four bogus ambulance companies in the Houston area from 2008 – 2010.

    1. So lets see, 2008 – 2016 (when he will be out on parole presuming good behavior and such) = 8 years

      3600000/8 = $450,000 a year

      Where can I get in on this deal

      1. He had to pay back all the money. Or, at least, attempt to. So he’ll be a broke-ass felon in 2016.

        Also, here are this years top 10 Social Security fraudsters. As always, a highly creative bunch.


        1. He had to pay back all the money.

          He has to pay back all the money THAT THEY KNOW ABOUT.

          If he only got caught on about 50%, he will still come out okay.

          1. That they can get to. The Carribean still has some places serious about their banking secrecy laws, and with a bit of proper setup, they’ll never associate you with the accounts, anyway.

  8. …Republican lawmakers in places like Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and South Dakota are looking to lower the prison populations by easing sentencing requirements.


    1. Why does finally figuring out that sending people to prison for decades for minor crimes is a bad idea make you a RINO?

      1. I’m sure some primary challengers will let us know.

        1. I bet not. Watch and see. But I really can’t see people getting angry about this.

          1. You’re assuming that the prison systems will release non violent offenders that never should have gone to prison in the first place. Instead they’ll pull their version of the washington monument syndrome and release the most dangerous scum and villains that they can.

            At least they will in CA.

          2. Many people may not, but just watch how primary challengers go all tough on crime as soon as they get financial backing from the private prison industry.

            One can never underestimate the crassness of the Law and Order, tough on crime crowd.

      2. Not only is it sending people away for a long time for small time stuff, but there is incredibly lax sentences for vile and corrupt things. Look at Lord Hummungus’ story above. 6 years for scamming $3.6 million from Medicare?

        The easing sentencing for drug crimes should be the first car out of the garage, but there is a lot to fix.

        1. There is. It is insane that we sentence petty drug dealer to decades in prison, but someone running a chop shop or involved in some fraud stealing millions of dollars will walk away with a few years. Serious thieves are a continuing threat. They need to be locked up for a long time.

          1. Serious thieves are a continuing threat. They need to be locked up for a long time.

            Starting with the ones working at the IRS. *rimshot*

    2. How about lowering the prison population by releasing all the innocents locked up for victimless crimes rather than letting real criminals off with slap on the wrist?

  9. Obama to meet privacy oversight board to try to reassure public on spying

    President Barack Obama will meet on Friday with members of a privacy oversight watchdog board to try to reassure Americans rattled by revelations of the U.S. government’s vast monitoring of phone and Internet data.

    Obama is scrambling to show he has credibility on the issue after coming under fire for the scope of surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency, which was revealed in a series of disclosures by former government contractor Edward Snowden.

    1. “Don’t you find it reassuring when I attend meetings you aren’t invited to and talk to people you’ve never met about stuff you’re not allowed to know about?”

      1. It’s worse than that. He’s meeting with the people who’re supposed to be providing oversight. How’re the two parties meeting as a means to convince me that everything is Completely Transparent? supposed to make me feel better about it?

    2. I bet it’s the same group of assholes that gave him the transparency prize.

    3. I’d lower my glasses on my nose, look down upon Obama from my raised platform and say, “Oh, really, Mr. Obama. Fifty points from Slytherin.”

      1. HA Obama is a Slytherin.

        He is not brave, smart, or loyal.

  10. The FBI has deemed every agent-involved shooting between 1993 and 2011 as justified.

    2011-infinity, also.

    1. Well, not yet. They’ll have to do an internal investigation first.

    2. 1993

      So, I guess Ruby Ridge was the last bad shoot.

      1. Probably WACO. 76 bad shootings.

  11. A new take on ‘grass-fed’ meat: Pig farmer markets pork raised on marijuana

    Von Scheneidau said the notion came to him when he met the owners of a weed dispensary who told him that, ever since marijuana was legalized in Washington via popular vote last year, they’ve had extra stems, stalks, and leaves to get rid of.

    He simply asked them if he could take what they were planning to throw out, as he once did with a farmer’s rotting cantaloupes.

    Von Scheneidau said he has always experimented with what he fed his animals and is even currently adding beer and vodka to their troughs.

    1. is even currently adding beer and vodka to their troughs

      So, he runs “Happy Pig Farm”?

      1. The DEA and the BATF will be there shortly to execute all of his pigs.

        1. The DEA and the BATF will be there shortly to execute all of his pigs.

          Circular firing squad?

    2. Couldn’t you do some type of extraction on the leaves to get useful concentrations of cannabinoids? It seems wasteful to just feed it to pigs or throw it away.

      1. I wonder what the concentration is like in the lard. 1/2oz of ditchweed broken up, blended into 1 cup of vegetable oil, then strained yielded excellent brownies.

    3. Butterflys at the butterfly pavillion are fed on a mixture of gatorade, amino acids, and Natural Lite ICE.

      That is a true story.

      1. In Westminster?

        1. yup

  12. Woman gives up attempt to survive on sunlight, but not because the theory was wrong


    1. [She] tried to follow the ‘breatharian’ lifestyle, which calls on devotees to survive on sunlight, air and water.

      Her quest for light was made more difficult when her electricity was cut off.

      Her quest for *sun* light?

    2. Dammit; the headline/URL don’t suggest why dhe gave up the attempt! Now I have to click on the artile.

      The 65-year-old, originally from Aston, but now living in Seattle in the US,

      Even if it were possible to live off of sunlight, there’s your problem right there.

    3. Darwin almost won that one

    4. She was obviously a QOTSA fan

      My God is The Sun

  13. The deputy director of the Department of Environment in Tennessee claimed unfounded complaints about water quality amounted to acts of terrorism.

    The head of the sanitation department says the same thing about garbage complaints.

  14. Zimmerman gets all female jury. It’s over for him. Why even bother with a trial?

    1. There’s some hope, sarcasmic.

      The jurors only have to self-identify as female.

      1. All the prosecutor has to do is tug at their motherly instincts, and that’s the end of that.

    2. I am not sure white women are going to take the side of an aggressive, violent black teenager.

      1. But treyvon was a choir boy that mentored troubled youths – that’s all the jury will hear anyway.

    3. Meh, two are gun owners, one has been arrested for something minor. I would’ve wanted at least one dude, but I think worst case it’s a hung jury.

      1. hung jury

        *** snort ***

        1. Reluctant clapping….

      2. Are you saying the jury is going to break up into catty cliques and synchronize their menstruation? You misogynistic bastard.

        1. I can’t wait for a bear to invade the courtroom.

          1. I’m riding a furry tractor.

        2. Well I actually meant that some of them will have mommy instincts, while the rest will be deafened by the pounding metronome of their biological clock. However this will conflict with fear and relief that some possibly violent thug was taken out long before he could forcibly penetrate the dignity defense shield around their sacred unspoiled wombs….

          …and Ya I still wonder why more chicks don’t come around here

          1. so how would an all-male jury go? All paragons of fairness and wisdom?

            1. all-male jury

              Trying to decide which forensics expert is hotter.

            2. Wondering how they can get one more free meal before turning in the verdict form.

              And arm wrestling for the jury foremanship.

    4. Two of the jurors recently moved to the area – one from Iowa and one from Chicago – and two are involved with rescuing animals as their hobbies.

      One juror had a prior arrest, but she said it was disposed of and she thought she was treated fairly. Two jurors have guns in their homes. All of their names have been kept confidential and the panel will be sequestered for the trial.

    5. Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic.

      So the AP is refusing to acknowledge this fact?

    6. WTF? How did they even manage that? His only hope is a hung jury split along racial lines.

  15. Michael Jordan thinks there are only four(4) players who would be good enough to compete in “his era”


    1. Considering how half the PG’s in the league today are better than all but the very best (Stockton and Payton) of the trash he played with and against, he’s way off.

    2. Bullshit. The Spurs have 4 people who could play on any team, so the Heat must as well. That’s just off the top of my head.

    3. I think it’s the opposite. Jordan would be great, but second fiddle to LeBron and Durant.

      1. Jordan would be better than Durant because of his impact on defense. I don’t think he would be considered as good as LeBron due to the latter’s versatility, but they’d be very close.

        1. I think they’d be pretty close to equal. Jordan could take over a game more consistently than Lebron can. Although Lebron is getting much better at it (see last night), he hasn’t shown the ability to do it as consistently as Jordan did.

          I’d give Jordan the slight edge on offense and Lebron the edge on defense. Pretty much equal.

  16. What has happened to Meg Ryan’s face? Fresh-faced actress, 51, reveals tighter visage and plumper lips

    She looks like the Joker.

    1. Saw that the other day. She needs a plastic surgery intervention.

      It’s sad, really.

    2. She was sooooooo cute, and I say this as a guy who’s not into blondes all that much

      Now, just another collagen and plastic mutant.

    3. Her face wasn’t *that* bad for her age, the really scary part was her legs, they literally looked mummified

    4. “She looks like the Joker.”

      Some people just want to watch their face burn.

  17. Terrifed burglar bumps into hanging BODY and wakes up neighbours with his screams
    Police decide not to charge the man as he called them to raise the alarm
    ‘He got a heck of a fright, that’s for sure,’ says Sergeant Freda Grace
    Sergeant Grace says the hanging man was dead hours before the burglary


    1. ‘Hopefully there will be a positive outcome from it and he will decide that burglary is not the thing to do.’

      God moves in mysterious ways.

    2. A hanging mannequin might be a better burglar repellant than a watchdog. Especially a robotic one that responds to sensed motion by turning, opening its eyes, and grinning lewdly at the intruder. Sort of like the thing that scared the guy in Salem’s Lot.

  18. Federal nullification efforts mounting in states

    An Associated Press analysis found that about four-fifths of the states now have enacted local laws that directly reject or ignore federal laws on marijuana use, gun control, health insurance requirements and identification standards for driver’s licenses. The recent trend began in Democratic leaning California with a 1996 medical marijuana law and has proliferated lately in Republican strongholds like Kansas, where Gov. Sam Brownback this spring became the first to sign a measure threatening felony charges against federal agents who enforce certain firearms laws in his state.

    Some states, such as Montana and Arizona, have said “no” to the feds again and again ? passing states’ rights measures on all four subjects examined by the AP ? despite questions about whether their “no” carries any legal significance.

    1. despite questions about whether their “no” carries any legal significance.

      Madison and Jefferson definitively answered that question.

      1. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


  19. Astonishing Vietnam War photos reveal the moment U.S. troops unleashed hell on Viet Cong sniper in hills above an Army camp


    1. Those are incredible.

    2. “We didn’t find one of them. Not one stinking dink body!”

    3. “It took a very stupid officer to put a pin in the map and say, “Build it here.”‘

    4. It’s a good example of the effectiveness of asymmetrical warfare. To (maybe*) kill one sniper, they expended thousands of rounds.


      Hensinger says: ‘We sent out patrols during the day, and found a blood trail one morning. Otherwise, we never found him.

      1. Of course getting hit by a few blasts from that Duster may have disintegrated the dude.

        1. Still an enormous imbalance in force projection cost. One guy with an SKS provokes an expense of thousands of dollars and the disruption of an entire encampment of the enemy for an entire night.

          Sort of like shutting down the entire city of Boston with a couple of pressure cookers and some fireworks.

      2. “I love the smell of ineffectiveness in the morning.”

    1. I’m guessing at the point of entry into the US, they (NSA) hand off the tracking to a domestic law enforcement agency. You know, like the ones that totally tracked and prevented the 911 terrorists from, oh wait…

      1. That’s probably it.

        Better explanation than “when a target who was outside the United States enters the country, it is designated an ‘enterer’ and the monitoring transitions to ‘enterer-tracking'”.

    2. Seemed to work that way with Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

    3. Here is the best part

      To prevent U.S. citizens and legal residents from being targeted, NSA keeps a database of phone numbers and e-mail addresses associated with people thought to be living in the country. New requests are compared to records on the list. Matches are signals to put the surveillance on hold.

      They have to keep a database about you so they don’t track you. That doesn’t quite compute.

      1. And who exactly is it who “thinks” these people are living in the country?

      2. Hey, I think maybe. . .maybe they might be lying to us.

  20. LAPD says there is nothing suspicious at all about that investigative reporter’s unfortunate fatal car accident.


    1. this:

      The car burst into flames after hitting a tree in the one-car accident at 4:20 a.m.

      and this:

      The Mercedes-Benz C-Class

      Do not compute.

      1. We all don’t live in a Michale Bay flick…thank god.

  21. Booz Allen, the World’s Most Profitable Spy Organization

    As the Cold War set in, intensified, thawed, and was supplanted by global terrorism in the minds of national security strategists, the firm, now called Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH), focused more and more on government work. In 2008 it split off its less lucrative commercial consulting arm?under the name Booz & Co.?and became a pure government contractor, publicly traded and majority-owned by private equity firm Carlyle Group (CG). In the fiscal year ended in March 2013, Booz Allen Hamilton reported $5.76 billion in revenue, 99 percent of which came from government contracts, and $219 million in net income. Almost a quarter of its revenue?$1.3 billion?was from major U.S. intelligence agencies. Along with competitors such as Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), CACI, and BAE Systems (BAESY), the McLean (Va.)-based firm is a prime beneficiary of an explosion in government spending on intelligence contractors over the past decade. About 70 percent of the 2013 U.S. intelligence budget is contracted out, according to a Bloomberg Industries analysis; the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) says almost a fifth of intelligence personnel work in the private sector.

    1. Sounds like a ripe target for Anonymous.

    2. More Profitable than ISIS?

      1. ISIS? That amateur hour hen house?

    3. Remember when the Left used to get really angry about private companies getting rich doing the government dirty work? You know, the evil Blackwater?

      1. I don’t think the left like Booz Allen any more than Blackwater. Look at all that money we’re giving them that could be used to hire more government employees!

        1. You joke, but this is exactly what they’re saying over at HuffPo. Well, that and “do you know how many people this could feed or cancer medicine it could buy?”

          Everything is a zero-sum game to those twits. And by “zero-sum”, I mean they want the endless amount of government printing-spending to go to their pet causes.

  22. From Russia with love: Glamourous spy Anna Chapman deported from the U.S dazzles on the red carpet at Moscow Film Festival alongside Brad Pitt

    No way she could “squeeze” anything out of me, though I’d happily let her try.

    1. I would make Benedict Arnold look like a saint.

  23. Revealed: George W. Bush’s great-great-great-great-grandfather was a slave trader
    Ancestral link between Bush family and slave trade confirmed
    Twelve American presidents owned slaves
    It was already known Thomas Walker was an ancestor of the Bush’s but only just confirmed he bought and sold slaves
    In the late 1700s, owning slaves wasn’t outlawed nor unusual
    First time an ancestor of Bush has been directly linked to the brutal trans-Atlantic slave trade

    Well that just explains everything, now, don’t it? BOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

    1. Some of my ancestors were slave traders as well. I imagine nearly everybody with family from New England has that stain.

      1. By the time you get back to your great-great-great-great-grandfather, you’ve got about 64 direct ancestors at that level alone (about twice as many if you include everyone between now and then). That’s a lot of people to be squeaky clean at that point.

        1. Also pretty likely that one of the ladies was screwing around and you don’t actually know who the man is.

          1. Great-great-great-great-grandmother, how could you?!

            1. The guy had a sexy top hat.

              1. His club and puma-skin one-piece suit were a turn-on.

    2. See, this is why Obama can’t get things down. Because Bush’s family oppressed black people in the 1700s.

      1. I’m guessing O’s mother had slave traders in her past…she was white afterall.

        1. and apparently descended from a black slave, whose descendants were slave owners

          1. Guess he’s going to have to resign and dedicate his life to removing that taint. Perhaps he and Bush should go and join a monastery together, seeking truth and penance in their own ways.

            1. On behalf of his white ancestors, Obama should cut a check to himself as the representative of his black ancestors.

              1. His father was an African, not an African-American. His black ancestors likely sold slaves to his white ancestors.

              1. I wasn’t going there, but SugarFree is. I mean, right now.

        2. Impossible. If His mom was white, He wouldn’t be black, He’d be biracial.

          1. He would be an Unheroic Mulatto.

            1. Indeed.

    3. Everyone reading this comment is descended from slaves and slave owners. No exceptions.

      1. It sounds like our Prez may have sold some of his relatives. There are times I would just love to do that…..

        1. His Irish/Scandinavian ones as well as the African ones. Dublin was built by Vikings as a port to export captured Irish slaves after-all.

      2. I’m not I’m Irish.

    4. If someone is looking for a direct relative of GWB that was a dick, they need look no further back than his father and check out what the CIA did on his watch.

  24. The Very Thick Line Between Raising Concerns and Denialism. Great article aoout science denialism in reference to GMO and alternative medicine on the left.

    1. I bet it’s a great article.

      1. I deny that.

      2. Shit. Fuck preview-less email links. Trying again

        1. Once they figure out a way to pervert an idea to support their politics, forget it.

    2. FtA: “[Fear of GM technology is] not even uninformed; it’s denialist. It’s right up there with the claims of anti-vaxers and climate deniers: that is, simply, flat-out, 100%, dead wrong.”

      Ooooh, so close.

  25. 2 women arrested after getting drunk in Wal-Mart

    Not the average place you would go out to have a drink. Deputies say two women were arrested Friday for drinking wine inside a Wal-Mart.

    According to the arrest report, Alicia Potter and Megan Beck took wine from the shelf and started drinking it while walking around the store.

    okay, where’s the strangest place you’ve gotten drunk/stoned?

    1. Of course, its FL. We should exile these people to Alabama.

      1. You mean the Panhandle?

        1. Sorry, Upper Alabama.

          1. Isn’t that what I said?

            I have family in Middle Tennessee and occasionally drive up to see them through Alabama, by way of the Panhandle. It’s really no joke–it looks like Alabama there, once you get a little ways from the coast. Just like Tallahassee and the nearby areas look like Georgia.

    2. I got drunk in a philosophy lecture that had a guest speaker of Bill McKibben.

      1. Did you have to consume alcohol to get drunk, or did just listening to this swivel eyed nitwit intoxicate you?

        1. We downed whiskey to avoid remembering it. All we had to do was sign in and be there.

    3. My first hangover was on Valaam.

    4. Is that even strange? That was a normal course of events before I was of legal age. BK, Taco Bell, WalMart, the movie theater, the woods, whatever: when no bar lets you enter, you make the world your tavern.

    5. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

      A software company rented out the entire place – drinks and food included. I chugged quite a few beers while taking in the sights.

      1. I’m planning on doing this in the Boston Museum of Science soon.

    6. I’ve tail gated a Wally world before. The parking lots are quite entertaining.

    7. I used to “Jay and Silent Bob” it outside of the LA Deli in Miami. Just stand out front downing cider and talk shit with a buddy.

  26. Now that’s a TAXIdermy! The Ford pick-up with 50 dead animal carcasses hanging off it is enough to terrify the bravest of creatures
    The sinister vehicle was spotted in Savannah, Georgia
    It is covered with dead animals including racoons and alligators

    Sinister? Really? Those Brits are a bunch of pussies if they think some hick’s ride is “sinister.” Fuck.

    1. Sinister? Really?

      Well, it is left-hand drive.

      1. Thus, literally sinister. Who knew?

  27. BTW, I like Greenwald more with every passing day now.

    (No homo.)

    It’s like he’s perfectly anticipated what lies Obama will tell and in what order, and he’s releasing the leaked material in the perfect sequence to exploit that.

    It’s like he’s playing Lie Chess and he’s 5 moves ahead of Mr. Teleprompter.

    He always gives them just enough time between releases to really ensnare themselves inextricably in the fabric of their own lies.

    1. Greenwald is a leftist just like Obama. So he understands how Obama thinks and would react. Your own people make the most dangerous enemies.

      1. Greenwald, a leftist, is attacking Obama for trashing leftist ideals. He was one of the first to do so, and I respect that.

        But others are now starting to get riled up too.


        Now I’ve got to go put on my helmet and gas mask. It’s time to go out and demonstrate.

        1. A lot of leftist ideals are admirable. It just seems like those are always the first to be cast off when they conflict with the other not-so-admirable ones. If there were more Greenwalds out there and less Feinsteins, they wouldn’t be so despicable as a group.

      2. Keyser Soze didn’t work with the same people for very long if ever. They never knew exactly who they were working for.

        One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.

  28. Stuff of nightmares: The giant snake that can open doors

    I suppose if you’re scared of snakes. I thought it was kinda cool.

    1. I suppose you would, if you didn’t live in a state invested by giant, sentient pythons.

      1. And tasty ones at that.

  29. The shocking list of foods readily available in US grocery stores that are BANNED in other countries for containing dangerous chemicals
    In Singapore, you can get sentenced to 15 years in prison and a $500,000 fine for using a chemical in food products that’s common in frozen dinners
    Mtn Dew and products used to keep carpets from catching on fire are made from the same chemical
    A chemical found in Chex Mix is known to cause cancer in rats


    1. NOO!! Not *Mountain Dew*!

    2. You certainly could put out a carpet fire if you dumped enough Mountain Dew on it. I’ve seen it done with Leinenkugel’s.

      Even though Chex Mix causes cancer in rats, it’s far too slow acting to be effective. Usual practice these days is to use something like bromadiolone, a stronger relative of warfarin.

    3. At least our meatballs don’t contain horse meat.

      1. More testicles means more iron!

    4. You can make anything look terrible. Did you know about this insidious substance known as Dihydrogen Monoxide? It’s literally in everything you eat and drink and has been found in EVERY CANCER EVER!

      DHMO, the silent killer.

      1. But what about hydrogen hydroxide?

  30. Great catch and then the cops got involved.

    The daughter of former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre is getting props from her dad for catching a baby boy who had tumbled off a second-floor fire escape in Brooklyn.

    The parents were arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.

    1. They left out the part where she threw the baby at the guy covering third, who then tossed it across the street to the lady covering second.

  31. Man who stole semi-trailer carrying $500k worth of WINE is caught after GPS tracker inside vehicle leads police right to him

    Dumbass! Most delivery trucks have a GPS. I thought everyone knew that.

  32. The top 9,486 ways Jay Carney won’t answer your questions

    A Yahoo News analysis of the 444 briefings that Carney has held since becoming White House press secretary has identified 13 distinct strains in the way he dodges a reporter’s question. Since Carney held his first daily briefing with reporters in the White House Brady Press Briefing Room on Feb. 16, 2011, for example, he’s used some variation of “I don’t have the answer” more than 1,900 times. In 1,383 cases he referred a question to someone else. But will he at least speculate on hypotheticals? No. In fact, he has refused to do so 525 times.

    In the following interactive, you can browse all 9,486 of Carney’s most-used responses and verbal crutches.

    color me shocked.

  33. Lost Mayan city discovered in Mexican jungle… but will stunning find shed light on civilization’s collapse 1,000 YEARS ago?
    Archaeologists have found an ancient Mayan city they named Chactun – meaning ‘Red Rock’ or ‘Large Rock’
    The heavily-forested area has been hidden deep in the Mexican jungle for more than 1,000 years
    Chactun likely had its heyday during the late Classic period of Maya civilization between 600 and 900 A.D.
    The research team found 15 pyramids, ball courts, plazas and tall, sculpted stone shafts

    Just when you think there’s nothing left to find…

  34. Leading libertarian economist– NOT Tyler Cowen — says “Monday-thru-Friday is the new weekend”:


    Interesting theory, larded with some casual-but-empirical evidence

    1. PPPS. Has anyone else noticed that Yglesias has stopped posting on weekends? 🙁

      Libertarian economist? Is this because he beats Sad Beard for a living?

      1. He’s a U of Chicago Ph.D. He’s a “market monetarist.” He believes, with Milton Friedman, that the monetary base (money supply) should grow with GDP and that we just have to live with a small amount of real inflation. Remember that the Great Depression had vast deflation.

        1. Remember that the Great Depression had vast deflation.

          Caused by the FED and the Government’s boneheaded action. Sowell’s chapter on the money supply was very enlightening. Like Keynesian policies, the converse should also be somewhat true. The money supply would optimally reflect the current value of goods and services in an economy, so it should contract with a recession. However, TARGETTING a money supply point by central committee has the same inherent problems as targetting any other commodity by central committee.

        2. The title of the blog tells you all you need to know. The Money Illusion basically means that people are too stupid to understand how inflation/deflation affect their wages and salaries, so they don’t adjust their expectations accordingly, and this causes unemployment and all the rest.

          Sooooo…rather than just teach people economic basics, it’s better to feed a steady flow of free cash to the bankers.

  35. So I listened to a speech yesterday by a DOJ poobah regarding FISA. His case amounted to this. Sure, FISA is a secret court and no one ever sees the motions or warrants. And sure the government gets what it wants every single time. But that is because DOJ is just so careful and the process is just that good. And you will just have to trust that they are that good since the public will never be allowed to see the process.

    1. It’s as if they just keep saying “oversight” long enough, people will buy into it.

      1. Fluffy called it a few days ago. To people like this guy, telling Congress and involving a few judges is transparency. The idea that the government should ever be answerable to the actual voters is totally unthinkable.

          1. That sounds like a great techno album from 1999

        1. “But Congress is the duly-elected representatives of the voters! Why, oh why, can’t you understand this?”

    2. This cannot be said enough: No aspect of government activity or an person in government should ever be allowed to say “Trust us.” Not just in the sense that we shouldn’t accept it as voters and citizens but in a very real and legally binding way.

  36. Today’s woot t-shirt is particularly apropos.

    1. I bought one. I wonder if that puts me on a government watch list…

      Wait, who am I kidding, I’m sure I’m already on like 5 of them.

  37. BTW, the other day we had a mystery on our hands because I claimed I was getting an All-State ad that totally smashed Lobster Girl, but then couldn’t document it because the ad would not come up.

    The ad returned, and now I can tell you that it featured the hotness stylings of Nicole Lapin. A google search reveals that she is a former CNBC reporter. I must have missed that because had I known about this I would have done nothing but watch CNBC with a stunned look on my face all day.


    1. Holy cow. CNBC usually doesn’t go that high end. She is stunning.

      1. My google image search suggests that the picture from the article is her best.

        Which is not to say the rest are ugly. But that one… wow.

        1. Photographers can do amazing things. But I just did the same search. I don’t see any bad photos. She looks like S.E. Cupp’s hotter sister.

          1. I’m not saying they are bad. Just that they aren’t anything I would consider way out of the ordinary, unlike that the one from the article.

            1. I guess it depends on what you define as “ordinary”. I think even by the standards of network news babes, she is really hot.

          2. Photographers and make-up artists.

    2. she (vaguely) reminds me of Sarah Wayne Callies – Lori Grimes of the Walking Dead, but not so painfully skinny/skull-like.

    3. Nicole is a former Miss Israel, attended Harvard at age 15

      and is vegan, which disqualifies her from consideration.

      1. It is a point deduction that still leaves her with a perfect score.

      2. That just means she won’t get fat as she gets older and she is probably a really cheap date. It is a problem for sure. But it is like having a canary yellow Ferrari. Sure the color sucks. But it is still a Ferrari.

        1. I’ve discovered that some self described vegans will swallow, so what’s the problem?

          1. And if she is Miss Israel, she is probably Jewish. Jewish girls tend to not have any guilt about sex.

            1. Jewish girls tend to not have any guilt about sex.

              They just save it all up and put it on their sons.

          2. Then they arent vegans.

            1. Most vegans are not vegans.

      3. You enter Harvard at 15 and become a journalist?


  38. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…..15442.html

    Balko provides his usual kick in the nuts.

  39. This is cool. Father and son back-to-back hole in ones on Father’s Day weekend.

    1. The article is wrong in one respect:

      I believe that the Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un were the first father son pair to score back to back hole in one’s back in June 1986.

      1. Was that before or after they bowled simultaneous perfect games?

        1. During, capitalist running dog.


        that was classic

    2. A friend of mine’s brother was one of the four guys who hit a hole-in-one in a single round of play in the U.S. Open in 1989.

  40. Protests in Brazil over corruption, poor public services and government preparations for the World Cup and Olympics have spread to more than 100 cities and now include more than a million Brazilians.

    I feel bad for Brazilians, the majority of them are desperately poor, but the situation they are in politically is of their own making. They keep electing governments that are further left than the one before it, because of the many promises made to elevate people from poverty, and repeatedly get fucked by said government via rampant cronyism and corruption. They simply don’t get that government cannot provide nearly everything of importance to 150+ million people, especially when the pool of those who are not poor is very small and shrinking.

    Their complaint is not that the government failed to build hospitals and schools, but that they failed to provide everyone a flying pony and a money tree. Brazilian expectations are unrealistic and don’t understand that the government’s failings are their own.

    1. They raised the public transit fairs to pay for the stadiums to have the World Cup. For once I am with protestors. A bunch of poor people are being forced to pay for stadiums so a bunch of rich people can watch soccer. It is outrageous.

      1. Not just a bunch of rich people, a bunch of rich foreigners. Brazil is going to inundated with Eurotrash, hooligans, and SWPL’s next year, and I’m sure Brazilians would have preferred to keep that money for themselves all else being equal.

        1. What a fucking boondoggle.

      2. You’d think if the World Cup was such a shoe-in revenue generator, they could bond against the tax revenues from the ticket sales.

        But I’m sure they can’t, because it’s not going to generate anywhere near the necessary revenue to self-fund, and they’ll be yet another bunch of suckers with a publicly funded albatross.

        1. Blame FIFA too

          “You would have thought that people would learn from the shame of the South Africa World Cup; from the way FIFA forced a developing country to build unnecessary stadiums fancy enough for sponsors, while a few miles away people lived in corrugated-iron shacks,” Kuper laments.

        2. The ’94 cup in the US is still the holder of the highest attendance and was the most profitable. But it wasn’t profitable for the corrupt fucks in charge of FIFA and their cronies around the world.

          1. It was profitable because we already had the facilities. Frankly, there is no reason not to have the World Cup in the US every time or maybe alternate it with France or Germany where the facilities also already exist.

            1. A lot of European countries can host especially if they do joint bids but the US has more eligible stadiums (by FIFA’s standard) than the rest of the world combined. South Korea and Japan did a good job too. I’m sure Australia could host without much construction if they want to try some place new.

              1. I’m sure Australia could host without much construction

                Damn straight. We lost to Qatar and allegations of bribery have trailed Qatar thereafter like turds from a dog’s arse.

                OK we have a different time zone but at least players wouldn’t be at risk of heat stroke

                1. Well you guys did come in 5th place in voting and were the first eliminated so I don’t really think you were going to win anyways :).

                  1. Just because people are afraid that their entire national team will be eaten by drop-bears or bitten by something poisonous and have to forfeit.

      3. FIFA is corrupt as fuck. I kinda understand having a World Cup in Brazil but still. They repeatedly reject the US’s bid. Why? Because we already have the stadiums and infrastructure. There is no money to spend and therefore no way for those corrupt fucks to wet their beaks. Fuck Qatar paid them up front and has to build all of the stadiums.

        1. The Qatari World Cup bid exposed FIFA for what it really is. Field of Schemes could probably spend a year on that one alone. Why the hell else would you organize the premier event of your winter sport for a desert nation in the middle of summer?

      4. I would agree if Brazilians weren’t so fucking proud to have the Olympics and WC when it was announced a few years ago. They were ecstatic.

        This isn’t a case of “you looted our cash for this shit?” so much as it’s a case of “You paid for all of this shit and can’t give me my free pony?”

    2. Where were all these protestors when the country was foolishly bidding for these events? I know…celebrating the fact that they won. How did they think their poor-ass country was going to pay for all this new crap? Brazilian stadiums and other sports “infrastructure” was terrible when they were bidding…what did they expect?

      Note: this comment may be colored by the fact that a friend of mine’s father got shot in a daytime street robbery there. Fuck Brazil.

      1. Where were all these protestors when the country was foolishly bidding for these events?

        Foolishly believing their politicians who were lying and saying that the whole event would pay for itself and make money.

      2. Where were all these protestors when the country was foolishly bidding for these events? I know…celebrating the fact that they won. How did they think their poor-ass country was going to pay for all this new crap? Brazilian stadiums and other sports “infrastructure” was terrible when they were bidding…what did they expect?

        This is exactly right.

        1. From a BBC news account from 2007 immediately after FIFA announced that Brazil would host the WC.

          As news filtered through, celebrations broke out in various towns around the country with fireworks and festivities set to continue into the night.

          Brazil was the only country to make a bid for the 2014 WC, even though South America was for-sure going to host the cup.

          They wanted the WC, and they’re getting everything that comes along with it. They celebrated getting the cup, and now they’re pissed because they think that money should have come from a unicorn rather than from taxes.

          1. “I drank what?”

    3. Henry Kissinger said that Brazil is the country of the future, and always will be.

    4. Wow there are so many people protesting, there must be like a Brazillian of them

      1. *narrows gaze, remains silent….slowly goes back to work, shaking head*

    1. you know who else wanted to go to Valhalla…

      1. The Kracken?

        1. Wrong Mythos. Ice Giants.

      2. Elmer Fudd, spear and magic helmet in hand?

  41. James Comey, reportedly nearly resigned from the Department of Justice a decade ago over electronic eavesdropping. Nearly.

    But then he realized his duty to America was more important than his conscience; and besides, what would he do, go to work at Seven-Eleven?

    1. He nearly resigned. But now that it is worse than it was then, he is totally on board with coming back.

  42. Elmer Fudd?

  43. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06…..share&_r=0

    Not every Buddhist like the Dalia Lama. And even he is not quite what he seems.

    1. “If we are weak,” he said, “our land will become Muslim.”

      Well, he’s not necessarily wrong.

      1. He is not at all. I don’t blame them.

      2. Not only would their land become Muslim, lots of Buddhists would get dead during the transformation.

        When dealing with militant Islam, “If you can keep your head when all about you
        are losing theirs” is a very literal consideration.

      1. +1 Spackler

      2. +1 Spackler

    2. Secondly, the hatchet job the media in the West are doing to the Burmese Buddhists of Rakhine State is insidious. When a monk points out that a lot of Burmese Muslim charities give money to radical Islamist groups in Bangladesh which in turn fund Rohingya incursions into Rakine and suggests a boycott, he is painted as a hate-monger. (Meanwhile the boycott of all things Israeli is just and noble.) Likewise, when a group of barely literate Burmese Buddhists form a mob to attack a Rohingya village it’s painted as due to the Rohingya’s status as a religious minority. There is never any mention that radical elements among the Muslim Rohingya have for years torched Buddhist temples, abducted and raped Buddhist girls and women, and killed Buddhist boys and men; all while the government does nothing. Nope, it’s just the intolerant Buddhists and their holy war. No mention that the Rohingya seek refuge, in droves, in Buddhist temples. It doesn’t fit the narrative, see.

      Secular Post-Modern Westerns need to feel superior to those superstitious Third World Buddhists by playing up the misconception that Buddhism is pacifist and then calling it hypocrisy when actual Buddhists don’t follow the precepts of their straw-man Buddhism. It’s a good racket, just ask the odious Michael Jerryson, who’s made an entire academic career of it.

  44. Apparently, all you need to do to beat a DUI in Maryland is refuse to take a breath test and the DA will drop the charges due to “lack of evidence”.

    Oh, that and be a police captain, I mean.

    1. I would refuse the breathalyzer and sobriety tests too…

      but would still have to pay a hefty $$$ for the lawyer afterward.

    2. They took away his license, just like every other citizen, right? Refusing a breath-test is an automatic six month suspension in every state, I’m pretty sure.

      1. This man is a pillar of the community. A veritable saint in the eyes of the children who look up to him to keep their streets free of the drug dealers and gun pushers. Pulling him out of a car would directly lead to the deaths of at least a dozen kids a year. Black kids, too. And at least a few crippled black kids. So tell me, Brett, why do you hate crippled black kids?

        1. Look, sloop, they would just have to be shot anyways for failing to comply with officers orders to lie down and put their hands behind their heads fast enough. I’m trying to save our noble police weeks of useless paperwork.

          1. Bullshit. Everybody knows they wait until the person in the wheelchair is an adult and has his legs amputated before they shoot them to death (for threatening another cop with an ink pen).

            1. That pen could have marked him for life!

              1. Augh! No more of that!!

                1. But at least the cop did answer the age-old question of whether or not the pen is mightier than the .45

    3. Honestly, the fact that they even wrote him the ticket is more than I’d expect. The normal protocol in that situation is to roll down the window, flash your badge or state, “I’m on the job,” and go your merry way.

      I know this gets our goats because of the lack of equality under the law and the our general distaste for cops, but I’m still happy he got out of it. The man was snared by an unconstitutional action and charged with a violation despite there being no evidence that he was recklessly operating his vehicle. It’s one less unjust conviction in my book, but I wish the prosecutor did the same for everyone else that got pinched that night.

      1. It’s one less unjust conviction in my book, but I wish the prosecutor did the same for everyone else that got pinched that night.

        Unfortunately for every other arrested party, it was the only unjust conviction that didn’t happen. And that’s the rub. They operate above the law, so this will ultimately have zero bearing on the law or any impact on how it will be applied to “civilians”. And Maryland taxpayers will be forced to pay for this asshole’s retirement to the tune of about $120k a year, while any other person would have most likely lost their livelihood.

        1. I’m aware of why it sucks, I’d just take a different tact with it. Instead of demanding injustice be forced on the cops as it is with the rest of us, I’d like for us to be granted cop privileges. And showing how pointless many laws are by pointing out how we don’t apply them to policemen seems as good a tact as any.

          Unfortunately for every other arrested party, it was the only unjust conviction that didn’t happen.

          Aside, I wonder if that’s the case. I see DUI lawyers advertising pretty often, I can’t imagine why they would be able to if they were never successful; it would be interesting to see what number of drivers charged that actually fought the charges got them reduced or dismissed.

          1. Aside, I wonder if that’s the case. I see DUI lawyers advertising pretty often, I can’t imagine why they would be able to if they were never successful; it would be interesting to see what number of drivers charged that actually fought the charges got them reduced or dismissed.

            Yeah, but those lawyer are only able to get the “civilians” off that can afford their services. The cop in question didn’t have to fork over a penny to get the same treatment.

            Yeah, I understand how you feel, but the first step in getting idiotic laws eliminated is to treat those that enforce them the same as those they’re enforced on. When you start doing thast, you get the cops behind eliminating the idiotic laws as opposed to either being indifferent to them or zealously enforcing them as a revenue stream.

            Equality under the law first. Getting rid of bad laws second. It’ll be a lot easier that way, IMO.

  45. 12 year old girl says she was not sexually assaulted, parents say she was not sexually assaulted, the doctor that examined her said she was not sexually assaulted and further examination was medically unnecessary.

    Cop makes up a bunch of shit and charges the parents with neglect, a felony which is immediately dismissed with prejudice by the judge. The officer’s department says he did right by making up everything to get a girl to drop her panties and will defend him in a civil suit.

  46. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…..f=politics

    Aparently libertarians are hypocrites because republicans want fed aid.

    1. We are going to steal your money via taxes. And if you ask for so much of a dime back of it in services, you are just a hypocrite.

      Yeah, that is a fair standard.

      1. No, no, you see, it costs more to train and retain an EMT than you pay in taxes for his services, therefore, hypocrisy.

    2. I read that for some reason. Now I am dumber.

      1. Did you not see the name “Amitai Etzioni” right there in the link?

  47. Rapist cop still on paid vacation six months after being charged with rape. He’s even being paid while he sits in an out-of-state jail cell awaiting trial, but his mayor is moving to terminate him.

    He’s also been charged with raping a couple of pre-teens in the early 90’s but somehow met the psych profile for becoming a cop. Oh, and he kinda looks like Robert Downey, Jr during his drugged-up days.’

    The two other police officers in the department that are under indictment will remain on the payroll, however. Their charges range from swapping 13 city cars for 4 of a friend’s cars to a tow company scam.

    An officer previously allowed to remain on paid leave for 29 months after criminal complaints collected $150k in pay and accrued vacation time before being terminated (retirement, actually).

    This place is worse than Bell, CA.

  48. “Protests in Brazil […] now include more than a million Brazilians.”

    That’s like a quintillion or something, right?

  49. Okay, what the fuck kind of helicopter has an extremely long and narrow (wasplike) fuselage with two side-by-side rotors canted at about twenty or thirty degrees? It looked military, with a unique and relatively quiet sound, and it just flew over me.

    1. They’re on to you…

    2. Who is this ^^P Brooks^^ that just came onto our blog for the first time ever and acted like he knew us? I personally have never before interacted with him and know nothing of his illegal goings-on. So whoever is reading this for the NSA, please put that in your report/his indictment.

      Thank you.

        1. The Russians are coming! Red Dawn is for reals.

      1. That is the only thing I can think of, an Osprey with it’s rotors at an intermediate point, The only other dual rotor aircraft I am aware of would be some variation of a Chinook but there the rotors are front and back not side by side

        1. Maybe it was a Chinook and the pilot was doing the in-flight version of a pimp roll or something.

    3. A little late, but a Kaman K-Max?

      Or an HH-43 if we’re going pretty old-school.

      1. And this is why we refresh before we write…

  50. Macon, GA cop charged with drug possession (even though the amount far exceeds the threshold for possession with intent/trafficking) and child endangerment. Her live-in convicted felony sex offender boyfriend with a gun was also arrested.

    That’s some sound judgement there, Lou.

  51. The two-bladed rotors appeared to be timed at ninety degrees off for clearance, which probably explains the weird sound.

  52. Definitely not an Osprey.

    1. You live near an SOF base?

  53. Cops show up at scene where a woman is trying to take a gun away from a man. Man is arrested and charged with a litany of charges including battery on a police officer which apparently isn’t the same as battery on a human being.

    No other details except that the man is obviously a Carolina fan from his shirt.

    1. Carolina fan

      He’s obviously guilty as hell.

      1. Lets not rush to criminalize poor judgement.

          1. Could be worse, he could be a Duke fan.

            1. Serious question: Is calling someone a Duke fan the sports equivalent of Godwinning them?

              1. In my state it is.

                1. Y’all own basketball for the moment, so you can laugh and giggle at NC. For now.

              2. Same as Hitler.

                I’m a UF fan first, of course, but I have historically liked the Tar Heels, especially in the Dean Smith years. Not so Duke, even though my step mother is a fan.

                1. Then your step-mother is an asshole.

                  1. She isn’t, but she is confused. At least she never attended Duke.

                    1. Who is worse: the German child in 1939 that supported Hitler or the people who support him now who have never been to Germany but know of his atrocities?

                      I would have to say your step-mother is a more vile creature…a more despicable being that those cretins that attended Duke and cheer them on. She chooses to follow a path she could easily ignore. Those dickfaces in Krzyzewskiville are being brainwashed from the inside.

                    2. So, what you’re saying is Pro L’s step-mom is worse than Hitler?

                    3. I rather doubt you hate Duke more than UF, so I’m not sure I’m concerned about your opinion, you Armstrong-killer. Sorry, The Armstrong Killer.

                    4. I hate Florida, don’t get me wrong. But I hate them out of respect. But I’d rather have Satan physically shit directly into my mouth than ever cheer for a Duke team.

                      And poor Neil Armstrong. August 5th is all mine now. ALL MINE!

                    5. I have this vision of you having a Scrooge experience, being visited by three ghosts–Goddard, von Braun, and Armstrong.

                    6. I don’t think Duke would be half as hated if Dick Vitale didn’t give them a two-hour sloppy rimjob during any fucking college basketball game he is covering.

                    7. If the “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” tech existed, I’d go there just to have Dick Vitale removed from my memory on a monthly basis. I hate that man.

                    8. Imagine being a Kentucky Wildcats’ fan and having to listen to it.

                      It’s a drinking game around here. Take a sip every time Vitale mentions Duke or Krzyzewski. You can do it with shots, but you’d probably die.

                    9. What pisses me off is that Vitale has been based locally for some time now and is generally a fan (off-air) of most of the local sports teams. The bastard.

                    10. I had surgery on my tibia that removed a large cross section of the bone when I was a child (13 y/o). It was the most painful thing I’ve ever endured in my life and put me on crutches for months while the bones regrew. I also got hit in the eye with a line drive and ended up with a broken orbital and a partially detached retina (11 y/o).

                      I would gladly relive those events on the same day if it meant Dick Vitale would do his impression of Budd Dwyer during a Duke-UNC halftime show.

                    11. “She isn’t, but she is confused. At least she never attended Duke.”

                      Hey now. If you can avoid the undergrad’s it’s a great campus/school.

    1. Takes a real brave officer to taser an autistic 11-year-old girl.

      I have a deal for the assholes. Every time you taser someone, a victim of police brutality gets to taser you. Same deal with nightsticks and guns.

      1. It takes a sick officer to taser an autistic 11 year old girl. Seriously, I don’t think the coldest most brutal killer in prison would do that.

        1. It takes a sick brave, safety-conscious officer to taser an autistic 11 year old girl. Seriously, I don’t think the coldest most brutal killer in prison would do that.

          /Departmental spokesman

    2. Even I wanted to smash something when I read that.

      Police remind me of the Jon Lovitz character on SNL named Tommy Flanagan. They just make up any reason for any action and the media tend to buy it. I am just shocked that Mr Bednar had the courage to come forward and point out their idiotic (read: criminal) behavior. He should probably go ahead and change his name and move to a faraway place, because his life is forfeit in that town.

    3. Also, what a terribly written story. Doesn’t mention her age, doesn’t mention she was autistic in the headline or lede and this sentence is a fucking disgrace:

      After giving no response, two little red dots appeared on her back, then metal barbs.

      1. Yep, they just appeared.

        1. I think they were paraphrasing what the witness said and didn’t attribute it to him very well. From his perspective, they probably did “just appear”.

          That writer is awful.

      2. It really does make you wonder what they teach in journalism school.

        1. Perspectives in Advanced Boot-Licking

        2. The first thing they teach is to cup the balls. Always cup the balls.

        3. Copying and Pasting Directly From Police Reports, Advanced Level

      3. Yet little red dots are usually so chatty.

  54. Bednar says he drove alongside her while he called police. He says the trooper who arrived called for her to stop, and when she didn’t respond threatened twice to taze her. After giving no response, two little red dots appeared on her back, then metal barbs.

    “She seized up and she fell face first on the ground,” said Bednar.

    State police officials say it was necessary to prevent her from wandering further into the road and putting herself in danger. Bednar, who helped troopers apprehend the girl on the hood of his car, says he isn’t so sure.

    Because a full grown man could never be expected to get off his fat ass, run up and pick an 11 year old girl up and get her out of danger or anything.

    In all seriousness, what kind of a sick, deranged fuck would you have to be to use a tazer in that circumstance? They really must brainwash cops. I can’t see even Charlie fucking Manson doing something that cruel.

    1. In all seriousness, what kind of a sick, deranged fuck would you have to be to use a tazer in that circumstance? They really must brainwash cops

      Its like the Stanford Prison Experiment never happened. They do brainwash cops. Just like they brainwash soldiers. (While I respect the tradition of teaching soldiers about submission to civil authority, name a massacre that didn’t happen because soldiers didn’t follow orders. Either a single officer or NCO had the courage to ignore orders from above or the massacre happened in every situation about which I’ve read. There is no spontaneous moral group action exercise I am aware of.) So they need a cadre of people, like they have in the military, who are in charge and dedicated to keeping this sort of bad behavior to an absolute minimum.

  55. Okay, I laughed a lot at this. Why prisons are a liberal paradise.

    1. Sure rings true, doesn’t it?

  56. At a demonstration Tuesday in Concord, New Hampshire organized by Michael Bloomberg’s advocacy group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, participants tried to rally support for gun control by spending several hours reading aloud from a list of gun violence victims who have been killed since the Newtown shooting.

    But the list from which the activists were reading ? which was compiled by Slate and includes more than 6,000 names — contained at least 10 murder suspects, including the alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner, who was the subject of a massive, high-profile manhunt in February, and apparently killed himself in a cabin after a gun fight with police.

    Already, the Bloomberg group was forced to apologize Tuesday after the New Hampshire Union-Leader reported Tuesday that Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was named among the victims.


    You can never overstate how stupid these people are. I love it, Slate put together the list. So much for journalists remaining unbiased. And of course the journalists were too fucking stupid to scrub the list of killers. They must screen out anyone with an IQ about 100 for journalism jobs like they do for cops.

    1. out of school i was offered a job for 10k doing TV news on the OK/TX border. fuck that. lobbying pays better.

    2. I know how this happened….

      They asked a data analyst to get a list of every death by gun fire, and the guy pulled the data from some big database.

      They didn’t tell him to scrub the data, so he didn’t. Or perhaps they did and discovered that it would take too long (I think it would take me three months to scrub all the various types justifiable homicides out), and decided to take their chances.


  57. At first, I thought it was an Apache, based on the narrowness of the fuselage.

    1. It was probably a Kaman K-Max.

  58. Forbes publishes op-ed by Casino CEO Seldon Adelson on how legalizing online gambling will destroy the fabric of society, completely unlike wholesome in person gambling:


    1. This is why I consistently vote against “legalized gambling” initiatives. They do not legalize gambling. They always grant a monopoly and turn the state police into enforces for said monopoly.

      I am all for legalized gambling. But granting a single franchise to one set of cronies and making criminals out of said cronies’ competition? Fuck it, leave the whole damn thing illegal.

      Oh and Delaware is not going to spend tax dollars to bail out its failing casinos.

      1. Meh, I just want to play poker, so I’ll take a half loaf and then work on getting a full loaf later rather than settling for no load at all.

        1. I understand that. But the cronies are such scumbags that they end up doing a lot of harm. Who do you think is behind the movement to shut down internet poker? The fucking gaming industry that is who. Don’t think for a moment it is a bunch of concerned nannies. Bullshit. It is the gaming industry getting the government to enforce its monopoly.

      2. Its why Ive voted against state lotteries. And oppose the “slot machines at horse tracks” initiatives.

        I would vote for casino gambling even with the big state regs, but to give one monopoly org monopoly over another type of gambling, fuck that.

  59. “Tudo n?o ? bom.” This is flat wrong! That makes no sense for a Portuguese speaker; this is just a bad translation. I’d suggest “Nada est? bem.”

  60. Maybe it was a Kaman K Max.

    Apparently used for lifting, not blowing things up.

    1. So far.

    1. They are persecuting Brooks for his dogged refusal to comply with threaded comments…STAND STRONG BROTHER!!

    2. How does the pilot even see out of that thing…

  61. Europeans. Still not getting it.
    Check out number 5 in the list…makes me laugh and cry all at the same time.

    1. I’m waiting on them to figure out a way to sue America in the World Court over this and solve their economic shittiness.


        Today is a day to celebrate and to go out of one’s way to harass the haters.


        1. Ugh. Why did the Spurs jack that three when they stole the ball after cutting the lead to two? If they pull that out and go into Duncan again, I think they win. After all, Bosh looked to be deliberately throwing the game in the 4th quarter. I know he would have fouled him as he made a layup.

          1. Don’t bother asking Coach Pop if you want an answer. If, however, you want the NBA’s version of Bill Belicheck, you’ve got your man.

            Reporter: Why wasn’t Tony Parker on the floor in the last minute?

            Coach Pop: Because I decided to.

            A couple of seasons ago, after the Patriots had 2 delay of game penalties in the 4th quarter, Belicheck was asked what had happened regarding the delay of game infractions.

            His response? “We didn’t get the play off on time.”

            1. In his defense, 20 minutes after you choke in Game 7 of the finals isn’t when you’d expect to get a good answer.

              1. Yes, as a general matter. But, Pop is Pop and he is like that most of the time. Do you remember the sidecourt interview with Doris Burke?

                You can’t deny that he is very similar to Bill Belicheck in their media sessions.

                1. They also both have handfuls of rings.

                  1. That they do.

                    Some of the time, their press conference responses are funny.

    2. SOO, they’re saying that they want the governments to fund research into software that would prevent government spying.


      First, the governments will get right on that. Project scheduled to start the 2nd thursday in the 6th week of neveruary.


      Double DERP

  62. So Aaron Hernandez has apparently clammed up. And the police response is to arrest him on “obstruction of justice” charges.

    What the fuck is that all about? The Fif =/= Obstruction!

    1. Talk about reporting messes. You hear one thing that makes it sound like he’s not just guilty but fucking guilty. Then it sounds like he’s just being a pain as a witness. Which is it? Should Tebow intervene?

    2. The obstruction of justice is supposed to be because he destroyed the surveillance system at his house.

  63. Should Tebow intervene?

    Isn’t that what’s already at work here?

    1. This morning, on Denis and Callahan, WEEI Boston, it was ALL AARON, ALL THE TIME.

      To me, nothing screams provincialism like devoting the entire show to this story in the immediate aftermath of the Heat winning the championship.

      In the early AM, as we are getting ready for work, my wife will usually put on Denis and Callahan whereas I will usually put on Mike & Mike because I just loathe the provincialism.

      Do you think Mike & Mike’s lead was Aaron Hernandez? Of course not.

      I don’t care if it was Tom Brady or Robert Kraft who was the subject of a murder investigation. If you are to be considered a top flight radio / tv sports talk show, you do not lead with the local interest story on the morning after a team has won the NBA title in a thrilling seven game series.

      1. You do if you’re a local station.

      2. I’m sorry but you just said you listed to Mike and Mike and sound like expect to be taken seriously.

        Try again later.

      3. You do if you don’t give a crap about basketball. Mike & Mike is almost unwatchable during the NBA playoffs.

    2. Yes. His healing hand has already helped the Patriots in so many ways. Too bad for the Jews–I mean the Jets–that they turned on him.

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