A.M. Links: Turkish Government Could Send in Troops To Quell Protests, Obama Rejects Bush-Cheney Comparison, Yahoo Reveals Data Requests From American Authorities


Credit: Master Sgt. Gerold Gamble, USAF/wikimedia
  • The Turkish deputy prime minister has said that troops could be sent in to suppress the protests that have spread across Turkey in the past two weeks.
  • Obama has rejected that he is "Bush-Cheney lite," saying that he is not rushing into Syria on weak evidence and that he has added oversight to NSA programs.
  • Yahoo is the latest company to reveal how many requests of user data it received from American authorities.
  • Mass protests have erupted in Brazil over poor public services and government spending for the soccer World Cup next year.
  • New Orleans cops found a way to profit from red light cameras by setting up a company to "review" photo citations.  
  • Two corrections officers have been charged with dealing pot to inmates at Rikers Island, New York City's jail complex.

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