Watch Matt Welch Talk Immigration on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry at 10 AM ET


Beginning at 10 am Eastern Time, I will be on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry show, guest-hosted by Ari Melber, to talk about the politics and policy of comprehensive immigration reform. 

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  1. guest-hosted by Ari Melber

    I suppose Ms. Harris-Perry is out taking care of “our children”. *Maybe* she’s having her lisp repaired.

    Break a leg, Matt.

    1. If she dares to have that adorable lisp “repaired,” she will become officially worthless.

  2. Sometimes man, you jsut have to roll with it.

    1. This never applied more than in this instance.

      My The Force? be with you, Matthew.

      1. Does the Perry show have bean footage?

  3. Yeah, too bad it’s guest-hosted – you could have asked her why our brown-skinned adult children shouldn’t be perfectly free to come live with us if they wanted to.

  4. According to Wikipedia, Harris-Perry has a daughter. You could have asked to “borrow” her. After all, children belong to us all…

  5. And we can beat up on Detroit, too:
    “Detroit said on Friday it would stop making payments on some of its about $18.5 billion debt, which would put it in default,”…..OS20130614

    1. OK, so apparently they’re only willing to pay $0.10 on the dollar for unsecured debt.

      Question: Who the hell buys unsecured debt from Detroit? What are they thinking?

      1. Who the hell buys unsecured debt from Detroit?

        Omni Consumer Products.

      2. According to an AP article, some of it wasn’t really ‘bought’; some union benes qualify as unsecured debt. They didn’t ‘buy’ it, but someone ‘sold’ it.

  6. A red shirt with black suit and tie? This close to summer? I’m glad I missed the first half hour of this.

  7. Ha, just in time to hear someone loving on Obamacare. And poor Welch has to let it go as tangential.

  8. Ha! Now Welch has to swallow the “sequester as terrible” meme!

  9. Welch and Jamal being shown the door? Oh well, I can’t imagine sitting through all these unchallenged assertions much longer anyway.

  10. Jesus H. Christ, they’re talking about the Washington Redskins name? I’m out.


  11. Earlier, the MSNBC gang were talking about the NSA leak. Some resident MSNBC security analyst bootlicker was adamantly insisting unrestricted NSA snooping is the only thing between us and a mega-911.

    1. It took like what, a week or so for the Party of Civil Liberties to start licking boot again?

      1. Check Di Fi; she didn’t even pause.

        1. I hate that woman worse than I hate cancer.

          1. I root for cancer in any battle between the two.

  12. I’m glad Fist is around to watch this crap so I don’t have to.

  13. Top Men

    Amid speculation that the Federal Reserve soon might start scaling back its stimulus efforts, the International Monetary Fund cautioned that a pullback before next year could hurt economies worldwide.

    Highlighting its concern Friday, the IMF lowered its forecast for U.S. economic growth next year to 2.7% from an earlier projection of 3%.

    The IMF also criticized U.S. fiscal policy, calling for the repeal of the automatic federal spending cuts, known as the sequester, and urging lawmakers to act promptly to raise the nation’s debt limit.

    Spend, spend, spend!

  14. She’s come home.

    After a temporary tour as a lieutenant in President Obama’s army, Hillary Rodham Clinton rejoined the Clinton family business on Thursday and went right to work on one of its main objectives: advancing the Clinton brand.

    Mrs. Clinton appeared alongside her husband, Bill Clinton, in a crowded ballroom here and left little doubt that she planned to reclaim the political stage she exited more than four years ago to become the nation’s top diplomat.

    At the annual gathering of the foundation established by her husband, Mrs. Clinton delivered a speech that plunged her back into the heart of the conversation about the country’s future, highlighting the need for creating jobs for young people and expanding early childhood development programs.

    “In too many places in our own country, community institutions are crumbling,” she said, expressing concern about “disconnected young men in our society.”

  15. The convention here in downtown Chicago had been billed as the foundation’s effort to bring together leaders from the business, nonprofit and government sectors to discuss ways to revive the nation’s economy.

    But there was little doubt about the main attraction on Thursday, as speculation in and out of the convention site focused on whether Mrs. Clinton’s appearance was a sign of her interest in running for president in 2016.

    Mrs. Clinton finds herself adjusting to an unfamiliar reality: she holds no government title now for the first time in more than two decades. And she and her aides seem to be grappling with how best to keep her in the news, without the State Department apparatus that provided an elevated stage for her during the past four years.

    OMG the poor attention whore doesn’t have a government-funded platform for her tireless self-promotion and communitarian busybodyism.

    Oh, the humanity.

    1. First Lady is a government title now? When the fuck did that happen?

      1. First Lady is a government title now? When the fuck did that happen?

        Exactly what I thought, nearly word-for-word.

        1. Anyone remember when Obozo was pontificating before being sworn in? Behind the podium with some bogus sign claiming him to occupy the ‘office of the president elect’?
          Whatever dislike I had for him up until then increased drastically. A ‘constitutional scholar’ invents such self-promoting crap?

        2. Report to Washington to have your arms ripped out of your sockets.

  16. Putin makes Obama look good!:
    “Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Admits Vladimir Putin Stole His Super Bowl Ring”
    “I took out the ring and showed it to [Putin], and he put it on and he goes, ‘I can kill someone with this ring.’ I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out.”…..-bowl-ring

    1. The story would have been even better if Putin had gone Rick James and slapped Kraft in the face.

      1. That story is older’n dirt.

        They said it was a gift, but everybody knew he straight up ganked it. It wasn’t some sort of big secret.

        1. So, in order to get his ring back Kraft had to sign Tebow?

          1. I don’t think the ol’ commie enforcer Putin cares either way if Jesus Boy gets a contract.

    2. Not my reaction. I was made livid reading about the naked thuggery, the treatment of an American overseas and the kowtowing urged by George W. Bush. What point is it to even have a government if it doesn’t demand Americans overseas not to be fucked with in terms of foreign governments respecting our fundamental rights? I hope Hollywood buys the rights to the story from Kraft and Bush comes off as the cowardly, shit his pants asshole that he is in life.

      1. Fiat justitia ruat caelum!!!!!

    3. White House takes the side of an authoritarian tyrant over an American citizen who has his property rights violated? I’m shocked, shocked.

  17. Can we make this the weekend sports open thread?

    Blackhawks go up 2-0
    Spurs go up 3-2
    Schwarzel wins the US Open
    Danica comes in worse than 32nd
    India beats Pakistan

    1. I don’t keep up the NBA at all, at least not on purpose, but I do pick up bits and pieces from listening to sports talk radio. The commentary around the Finals has been pretty funny. After game 1: the Heat are terrible and Lebron can’t do it alone, game 2: Not so fast, the Heat are in fact the most dominate team in the league, game 3: Heat suck again, Spurs play the game the right way, game 4: Wait, wait, wait the Heat will crush the Spurs. Anyway, only a crazy person would think this series isn’t going 7.

      1. The series is definitely going 7. I saw a copy of the script when I sat between Joey Crawford and Tim Donaghy on a flight a couple of years ago. I won’t spoil the ending for you all, though.

        1. IOW, the NBA is about as real as the WWF.

          1. I’ve only watched one NBA game in my life. I was at a friend’s house and everybody was drinking and watching a Lakers playoff game.

            I kept asking why all the calls seemed to go for the Lakers as the bias was pretty obvious to a noob. My friends just said, “Because it’s the fucking Lakers man! That’s how it works!”

            Made on sense to me. If the shit is rigged than why even watch?

            1. Did that happen to be against the Sacramento Kings in 2002? Last NBA game I watched until this year and I only started watching again when the talking heads intimated the Pacers were a difficult matchup for the Heat and I hate everything from Miami.

    2. sloopyinca| 6.15.13 @ 1:54PM |#
      “Can we make this the weekend sports open thread?”

      Yeah, but anyone trying to make baskets in June needs to go outside and lock the gum door behind him.

  18. (Motor)sports prediction:

    Not-so-open-wheel Indy spec cars run Milwaukee Mile in front of hundreds of yawning “race fans”.

    I’ll be watching the prototypes at Mid-Ohio.

  19. I used to love* going to hockey games when I was in college. Watching hockey on the teevee just can’t hold my interest.

    *Being hammered probably helped.

    1. At an old ECHL game (Roanoke Rebels FTW!), my brother and I got horribly intoxicated and he actually mooned a player in the other team’s penalty box. Actually put his bare ass against the glass. A cop came over and told him to return to his seat.

      1. Oh man we used to go to the Richmond Coliseum aka The Freezer for Richmond Renegades games. My brother almost died coming out of one once because we were horsing around on the sidewalk and he decided to dart out into the street to get around me.

  20. Jack Tamm says heck yeah, thats good stuff man. Wow.

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