Scott Shackford on Huffington Post Live at 5:30 P.M. Pacific (8:30 P.M. Eastern) to Discuss Parent Trigger Laws


Tune in this evening to hear me defend parents' rights to force changes upon public schools in a lively discussion at Huffington Post Live. Here's the way the Huffington Post describes parent-trigger laws:

Letting parents take greater control over failing schools sounds like an easy sell. But controversial "parent trigger" laws are raising questions around the country about the best way to do that without tipping the balance of power too far.

Do we actually have a balance of power at this point? I'll be arguing that we don't as yet. The link to the preview for the segment is here, along with links to coverage that has appeared at the Huffington Post.

Read Reason's coverage of parent trigger efforts here.

And here I am in all my glory:

Bonus: Here's a tweet following the chat with my debate buddy, Yasha Levine.