Immigration Reform Moving Forward, Boehner Says Obama Must've Known About IRS Targeting, DOJ Not Challenging Any FOIA Exemptions: P.M. Links


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    Barack Obama declared the "moment is now" for immigration reform. John Boehner agrees, predicting a bill would pass in the House by year's end, while the Senate is holding preliminary votes today.

  • Meanwhile, Boehner says Obama must've known about the IRS' political targeting if the president's general counsel and chief of staff knew.
  • The Justice Department hasn't challenged a single exemption to FOIA invoked by any federal agency since 2009.
  • Rick Perry will visit New York and Connecticut to try to attract businesses to Texas.
  • Marijuana activist Marc Emery is being held in solitary confinement indefinitely.
  • A California man was killed with his own bat while trying to defend his wife from an attack.
  • The Russian Duma passed legislation banning "gay propaganda." The measure is expected to pass the upper house easily and Vladimir Putin is expected to sign it into law.
  • The New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow to act as backup quarterback for Tom Brady.

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