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Brickbat: The South Will Rise Again


Historical archives

Thirty different law enforcement agencies – state, local and federal—mobilized when someone reported that a driver was hauling something around New York City that looked sort of like a torpedo, or maybe a boat. Well, it definitely looked suspicious. When they finally tracked down the mysterious object, it turned out to be a replica of the H.L. Hunley, a Civil War submarine credited as the first sub to sink an enemy ship. The replica is a traveling educational exhibit that was being hauled to Connecticut for a Civil War show.

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  1. Oh, those low-information voters. Is there nothing they can’t fuck up?

    1. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat this.

      1. First as farce, then in summer school.

  2. “If you see something, say something.”

    Every time Bloomberg goes out in public, people ought to flood 911 with calls that the see a suspected terrorist.

    1. That would be epic.

    2. If you see something, say nothing.

      1. Gee, Andrew McCarthy has gone from acting in shitty movies like Less Than Zero to writing hack work for the New Criterion.

        1. I didn’t think it was a hack piece.

          1. Even if we do have a media establishment that downplays certain types of violence (Maj. Hassan, anybody?), the piece you linked to comes across like somebody foaming at the mouth.

            1. And yet, for some bizarre reason, the Santa Monica police didn’t want to reveal the names of the shooter and his brother and father, both of whom he murdered. When the media did some digging, both the police and the media begrudgingly admitted the family’s name was Zawahri.

              Now, the actual religious beliefs, or lack thereof of, the shooter matter little. (Internet scuttlebutt says the family were Lebanese Catholics.) The fact is that due to his surname the media and government were gun-shy (pun intended!) about letting the common folk know the details of the case. This is due to the urban myth of the prevalence of Islamophobic “hate crimes” after events such as this. They hold us in such disdain that they believe we will march with torch and pitchfork to the nearest mosque after we read about it in the paper.

              Either that or our idiot Intelligence Community actually believed there was some connection between John Zawahri and Ayman al-Zawahri.

    3. “If you see something, say something.”

      I don’t know, Ted.

      Snowden did that, and look at the trouble *he’s* in.

  3. Land shark! Those mooslim bastards have land sharks!

  4. Well, give them credit – it WAS a submarine and it WAS something used in warfare. New York PD – defeating the Southern Menace a second time, for good measure!

    1. the South heard Bloomy’s next target might be sweet tea, so this was a pre-emptive strike.

      1. Keep yo’ dirty Yankah hayunds offa my SWAYT TAY!

  5. Welp, time to burn Atlanta again. *sighs*

    1. won’t be easy. What with the decline in smoking and the rise of electric cars, it’s getting harder and harder to be an urban arsonist. You really have to BYO these days

    2. I’m reasonably sure there might be some pushback in ATL, and it will be diverse.

      1. Nonsense. This time we’ll make sure to push eminent domain and then justify the mass destruction through the Keynesian belief in stimulus!

        Why do you hate creating jobs, wareagle?

        1. what can I say, HM; must be a character flaw.

    3. Eh, I’d settle for burning Columbia. They can start and Williams-Brice.

      1. *at Williams-Brice.

        1. and the Clemson brigade has checked in.

    4. Much of the rest of GA would heartily approve.

  6. I would like to know where this replica was coming from that it would need to go through NYC on the way to CT. Because if it didn’t originate in NYC, and now that I RTFA I know that it didn’t, I see no reason to go through the city. Going around is easier by a long shot, unless your goal is to draw attention. If that’s the case, brilliant. They probably expected NYC would react stupidly and with great expenditure. I mean, they elected Bloomberg three times and it cost them their freedom.

    1. They probably expected NYC would react stupidly and with great expenditure.

      Maybe this is how you beat Leviathan: Take advantage of its ridiculous security policies to starve the beast…

    2. And some simple signage would have given them CYA and publicity.

  7. Not the first time the North has panicked at the prospect of a Southern invasion. The last time was pretty ho-hum, however: the fourth largest city in the world in 1863 (Philadelphia)had a hard time scraping up 10,000 militia to give a crap about Lee’s invasion.
    Had Stonewall Jackson lived, the rebel flag would have been flying over Independence Hall.

  8. Hell, Gothamites piss their knickers even when the submarine in question is of local provenance.


  9. Nothing is easier to rule than a meek and fearful populace.

  10. Those who reported seeing this to the officials are lucky that the officials didn’t then turn around and charge them any one of the following: obstructing justice, disturbing the peace, making false claims, etc. etc.

  11. It’s over, America is full of panstwetting pussies.

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