A.M. Links: Colorado Counties Considering Secession, Ellsberg Praises NSA Leaker, George Zimmerman's Trial Begins Today


Credit: Jacob Appelbaum/wikimedia
  • Some counties in Colorado are considering secession from the Centennial State in order to form a new state that may be called North Colorado in the unlikely event it is ever established.
  • George Zimmerman's trial begins today. Zimmerman is accused of killing the teenager Trayvon Martin in February last year.  
  • Thousands of Germans have been evacuated in response to the flooding of the Elbe river. Flooding in central Europe has already killed at least 21 people.
  • The former South African president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela is in a serious but stable condition in a Pretoria hospital, where he is being treated for a lung infection.
  • Obama is to nominate his longtime adviser Jason Furman as chair of the White House's Council of Economic Advisers.

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