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Zoning Board Orders Dad to Destroy His Daughter's Birthday Present

The war on tree houses


I know some bigger, scarier scandals are unfolding, but you should spare a little outrage for a local story:

These woods aren't zoned for time travel, kids.
Random House

The Selinsgrove [Pennsylvania] Zoning Board voted unanimously Thursday night to have J.C. Carlson remove a partially built tree house from his property.

Carlson started building the tree house last month for his daughter's birthday.

That's when officials told him he needed a building permit, and the tree house violated the borough's zoning laws.

Hundreds of students in Samantha Carlson's school signed a petition in support of keeping the tree house, but the zoning board disagreed.

Sadly, this isn't the first time a zoning board has waged a war on treehouses: