Jet Blue Pilot Asks if Crying Baby is Pittsburgh Penguin After Playoff Loss

Was it Brian Hackett?


With the Boston Bruins up 2-0 on the top-seeded Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Pens are finding themselves not only frustrated, but the butt-end of a few jokes.

Most of the Boston media flew back home on Tuesday morning, and prior to takeoff there was a crying child on board. While this is the worst-case scenario for most, the pilot of the jetBlue flight had a little fun — at Sidney Crosby's expense.

"Is that Sidney Crosby in back of our plane!" the pilot asked over the loudspeaker.

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  2. The Bruins are an awesome team – how Julien is always on the hot seat is beyond me – but screw them. Crosby is a beast of a hockey player. Had the pleasure of watching him over the years. They said the same thing of Lemieux back in the day when the NHL was filled with garage-league type players. As for the Bruins, they should talk. They’re possibly the whiniest organization in hockey. I remember under the Sinden days how they would cry constantly after their seasonal beatings at the hands of the Habs back in the day.

  3. If you’re not working on-ice officials and drawing penalties, you’re not competing.

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