Google Glass Is Not a Sex Toy


For those hoping Google Glass might perhaps assist one's imagination when having a less-than-flawless erotic encounter (not you, of course, but maybe a friend of yours), there's a bit of a snag. Google is not allowing porn on its apps, the jerks. CNN reports the bad news:

On Monday morning, the first porn app for Google Glass was announced. Unfortunately, the app violated the most recent additions to Google's developer policies for the futuristic eyewear, which ban sexually explicit material.

The pornographic app for Glass was released by MiKandi, an adult app store that has a successful Android app store for adult apps. Using the application, Google Glass wearers could look at photos and watch videos filmed using Google Glass. The company wanted to expand from first-person point of view videos to one-on-one interactions between adults who both have Glass.

Now it seems that business plan will need to be altered.

Google added a new section to its developer policies for Google Glass late last week that prohibits apps from delivering sexually explicit content.

Well, maybe there will be swimsuit magazines and underwear catalogs? Pro wrestling videos? Old episodes of American Gladiators?

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