Video: Bradley Manning Rally in Fort Meade


"Bradley Manning Rally in Fort Meade" is the latest offering from Reason TV. Watch above or click on the link below for video, full text, supporting links, downloadable versions, and more Reason TV clips.

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  1. As I said on the morning links, I hope you guys realize you are helping to fry this kid. By making the case about larger issues, the judge can’t give him a light sentence without Bradley’s supporters calling victory on such issues even though the sentence is the result of a judge being reasonable and having mercy on a idiot private who did something stupid. And by making Bradley a celebrity, you are forcing the judge to face the prospect of Bradley leaving jail and being a star of the college lecture circuit. Bradley’s defense would be much better served by less attention.

  2. Can definitely tell that this isn’t a lamestream media by the fact that the guy asks “What do you think about…?” instead of “How do you feel about…?”

  3. What crimes were exposed from his data dump? Can someone help me out here? I hear this claim, but don’t know of any specifics.

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