Climate Change

Study: Climate Change Turning Arid Regions Green

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An upside to climate change? The issue has been blamed for many problems, including more acidic oceans and rising pollen counts, but a study released Friday suggests a benefit: Arid regions are getting greener.

Satellite data since the early 1980s have shown a flourishing of foliage worldwide, and scientists have suspected this change may be due partly to the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, a heat-trapping greenhouse gas emitted by the burning of fossil fuels..

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  1. It is despoiling our precious desert!

    Just another example of the evils of AGW!


  2. Of course, Progressives are so eager to turn to the page where the solution is more government control to have bothered to read the chapter titled: “So there is more CO2 in the atmosphere. What happens next?”

    Much like the ACA, we will have to vote for the solution before we can find out what is in it, or even what it is supposed to solve.

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