Sunni Cleric in Egypt Calls for Holy War Against Syria's Assad

Fighting between Syrian rebels and Hezbollah has also been reported in Lebanon


A leading Sunni Muslim cleric has called on Sunnis from across the Middle East to go to Syria to fight against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian Islamist based in Qatar, fanned sectarian flames in the region Saturday by telling his followers to support rebels trying to topple the Assad government.  

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  2. For the Islamists, is there any other kind of war than “holy war”? I mean, does anyone ever call for a garden variety, secular war?

    1. It’s really a shame all Muslims weren’t Sufis, they could settle their differences in holy dance contests.

      That’s really the thing, it’s assholes in religion that seem to win out over the non-assholes.

      1. Was Sufism originally founded by Arabs? Maybe Sufism is a synthesis of some other non-Arab culture into Islam. I should be less ignorant and know this probably.

        Arab culture is the problem really.

  3. Sunnis ain’t doing so hot at the moment. Islamists Sunnis needed for cannon fodder duty against Hezbollah/Allawite cannon fodder.

    Hopefully Heaven

    1. Hopefully Heaven has a glut of virgins.

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