Erdogan: I'm a Humble Servant, Not a Dictator; More Than 1700 Arrested in Anti-Government Protesters

Taksim Park in Istanbul remains occupied by demonstrators and protests continue in Ankara as well


Turkish police have fired tear gas at protesters in Ankara while thousands of people occupied Istanbul's main Taksim Square on a third day of mass demonstrations against Turkey's Islamist-rooted government.

Interior Minister Muammer Guler on Sunday said more than 1700 people had been arrested in the unrest that has spread to 67 cities nationwide, though most have since been released.

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  2. Well, he was elected legit. That’s the problem with democracy or even republics, when the majority of people want something remarkably dumb, it eventually happens, no matter how many safeguards were erected.

    More people in Turkey want Islamism than those that don’t. It’s not new, Ataturk pretty much set up the government way he did to have the military intervene when the Islamists take power. But Erdogan struck first, taking out the military.

  3. He’s been the elected leader for 10 years.

    Most of the country, or a good portion of Turkey isn’t so secular like Instanbul and some of the cities. They like their Islamist dominated republic.

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