Scotland Mulls Banning Glass Containers from All Pubs


While frat parties can be fun, you don't want to feel like you're always at one

Here's your daily reminder that as Nanny-Statish America is, it often can't hold a candle to what's going on in Europe. In Scotland, the government wants to control what materials adults drink alcohol out of. Actually, they want to expand control over what materials adults drink out of.

Via The Telegraph:

Plans to ban the pint glass from pubs throughout the Highlands of Scotland have sparked outrage.

The traditional vessel is already outlawed in nightclubs in the Highlands, which are forced to serve all drinks – including champagne, cocktails and the finest malt whiskies – in plastic containers after 9pm because of police fears over potential injury.

Now anyone enjoying a leisurely drink by the roaring fireside of even the remotest rural location could have to drink out of plastic because of the ruling.

The ruling is not finalized yet so citizens can express how insulting it is to the Highland Licensing Board until the end of July.

(Tip of the red Solo cup to Hit and Run commenter Lord Humungus)

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  1. What are the UK sheeple going to do about it?

    Oh, right. Nothing.

    1. They’re probably going to drink.

      1. They are good at that.

    2. I must congratulate the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; in less than a century of rule they have degraded the Britons to serfdom so thoroughly that that once proud people eagerly seek servitude and meekly accept slavery.

      1. So, I guess the Germans won after all.
        Sneaky bastards.

        1. The German goal in the Great War was to dominate Europe, break England’s military and economic dominance, end Russian dominance of the Baltics and to preserve the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

          The Austro-Hungarian empire might be dead, and the House of Hapsburg in disarray, but all Germany’s other objectives have been achieved. England may have won on the battlefield, but the Great War infected her with the cancer that would inexorably consume her prosperity and independence.

      2. How long before plastic cups appear on the silver salvers of the Coburg Bar?

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      1. Does her beer come in glass cups?

        1. Does the pope shit in the woods?

          1. The new Pope seems like he might.

  2. This makes perfect sense, because nothing bad ever happens to people who drink out of those red party cups.

      1. There were people in that video doing illegal things! Why can’t the government protect us from these hedonists?

        1. Toby Keith’s mere existence should be illegal

  3. Hit yourself over the head with a plastic cup. Now try the same with a glass cup.

    See? Our ban is justified


  4. Politicians worldwide have learned that they only have 2 objectives.

    1. Propose taking stuff from people who work hard for it, and giving it to other people who want it, but don’t want to work for it. Get elected and make sure that the give-ees slightly outnumber the give-ers.

    2. Ban everything and selectively enforce it against people who won’t vote for you.

    1. +1 vote from a rotten borough.

  5. “they may take our lives but they will never take our pints!”

  6. The red plastic Solo cups are too dangerous and pointy. Must serve warm beer in 4 oz. wax Dixie cups.

    1. Nobody needs more than seven pints of alcohol.

      1. Oz, pint, same differency.

  7. Who cares about “Police Fears” If they’ve so vanquished crime that they can worry about this, disband them.

  8. People like to associate Scotland with William Wallace (well, Mel Gibson anyway) and ffreeeeeddddoooooommmmm and romanticize about its independence movement.

    In reality Scotland is a statist shithole filled with junkies and welfare queens.

    I think Craig Ferguson and Sean Connery are the only good things they’ve produced in the last 50 years.

    1. Ewan McGregor’s penis.

      1. Karen Gillan.

        1. winner

      2. You’ve seen it?

        1. Hasn’t everybody?

          (OK, only those that know he did full-frontal in The Pillow Book)

          1. Full frontal in Velvet Goldmine. He jumps around with it out. It’s awesome.

            1. Will I get whiplash if I see it?

              1. All I will say is that I spent a significant portion of middle school rewinding that scene to watch, over and over again, Ewan McGregor’s penis flopping around and Ewan McGregor making out with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

                (Imagine Ewan McGregor as Iggy Pop freaking out on stage and starting to pull off his pants while he continues to perform “TV Eye.”)

                1. I remember reading an interview with him that was awkwardly more about his cock than it was about him. I can’t find it now though. The interviewer made a joke about his penis being listed in the credits for its supporting role in Young Adam.

            2. What? Why wasn’t I aware of this? I suppose I should watch this.

              1. If you’re talking about Young Adam, save yourself the aggravation. I haven’t seen Velvet Goldmine, but will add it to my to watch list.

                Here is the best bit, and you might as well skip to 1:45 because it’s a ponderous and boring film.

                Screencaps are delightful for this sort of thing.

                1. Thanks very much. I love the internet.

    2. It’s true. The only decent folk on the Isle are the Welsh. That’s why you never hear about them.

      And then there’s those damn Micks across the way there, fucking potato eatin, warm beer drinkin, leprechaun seein bastards!

      1. I thought the English were the warm beer drinkers.

        1. I have heard that both England and Ireland serve beer at room temperature, at least stouts. But really, I don’t know, I’ve never been there.

          1. I was just in Ireland in October, and they do not serve their beer at room temperature. They serve it cold, just not quite as cold as in America.

            1. Ok, I stand corrected. But they are still all of the other things that I said, and worse!

          2. I think that both traditionally serve traditional, naturally carbonated ales at cellar temperature. Which is actually pretty good. But the typical pint of whatever is served cold just like everywhere else.

    3. One interesting thing about Scotland is that their bank each print different bills.

      I thought a store clerk was trying to rip me off because he gave me a ?5 note that was a different color than the one I’d already seen.

      1. …their banks each print different banknotes.

    4. Shirley Manson.

    5. Scotland doesn’t have to look back to William Wallace for greatness. A huge chunk of the Enlightenment can be credited to Scots. But they’re all dead and forgotten now, apparently.

      Really, we invade wee countries we have almost no relationship with like Iraq to free their people, why not invade Great Britain to save our political and cultural cousins? Their government is out of control, after all. Free the British!

  9. What? No hat tip?


      /hat tip Nazi

      1. Well, it wouldn’t have been for me anyway.

        1. Oh. Well, in that case, hat tips for everyone!

  10. No time for PM links, so:

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    A delightful collection of beautiful young ladies dressed as some of your favorite video game, anime and comic book characters. Hit the jump to also see Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, Darkstalkers’ Morrigan Aensland and Full Metal Alchemist’s Lust.

    1. SFW?

    2. Uh oh, those wiminz have some curvature. That means they won’t be popular around these here parts. Except for maybe with John or I. Everyone else will just say, ‘OMG THEY”RE FAT!! FAT CHICKS!!!’

      1. Fat chicks dressing in video game cosplay outfits?

        You don’t say.

      2. I could give a fuck about the cosplay silliness, but the models look quite well proportioned to me.

        1. To I also, but around here, having enough body fat to actually fill out a training bra, is considered fat, for some reason.

          1. Nah.

            YOu must understand that most of the people screaming “fattie!” are signaling their heterosexualness lest someone question their taste for women who look like adolescent boys with bags of skittles in their breast pockets.

            1. I somehow don’t feel a need for that. I like curvy women, they look more feminine.

              Ever since I can remember starting to feel attracted to girls, it was the curvature that got my attention, because, you know, it’s what made them different, well, besides their bizarre and unexplainable behavior.

        2. Same here.

      3. Here you go, Hyperion. There may even be some Scottish girls there.

        Auric – np’s link has no nudity, and neither does the first page of my link.

        1. The 360 thing is pretty cool.

      4. To claim those girls are too fat even for sarc is going too far.

  11. John Tortorella out.

    1. Ha ha! – signed…Bruins.

      1. Scratch that. Updated report says signed Pens.

    2. I wish he were still in Tampa. I think he’s a very good coach.

      1. BTW, I only just saw your response in yesterday’s PM Links.

        Private. You’ll still be around to see it, but it’s not going to next year. I might try to transition back into spacecraft GNC software in a few years, but for now I love my job and Boston too much.

      2. BTW, I only just saw your response in yesterday’s PM Links.

        Private. You’ll still be around to see it, but it’s not going to next year. I might try to transition back into spacecraft GNC software in a few years, but for now I love my job and Boston too much.

        1. EDIT BUTTON!

          1. Yeah, you had something about “loving Boston.” Weird.

            Unless the government decides to intervene and fuck everything up, we’re going to see men leaving LEO for the first time in 40 years very soon.

            1. And then government will get all the credit.

              1. If a guy built a rocket, launched himself to the Moon, and video-blogged the entire experience, the government would take credit for it. And condemn him as a criminal.

  12. So this is where they draw the line? They have watched their country turned into a statist shithole, but they are ready to protest plastic mugs?

  13. Sort of OT: The Sly Fox Helles Lager 360 can is illegal in NY and NJ.

    I had some this weekend (in PA). The can is kinda cool and the beer is pretty good.

    1. Hmm, I would have one of those just to spite NY if they are available around here.

      Or we should set up a HnR beer trade pool.

      1. Or we should set up a HnR beer trade pool.


        1. I could get some Heady Topper for this effort.

          Though we’ll have to make sure we only let the trustworthy people in (this means no Warty).

      2. I’m in. Email me if you really want to do it. Although I don’t think you’re supposed to ship alcohol. That doesn’t really bother me, we’d just have to do it without getting caught.

        1. I think you aren’t supposed to. I know a coworker participates in some beer trades. Not sure how he does it (might just be doing it illegally).

          We should talk about this in the PM Links and see if there is enough interest to set it up (and how would we run it).

    2. Remember the early pull tabs, before they had a ring? Great for gashing your thumb or under a fingernail.

  14. Somehow the brits are able to ban drinking out of glass cups, but not smashing glass cups in a pub against the owner’s wishes, wtf?
    Is it like illegal to have bouncers throw people out of your establishment in the UK? Are pub owners not liable for people stepping on broken glass ? Can you not procesute someone for smashing a glass over someones head?

    The only plauslbe explanation I can think of is that this is some perverse consequence of the inability to do anything else about wanton pub violence.

    1. Which is easier, rounding up hooligans or passing a bill for businesses that you can fine for noncompliance?

  15. Hey! That Ke$ha creature is performing at my favorite fair! Red plastic solo cups of Woodchuck for all!

    1. Ke$ha will be drinking something entirely different out of her red plastic cup.

      1. What, you could tell the difference from Woodchuck?

      2. eww!

  16. This regulatory obscentity’s authors shoud be lured down to London to be beaten to death with silver tankards after a good lunch at the Beefsteak Club.

  17. For a second I thought this was the Onion.
    I see a headline about Buddhists attacking Muslims, and another about how the country that brought us Braveheart is now afraid of glass.

    1. And they banned swords. Scotland. Swords.

      I’ll take Swords for $1,000, Alex.

      1. They just don’t want you having to compete with their far superior swords. Your puny, genetically inferior swords probably aren’t even longer than you are all.

  18. hat tip! hahahahahahahaha. I rule the Wasteland!

    1. hat tip! hahahahahahahaha. I rule the Wasteland!

      As I already pointed out: false. Scott is too busy playing beer pong to reach all the way up to his cap.

      1. I tried and fell over.

        1. Giving your opponents the perfect opportunity to bounce.

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