"How else are we going to get rid of guns?"  

'"New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, responding to allegations that the NYPD's stop-and-frisk program is illegal, New York Daily News, April 1

"I'm a complete libertarian. I think it's very, very dangerous. I really mean that. I think the smoking ban is a tip of an iceberg of society'"the leaders of society telling us how to be. I think it's not their business.…It's an attitude where the governors think, 'We know what's best for people, and they're so stupid that they would only not do it if we ban it.'"  

'"Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's smoking ban, HuffPost Live, April 4

"We trust the president, and if this was Bush, I think that we would all be more up in arms."  

'"former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D), responding to leaked details of President Obama's drone assassination program, The New York Times, February 10