Katherine Mangu-Ward on D.C. Food Trucks


food trucks
Credit: Wayan Vota / photo on flickr

The bourgeoning D.C. food truck scene is in disarray after regulators once again fail to offer a reasonable set of rules, writes Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward. One of the city's highest-rated vendors, Basil Thyme, may close in the next few weeks. Brian Farrell, who owns the pasta and lasagna trucks, points the floury finger of blame straight at regulators: "The city of D.C. has been nothing but a series of hurdles and difficulties," he told a reporter for CityPaper, the local alternative weekly. "They're just painful to deal with."

That was followed by one of the saddest sentences a foodie could ever read about a successful culinary entrepreneur: Farrell, the paper said, "plans to return to his previous career in IT sales."