Rumors Andy Kaufman Actually Alive in Albuquerque

Why do people want to believe some dead celebrities are still alive?


New sightings of US star Andy Kaufman, 29 years—almost, but not quite, to the week—after his apparent death from lung cancer, have re-ignited rumours that he is, in fact, alive and well and living in Alburquerque.

Kaufman—known for his role in sitcom Taxi and celebrated by Jim Carrey in biopic Man on the Moon (and by REM in the song of the same name)—was more of a performance artist than an out-and-out comic actor. He enjoyed devising elaborate hoaxes and was said by many, including close friend and colleague Bob Zmuda, to have been obsessed with the idea of faking his own death. Although Zmuda has since said he believes Kaufman really is dead—and despite the existence of a death certificate—some fans still maintain he is alive.