DHS Says 3D Printed Guns Impossible To Control, Eric Holder To Lead Investigation into DOJ, Chinese Government Hoping To Expand Role of Private Businesses in Economy: P.M. Links


Credit:The Department of Justice
  • The Department of Homeland Security has told law enforcement officials that it is "impossible" for the government to stop 3D printed guns from being made which is, you know…kinda the point.
  • President Obama has ordered a review of the Justice Department's processes for investigating reporters. The review into the DOJ's behavior is to be led by Attorney General Eric Holder. Say what you want about the government, it certainly never fails to provide ample irony.
  • The scandals that have surrounded the Obama administration recently have had little impact on Obama's approval rating, which stands at 49 percent
  • A man and a woman have been arrested in connection with the recent murder of a British soldier. 
  • The Chinese government is planning to let market forces and private businesses take a more active role in the economy. Better late than never, right?
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts will have to pay an annual $50,000 fee thanks to regulations recently released by the state Department of Public Health.

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