Syrian Rebels May Lose Control of Key Haven at Border Town

Could spell an end to the two-year-long rebellion


A battle raging for control of a border town critical to the supply of men and arms to opponents of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad may determine whether the two-year rebellion will survive, say analysts and a rebel officer.

Rebels have held the town of Qusayr a few miles from Lebanon for over a year, but fighters for Iran-backed Hezbollah, a U.S.-designated terror group, have added renewed strength to the Syrian government offensive to crush the rebel haven.


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  1. Long live the dictator Assad! May his grandchildren’s grandchildren continue to rule.

    Russia looks to be keeping their naval base and one of their favorite arms purchasers in power.

    At least the jackboot will keep the Wahhabists and Salafists from taking over.

    Wouldn’t want to be a Sunni Syrian. You’re going to lose.

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