St. Louis Anchor Fired After Facebook Comment Questioning IRS Interest in Him

Gave the president a hard-ball interview last year


KMOV (Channel 4) fired Larry Conners after a social-media controversy, prompting St. Louis' longest-tenured anchorman to defend his claim that IRS "pressure" followed his 2012 interview of President Barack Obama.

Freed from a KMOV gag-order Wednesday, Conners said his statements on Facebook were simply questions about the possibility of an Internal Revenue Service vendetta in the wake of national stories about the agency.


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  1. Dunno.
    If he hadn’t made the comment, he still would have been equally “biased”, but he’d still have a job and no one would be aware of that “bias”.

  2. His firing comes after a series of events that began when Conners implied in the May 13 Facebook post that he may have been targeted by the IRS after interviewing President Barack Obama in 2012. In that interview, Conners questioned Obama’s travel expenditures.

    The IRS claims Conners and his wife, Janet L. Conners, owe more than $85,000 from 2008, 2009 and 2010. Larry Conners said he has had a tax accountant prepare his statements for years and that he and his wife had paid taxes for 2008-2010, but the IRS disagreed with the Conners over some deductions. He was on a payment plan with the IRS, he said, but after the Obama interview, the IRS cancelled the plan. In September a lien was placed on their Clayton home. The IRS declined to comment.

    So he asks the Emperor an embarassing question about the Emperor’s vacations, and then the tax collectors cancel his payment plan and put a lien on his house.

    Mafia government.

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