Natural Disasters

At Least 51 Killed in Oklahoma Tornado

Toll expected to rise


A massive, mile-wide tornado with winds up to 200 mph killed at least 51 people Monday afternoon during 40 terrifying minutes of destruction across southern Oklahoma City and its suburbs.

The state medical examiner's office confirmed the number of deaths and said the toll was expected to rise.

Catastrophic damage was reported in Moore, where two elementary schools were destroyed, including one that took a direct hit. Several children were pulled alive from the rubble of Plaza Towers Elementary, but there were no immediate reports of rescues or casualties at Briarwood Elementary.

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  1. All the students at Briarwood Elementary have been accounted for, and there were no fatalities. The fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Plaza Towers Elementary were moved to a nearby church and all unharmed, but the third-graders were sheltering in a central hallway and most of them were killed. Not all of them are reflected in the 51 dead, so the death toll’s going to go up quite a bit.

    I drive through Moore quite often and often stopped at one of the 7-11s that was destroyed.

    1. Of those counted at this point, the toll for this one massive tornado already equals the 51 recorded killed in the year of 1876, the second year on record with NOAA.

      Appears you picked the right day not to be at that 7-11.

  2. A bit of mean-spiritedness:

    I wish I believed that a just Providence sent things like today’s tornado upon people who vote for oil-whore Oklahoma Republicans. I don’t, but could the devastation in Moore possibly give the survivors something to think about along these lines?

    Oklahoma tornado

    1. Fucking animals. Burn in hell.

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