A.M. Links: Ammo Shortages Continue, Obama, Clinton Not Benghazi Probe Targets, Says Issa, Texas Regulating Bitcoin Operators


  • buck stops elsewhere
    White House

    Sustained high demand for ammo by government agencies and the public is leaving shelves empty.

  • Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) wants President Obama to apologize for the way the IRS treated Tea Party groups.
  • Rep. Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) insists neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton are targets in the House Benghazi probe.
  • Texas joins New York to become the second state to require Bitcoin exchangers and administrator have a license.
  • Pakistanis went to the polls on Saturday amid violence that killed at least 24. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif looks set to return as prime minister for a third time as his PML (N) performed best in the high-turnout election.
  • A rebel commander in Syria says Iran, Israel and Hezbollah are all aiding the embattled Assad regime.
  • North Korea lays out the charges it prosecuted American prisoner Kenneth Bae for: smuggling anti-government materials and plotting the overthrow of the state. The U.S. and South Korea, meanwhile, begin a new set of joint naval exercises.
  • An ammonia leak on the International Space Station was fixed this weekend.

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