A.M. Links: Ammo Shortages Continue, Obama, Clinton Not Benghazi Probe Targets, Says Issa, Texas Regulating Bitcoin Operators


  • buck stops elsewhere
    White House

    Sustained high demand for ammo by government agencies and the public is leaving shelves empty.

  • Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) wants President Obama to apologize for the way the IRS treated Tea Party groups.
  • Rep. Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) insists neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton are targets in the House Benghazi probe.
  • Texas joins New York to become the second state to require Bitcoin exchangers and administrator have a license.
  • Pakistanis went to the polls on Saturday amid violence that killed at least 24. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif looks set to return as prime minister for a third time as his PML (N) performed best in the high-turnout election.
  • A rebel commander in Syria says Iran, Israel and Hezbollah are all aiding the embattled Assad regime.
  • North Korea lays out the charges it prosecuted American prisoner Kenneth Bae for: smuggling anti-government materials and plotting the overthrow of the state. The U.S. and South Korea, meanwhile, begin a new set of joint naval exercises.
  • An ammonia leak on the International Space Station was fixed this weekend.

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  1. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) wants President Obama to apologize for the way the IRS treated Tea Party groups.

    What does Susan Collins care about the Tea Party?

    1. My first thought too.

  2. Put down the rice or you’re dead!

    1. You know watching the government flail about trying to make it look like they have a handle on this security thing makes me wonder of V for Vendetta might not just be the perfect textbook on how to overthrow a government.

      Minus the superpowered kung fu aspects of course

      1. Minus the superpowered kung fu aspects of course

        I agree. One should instead use superpowered Muay Thai.

          1. People really need to quit stealing elephants and statue heads from Tony. He gets really worked up about it.

      2. After Boston, it’s pretty clear that it won’t take much for even a moderately organized cell to get Americans to fold up like a cheap suit and hope the police tacticools can save them from the wolves.

        Which of course begs the question that all this security theater is really necessary. I suspect that keeping our nose out of other people’s business will go farther towards enhancing our security than video cameras and x-ray machines.

      3. V for Vendetta might not just be the perfect textbook on how to overthrow a government.

        Step One: Mash up Phantom of the Opera and 1984, get the worst of both works.

    2. An FBI agent said: ‘You need to be more careful moving around with such things, Sir’

      Land of the Free

      1. Land of the Free

        If they ever use a Weber kettle grill as a bomb casing, I’m dead.

        I can see me now: “No, you may not come in. … And I need to take something off the stove.”
        “Unless you have a warrant, get off the property.”
        “Pressure cookers don’t kill people, pro-caliphate ‘students’ do.”
        “Hey you, Special Olympics Jones, plug the rotisserie back in! Agent Moron unplugged it when he tripped on the cord!”

  3. Are foodies quietly killing rock-and-roll?

    Over the past decade, we’ve seen the rise of the foodie class and decline of the record industry. Are the two related? When did we start talking about new food trucks instead of new bands? When did the line outside El Centro D.F. taqueria get longer than the line outside the Black Cat? Is $8 a reasonable price for an order of duck fat french fries just because we can stream our music for free on Spotify?

    1. “When did we start talking about new food trucks instead of new bands?”

      I’m guessing when they turned 40 and realized the kid’s music sucks but food still tastes good .

    2. Food Network and Napster became popular right around the same time. Coincidence?

    3. Is this article for real?

      1. If not at least it is funny.

    4. Rock-and-or-roll will be just fine.

  4. Rep. Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) insists neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton are targets in the House Benghazi probe.


    1. Conor Friedersdorf wonders the same, a little, when asking about why people aren’t talking about the obvious CIA aspect of Benghazi.

      1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

        Also, when we talk about the Obama Administration’s response the day after the attack, we don’t have to talk about the Obama Administration’s lack of response to the attack while it was happening.

      2. sloppyslim ? 28 minutes ago ?
        The CIAs Iran-Contra gun running operation was at the core of the Benghazi coverup

        State (clinton), CIA (patraeus) , Defense (panetta) , and Pentagon (dempsey) ‘all supported arming the syrian rebels’ (open congressional testimony)

        They tried to keep as small a footprint as possible , using local militia for security , and they tried to intervene as little as possible to minimize the splash .

        after it hit the fan and the job turned to clean up , they invented the cover story to conceal that the US Ambassador was killed while running the operation . State wasn’t going to admit their complicity in a botched CIA gun running op . Nor would the President in the final weeks of a Presidential Campaign .

        the deaths , the cover up and manipulation/complicity of media during an election , and interfering in another civil war on the other side of the planet without congressonal approval

        i wish i could do a pontius pilot on your asses , but then i’d be guilty of standing by

        Nailed it.

  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..-WWII.html

    Paris time capsule apartment.

    1. dammit! that was my next link!

      1. I usually leave the Mail to you, but that was too cool.

        1. Why won’t anyone link to Reason24/7???

          1. We leave that to the professionals at Reason to circle-link-jerk.

    2. Thanks! & that was pretty cool.

  6. Airplanes? What airplanes? I was checking out the chicas in bikinis.

    1. The Daily Fail is just now discovering Princess Juliana Airport? They are worse than I thought.

      1. It was fun landing there.

        And more fun having lunch at the bar next to the beach and watching the planes land.

        1. If I ever get to St Maarten, I’m staying at the closest hotel to Maho Beach, and I’m eating and drinking in the Sunset Bar every day.

  7. Craft Beers Overtaxed, Senators Say

    Eighteen senators want to encourage drinking craft beer. They’re touting new legislation to slash the excise tax on beer produced by smaller breweries.

    The bipartisan group, led by Maryland Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin and Maine Republican Susan Collins, wants to cut the excise tax in half, to $3.50 a barrel, on the first 60,000 barrels of beer. Other taxes would also be reduced.

    1. Hopefully this will work out as well as the first time they tried it.

    2. I’m all for cutting taxes as much as possible, but when this is the discussion du jour when we are over $16T in debt, you know we have a serious disfunction in DC.

  8. An ammonia leak on the International Space Station was fixed this weekend.

    Space caulk.

    1. And people complained about the billions spent developing space bubblegum.

      1. There ain’t nothing like filling a crack with caulk.

    2. I wonder how much a roll of space grade duct tape costs?

      1. “Seventeen-thousand-mile-an-hour tape”

    3. OH, c-a-u-l-k caulk


    4. “I’m a doctor, not a plumber.” [Geordi rolls out of the room.]

      1. There are so many things wrong with that.

  9. IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politic…..z2TB3X9NQO

    I seem to remember Clinton auditing an awful lot of his political opponents.

    1. He was just doing background checks to see if he could bring them into the administration. Or at least that was the talking point that was used after he was caught.

    2. Shriek disclaimer: you’re linking to Fox News. 😉

      1. You mean Faux News! Ho ho!

    3. Just imagine if this were a non-Democrat going after Planned Parenthood (or other large lefty group) in the same fashion. There would be calls for impeachment!

  10. Coastal governors call for more offshore drilling

    Six coastal governors have called on Washington to open up more waters to offshore drilling and to make permitting a quicker, more efficient process.

    The governors of Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Alaska spoke Monday at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. Officials from Louisiana and Virginia also spoke. They say a federal moratorium on offshore drilling after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and permitting requirements put in place after that, have made it difficult for companies to develop resources.

    1. And, of course, a number of Central & South American countries are drilling in the gulf.

    2. Six coastal governors have called on Washington to open up more waters to offshore drilling and to make permitting a quicker, more efficient process.

      Why does the author hate the middle class? I mean, our betters have been telling me that government bureaucrats are the bedrock upon which our middle class stands. If you cut mid-level suits who do nothing but push paper and draw a paycheck, you’re setting the scene for a new Somalia where the middle class ceases to be and civilization crumbles.

  11. Gee, what a surprise.

    People in this quiet Northern California community expressed relief that there had been an arrest in the stabbing death of an 8-year-old girl, but they were stunned by the suspect: her 12-year-old brother.

    “It’s just shocking. I don’t know what else to say,” Patti Campbell, longtime restaurant owner in the town of Valley Springs, told The Associated Press on Sunday.

    1. It’s just shocking that this is seen as just shocking.

      1. It’s shocks all the way down!

        1. Powered by green energy, no doubt.

  12. The new Star Wars film is to be made in Britain in a huge coup for the country’s film industry, the Daily Mail can reveal.
    Original cast members Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are expected to return to the UK to shoot the seventh film in the blockbuster series.
    The film is due to start production in 2014 after representatives from Lucasfilm struck a deal with Chancellor George Osborne in a top secret meeting.


    1. Old, washed-up actors filming an old, washed-up franchise in an old, washed-up country. It’s like matching impedance.

    2. “”‘Why?””‘

      Because the British are giving them tax breaks. The most creative thing about movies today is their financing.

    3. The original Star Wars had quite the British cast.

      1. And I believe a good chunk of the studio work was shot in England.

        1. Don’t forget the musical score by the London Symphony!

        2. The original trilogy was shot at Elstree Studios (as were the Indiana Jones films).

      2. I hear the planned 4th (1st) one also had some quality Brits scheduled. Too bad it died on the drawing board.

  13. Texas joins New York to become the second state to require Bitcoin exchangers and administrator have a license.

    Fortunately, with Bitcoin, any computer is technically able to license itself. And don’t get me started on the dangerous 3D licenses that can be printed these days.

  14. An ammonia leak on the International Space Station was fixed this weekend.

    In related news, the Van Allen belts have never looked sparkly clean.

  15. The people of NYC’s subway.

    1. Is this anything like People of Walmart, except about a group it’s not considered acceptable to be bigoted against?

    2. What’re more rude? The most common photos on the websites feature passengers either eating or taking up multiple seats

      How is it rude to eat on the train? Gotta do something to pass the time, and drinking isn’t an option since the NYPD vigorously pursues any and every open container violation.

    3. The one thing I don’t have a problem with is people eating. As long as the food doesn’t stink and they aren’t messy, I wouldn’t care. We don’t know the situation they are in. They could have very little time to eat, so they eat on the subway. Why the fuck does anyone else care?

      I don’t ride a subway, nor have I ever. I’ve ridden a public bus a few times, and it never bothered me to see people eating.

      1. as I like to say: “Public transportation? That’s for poor people!”

        1. When I was TDY to Ft. Irwin, I frequently road the bus to and from town only becaues Ft. Irwin was a 45 minute drive from town, and I was stuck renting an SUV. Plus it was Kalifornia gas prices. My co-worker and I decided it was better for us to use the bus to save on gas, since we were not getting reimbursed on fuel.

          Sure it was slower, but we had nowhere to go in the evenings besides our hotel rooms in Barstow. What a shit-stain of a town…

          1. When I was stationed a FT Irwin, the 40 mile drive to go to Barstow was about the most depressing event in the world.

            40 miles to get to a row of restaurants, a Wal Mart, and a K-Mart.

            When you had more time off, you were within a 300 mile drive of just about anything you could ever want, but driving to Barstow on a regular weekend was the SUCK.

            1. I would sometimes go 90 or above on that road between Barstow and Irwin on the days I drove.

              Depends on when you were there, though. I was on the outskirts of Barstow. There was a small little outlet mall that had just been built, and I was staying within walking distance of it. We also had a lot of restaurants nearby. But if I wanted to really do anything, I had to drive to Victorville, which was another 30 minutes away.

              But being stuck in a non-extended stay hotel for 2 months was not fun.

              I did, however, get to spend my last week in Vegas. That was a blast.

              1. They built the outlet mall while I was there, forgot all about it.

      2. Because it almost always DOES stink. I don’t want to smell your fucking food, thanks.

    4. But why don’t you RETHUGLIKKKAN rednexx want to ride PUBLIK TRANZPORTASHUN instead of promoting GAIA RAPE by insisting on driving your murder carz?

      1. GAIA RAPE

        Is that like sticking your dick in a crawfish hole?

        Speaking of sticking your dick in a crawfish hole, I almost feinted watching Game of Thrones last night. Ouch, how bout a Graphic Violence warning on that one.

  16. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_new…..oting?lite

    So, the shooting in New Orleans yesterday has already received its fair amount of attention from the anti-“gun culture” crowd. In the hopes of verifying my alternative theory of gun violence, has anyone heard about any possible connection to the drug war?

    1. For some odd reason, the part about “unusual circumstances” just screams “drug turf war.”

      1. The relative lack of media coverage indicates this was a “local issue”. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

        1. Plus, it’s fucking *New Orleans*.

          They’ve had their fifteen minutes.

  17. Boston suspect becomes teen hearthrob: Thousands of girls express their love for bomber in worrying online forums

    A startling number of teen girls have admitted to having a schoolgirl crush on bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, proclaiming their love for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect on social media.

    Its a disturbing trend on sites like Twitter and Facebook, where girls have admitted to finding Tsarnaev attractive, and herald him in the ranks of Justin Bieber and One Direction singer Harry Styles.

    1. I blame the douche-lite tilt of his cap in the original security footage.

    2. Ted Bundy. Some women are unable to distinguish good status from bad status. They just know their desired partner has status.

    3. Is their cursh on Tsarnaev any worse than Bieber or Styles? They are all a pox on humanity, AFAIAC.

    4. As opposed to the several-generations adulation of the sex symbol of murder, Che?

  18. Sustained high demand for ammo by government agencies and the public is leaving shelves empty.

    I’m going to get a 3D printer to print my own ammo.

    1. I was planning on fashioning a 3D printer by shooting the raw materials into the shape of one, but I see the government has decided that’s not a good idea.

    2. My sex robot does that for me.

  19. Celebrity Reads Mean Tweets

    ‘Kelly Ripa is kind of amazing, when you think about how hard it must be to balance that huge head on a tiny body..’

    ‘I’ve never seen the fuss with Russell Brand, he’s a hairy, non-funny t–t.”

    ‘Dear No Doubt, the only thing in doubt is whether your music makes me want to puke or kill myself and then puke. Sincerely, Everyone.’

    ‘Kid Rock looks like he would smell like stale farts and cigarettes.’

    1. When did celerities become such pussies?

      It seems like a universal famous people thing is to bitch about mean internet comments. Is this new or did they just used to have handlers protecting them from the opinions of little people?

      1. The latter I would think. In the pre-interweb days they would get fan mail and I doubt they would actually see any hate mail.

  20. Sustained high demand for ammo by government agencies and the public is leaving shelves empty.

    And the IRS wants those suspicious gun shops to explain why!

    1. Sweet!

      “If this is a legitimate business, where are your merchandise and profits?”

  21. The Ke$ha creature dresses almost like a normal person.
    I can smell her B.O. from here.

  22. Collins (R-Maine) wants President Obama to apologize for the way the IRS treated Tea Party groups.

    And by “apologize” she means “sack and indict all responsible individuals”, right?

  23. FYI: Why Do Old People Get So Hairy?

    You’ve seen it at the local pool, at the beach, or even on your own grandpa. Old grizzled men with enough back hair to knit an afghan. Rampant tufts of hair springing out of dark nasal and ear cavities and eyebrows that look Cro-Magnon. What causes hair to grow everywhere but the head as we age?

    Does this mean that Steve Smith is a million years old?


  24. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013…..-corridor/

    Fucking government and its train fetish. Virgin could very well offer transcontinental suborbital flights in the next decade, and they’re building goddamn passenger trains.

    1. What’s the over/under on how long will it take Virgin’s suborbital trips to gain a larger ridership than Amtrak?

      1. Nah, Amtrak will get more subsidies as their ridership declines. Eventually they will consume 10% of the federal budget to ferry Biden’s great grandchild around the country.

        1. Well, the over/under on when Virgin’s suborbital flights will be more profitable than Amtrak is the date of Virgin’s first commercial suborbital flight. Anyone could tell you that.

    2. 6.7m per locomotive.

      There is no fucking reason these should cost so much.

      But you know. Nothing to cut!

      1. Seriously, A locomotive is little more than a soupped up tractor trailer with no need for a steering or suspension system, there really is no legitimate reason they would cost more than 2 million each.

  25. Man blows up house over picnic snub

    Czeslaw Kaminski, 69, was so incensed when he woke to find a note from his wife to say that she had gone away for the day with the children that he decided to destroy the family home.

    But after lighting a fire in the basement and throwing two gas cylinders on top of the property in the village of Chechlo Drugie, near Lodz, he failed to leave in time and was caught in the blast when the house was blown to smithereens.

    1. Neighbours told local media that the couple’s relationship was excitable and that there were often heated arguments.

      “Heated arguments”, nudge nudge!

    2. Well, he sure showed them!

    3. As a friend of mine said, “Way to perpetuate the dumb Polack stereotype, Czeslaw.”

    4. That seems like an overreaction.

  26. After promising start, it’s hard on Ducks to have it end this way

    Where did the Ducks go wrong?

    Perry, two seasons removed from being the league’s most valuable player, had no goals and only two assists in this series. That’s one more point than goaltender Jonas Hiller earned.

    Selanne had only one goal. Ryan had two. Their defense had holes, and as a team they couldn’t muster the leadership and will to prevail.

    haahahahah! (just happy that the DRWs made it past the first round).

    1. I don’t think the Bruins are gonna make it to round 2 unless Tuuka has a shutout.

      1. Tell me about it. The crashing suckitude the last two months has been Red Sox-worthy.

        1. Whoa, let’s not go too far. They still won more than 1/3 of their games and didn’t miss the playoffs. They are sucking pretty hard, but the Sox sucking was legendary.

          1. I agree on the degree, but it’s the way they are sucking. It’s Jimmy Carter-esque malaise and indifference almost across the board. All they need now is some beer.

            (Also, fried chicken).

            1. Dude, it’s hockey. It would be poutine and beer.

              1. I suppose maybe poutine con pollo.

    2. poor little Ducks.

    3. I want teams to advance based in part on what will piss off NBC. San Jose v. Ottawa in the final wouldn’t be so bad.

      1. You know, that’s not a bad thing, to piss off NBC.

    4. I saw this one coming, though not this early; you’re not winning the cup when Francois Beauchemin is your best defenseman.

    5. Time for the DRW to face stone cold playoff reality…muhuhuhwhaha.

      1. Yeah, the Hawks are gonna fix their little red wagon.

        It’s a shame that Suter and Parise decided decided that they needed the biggest possible pile of money on which to sodomize each other because Chicago against a Detroit with those two would be one hell of a series (though it would have taken place in the WCF instead).

    6. Selanne’s still playing? The guy must be 50 years old by now.

    7. Sorry, warrior of the wasteland, but, EFF the WINGS! 😀

      1. *shrugs* as long as you’re not an Avalanche fan.


  27. According to a lighthearted study by real estate blog Movoto.com, Atlanta is the top redneck city in the country.

    Kansas City ranks second, followed by Oklahoma City and Nashville.

    The study was based on information like the number of taxidermists and gun stores per capita, number of cowboy boot stores per capita, how many NASCAR tracks are located within 30 miles of the city, and the percent of the population that did not complete high school.


    1. That is sooooo last week. Loser.

    2. Atlanta is far better than southern Georgia. I was recently informed that the Honey Boo Boo family are from Dublin.

    3. “”””and the percent of the population that did not complete high school.”””

      I am betting that most of the Atlanta students who did not complete high school are not rednecks.

    4. Oklahoma City has no NASCAR tracks within 30 miles.

    5. The same real estate blog held that Atlanta was the Nerdiest city in the nation a few weeks ago.

      I suppose both could be true.

    6. “kansas city ranks second”

      Kansas has a lot of redneck hipsters. They’re basically the same as rednecks but more pretentious and come from upper middle class homes. I think it’s a way of being elitist and romanticizing a slob lifestyle and looking poor so you can live off your parents and the government indefinitely.

  28. Gazoo bitches. Coming at you live from Geneva. My first invasion into the morning links starts with a target manufacture bowing to sexist pressure from feminists:

    Gun Enthusiasts Can No Longer Use ‘the Ex’ for Target Practice

    Heartbroken gun enthusiasts can no longer enjoy target practice on “the Ex.” According to the Huffington Post, zombie-themed shooting target manufacturer Zombie Industries has discontinued its female mannequins ? the blondes and the brunettes ? that bleed when you shoot them. Originally called “the Ex,” the target was renamed “Alexa” after customer reviews hinted some were using it for its resemblance to their ex-wives, not a zombie. Amazon.com stopped carrying the mannequin and Zombie Industries CEO Roger Davis told the Huffington Post that the target will no longer be available after Monday. (There’s still time! Before Mother’s Day!) He added that he’s sorry “people’s feelings were hurt.”

    1. He added that he’s sorry “people’s feelings were hurt.


      He saw that he had accomplished his goal of trolling the feminists and cut the product before the wailing got loud enough to attract the attention of teh regyoolatorz.

    2. Geneva Wisconsin or Geneva New York?

      1. The one with the chocolate and hot bitches. So, neither.

          1. I checked on my phone to see that pic, since it’s filtered here at work. Looks like a german porn pic.

        1. The one in Florida?

          1. This one sounds cosmopolitan:

            GENEVA, TEXAS (Sabine County). Geneva is at the junction of State Highway 21 and Farm Road 330, ten miles northwest of Hemphill in northern Sabine County….

  29. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013…..dent-when/

    Ex Penn State head was highest paid college President.

    Anyone want to guess where he works now? It’s not in the story, but I know.

  30. IRS scandal grows to include debt critics

    Congressional members have given the IRS until Wednesday to provide copies of all agency communications that include the words “tea party,” “patriot,” and “conservative.”

    At the same time, Fox News reported on Monday that the IRS may have been casting an even wider net, and agents could have unfairly targeted groups that touted better government economic policy and debt pay-down. Also among the targeted: Groups that tried to educate about the Constitution or government policy critics, Fox News said.

    the power to tax is also the power to destroy.

    1. posing with three fingers creating a “W” ? apparently to symbolize “white,”

      Great. Another mudra soon to be illegal.

      1. I love how they got forced counselling just for using the word “white”. What the hell are they going to talk about?

        1. It’d be amusing to get transcripts.

          Counselor: “Would anyone like to explain why what you girls did was wrong?”

          *** crickets ***

        1. So, Dane Cook is like their Malcolm X?

      2. White Power! /Dave Chapelle

    2. Bruce Morgan, president of the New Brunswick branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said April 25 he thought the board was “slow to react” to the allegations made against the girls.

      Irony is pretty ironic sometimes.

      1. “””Bruce Morgan, president of the New Brunswick branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,”””

        He is just jealous because White includes all the colors of the rainbow.

    3. Teenagers are natural trolls. If you react with outrage and shock, they like it.

      IMO, quasi racist stuff like this is just the latest iteration of the natural teenage desire to shock and offend their parents.

      1. IMO, quasi racist stuff

        What quasi racist stuff?

        1. Oh I mean quasi racist as defined by cringing white progressives and the NAACP. There’s nothing racist per se about the Stars and Bars.

          1. Agreed, but that wasn’t even them. It was someone else who one of the girls was following on twitter. It’s like they’re playing “6 degrees of racism” and still not getting anything juicy.

            1. This lets middle aged women who really wish they could have marched in Selma pretend they’re still fighting the good fight. That’s very important. Ruining some teenage kid’s life pales in comparison to fueling Boomer nostalgia.

              1. Uh, I’m pretty sure that no one old enough to have marched at or ever remember Selma would qualify as “middle aged” anymore as they’d all have their AARP cards already and most of them are old enough for early retirement at the least.

                1. Yeah that’s kind of the point dude….these are middle aged liberals, and they hate that they missed out on the 60s.

                  So they fight “racism” by suspending anyone with a Confederate flag tshirt.

    4. Re-education camps will continue until tolerance improves

    5. My wife used to work in this district; I bet she used to teach the kids involved. I wouldn’t be surprised if it involves the same group of girls that got busted giving BJ’s on the bus ride home from Hershey Park after the 8th grade field trip two years ago.

      1. I went on all kinds of overnight trips in high school. Where the fuck were these bj giving chicks then?

        1. I went on all kinds of overnight trips in high school. Where the fuck were these bj giving chicks then?

          Band. They were in band.

          1. This one time at band camp

          2. I was in the fucking band. That’s why I went on all those fucking trips. And not a single fucking blowjob in high school.

            1. Well that sucks. It was the whole reason I stayed in band when I started playing football. Marching in pads was worth it. Though it was mostly handjobs, not blowjobs. But for a fat kid, that was still manna from heaven.

            2. my first BJ happened because of prom – and not from my date, but her best friend.

              That was the night that I famously made out with three different girls.

              1. I heard about that

      2. Well at least they’re team players down for the cause.

  31. Attention, sane and insane scientists: Your experiments to create half-men, half-beasts may not be legal in every jurisdiction.


    1. No one wants a mermaid or a reverse mermaid. Not really.

      1. Everyone knows that if you want to create a bunch of half-men, half-beasts, you establish a lab on a private island where you won’t be pestered by outsiders.

        1. Sounds better than an ancient castle where the peasants can attack you with pitch forks and torches.

  32. Feminist beats on some straw men like he’s a wicked witch’s flying monkey.

    Titled “But O’m a nice guy”, it explains that feminists have never targeted men for unfair treatment, and the only reason you might think that is because you have to treat them as equals now (never explaining how that applies to anyone under 60).

    1. what the fuck was that?

      1. Something that has been lauded in every feminist blog I’ve seen lately. They love it so much he’s started selling t-shirts.

    2. I ventured over into their territory. They beat the same themes to death. Also those digital Vagina Wranglers have way over analyzed the process. It’s not hard for a dude these days; just buy a crappy motorcycle(seriously any motorcylce) learn to work on it(there’s probably a specific forum for your bike), buy some saftey gear(road rash sucks) and go ride. Just work on a bike and ride it for six months, hell it ride it everywhere you possibly can. You’re change in outlook alone will make you more attractive

      1. As the proud owner of a cruiser for 15 years, I don’t find this mirroring my experience at all. But you are correct, they do beat the same themes to death. Gotta get new content to drive page views, after all.

        1. Well I guess the other trick is to ride to normal bars and not bike night bars. The latter is usually a Cocktoberfest

          1. Well I guess the other trick is to ride to normal bars and not bike night bars.

            Nope, did that too.

          2. The latter is usually a Cocktoberfest

            With your permission, I would like to use this phrase. The old “helmet party” phrase was getting tiresome.

  33. Health insurance tax ‘scares the daylights’ out of some small-business owners

    Robert Zirkelback, a spokesman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, a trade group for insurance providers, acknowledged that small firms will likely “shoulder most of the burden” of the tax. Meanwhile, a new minimum-coverage requirement for employers with 50 or more workers will be broader than what some of them already offer, he said, which could further increase their costs as they are forced to supplement their current plans.

  34. I bought beer in a grocery store like a civilized person yesterday.

    In Pennsylvania.

    I don’t know who Wegman’s had to bribe to do this, but they apparently got a “bar” license for their cafeteria in their Warminster store. So I could just walk in and buy a 6-pack of Dogfish Head. It was amazing.

    1. In Michigan – of all places – you can buy beer at 7-11s, gas stations, grocery stores – including Walmart. Same goes for the hard stuff and wine.

      We did have a Sunday booze ban for awhile – couldn’t buy until after 12PM. That was recently knocked down.

    2. Grocery stores being (mostly) unable to sell beer is still something I can’t believe about living in Mass. hell, every gas station in Vermont has beer for sale.

      1. And good beer, too. I stopped in an Exxon in Stowe and they hardly had any Bud/Coors/Miller, because most of the shelves had microbrews and local shit.

        1. On the other hand, the first time I drank a full beer I was 16 and working in a grocery store. A 6 pack broke, but one of them was still intact, so I chugged it while throwing them in the dumpster. So clearly keeping beer out of the grocery store is for the children.

          1. I bet that was the best shift you ever worked at that place. Also possibly the last.

            1. Wrong on both counts. Getting a free beer at 16 is pretty awesome, but the thing about working at a grocery store while a high school boy is that there are a lot of high school girls working the cash registers.

    3. In Tampa you can buy just about anywhere. And in our airport they serve you to-go drinks to take to your gate. I have also seen a nice Beemer in rush hour with an open tall boy in the drink holder.

      1. to go? That sounds like paradise. A tall white Russian to go.

        1. Seriously there is a Bacardi sponsored bar at the end of the F terminal siting between two gates. You can also stop for a drink while leaving the plane on the way to baggage claim. Why stare at an empty luggage belt? when you can roll up to your bag, drink in hand.

          1. why indeed?

  35. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaOC9danxNo

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it. Space Oddity, in an actual space station.

    1. Man, Bowie has changed. And where’s Iman?

      1. Have you checked out the new album? Finally, a new Bowie album that actually is a return to form

      2. Iman had to go. She shook him cold. She blew his brain.

        1. Not enough modern love for Ziggy, eh?

          1. She was no China Girl, that’s for sure.

    1. I hope they put the bond for it up to a vote. See how many want to put their money where their mouth is.

    2. I wonder if it will be like rebuilding the twin towers in NYC, half the building, ten times the cost and more then ten years to complete

      1. But, think of the JOBS!

      2. But it’s called Freedom Tower and it’s going to be 1776 +/- a few feet tall! Money should be no object.

      3. At least with the Twin Towers, there’s the excuse that terrorists blew it up.

        Will we raze every building where a tragedy happened?

        1. Will we raze every building where a tragedy happened?

          We’ll do anything to get this economy rolling again.

          1. Except, apparently, legalize MDMA.

    3. Because the existing building obviously retains the evil from the shootings. Kind of like a battery that got charged with badness. Because magical thinking is a great reason to blow millions to knock down a perfectly functional building and build a new one.

      1. Everyone knows that evil just clings to stuff. Buildings, areas, dead bodies… Once something evil happens, it’s evil forever. Best option is to just wall off the area and never go there again.

        1. I saw the Amityville horror house movies. Now that was a house that justifiably needed to be torn down.

          1. Richard Prior: My what a lovely house.

            House: GET OUT!!!

            Richard Prior: Too bad we can’t stay!

      2. Call in the Ghost Hunters

    4. I’m glad i’m not the only one who thought that idea was completely and utterly retarded.

    5. I wonder how many members of that task force were also member of the “Party of Science”.

    6. Krugnuts probably soiled his pants! It’s economic stimulus!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. My wife and I decided that the false-positive rate on prenatal tests for spina bifida/trisomies was too high, since the miscarriage rate of an amniocentesis is much higher than the risk of these issues, and the false-positive rate on the test they do first is 5%.

    My wife is 25, healthy, and has a good diet, so it doesn’t seem like the risk is very high anyways. Are we being silly? It really doesn’t seem like the math points in the right direction for doing those.

    1. No, we decided the same thing, because math. Though that was (most recently for us) 11 years ago and perhaps the false positive rates have gotten better since then.

    2. the point of those tests seem to just instill paranoia. But my faith in the medical community is pretty dern low.

      1. Well, the other benefit (to the manufacturer) of a screening test with shitty precision is it gets the doctor to set you up for the more expensive second round test.

    3. My sister was 36 (older but not “danger zone”), never tested for her second kid, nothing happened. Just because it’s recommended doesn’t mean you have to do it.

    4. We’re doing the non-invasive ones next week, but mostly because the gf loves her some ultrasound. As I understand it the test just involves taking some ultrasound measurements of the development of the back of the head and some other relative measurements. If something comes up “worrisome” on those, we’ll consult with the OB and see what he suggests. But yeah, we’re not doing anything with an abortive risk factor without strong urging from the OB.

      1. My wife went to the second appointment today and heard a heartbeat. Wheeee!

        Her OB told her there is a blood test they can do instead of an amnio, but they only do it for older women – which to me was a statement of “well, you’re right, it doesn’t make sense for you to do this”.

        My wife and I were both born when our mothers were around 40, and my wife’s grandmother is over 100, so we’re certainly familiar with it working just fine even when the woman is in the “danger zone”.

    5. Although miscarriages are undeniably traumatic, we still gave a higher weight to minimizing the risk of having a child with lifelong issues.

      It’s a poor man’s genetic screening test. But it was worth it for us.

      And thankfully, we came up clear and didn’t have to make the hard “pull the plug” choice. That in itself is another factor. Could you really pull the plug if presented with bad news?

      1. No, but the sooner I can start preparing, the better.

    6. It’s amazing how bad doctors can be at math.

  37. after a task force unanimously recommended razing and rebuilding Sandy Hook Elementary School, residents expressed relief

    That’s a lot of bake sales.

  38. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6808

    3D printed suppressor. Air guns only right now, but hmmmm.

    1. It doesn’t have enough splash to make a headline, but that’s a big deal.

      They’ve lost control.


  39. “Texas joins New York to become the second state to require Bitcoin exchangers and administrator have a license.”

    Well I guess that’s the end of Bitcoin.

    What are they going to do now?

  40. “Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) wants President Obama to apologize for the way the IRS treated Tea Party groups.”

    After that, if he could apologize for using my future paychecks to nationalize GM, that would great.

    1. LOL! You owe me a new screen, Ken.

  41. Reposting from the other on topic article I dropped it in.

    Cops beat woman for filming another beating.

    BALTIMORE (CN) – Baltimore police beat up a woman and smashed her camera for filming them beating up a man, telling her: “You want to film something bitch? Film this!” the woman claims in court.

    1. I am shocked, shocked, that the city of Baltimore has decayed civic institutions.

    2. It was 2 for 1 Tuesdays

    3. It should be legal to physically defend yourself against police abuse like this instead of just relying on the courts to solve the problem.

      1. It should be. Unfortunately, the moment you show aggression toward one, you’re getting shot, and then in court, the cops will explain how you attacked them with a weapon.

  42. Despite having traveled to California, land of the liberal and home of government kowtowing, over the weekend, all is well this morning. So in celebration for not having been arrested for smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk late at night (yes, I was approached by their local gestapo while smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk), and having seen a most excellent concert, I present to you, my fellow commentarians, the gift of Steven Wilson.

    “The Watchmaker”, the penultimate song on his latest album, The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories), and is about an old watchmaker who feels his life’s work has been compromised because of his wife and that choosing to live with her was settling. Despite having lived a reasonably good life with is wife, he resents her presence and views having spent his life with her as settling, and so decides to kill her and bury her under the floorboards of their house. All of Wilson’s work is very dark.

    His band is perhaps the best touring (rock) band in the world right now with some of the best musicians on their respective instruments (Guthrie Govan on guitar was particularly inspiring). All of them are masters of their craft. In fact, Wilson’s band is so good, that he wouldn’t be able to get a job in his own band.

  43. GASP! Fictional character is slightly different looking!

    Soon to be followed by one of those “Why don’t more women called themselves feminists?!?” articles. Real headscratcher, there.

    1. hqnolan
      I will sum up every Slate article. “Here is a thing I have an opinion about. I will push this opinion out. I won’t even reference attempting to get in touch with the person or organization which is contrary to my opinion in order to have a deep and interesting piece which offers opposing viewpoints. Now, everyone can argue about it in the comments.” I really miss when Slate was a news site, but now it should really be considered an opinionated flaming site that trolls for page views.

      Nailed it.

    2. hey let’s read the comments:

      Did you even read the article you linked to before posting this story? The first picture shows her with her bow and quiver and the story specifically says that they are going to leave her hair the same. Maybe write about some real news.

      I will sum up every Slate article. “Here is a thing I have an opinion about. I will push this opinion out. I won’t even reference attempting to get in touch with the person or organization which is contrary to my opinion in order to have a deep and interesting piece which offers opposing viewpoints. Now, everyone can argue about it in the comments.” I really miss when Slate was a news site, but now it should really be considered an opinionated flaming site that trolls for page views.

      1. Too bad for you that our Geneva office has such excellent espresso. I’m more keyed up than than a barn owl living over a meth trailer.

        1. So you’re keyed up and I’m tired and winding down for bed.


          1. Don’t worry. It’ll be more even when they send me to Perth.

            1. Perth? You poor poor bastard

              1. How so? I heard they had topless beaches and a better M/F ratio than most women’s prisons.

                1. it’s isolated, crass and vulgar yet dull, more casually racist, and has stupid store hours. My brother and his wife were astonished when they were over here in Sydney that I could contemplate going to a supermarket after 6pm on a Sunday.

                  On the other hand: beautiful country, legacy of great bands, close to good wine and Asia

                  1. My brother and his wife were astonished when they were over here in Sydney that I could contemplate going to a supermarket after 6pm on a Sunday.

                    That part sounds like where I am now.

      2. This one made me chuckle:

        This is what she looks like dressed up with make-up on, hair done, no body padding, etc. Don’t you understand she was playing a character in the movie – so she had to look the part. I mean why in the world would she be carrying around a bow and quiver of arrows now? She’s done with the movie. If she wants her hair to be styled more neatly, who are you to judge her? I don’t get it.

    3. They’ve turned her into a slut! OUTRAGE!

    4. I consider her stereotyped Scottish looks both rigid and racist.

      I suppose her merry cohort of friends do nothing but stumble around drunk all day playing bagpipes and eating haggis?

      Disney should be ashamed.

      1. I don’t think Disney implied that the merry cohort were a bunch a penny pinchin bastards who wore kilts so’s that they could fook sheep, so, yes Disney should be ashamed.

        1. “I don’t think Disney implied that the merry cohort were a bunch a penny pinchin bastards who wore kilts so’s that they could fook sheep”

          Isn’t that the Welsh?


        2. Missing out on the opportunity to really pile on the stereotype was a fail.

  44. Because the existing building obviously retains the evil from the shootings. Kind of like a battery that got charged with badness.

    And ghosts. Little baby ghosts.

    1. A “baddery”, as it were.

    2. “That’s a big twinkie”

    3. Think of how breaking all those windows will stimulate the economy!

    4. You don’t have to be superstitious to think tearing it down is for the best.

      1. Yeah you do. I went to college with a girl who went to Columbine and it was not a big deal to her.

        1. No, you don’t.

          1. “Argument is an intellectual process … contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.”

            1. No it isn’t.

              1. *ding* Time’s up.

          2. OK, tell us why they need to tear down a perfectly functional, multi-million dollar building?

            1. Not that I necessarily agree with it, but because a shitload of elementary school kids likely to have PTSD will have to continue going to school there?

              Again, not that I agree.

      2. Why else would it be best? Because mean people will come to look if they don’t?

      3. That’s what *she* said!

      4. Tearing it down is for the best, but not because of anything to do with the shooting.

    5. Yeah, but what happened the last time someone knocked down a place full of ghosts and built on top of it?

      1. JoBeth Williams ran around in her panties.

        1. Sounds like a win.

  45. Prominent British barrister gets real.

    Now I don’t really agree with her idea of lowering the age of consent to 13, but this quote has the duel traits of being both obvious and beyond the pale for western society. And I love quotes like that like Tyrone loves crack.

    She said that “touching a 17-year-old’s breast, kissing a 13-year-old, or putting one’s hand up a 16-year-old’s skirt” are not crimes comparable to gang rapes and murders and “anyone suggesting otherwise has lost touch with reality”.

    1. What? Are those all the examples she could come up with?

      1. I believe that they’re examples of things that carry almost the same punishment in Britain.

        1. Britain is a place where a guy who punches a burglar can get a longer sentence then the burglar.

          1. What if the guy just puts his hand down the burglar’s pants?

            1. It depends. How old is the burglar?

          2. I have been watching Lilyhammer on Netflix. How the hell does anybody survive in such a regimented society? I would go nuts.

      2. You can drink beer at 16 in the UK so long as you order chips with it, though, right?

        This seems consistent with that, I guess.

        Dirty Brits! What’s the point in getting a young chick drunk if you can’t…?

        They should be ashamed of themselves!

    2. While in general she is correct I think the part she is overlooking is that according to the victims many of not most of them were not exactly consenting.

      So yes a law which equates having consentual sex with a 15 year old with a brutal violent rape is idiotic, it is equally idiotic to equate a powerful man using his position of authority to force 13 year olds to have sex with them against their will is equally idiotic.

      On the flip side while I do not think for a second that these old Brits are innocent there reasonably has to be some form of statute of limitations because it is effectively impossible to prove anything that happened 40 years ago and guilt or innocence will be solely determined by how effective the alleged victim is in selling her emotional story. You want to pillory these guys in the press, go ahead have at it, but a criminal trial is a waste of everyones time and money because it should be literally impossible to convict them.

  46. Soccer mom’s and feminists upset at depiction of Merida (Teenage Girl protagonist from Pixar’s Brave) at Disney’s “Princess Induction Ceremony.”


    I’m just not seeing the difference. I think Disney finally made an empowered female heroine and the grievance factory workers can’t stand not being able to slam Disney any more so they’re just making shit up now.

    1. The whole thing is racist!

      Racist against Scottish people.

    2. Of course, Disney has been making empowered female heroines for a long time. The whole thing is a bullshit canard.

      1. Yes, but they’re not fat. Or acne covered. They look too perfect.

        They’re supposed to look like Honey Boo Boo at 13.

  47. Reminder Reasonoids: Defiance episode 5 tonight. Se your dvrs and use the rest of the week to catch up before it hits the middle pf the season. Seriously, this is the best sci fi ob tv right now and is going in a very interesting direction

    1. What’s the setup? Post alien invasion?

      1. Post-alien invasion/terraforming/fuck it, let me give you the School House Rocks.

        15 years before the show began, the Pale Wars ended thanks to the actions of military unit that came to be known as the Defiant Ones.

        Okay, what were the Pale Wars? Well, some indeterminate time in the past (though it would appear to have happened sometime in Nolan’s childhood, and he is at least late 30s maybe 40s) an alien race called the Votam arrived. Their solar system and planet had been laid to waste, but they found Earth and decided to colonize and terraform it. This triggered the Pale Wars. Oh, also, at some point, 6 other alien races showed up, though where they came from and with whom is as yet undefined.

        Anyway, 15 years, during a battle, something happened, presumably the Ark Falls (which also have yet to be explained but it is implied that they are the remnants of Votam colony ships that brought them over crashing through the atmosphere and falling to earth), during a battle. Rather than following their commanders orders, a group of human and votam soldiers began to help people out of the wreckage. Though they suffered terribly, the soldiers actions spread and the Pale Wars ended. Our mainest main character Nolan was at the battle and is one of the famed “Defiant Ones”.

        The show is mostly concerned about the town Defiance (formerly St. Louis) and how this diverse mix of races and economic interests form a community. It’s space Deadwood. With more action-y bits.

    1. It’s a documentary now.

    2. That show sucks such an incredible amount of shit.

  48. Defiance episode 5 tonight.

    And I already don’t care.


    1. “Hi, my name is P Brooks, and I hate having nice thing!”

      Nailed it.

      1. I think it’s kind of a stretch to call threaded comments with a right wall and lack of highlighting for new posts a nice thing.

        1. The real problem is the lack of a visible left wall.

          1. That is also an issue. As is the lack of EDIT BUTTON!

      2. I’m mostly with Brooks. It’s OK, not great. I’ll give it a couple more chances.

  49. OT – Still waiting for results from the Bar exam.

    1. Your password was aobcd8663.

  50. Kiefer Sutherland back in 24, J.J. Abrams and Seth MacFarlane debut at Fox
    Fox announces big series and exciting comebacks, including a debut from director M. Night Shyamalan.

    1. Only mostly dead.

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