Benghazi Attack Could Haunt Clinton, Rodman Planning Next Trip to North Korea, Tea Party Groups Reject IRS Apology: P.M. Links


Credit: Walter Huang/wikimedia
  • The Benghazi fiasco could come back and cause Hillary Clinton some headaches. 
  • Dennis Rodman is planning to head back to North Korea to try and free an American citizen who has been sentenced to 15 years hard labor by officials in the Stalinist hellhole. 
  • Tea Party groups have rejected an apology from the IRS for their unjustified scrutinization during the 2012 election cycle. 
  • Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is bucking the GOP's social conservatism, coming out against a national ban on same-sex marriage and arguing that there could be potentially thousands of exceptions to any abortion bans.
  • Seattle police say that dash cameras on patrol cars were either off or in the wrong position to capture the fatal shooting of Jack Keewatinawin. 
  • Iran has unveiled a new drone, which officials says will be used for surveillance and combat missions. 

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