A.M. Links: Sanford Wins in SC Special House Election, Internet Down in Syria, Women Held Captive in Ohio Speak to Investigators


Credit: Congressional Pictoral Directory / Foter.com / Public domain
  • Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has beaten Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in the special election for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District. 
  • Assad's regime is being blamed by some for the internet shut down across Syria. The Syrian government is blaming the lack of internet access on terrorists. 
  • The three women who were held captive in a house in Cleveland, Ohio for about a decade have begun speaking to investigators about their ordeal. 
  • Chinese cyberattacks on the U.S. government are not helping relations between the two countries. 
  • According to the Pentagon unreported incidents of sexual assault in the military have increased 35 percent over two years. 
  • Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has fixed his widely mocked signature. 

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