Bird flu

China Bird Flu Death Toll Rises to 31

Four more deaths reported


China is reporting four more deaths due to infection from a new strain of avian influenza, H7N9, bringing the total number of bird flu related fatalities to 31, according to Chinese health authorities. The total number of infections in the country has increased from two to 129.

Out of the four latest fatalities, two deaths occurred in Jiangsu, one in Zhejiang, and another in Anhui, according to Reuters.

Two of the most recent infections were reported in Fujian, according to Chinese health authorities. For the most part, the novel strain of bird flu was concentrated around the Shanghai region but then spread to Fujian near the end of April.

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  2. “bird flu related fatalities to 31…” “…total number of infections… to 129.”

    Ok, what do those numbers mean? How do they relate to regular flu rates of death and infection for this time of year for these populations?

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