Air Force Staffer In Charge of Preventing Sexual Assault Arrested for Same, School Vouchers Knocked Down in Louisiana, Print Your Own Invisibility Cloak: P.M. Links


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  1. 3D printers may soon allow home hobbyists to make their own … invisibility cloaks?


    1. Better a missing one than one that you can’t $%@#ing cancel.

      1. That’s all you need, someone going to the printer and getting tangled up in 1000 invisibility cloaks.

      2. Just restart the Print Spooler service and clear out the job folder, you lazy bum.

        1. You’re obviously a shill for Big Spooler.

        2. PC LOAD BULLETS? What the fuck does that even mean?

      3. Just send the job again, just to be sure.

    2. I saw some guy beating up an invisible printer with his bat at the park last weekend.

      1. Don’t it feel good to be a gansta?

        1. I really did find a smashed printer in a Houston park (Buffalo Bayou) in 2007 or so. People looked at me like I was crazy when I started laughing, but I’m used to that when I’m in parks.

          1. My sister made $2378 an hour printing invisibility cloaks on the Internet! She not have job before, now have big car!

      2. I saw some guy beating up an invisible printer with his bat at the park last weekend.

        Maybe it was Manti Te’o, and he was printing his wedding invitations?

      3. I saw a homeless guy at 7-11 talking on an invisible cell phone. Either that or he was from the future and had a cell phone implanted in his hand.

    3. I see what you did there, Fist. Also, first again – how do he do it?

      1. Invisibility cloaks. Lot’s of them.

        1. Lot’s of them? What do you mean, Lot’s of them? He’s one of them? Who is them? For that matter, who is Lot? The biblical guy? I think he’s dead.

    4. my best friend’s step-mother makes $84/hr on the laptop. She has been without work for 9 months but last month her income was $20795 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read more on this site…. http://WWW.DAZ7.COM

      1. I hate it when I follow a link and get Rick Raul’d.

      2. So she’s working 61 hours a week? No thanks.

  2. The head of the Air Force’s sexual assault prevention program has been arrested for … sexual assault.

    Isolated incident, procedures were followed, and nothing else happened.

    1. The head of the Air Force’s sexual assault prevention program has been arrested for … sexual assault.

      The humor…it writes itself.

      1. The little head was also arrested as an accomplice.

        1. The little head was also arrested as an accomplice.

          ….and he ain’t talking!

          1. But he spits, so stand back.

  3. Russia’s human rights record is at its worst level since the Soviet era…

    So it wasn’t communism, after all. It’s just the Russians are pricks.

    1. So its worse then the Yeltsin era when people were being murdered in the streets and massive fortunes were being embezzled leaving the average person starving?

      1. yes… just like the NRA is LITERALLY worse than Hitler

      2. How could one tell if it was better or worse, with the Russian press suppressed and intimidated?

        We are hurtling back into a Soviet abyss, into an information vacuum that spells death from our own ignorance. All we have left is the internet, where information is still freely available. For the rest, if you want to go on working as a journalist, it’s total servility to Putin. Otherwise, it can be death, the bullet, poison, or trial?whatever our special services, Putin’s guard dogs, see fit.

        – Anna Politkovskaya, subsequently murdered in Russia.

    2. I can’t think of any other civilization that has abused its own people over the centuries as badly and as thoroughly as the Russians.

    3. One doesn’t survive 80 some years of communist totalitarianism by being Mr. Nice Guy.

      1. it’s sad that our country ignores the pleas of those who fled communism to come to our land of freedom. They are warning us that we are slowly becoming like the countries they fled.

    4. To be sure, as screwed up as Russia is today, it’s a lot more open than it was during the Soviet era. Let me just suggest that the Soviets weren’t entirely honest and forthcoming about their abuses, nor did the free world really know for sure what was going on there.

  4. 3D printers may soon allow home hobbyists to make their own … invisibility cloaks? Yeah, really.

    A tactic worthy of a Romulan.

    1. He’s a sorcerer, that one! He reads the thoughts in my brain!

      1. And that guy grew up to be Spock’s old man.

        1. No, that was an identity cloak.

      2. That’s by far my favorite TOS episode. It looks ever better digitally remastered since you don’t have the crappy 60s effects distracting you from the truly compelling story.

        1. “That’s by far my favorite TOS episode.”

          That’s because all it was was a WWII submarine movie in space.

          1. They were all submarine movies. Kirk never has to come up for air–it’s why the green ladies love him.

            LL JK

            1. I may prefer Picard to Kirk, but don’t you dare speak blasphemies against the beloved Captain Kirk!

              1. In what way do you prefer Picard to Kirk? I guess Picard played that flute thing better than Kirk, true. And he did excel in having less hair.

                1. Can Kirk even count lights? Maybe. But the real question is: why was he afraid to try?

                  1. Kirk got in a fight with a Gorn and won. Picard got in a fight with a spring and won.

                    1. Come on, Picard had some other stuff. Oh, I know one–he speaks French better than Kirk.

                    2. When Kirk doesn’t trust the Romulans, he fires at them. When Picard doesn’t trust the Romulans, he gets fired at.

                    3. In Picard’s day they had mandatory phaser safes. It was a more civilized time.

                    4. I think Picard’s shirt was more rip-proof than Kirk’s. Let’s be honest, Kirk’s shirt ripped practically every time he engaged in hand-to-hand fighting.

                    5. Picard had digital timers.

                    6. So did Kirk. They were just mechanically digital, rather than space LCDs.

                2. Picard had Troi as his adviser. And his best doc was Beverly Crusher. So yeah.

                  Plus, he had the best member of Starfleet EVER on board… Data!

                  1. Better than Spock? Don’t be absurd.

                    1. Spock was only the fourth best crewmember on his ship.

                    2. I’m not talking to you. Spock ruled. He and Kirk are like gods, except that they can kick gods’ asses.

                  2. Picard had Troi as his adviser.

                    These are all the women Kirk banged. Your argument is invalid.

                    1. And these women as well.


                    2. Looking at those lists, it’s surprising the number that he didn’t obviously bang.

              2. In what way did ai offend Kirk here?

          2. That’s because all it was was a WWII submarine movie in space.

            Quickly all debris into the disposal tubes…..the body of the centurion as well…..

            1. Basically 50% of TOS episodes can be explained by what cheap stuff they could raid out of the movie studios of the 60s. Hense why all of the Nazi/ Great Depression era props and the Roman/ Greek themes.

              1. And a bit of trivia. The next episode that the Romulans showed up in, the one where Kirk steals the cloaking device, they are magically in Klingon ships all of a sudden because the model they used for the romulan ship in “Balance of Terror” got destroyed in a fire and they didn’t have the money to make a new one.

                1. Why must you spoil this for me……

                  1. No shit, the only TOS episode I can remember watching as a kid was the Tribble one. I assume that’s the best one.

              2. One thing that amuses me now is to watch Mission: Impossible, which was shot right next door (both were Desilu). Lots of props, guest stars, and even cast were shared.

        2. WRONG. Your favorite episode is “The Doomsday Machine”.

          1. You’re all retarded. “The City on the Edge of Forever”, because JOAN COLLINS. There is nothing else to say.

            1. Oh, yes there is. Harlan. Fucking. Ellison. Bitches.

              1. I thought that went without saying.

                1. And now you went and said it. Good job!

              2. Seconded.

                “What kind of mind …?”

              3. I’m still waiting for my copy of The Last Dangerous Visions.

              4. Where did he get the jellybeans, Harlan?

          2. Anyone whose favorite episode isn’t “Amok Time” is just watching for the cool special effects and not for the deep interplay of the relationships of the three main characters, not to mention the superior range of the actors who portray them.

            1. “Plato’s Stepchildren” is a remarkable tale about one midget’s struggle to survive in a regular person’s world. And it has Spock crying. It’s so deep!

            2. You’re all a bunch of fools. Mirror, Mirror – because bearded Spock.

              1. BakedPenguin, your agonizer, please.

              2. Um, Barbara Luna.

                But if we’re going to rank episode by space babes Kirk gets to bang, I’d go with Kalinda in “By Any Other Name.

                1. Let’s not forget Sherry Jackson.

                  1. She’s which one in that picture?

                  2. Let’s not forget Sherry Jackson.

                    She wins. Really though, we all do.

              3. Yes, but it spawned off evil progeny episodes for successive series to mooch off of, so penalty points. Although I guess one could say the same for Space Seed.

            3. It’s clearly the animated series, because sexy catgirl.

            4. fools. a thousand quatloos on The Gamesters of Triskelion

              1. No, it’s A Piece of the Action, with Kirk taking over the gangs and inventing a card game on the spot.

          3. You’re all idiots. “Arena” was obviously the best episode.

            1. I think I remember why that show has lasted so long.

              1. Except the first time it ran.

                1. True. But it was kicking ass in syndication pretty soon afterwards.

            2. You’re all idiots. “Arena” was obviously the best episode.


              That was Gorn for ‘blow me.’

          4. STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO AND THINK!!! (runs off to room)

      3. You’re not only a psychic, you’re a FUTURE psychic!

    2. Sadly, the cloaks are only invisible to microwave radiation currently. So you’ll at least be able to nuke your hamster in the microwave without killing it.

      1. You also can’t fire photon torpedoes while cloaked.

        1. Here are the top ten episodes on IMDB:

          8.8 The City on the Edge of Forever

          8.7 Mirror, Mirror
          8.7 The Doomsday Machine
          8.7 Balance of Terror
          8.7 The Trouble with Tribbles
          8.7 Space Seed

          8.6 Amok Time

          8.5 Journey to Babel

          8.4 The Enterprise Incident
          8.4 The Menagerie (Parts 1 and 2)

  5. Federal, state, and local government agencies are among the worst toll dodgers in the Bay Area.

    We knew government takes its toll, but here we find out it doesn’t give it.

    1. Which bay? SF? Mass? Chesapeake? Michael?

      1. All Bays everywhere!

        1. The gubmint are has all our bays?

          1. All your bays belong to U.S.

      2. Botany Bay?


        1. Damn you, Epi.

      3. The only Bay Area I acknowledge is the Tampa Bay Area.

    2. Federal, state, and local government agencies are among the worst toll dodgers in the Bay Area.

      Tolls are for the little people – the peasants.

    1. First comment:

      “Not that anybody who needs to hear this will listen: but this is a perfect illustration of why guns do NOT make us safer. I’m not saying that the Boston police shouldn’t have guns. But it shows how very easily things can go wrong in any incident involving a gun.”

    2. It’s fucking infuriating:

      “It’s arguably a wartime situation,” said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police ?Executive Research Forum, a Washington nonprofit that conducts research on law enforcement. “Police agencies are not generally prepared for the kind of wartime situation that these officers encountered.”

      No. The situation is that they had cornered two carjackers with one handgun between them and a bunch of home-made grenades. Hardly a novel amount of firepower.

      In the ensuing 10 minutes, police officers fired what may be an unprecedented number of rounds in a single police incident in recent state history. They apparently wounded both suspects, but also sprayed the neighborhood. Shots fired in the battle left at least a dozen nearby houses pockmarked with dozens of bullet holes, includ?ing a second-floor bedroom where two children slept.

      Undisciplined. Poorly trained. Panicky.


      1. “It’s arguably a wartime situation

        Thanks for pissing all devaluing the experience of everyone who has ever actually been in a wartime situation there Chuck.

      2. “Police agencies are not generally prepared for the kind of wartime situation that these officers encountered.”

        Call of Duty: Boston Warfare

        1. LSAT, Silencer/Stock/Dual Band Scope and Smoke grenades FTW

  6. The head of the Air Force’s sexual assault prevention program has been arrested for … sexual assault.

    The same day the guy that did the Girls Gone Wild videos was convicted. Ah, Alanis Morisette, where are you to sing us the story of this curving twisting life we lead?

    1. I thought “You Oughta Know” was about Bob Saget, not the Girls Gone Wild guy.

      1. It’s about Uncle Joey.

      2. No, it was about Warren Beatty.

        1. No, that was Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”

          1. [facepalm]

          2. That was the joke, Tonio.

            1. Come on now, cut–it–out!

      3. No, it’s about Dave Coulier, the other guy from Full House.

  7. One Chicago police officer accidentally shot another police officer in the leg while attempting to shoot a dog.

    As long as something took a cop bullet, it means the officer can go home safe to his family at the end of the day. And that’s all that counts.

    1. Personal attack dogs with invisibility cloaks: they’re coming, damn it.

  8. Some cops are so stupid that they can’t even use the fucking foolproof bullshit probabal cause standard.

    Seriously. You can pull anyone over anyone that you want, just get the fucking order of operations correct.

  9. Hi I’m Shanna Moakler and I’m like retarded and stuff.

    “I just look at my breasts as like sexual, and I think it’s like incestual,” she said. “It’s gross. I don’t like it.”

    Travis Barker’s ex-wife said she opted not to breastfeed, but quickly added that she supports women who do.

    “I was selfish? I couldn’t do it,” she said. “But I totally support it. I think it’s awesome.”

    1. I just look at my breasts as like sexual, and I think it’s like incestual,” she said. “It’s gross. I don’t like it.”

      Maybe the fact that you see a bodily function that is necessary to the survival of the human race as “incestual” means you have a bit of a problem in how you view sex and perhaps should think about not compulsively sexualizing every aspect of your life. Just a thought.

      1. Maybe she’s one on those with incredibly sensitive nipples. If so, why hate on her for not wanting to orgasm every time she feeds her kid?

        1. Maybe she’s one on those with incredibly sensitive nipples.

          Maybe, but if that was the case, why not just say so? Why go with the “it’s gross and incestual” justification?

    2. “My tits are my only source of revenue, I’m not letting some fucking drool factory chew them up.”

      1. “It’s totally gross, but it’s cool when you do it.”

    3. Holy shit. And I thought it was weird that my friend didn’t want to see his sister breast feeding.

      Your vagina is sexual, and your baby has been all the way up in there too. Pretty much everything to do with babies (except hopefully the baby itself) is sexual.

      1. Your vagina is sexual, and your baby has been all the way up in there too.

        That’s why she got the c-section Zeb.*

        *I just made up that she had a c-section.

    4. That’s an unfair dig on the mentally handicapped, Sparks.

    5. No link to a photo of her boobs? Totally fail, dude.

    6. So did she think that the whole milk thing was sexual too? Where is Stagliano when you need him?

    7. How is it not sexual? Women get bonded with their babies when they breastfeed via oxytocin, the same chemical that bonds them to sexual partners during orgasm. And the same chemical that bonds them to babies during childbirth. That completely squicks me out too.

      1. Just like a woman to come around and wreck the joint.

  10. Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski with sexual battery after a woman reported he grabbed her breasts and buttocks in a parking lot in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 5, before fighting him off.

    This is not a case of “the sergeant and I went out and had a few drinks and things went a little too far”. No, this guy is a first class deviant.

  11. The head of the Air Force’s sexual assault prevention program has been arrested for … sexual assault.

    No Hat-tip for me?.

    1. I tip my hat to you, ASM.

      1. Just the tip.

  12. Louisiana’s school voucher program is unconstitutional, says the state’s Supreme Court. School funds must go to government’s schools, say the justices.

    They must have a really specific state Constitution.

    1. It depends on the ruling and the way the law allowing the vouchers in the first place was written. I know that in Florida, many teachers unions and public school proponents were vehemently against setting up a voucher program during the last election. Unfortunately, the language of the amendment was such that people accused it of violating “separation of church and state”, a concept that would completely escape public school proponents, who belong to one of the largest “religions”: the worship of the total state.

      I opposed that amendment as well, because as I said, it was not very well written (and that was after a re-write). In my opinion it left open far too wide a possibility for wasted spending or increasing taxes, which I oppose at every opportunity on the ballot. But I did like their efforts as Florida public schools are among the nation’s worst. But at least we are top 5 in student-teacher relations!

    2. “Here in Louisiana we got the Napoleonic code…”

      /Tennessee Williams

    3. The decision notes that it is not the court’s place to weigh in on the educational merits of the programs.

      As if courts NEVER take into consideration the merits, spirit, or intentions of laws. There were numerous other procedural grounds for this law to be revoked anyways, but no mention is made of “the clear, specific and unambiguous language of the constitution” that Justice Weimer was actually referring to so its hard to say if he was trying to read too much into the state constitution.

      1. This is also the same state supreme court that upheld the death penalty as an appropriate punishment for child rape (SCOTUS overturned that decision), so obviously they’ve been ok with making it their “place to weigh in” on the merits of previous laws.

  13. That dog is dead, I hate to say.

  14. The most bogus argument against new gun laws.

    As both sides in the gun debate mobilize for a possible second act on Capitol Hill, could we please retire the argument that taking step X on guns wouldn’t have prevented tragedy Y?

    Why do you keep interfering with logic? We’re trying to get an emotional response here, people!

    1. Can we please stop worrying about whether these laws will actually accomplish anything? We need to get beyond this reason and logic crap and get back to making our laws based on emotion.

    2. “We’re trying to do something damnit! You don’t care about the children!”

    3. NO FAIR using logic and reason and stuff! ALL gun laws are magical documents that would prevent every shooting ever, if you’d only let us pass them.

      This really is how they think. I once heard one say that if we would just ban all guns, no one would have guns because they are banned. uhh, kinda missed a step there where all the guns have to be collected and disposed of somehow. Of course, we’ve also heard things like “when criminals see that everyone else is disarmed, they’ll put down their weapon, because that’s just how people think”

      1. No, it’s that they’re just lying. They don’t care about gun crime. They care about CONTROL and KULTUR WAR and TEAM. Therefore any good argument against gun control is an obstacle, regardless of its point. And therefore they want it gone.

      2. Another slant? They think that “this is the kind of society I want to live in, a society without guns! And if we don’t BAN guns, we’ll never have that kind of society that I want to live in. Because that’s the kind of person I want to be!”

        Actual results are not important.

    4. We can do that as soon as you stop arguing that we must pass law X because of tragedy Y. It’s not as if that argument comes from nowhere. It’s not the gun rights people that decided to use the victims of tragedy to push their agenda.

    5. “I want all of you ___ out there to tell me why you believe ___ thing, but don’t say (insert most important points here)!”

      Don’t we all love these people?

    6. Proposals should be judged on their merits

      Are you *sure* you want to go there, The Atlantic?

    7. “Would [background checks] be helpful? Ask the survivors of 32 people killed six years ago at Virginia Tech. Seung-Hui Cho, the shooter, was mentally ill and had been adjudicated as dangerous. But his records weren’t entered into the system, so he passed a background check.”

      So, a federal law would have inspired those enforcing the already existing and similar state system to submit mental illness records with a little more haste?

  15. ‘Mother’, ‘Bark’, and ‘Spit’ are among the oldest words ever articulated, says new linguistic study.

    1. Interesting. I would have guessed “twerk” and “butt chug”.

    2. Well “mother”, or rather, variants of “mama” are. Isn’t news though – I read an article about that over forty years ago. The “ma” sound was said to be nearly universally one of babies’ first sounds.

    3. The first words were English? I knew it!

      1. If it was good enough for Jesus…

  16. Bangladeshi opposition parties have called for yet more street demonstrations after violent weekend protests left scores dead.

    The opposition candidates apparently know the value of using citizens as cannon fodder. They are ready for rule.

    1. “Bangladeshi opposition parties have called for yet more street demonstrations after violent weekend protests left scores dead.”

      Scores aren’t enough, they apparently need scores and scores and scores.

      1. In Bangladesh? They have them.

  17. One Chicago police officer accidentally shot another police officer in the leg while attempting to shoot a dog.

    I’m sure this incident will be added to the tally of officer injuries in the “war on Cops.”

    1. The dog will be charged as an accessory to assaulting an officer.

    2. In all seriousness, that cop’s injury will be counted as a “cop injured on the job” and be part of an overall statistic trotted out to justify arming cops better and taking your arms away.

    3. I’m surprised that the first police officer “accidentally shot” the other one, and that the first’s gun didn’t misfire while he was aiming at a dog. That’s usually what happens.

      Seriously, cops have the worst luck when it comes to guns. Can’t we give our brave police officers guns that don’t “misfire”, “accidentally discharge”, or have other errors that never seem to happen when regular citizens are shooting them?

      1. The “misfire” thing is especially rich. In my experience a gun misfiring means nothing happens, not “it just went off”.

    4. WTF happened to the dog?

      1. Do you really need to ask?

  18. Another installment of the left’s new “we’re under austerity” meme.

    The Fed Is Just Like You: It Hates Congress

    Austerity is forcing the Fed to think about doing more.

    1. I just wish they would be more ingenious in the way they spin the meaning of words. The heirs of Ambrose Bierce they’re certainly not.

    2. A 3.8 trillion dollar budget is “austere” in the way that…

  19. “Federal, state, and local government agencies are among the worst toll dodgers in the Bay Area. We’re sure they’ll get right on that.”

    No sarc tag. Because they WILL get right on that.

    1. Who will get right on that?

      1. Oh shit. Complete derp on my part.

  20. I’m a prude so you all must be prudes too.

    Even though 75 percent of Americans want more Federal Communications Commission (FCC) restrictions on public television content, the FCC is considering dropping current broadcast decency standards that ban explicit profanity and “non-sexual” nudity.

    With America already undergoing a huge indecency problem, it’s unfathomable to think the FCC actually wants to allow more filth such as frontal female nudity, the F-bomb, and the “S” word on broadcast television during hours when our kids will be watching and listening.

    1. God forbid the children fail to sexualize everything.

    2. If “our” kids are anything like my kids, they aren’t “watching and listening” anything on broadcast TV, they are too busy streaming much heavier stuff from the internet. Which is fine since if I got too pissy about it they’d just stream it to their iPods in the privacy of their rooms instead of on our widescreen. And in any case they don’t seem to have turned out too psychopathic. Although my assessment of that is colored by the company I keep.

      1. I got Hitman Absolution for my son not too long ago. I spent an hour explaining stealth assassination to him, it didn’t take. Every mission he went complete serial killer on.

        1. But that’s fun, too. Also cheating is fun.

    3. Now, I love violence on tv and boobs. But I’ve always been perplexed at the fact that I’ve seen more brains scattered across walls on primetime TV than I can count, but I’ve seen almost no boobs.

      Boobs are pleasant, friendly even. Headshots, not so much.

      Technically, you can show and entire boob, just not nipple. But you can show nipples on guys, so it’s not nipples entirely. It just doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s because I’m thinking rationally and don’t have puritanical views on the human body.

      1. don’t forget the naughty words

        Horrific, deplorable violence is okay, as long as people don’t say any naughty words!

        Oh, and Blame Canada!

    4. the F-bomb, and the “S” word

      Funk bombs on television?

      And I don’t know what the S word is. Septuagenarian? Sasparilla? Saccharides?

      1. And why is the one a “bomb” while the other a “word”? Can’t “shit” at least be the “S-firecracker”?

        1. Because ‘F-word’ has been taken over by the concern trolls in the gay rights circus.

            1. Of course not. It’s fop.

    5. “more filth such as frontal female nudity”


  21. Crossfit fails to bow to whiny feminist, jezebel acts like they committed a war crime.

    Rachel said she was shocked that Osorio banned her from CrossFit South Brooklyn “because I expressed my opinions and didn’t like the word tits. I even wonder if he would’ve banned a male if he did the same thing.”

    1. She got what she deserved for doing Crossfit.

      1. She got off light. My sister spent four days in the hospital for doing P90x and getting chest pains from dumping some crazy amount of “ow, this muscle hurts” proteins in her blood.

    2. If a male was being a whinny pain in the ass, I am sure they would have honey.

    3. Various CrossFit-hating blogs

      There are blogs devoted to hating Crossfit?

      1. It’s hate via blog all the way down.

    4. Haha.

    5. If you’re doing CrossFit, how does the subject of “tits” even come up? Every chick I’ve ever seen that does CrossFit, while extremely fit and usually pretty attractive, doesn’t even come close to possessing what I would refer to as “tits”.

      1. The one girl I can think of that does it was Ms Austin Texas a few years ago. She’s super attractive, but flat as a board.

      2. There’s a woman only class called “Tough Titsday”.

      3. I highly suggest you google “crossfit” and “allisonnyc”

        just do it

    6. I really like crossfit. mostly because i just have to show up.

  22. Warty cyber-bullied me last night. My delicate psyche has been damaged, call the cyber-police.

    1. if it’s just your psyche, warty didn’t bully you.

      1. If your computer has a virus, you might have been cyber-bullied by Warty. If your penis has an abscess you definitely were regular-bullied.

    2. Only if they’ll deploy the cyber APVs and cyber paramilitary gear in your defense.

    3. I cybered you, but I didn’t bully you, big boy.

      1. You “cybered” me? Does that have something to do with raping me with a sybian?

    1. Give a hat tip to the AM links.

  23. Watch the Fark commentariat continue to desperately spin new Benghazi info.

    2013-05-06 06:07:04 PM
    There’s nothing new here – all this information was already released and, despite Republican attempts to turn in into a mountain, is actually a molehill.

    1. That is the jedi mind trick I was talking about yesterday. They always deny something ever happened and then when the evidence is so overwhelming they can no longer do that, just say it is old news that Republicans just won’t move on from.

      1. Cuz “at this point…etc. etc.”

      2. Indeed.

    1. Selected quotes from today’s threads:

      “The audacity of crap.”

      1. The Voracity of Hope. I’d forgotten that one.

  24. Democratic chairman compares GOP efforts to rape.

    You have gotta see the comments on this one. I actually agree with them, but you never saw logic like this when there was a -R next to the name.

    1. The thing that gets me is that it’s a guy writing the article and getting all butthurt over the use of the word. Yet, Democratic Women of Guilford County’s new president, Myra Slone, nor any other female in attendance seemed to have a problem with it. Hell Slone even says “That word has several different meanings so it doesn’t always have to be about women. I’d prefer that he not use that word, but I really wasn’t upset by it at all.”

      Male feminists are morons.

      1. Male feminists are morons who want a cookie


    2. There are so many ways to describe something unpleasant happening that don’t involve alluding to sexual assault that one might think politicians, in their ongoing effort to ingratiate themselves to the voting public, would just leave the word “rape” out of their vocabulary when they’re not, you know, talking about actual rape.

      The cognitive dissonance of the Jezebel author of this opening sentence is uncanny. They are the first ones to call something they don’t like (i.e. “something unpleasant”) rape.

      1. Don’t forget the obvious projection as well.

      2. I have never understood why they feel rape jokes are horrible, but murder jokes are just fine.

        1. They don’t seem to have a problem with castration jokes either.

          1. You can say that again!

        2. They don’t seem to have a problem with castration jokes either.

    3. You have gotta see the comments on this one. I actually agree with them

      So what you’re saying is, you agree with “VaginaWolf”?

      1. Hungry Like The.

      2. Yeah, but more this one:


        We should have a tag for this article called “Today, in Pointless Outrage”

  25. High school teacher fired for bikini modeling.

    Damn, if I were a horny 14 year old boy I’d do everything that woman said.

    1. I’d never want to be called up to the blackboard that’s for sure.

    2. Holy shit, why did I never have a teacher like that?

      1. When men’s rights get fully integrated, every man will have at least one teacher like this.

    3. It’s not what you think, she teaches English but her tattoo misquoted Shakespeare. You know the one.

      1. “A rose by any other name would smell like me?”

      2. “Once more in and out of the breach, dear friends?”

        1. “The lady doth prostitute too much, methinks”?

      3. “To breed or not to breed?”

      4. I don’t remember the exact quote, but something about “keeping one’s dagger sheathed.”

      5. Sorry, the correct answer was, “O judgment! thou art fled to bodacious breasts / and men have lost their reason.”

    4. I was afraid I’d be disappointed that there was no picture, but boy did HuffPo deliver on this one!

      I’ll be in my bunk…

      1. You’d think I’d link a to a story like that that had no pictures?

  26. Trenton, NJ man holds off intruders for half our before cops arrive
    Yeah, so someone breaking into your home and attacking you is not an emergency according to the 911 operator.

    1. They’re TOP MEN. They get to decide what is and what isn’t an emergency.

  27. Debate on whether or not sex offenders should be allowed gun rights for self defense
    Well, considering a lot of people are on it for BS reasons, it seems stupid to deny them all.

    1. Why? Why are Republicans even consenting to discuss this? This is yet another thing that they could skmply walk away from, quit worrting about and play golf instead. Instead, they buy into the ridiculous idea that we need a national “conversation” on guns.

      For fuck’s sake, guys, are you *trying* to piss off your base and transfer political capital to a foe that has wastefully expended all of his?

      1. Remember, even if this gets out of the Senate, it still has to make it through the House. I think they keep talking about it because the issue puts Red State Dem senators balls in a vice. Trust me people like Landreau are wondering why this subject doesn’t just go away too.

        1. That is an extremely dangerous game. Even discussing it increases the probability that a “reasonable” compromise will be reached and enacted. And there should be no compromise on basic human rights like self defense.

          1. Not that I believe that either the Republicans or the Democrats give an honest shit about human rights.

        2. You may be onto something John, but even if team Red is smart enough to devise a strategy like that it sure is fucking risky.

      2. Well, they are the Stupid Party. One of two.

  28. http://www.althouse.blogspot.c…..nifer.html

    High school teacher forces herself on 18 year old student. He refused intercourse but agreed to give her oral sex. Fire her sure. But sorry. If you are an 18 year old male and you don’t have the stones to say walk away, you either wanted to do it or you deserved what you got.

    1. He said he refused to have intercourse but agreed to let her perform oral sex so he could leave ? taking a cellphone picture of the act which he later handed to police as evidence.

      They then had sex some days later after Vigil dismissed a science class.

      WTF is with this kid? So he apparently didn’t want to do it, and collected evidence to use with the police, but then had sex with her several days later anyway? This story doesn’t make sense.

      1. I think he had sex with her before he handed over the evidence. My guess is that it was totally consensual but she had had her thrill and moved on and he, angry about not getting anymore, called the cops and claimed he was a victim.

        1. God, I hate cases like that. For some bizarre reason, we have had a whole bunch of rapes this past week. Not sure if it’s the spike in temperature or what. Everything from a 12 yr old schtupped by her dad (ew!) to classic “date rape” scenarios, etc.

          WA recently passed a law making it illegal for teachers to have sex with 18 yr old students. Prior to that, it was groovy. The actual age of consent is 14 (assuming the other party is within so many months of your age) and then it’s 16 with no months-apart limiter.

          But if you are in a position of power over them, it becomes 18, unless you are a teacher, then it becomes any age whatsoever, if they are high school and you are their teacher, you can’t do them.

          Sounds like this kid just wanted to get his “last licks” in (!!!!) before calling the police.

          1. Texas is the same. When I was teaching, it’s any student. Not just yours, not even just your school. Sex with any 17 or 18 year old that’s enrolled in Texas gets you 2 years in the state penn.

        2. Kid’s a weasel

      2. Sounds like he was thinking “Payday” but his hormones eventually won out.

      3. Tavon, perhaps?

    2. She is no bikini model.

  29. Kidnapping and rape victim Elizabeth Smart blames abstinence-only sex-ed for why she did not run away from her captors.

    1. I saw that. That might be the year’s most offensively stupid article. They manage to shit all over a 12 year old girl who was the victim of a horrible crime but make up for it by alleging that anyone who thinks it is a good idea to tell their kids to wait until they are 18 before having sex is really saying rape victims deserve it.

      1. Notice that Smart wasn’t even saying what ThinkProgress is arguing. She’s said that she applied the teacher’s analogy to her own situation and determined that she wanted to let other sex abuse victims know that they weren’t worthless human beings. Nowhere does she say in the quote that she’s actually opposed to abstinence-only education.

        Notice how they smear her religion on top of it as well, despite the fact that she’s happily married to someone within her faith.

    2. Yes, teaching that sex should be reserved for marriage is going to send the message that it’s OK to kidnap a teenager and make her a sex slave. Far better to tell teenager to have sex whenever it feels right to do so.

      1. Did you read it? She’s saying that teaching that sex should be reserved for marriage made her feel worthless and the shame contributed to her not trying to escape.

        1. Odd how it took her several years of running around feminist circles to come to that conclusion, inninit?

        2. Yeah, I read it–apparently you didn’t:

          Smart spoke at a Johns Hopkins human trafficking forum, saying she was raised in a religious household and recalled a school teacher who spoke once about abstinence and compared sex to chewing gum.

          “I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m that chewed up piece of gum, nobody re-chews a piece of gum, you throw it away.’ And that’s how easy it is to feel like you no longer have worth, you no longer have value,” Smart said. “Why would it even be worth screaming out? Why would it even make a difference if you are rescued? Your life still has no value.”

          The act of rape made her feel worthless, not the idea that sex should be reserved for marraige.

          1. The act of rape made her feel particularly worthless because she was conditioned to think she was supposed to have saved her virginity for her husband, and now she couldn’t.

            1. The act of rape made her feel particularly worthless because she was conditioned to think she was supposed to have saved her virginity for her husband, and now she couldn’t.

              Right, because non-virgins who aren’t “conditioned” to wait until marraige to have sex and are raped feel perfectly normal afterwards.

  30. This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing do to with. It’s hard for the American people to make sense of that, because it is senseless, and it is totally unacceptable. The people of Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia, did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. Reasonable people and responsible leaders in these countries in these countries need to do everything they can to restore security and hold accountable those behind these violent acts. And we will, under the president’s leadership, keep taking steps to protect our personnel around the world.”

    Hillary hawking the video caused this narative at one of the funerals of the Bengazi dead.

  31. Ender’s Game movie trailer released.

    1. How does it look? I’m blocked from the the TUBE at work, but really excited for this to not suck.

      1. Visually it looks good. I’m glad they’ve waited to when technology has caught up with much of the stuff predicted in the novel.

        The cast looks pretty solid too.

        1. I mean, Ben Kingsley.

          Dude played both Gandhi and, in his most memorable role, Dr. Watson in Without a Clue. Fucking brilliant.

          1. You ever see him in Sexy Beast?

    2. Harrison Ford is looking an awful lot like Mark Harmon.

    3. The enemy gate is down.

  32. Nexus warriors start young

  33. OT: A College-aged Environmentalist just knocked on my door. He quickly took note of my A&M t-shirt, and I heard him mumble to his scrawny ass intern “he’s one of them”. About 15s into their anti-fracking(I’m visiting some family in Ohio) bullshit, I abruptly told them to shove their Gaia humping religion up their collective arses.

    Did I say enough?

    1. not nearly. You should have pulled out your monocle, blew cigar smoke in his face, and told him you would rape a panda in his honor.

    2. Gig ’em!

    3. I prefer saying “beat it” and closing the door without waiting for a response.

    4. You said too much.

      Let them get half a syllable out and then allow your contempt to flash across your face as you tersely say “not interested” and shut the door on them.

      1. Maybe I am weird but I was taught and I abide by being polite/courteous/respectful, even to those I disagree with. Why be a dick, when you can be polite and respectful? Just because you disagree with somebody’s politics, I don’t get it.

        I guess I am old fashioned that way. Treat people with respect.

        1. I guess you could be civil. Maybe this is why the Church of Latter-day Saints is growing while libertarians are mired in the muck?

          1. I have metric assloads of respect for the mormons, even though I think there is a lot of silliness associated with their religion. Oh, and then there is that pesky not letting blacks in the priesthood until the 70’s?????? wtf!!!

            Heck, what religion doesn’t have lots of silliness? The mormons I know (heck, there’s two in my backyard right now) are also huge readers of fantasy and sci-fi. I have this sneaking suspicion that their “fantastic” religion (kind of reads like a sci-fi fantasy novel) preps them for being receptive to sci-fi and fantasy fiction.

            They are limited to Pg-13 movies, but I am not sure if they have much discrimination when it comes to books (which of course aren’t rated, but many are easily “r” or greater equivalent).

            Also, I have never in my entire career gotten a police call complaining about Mormons door to door proselytizing. Considering how many people they contact, that’s pretty telling that they are ultra polite and respectful, because trust me – people WILL complain about pushy solicitors.

            1. Lapsed Mormons are where its at, all the friendly upbringing, none of the hangups.

  34. Luckiest guy in America:…..01482.html

    1. Hahaha I liked this part:

      Yeah, I’d imagine “knocking the president to the ground and splitting his lip with his elbow” is pretty intense, unbelievable and terrifying. Even if the Commander in Chief respects hard fouls, that still seems like the kind of thing that could get you sent to a secret facility. (Not that any of those really exist, hahahaha, just kidding, nobody come here, please.)

    2. Should’ve treated him like Major Major.

  35. Needless to say, this is not the most popular item amongst denizens of and

    the “ex” shooting target……..ies-sells/


  37. Last week one of Tulpa’s favorite straw-men was “you guys want schizophrenics to walk down the street with AR-15s, durrrr”.

    I thought I’d provide some context:

    However, an important finding of this study is that stranger homicide by patients with psychosis is exceptionally rare, with an incidence of approximately 1 case per 14 million population per year. [1]

    Schizophrenia and other psychoses are associated with violence and violent offending, particularly homicide. However, most of the excess risk appears to be mediated by substance abuse comorbidity. The risk in these patients with comorbidity is similar to that for substance abuse without psychosis [2]

    Homicide rates by people with schizophrenia are associated with rates of all homicides. It is therefore likely that both types of homicide have some common etiological factors. [3]

    1. Nielssen, O. et al. Homicide of Strangers by People with a Psychotic Illness. Schizophr Bull 37, 572?579 (2011).

    2. Fazel, S., Gulati, G., Linsell, L., Geddes, J. R. & Grann, M. Schizophrenia and Violence: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. PLoS Med 6, (2009).

    3. Large, M., Smith, G. & Nielssen, O. The relationship between the rate of homicide by those with schizophrenia and the overall homicide rate: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Schizophrenia Research 112, 123?129 (2009).

    1. “[Comorbidity]. That’s a funny word.”

      /Kenny Bania

      Seriously though, I really don’t think schizophrenics pose any more or less of a danger than anyone else when it comes to guns. They may pose more of a danger to themselves, I suppose, with less self-control to prevent a suicide to “end the voices” or some such, but the “guns are a danger to society in the hands of _________” is extremely disingenuous, since there are numerous other objects that are far more deadly numbers-wise that are not restricted nearly as rigorously.

      I realize it’s not in the best interests of limiting gun control attempts by including the rights of ex-cons and schizophrenics and the like to possess firearms, but I don’t believe they should be “violence scapegoats” either.

    2. I’ve dealt with many many many schizophrenics and scores of occasions, and my experience is consistent with your point. I’ve seen no propensity for violence, certainly not beyond that of non-schizophrenics. If you know how to talk to them, they are on the whole pretty “interesting” people to converse with and certainly not to be feared or shunned.

      The one crime I have (coincidentally or not ) seen associated with schizophrenics (again, may just be coincidental) is arson. I’ve had 3 arson cases with schizophrenics and in all cases it was based on their perception of evil acts being perpetrated on the property (they are worshipping satan, they are engaged in wild orgies, etc.) stuff like that.

    3. Last week one of Tulpa’s favorite straw-men was “you guys want schizophrenics to walk down the street with AR-15s, durrrr”.

      That’s because Tulpa has become completely fucking stupid over every single issue. Today, General Butt Naked said that a lot of reporters try to twist stories to fit their own agenda, and Tulpa responded ‘Yeah, just keep believing that left-wing conspiracy is out to get you!’

      What left-wing conspiracy? Nothing GBN said was mildly conspiratorial, but dipshit Tulpa put words in his mouth so Tulpa could feel irrationally superior. God, that guy is a tool.

      1. You, uh, just figured this out?

        1. I didn’t get the level of Tulpa hate initially. It seemed excessive. The more you see him though, the more you come to realize that all he does is put words in other people’s mouths and then mock them based on things they never said.

          I went from thinking ‘People here seem meaner to Tulpa than necessary,’ to thinking ‘Fuck you, Tulpa’ in an unbelievably short period of time.

          1. I went from thinking ‘People here seem meaner to Tulpa than necessary,’ to thinking ‘Fuck you, Tulpa’ in an unbelievably short period of time.

            Also known as “the dunphy effect”. Till you have a disagreement with him, you don’t get how dishonestly he argues, and the hate seems misplaced. (Though I’ve never had a problem arguing with Tulpa, I’ve seen him do it to others.)

            1. I felt this way about both of them. What I still don’t get is why everyone is polite to John.

              1. Coeus is free to provide an EXAMPLE of where i have been intellectually dishonest. I appear to be one of the few people on this site who have ZERO problem admitting when I am wrong. I like it. It means I learned something and corrected something I misunderstood.

                Again, if you can provide an example of what you are claiming, I’d love to see it.

                Most of the disagreement here comes from either police UOF discussions (where I happen to have metric buttloads more training, experience, and credibility/bona fides than the average cop hater) or these idiotic DUI apologists.

                1. where I happen to have metric buttloads more training, experience, and credibility/bona fides than the average cop hater

                  Hm, if you have the same idea of a good ass as I do I might be able to agree.

                2. Oh, and one of the reasons I don’t buy the criticisms levied by Coeus (besides the fact he can’t support it with evidence) is that when I have discussions with Rational Adults ™, like at, with people who actually have deep understanding of the law, I get nothing but praise, respect and posts that are almost always complimentary towards my POV.


                  So, who should I give more credibility to? Nationally renowned scholars/bloggers, etc. who have written briefs for SCOTUS cases or anonymous trolls who exhort me to “die in a fire!”

                  Yea, exactly.

                  I consider the source

                3. Again, if you can provide an example of what you are claiming, I’d love to see it.

                  This is exactly what I’m talking about. He does this all the time. We’ve even had this discussion several times. He demands evidence, I go and look it up, then he disappears. His usual method is to demand evidence of stuff he knows full well he said, then hope like hell that the person doesn’t have time to look it up. When you do, he vanishes.

                  Look for coeus, dunphy and electrocution. Or coeus, dunphy and adams.

                  Or, for the meta aspect, coeus, dunphy and cite.

                  1. Oh, this one is good too, coeus, dunphy and drug dogs. In that one, he demanded a cite about the inefficiency of drug dogs, in article about a study done on the inefficiency of drug dogs.

                4. You wouldn’t expect libertarians to embrace a cop.

                  We’re gonna need cops in Libertopia, too, it’s just that when you get a group of anti-authoritarians together, you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to embrace a cop.

                  I’ve admitted when I’m wrong. I have no problems with people–just because I disagree with them. Some people try to treat the site like a private club or something. Hard to have an in-crowd if you don’t project out-crowd status on others.

                  I think that’s what we’re talkin’ about here. I’ve never had any problem with somebody just because I disagreed with them on something, and I wish there were more cops reading libertarian websites.

                  I treat the site like an evangelical style libertarian revival–please invite your cop friends. We need more of them to hear the libertarian gospel.

              2. John has a sense of humor.

                1. He really does.

              3. What I still don’t get is why everyone is polite to John.

                John is reasonable on 75% of issues, and just goes batshit crazy over war and Muslims. I think the reason people don’t give John that much shit is because he’s good on economic or social issues that most of the posts here are about.

                When he does go nuts about the Muslims or the fact that he believes we should nuke North Korea, he gets all the shit he deserves.

                1. And abortion.

                2. What aggravates me is his stylistic ghetto of endlessly repeating slight variations of “they really are” in response to someone else’s comments about his ideological foes.

                  1. Goddammit, you’re right. Now I’m never going to be able to see that ever again without grinding my teeth.

                    Damn you, Zakalwe. Damn you to hell.

                    1. I’d rather see him and sarcasmic talk about fatties and anorexics for 50 comments than see that pointless circle jerking stuff.

                    2. John’s real problem is that he doesn’t know shit about Star Trek.

                    3. He probably thinks this is Ceti Alpha VI, fer chrissakes.

                    4. THIS IS CETI ALPHA…uh…

                    5. Sarcasmic: (Some girl on daily mail) is still hot.

                      John: She’s kind of skinny. I like women with more of a figure.

                      Sarcasmic: MAYBE THIS IS MORE YOUR STYLE, JOHN!

                      John: At least I don’t like little boys, Sarcasmic! That girl looks like a trannie!

                      Sarcasmic: I see you’re still angry your mom never breast fed you!

                      /Every conversation they’ve ever had

                    6. /Every conversation they’ve ever had

                      It really is!

                    7. Those conversations would be much more tolerable if either of them had good taste.

          2. You’ve been Tulpified.

            Tulpa’s an utter moron who is absolutely convinced that he is some kind of savant. You can’t engage with that. He can’t be bargained with. He can’t be reasoned with. He doesn’t feel embarrassment, or social cues, or have any self-awareness. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are bored shitless.

            1. Tulpa’s an utter moron who is absolutely convinced that he is some kind of savant. You can’t engage with that. He can’t be bargained with. He can’t be reasoned with. He doesn’t feel embarrassment, or social cues, or have any self-awareness. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are bored shitless.

              That sounds exactly like a kid I went to high school with, except he’s a lefty.

              He recently asked me to join his Professional Network on LinkedIn.

  38. Last week one of Tulpa’s favorite straw-men was “you guys want schizophrenics to walk down the street with AR-15s, durrrr”.


    1. You know, as much as I love The Room, I don’t quite understand how you came to choose it as your shtick for mocking Tulpa.

      Also, threading

      1. You’re just a chicken. Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep.

        1. O HAI!!

          1. Don’t worry about it. Huh, Huh, Huh.

      2. It does seem random, but that’s why it’s funny

  39. Alison Brie is HOT.

    1. You, uh, just figured this out?

    2. She’s on Mad Men and Community? Is that the sound of fapping in the basements of America that I hear?

      1. No, that’s the sound of men across America heading to their bunk. (Gotta use a commentarium meme.)

  40. Louisiana’s school voucher program is unconstitutional, says the state’s Supreme Court. School funds must go to government’s schools, say the justices.

    Tax payers can’t decide where tax money they paid goes; only government bureaucrats can decide how I spend money I am forced to pay.

  41. Feminists need a man like a fish needs a bike, right?

    Charles Ramsey in a singular interview showed us a few things: 1) If you see something, say something, and DO SOMETHING. 2) Feminism lives in our cultural fabric when your neighbor sees you embroiled in a perceived domestic violence conflict, and he intervenes. He won’t look away, he’ll find the courage and reinforcements to break down the door to get you out. There are too many instances where we look away; these women are alive and free because Ramsey believed that he should intervene.

  42. Three women kidnapped in Cleveland and held for a decade have been returned to their families after one attracted the attention of a neighbor. Coming to an episode of Criminal Minds in 3 … 2 … 1 …

    Here’s what I don’t get about this case – these woman needed help breaking through a screen door. A screen door? The kind you can accidentally break through while gently opening (believe me, I’ve done it). The kind I’ve shot a Nerf bullet through? The kind I’ve seen a puppy break down? That must have been the screen door from hell.

    1. 1. I’ve seen some pretty weak screen doors and some pretty strong ones.

      2. Have they released any pictures of them post-rescue? They could have been emaciated.

      1. This story shows the flimsy door, and the unbarred (as far as I can tell) windows. Also shows one of the vics in the hospital, not looking especially terrible…something about this story is very, very fishy.…..ALIVE.html

        1. The really terrifying part: That article says the victims gave birth to five children in the house. What happened to the other four?

        2. On Google street view of the house (2207 Seymour Avenue, Cleveland) there is one window on the house wide open, although shades are drawn. There does appear to be building in the back of the house, Not sure if there is a basement – looks like a crawlspace under there. Also, the neighboring houses are right next to them, with a low chain link fence around the house. Looks the opposite of “escape-proof”.

          1. The article you linked said there were chains hanging from the ceilings. They could have been shackled most of the time, with this instance being an oversight.

            Really we don’t yet have enough information to judge.

    2. They may have been terrified that he would do something horrible to them if they tried to escape and failed. Who knows? At least they’re free now.

    3. Why couldn’t the three of them gang up on him and beat the shit out of him at some point?

      We don’t know the details, but at some point, these women must have become convinced that resistance was futile.

      1. And why haven’t we invaded Cuba yet?

        1. We did, and it went so badly, and we were so traumatized by it, that we never tried again.

          That’s probably what happened to them, too. I’m sure they tried. It went badly…

    4. That must have been the screen door from hell.

      She was holding a baby.

  43. “One Chicago police officer accidentally shot another police officer in the leg while attempting to shoot a dog. The officer is reportedly in “good condition,” though there’s no word on the fate of the dog.”

    Dogs are actually pretty smart about stuff like this.

    When a dog sees a cop shoot another cop like that, he thinks, “Holy. shit. I was barkin’ a bluff–so he shoots his buddy just to show me he’s a bad ass? Who’s he think he is, Keyser Soze?! I think I’ll go hide under the couch.”

  44. Nullification is going mainstream: Rasmussen poll shows 38% of likely voters want their state to block federal anti-gun laws

    A majority of everyday politically engaged Americans support the general principle of nullification. According to the Rasmussen poll, 52 percent of mainstream voters think states should have the right to block any federal laws they disagree with on legal grounds.

    “38% of likely voters must be neo-Confederates!!”
    /SPLC’s Potok.



    2. she thanked me for bringing her in to get her fixed. ‘It stops here!,’ she said.

      Kitty eugenics!

    3. They spend all that time fixing that cat, they can’t even water their damn sweet basil plant.


  45. So Google Images has recently been trying to make it harder to come up with explicit results, but if you type in “string” you aren’t getting much in the way of threads and yarn.

    1. Heh, I remember looking up methods for the CString object and discovering something entirely different.

      1. CString.floss( butt );

      2. Seems like an argument for, or against, incorporating Bing directly into Intellisense.

        1. Since it would undoubtedly take you to MSDN instead of, say, StackOverflow, what use would that be?



              Speaking of which, I do love Intellisense. Seeing as I’m currently working with a Dictionary<short, Dictionary<byte, HashSet<string, it really makes things a lot simpler.

              1. So it likes the encoding for less than, but not the encoding for greater than. Huh.

          2. What do you have against the official (useless) answers?!

  46. Is there any actual real racism left? Cause this is retarded.

    We now know what two of the three kidnapped Cleveland women looked like as teenagers: pretty and on the lighter-skinned side. Why aren’t there any photos of the third woman who was trapped alongside them, even though her mother says police have long possessed a copy?

    Given that the description of her has the words “blue eyes” I’m gonna go with the fact that she’s special needs, and not black as the reason they’ve been stingier with her image. But that wouldn’t fire up the base, now would it?

  47. OK wow lets rol lthat beautiful bean footage!

    1. You know the thread is dead when the bots go all Warhol.

  48. I can’t tell you for how many times, I’ve visited the site because I could not just forget the manner in which is has been presented and written.

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