Nick Gillespie on Fox News' Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld Tonight!


I'll be on Fox News' Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld tonight, so please tune in, DVR it, or watch along at your favorite mental hospital. I'm not sure of the other guests, but there's always Bill Schulz and TV's Andy Levy.

The show airs on Fox News at 3am ET/12am PT. For more details, go here now.

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  1. I’m not sure of the other guests, but there’s always Bill Schulz and TV’s Andy Levy

    As long as they have a leggy broad in a short skirt, I’m watching. Otherwise, I’ll just read the after-game bullet points.

    1. Please let it not be Paul Mecurio.

      1. Disagree. Paul has great gams and looks great in a short skirt.

      2. Sorry to disappoint you OldMex, but Nick Gillespie is going to be sitting in the leg chair tonight. Don’t fret, Nick will bust out the bodycon skirt just for you.

    2. Red Eyes like the Family Guy of talk shows. Mildly amusing but I’ve never said to myself “dammit, I forgot to dvr Red Eye”.

      1. ehh, I’ve never said that about ANY talk show.

        Now forgetting to DVR Bob’s Burgers, that’s a travesty.

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  2. I hope they put Coulter next to you. Not because I like her. But the sexual tension when you guys are on together? Brother – it’s palpable.

    HAVE FUN! I’ll see it tomorrow – VR, dontcha know.

  3. TV’s Andy Levy: best libertarian comedian on television? Guy needs his own show.

    1. After seeing episodes with Levy as host and Dana Vachon as ombudsman, I’m convinced Red Eye needs to adopt that as a permanent lineup, with Gutfeld replacing Schulz.

    2. Is he really libertarians, though? He hates Ron Paul and is pro-war

      1. He’s not pro-war. He didn’t like Ron Paul because he Ron Paul wasn’t really a libertarian but a paleoconservative. They’re similar, but paleocons are socon in a really weird, quasi-racist sounding way.

        1. I don’t think I’d say Ron Paul isn’t libertarian, but he is culturally conservative (not that that’s inherently wrong or bad – the reason I say he’s still libertarian is that aside from abortion, which is a position where libertarians can disagree on in good faith, he doesn’t really support using government to enforce his conservative beliefs) and has had a huge weakness in associating himself with unsavory characters.

          1. On most cultural positions he takes a “that’s a state matter” attitude which I would agree with and then sometimes implies that he totally agrees with the conservatives on the issue, or just outright says it.

            I still wouldn’t call him a paleocon.

    1. Hey look everybody it’s American.

      1. Yeah, he’s such a dick.

      2. His names are getting worse. As his mind slowly degrades in a state of racist paranoia, he is apparently losing his ability to use vowels.

  4. yay. Red Eye is the only thing I can stomach on fox news

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