A.M. Links: Biden Still Scheming for Gun Restrictions, Europe's Economy Even Lousier Than Anticipated, Benghazi Panel Under Investigation


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  1. Europe’s economy will be even suckier this year than anticipated…

    They’re expecting it to suck more than expected? It’s expectations all the way down.

    1. Actually the EC forecasts were just about the euro zone, not Europe. Not that things outside the euro zone are going to be especially peachy.

  2. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/loc…..represent/

    Ignorance or mendaciousness?

    1. Ignorance or mendaciousness?


  3. Police dog dies after officer leaves it in back of patrol car.
    I assume the officer will be charged with killing a fellow officer, or with killing a dog, or with animal cruelty, or neglect, or something….
    But there’s no double standard.

    1. Can an animal rights group go release all the police dogs into nature, where they belong?

      1. Don’t the javelinas already cause enough problems?

        1. But then maybe they’ll leave the science animals alone. It surely would be a lot harder to track down all the ” canine units”, and a lot more dangerous.

    2. There are so many people a halfway competent prosecutor can take down for this: was the police officer dealing with a suspect at the time? Who serviced the AC last?

  4. Employers ? including public-sector agencies ? are, in fact, slashing workers’ hours to reduce Obamacare costs.


    1. Obamacare implemented. Women, minorities hardest hit by evil obstructionist businessmen.

      1. It’s true. “Businessmen” is just a stand-in word for “Republicans”.

  5. http://rare.us/story/dicks-spo…..un-policy/

    I know I’m doing my part. Those shitheads will never get another dime of my money.

    1. “At a time where the only thing a company has to do to sell firearms, ammo and accessories is to unlock their doors, Dick’s sales have flat-lined. In fact, their sales dropped 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to 2011 and their shares 10 percent in the last quarter.”

      Are they just talking gun sales or overall sales? It’s hard for me to tell from the article.

      Personally I like the store (you won’t get ME to say I like Dick’s! NTTIAWT)for camping gear and running clothes, but I guess I’ll go to Academy once or twice just to protest PC BS with my dollars.

      1. I bet that drop is all gun owners. They aren’t really a serious gun store, IMO. But I’ve bought ammo there, and various shooting miscellany.

        1. I’ve never bought anything gun related there, but I’ve bought a bunch of other sports stuff, especially golf. I probably won’t be doing that again.

          1. Fuck em.

          2. Me either. I got some eye protection there once and search for ammo if I’m in the store, but have yet to purchase any there.

            A couple months ago, I was going to get a HD shotgun there since the price was right and my local gun store/range burned to the ground (don’t use tracer rounds people!). Just a Mossberg Maverick for under the bed. Then I woke up to my passenger side window being broken into and had to fix that first. Guess I’ll start looking elsewhere.

            1. I stopped shopping at Dick’s after they insisted on trying to run a background check when I went to purchase a muzzleloader. No matter how many times I tried to explain it, they couldn’t understand that it wasn’t considered a firearm and could be purchased without a check. Perhaps the people staffing the store that day were exceptionally ill-informed, but they kept saying I had to fill out a 4473. I left without buying it and purchased one elsewhere.

    2. What a dick move.

    3. I find most shareholder lawsuits to be nothing but money makers for lawyers and hate the way they are abused, but I would love to see one filed over this decision just to see reactions.

      1. On what grounds? I mean, McDonald’s doesn’t sell AR-15s either, can they be sued by their shareholders too?

    4. The local Gander Mountain has practically become a gun store lately, no doubt taking advantage of Dick’s and other retailers who stopped selling them.

      1. Gander had a good selection…but they couldn’t compete with the local store and Bass Pro, so they sold their space to the local store. Which was awesome, because shopping at the local was always fun, but cramped.

    5. Thanks for the heads up. I was browsing their golf clubs since I’m in the market. Rockbottomgolf it is!

    6. Dick’s plunges into the red? Must be that time of the month.

  6. ‘I’m tired of hiding’: Revenge porn victim speaks about her years of torment after a former boyfriend posted X-rated photos of her online and even sent them to her boss

    I thought she looked familiar…

    1. If you haven’t seen it, some of your comments (regarding taxes and fairness) made this month’s print edition.

      1. No shit? No, I haven’t seen the print edition.

        1. yep. box of 3-4 reader comments.

          1. Did they print that one by Tulpa where he talks about the romantic weekend he spent with his grandfather?

            1. This is why some of us never get quoted in reader comments.

              1. I thought it was a rather moving and tender story.

                1. You sentimental old woman. Did you shed a few tears into a lacy handkerchief for Tulpa and indeed yourself?

                  1. You’d have to be made out of stone not to cry at the scene where Tulpa take’s his grandfather diaper off and then fingers his ass while they watch Wheel of Fortune together. That the old man has dementia and thinks he’s back in Korea makes it such a beautiful testament to intergenerational incest.

                2. I thought it was a rather moving and tender story.

                  I thought “touching” would have been the appropriate adjective.

                  1. Don’t be vulgar. With your potty mouth, I have no idea why they printed the likes of you.

          2. I check it every month, and every month I am disappointed. What, I’m not serious enough for you, reason? Well, fuck you. I don’t even want to get quoted. Humph.

            1. “Well, fuck you.”
              –Warty, 3 May 2013

    2. pix are okay – just make sure to wear a mask. Amirite?

  7. King Joffrey looks like Caligula from ancient Rome. Also, the Red Wedding can’t come soon enough.


    1. From the trailer, Ramsey says to Theon, “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

    2. So, if you’re Sansa, would you rather marry the hot, dashing knight with good fashion sense and perfect hair who never seems to notice other women, or the rich dwarf with the gruesome facial scar?

  8. Slayer guitarist dies.

    1. Yeah that sucks. Wearing a shirt and blasting Hell Awaits

    2. Beat me to it. Fucking sucks. RAINING BLOOD

      1. Weird coincidence – I was rocking Raining Blood on my drive to work yesterday, which is major departure from my usual reggae and dub… it was like some kind of weird celestial calling, man.

    3. Well, fuck. Rest in Peace. Or should I say Burn in Hell?

  9. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013…..latestnews

    Dreadlock banana update.

  10. Attractive mugshots.
    Not guilty!

    1. Haha the Mail used her porn name…then her real one.

      This is what reporting looks like.

      1. You could use that mug shot of “Tori Black” to create a hoax that Alexis Bledel had been arrested for something. Maybe for killing that Mad Men guy, who definitely deserves to die for having the balls to cheat on Alison Brie.

        Also, I find myself wondering just how “disorderly” that Kathryn Dennis ginger girl would get.

  11. Youth is wasted on the young.

    1. The very young. She’s gonna get some poor bastard in a lot of trouble.

    2. When the girl is 15 and already has fat arms, you know her looks are not going to last.

      1. The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

      2. I don’t think her arms are fat. They are just not toned. She looks like a very thin girl who doesn’t work out.

    3. Teensy is growing up.

  12. “Bradshaw is readying a hotline and is planning public service announcements to encourage local citizens to report their neighbors, friends or family members if they fear they could harm themselves or others.”

    what if someone threatens to hurt anyone who calls the hotline to turn them in? is that enough reason to call the hotline?

    1. John Boehner’s daughter is marrying a Rastafarian with a prior arrest on a pot charge and another one for driving with an open beer. Check the pic:


      Love you, Florida!

      1. Those are tears of joy from Boehner

      2. Best comment:

        I guess liberals don’t like it when republicans marry someone outside their race and economic class. Hence, all the snarky comments.
        – Freddie Mercury Fan , St. Louis, United States, 26/4/2013 15:46

  13. It’s nice to be Corey Feldman.

    1. I’ll never understand the whole retards wearing fake glasses thing.

      1. Yeah, I thought it looked stupid. I saw a guy during the NFL draft wearing Real3D glasses with the lenses knocked out.


        1. I saw a guy during the NFL draft wearing Real3D glasses with the lenses knocked out.


    2. I read that whole fucking article and not one mention of his best movie, The Goonies. What the fuck Daily Mail?

  14. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013…..nd-denied/

    Teachers: the best people in the world.

  15. The Tsarnaev brothers originally planned to stage their attack on Independence Day, but finished their bombs sooner than expected. Some overachievers we can do without.

    Completely lacking future time orientation is more like it. I blame video games, can we outlaw video games?

  16. The Tsarnaev brothers originally planned to stage their attack on Independence Day, but finished their bombs sooner than expected.

    Obviously we have too many holidays. America needs to put all these celebrations on a single day that can be locked down and secured.

    1. I like the idea of condensing all patriotic holidays into a single “Freedom Day”. I’ll make sure I’m out of the country for it every year.

      1. Wow! Nude hot-tubbing – that’s all I need to hear about Freedom Day!

        1. “Then consider this lecture a bonus!”

    2. National Security Day?

      1. Lockdowns for everyone!

        1. Yeehaw! I’m gonna start planning my lockdown right now!

          1. A planned lockdown wouldn’t be quite as bad. At least then you have food and beer and a girl in the house.

  17. “My family is destroyed,” Nguyen said in court. “But I believe this country is a country of freedom. Even though I am very lonely I will try to live, I will try to work hard.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013…..z2SEarAto0

    Damn immigrants, coming here to America for hard work and freedom. Don’t they know what this country is about?

  18. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013…..rking-lot/

    Life in Pennsytucky.

    1. Hahahahaha I grew up in that area. I always thought it was hilarious when radio announcers would say “Derry Area Schools” when reporting snow delays/cancellations.

    2. The next time you insult Kentucky by aligning us with those north of the Mason-Dixon, we’re gonna have problems.

      1. I’ve lived in both states…contrary to popular belief, Kentucky gets by far the worst end of this association.

        I’ve lived just about everywhere, and there are no people I hold in lower regard than Pennsylvanites.

      2. Uh… I hate to break it to you, but Kentucky was on the Union side.

        1. As was Maryland, another slave state that is south of the Mason Dixon line.

          1. They were both “aligned with those north of the Mason-Dixon” is my point, so it’s hard to claim that’s an insult.

        2. Kentucky was admitted to the Confederacy on december 10, 1861.

          1. In the sense that Eastern Europe was “admitted” to the Soviet Union.

            Kentucky originally tried to remain neutral, but after a large number of pro union candidates were elected in 1861, the state was invaded by the Confederacy, and it’s elected government replaced with one installed by the confederate army. It lasted for about a year before the Confederates were driven out, the original government brought back, and then chose to join the union.

            1. It should also be noted that the short-lived confederate government never had control of the actual capital of Kentucky, much less the entire state.

  19. “We’re going to get you help” in the context of sending government agents to check up on antigovernment types sounds a lot like “you will report to re-education, Comrade.” It basically has no hope of “rehabilitating” someone who fears and/or hates the government. I mean, what are they going to do? Show them Schoolhouse Rock videos and force them to read the Federal Reserve comic books?

  20. http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/02/…..gislation/

    Delicious delusion.

    1. Joe McLean, senior partner at McLean/Clark LLC, is a political consultant. He worked on Barack Obama’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.

      I read this at the start of the story and knew how the rest of the story would go.

      1. I read this at the start of the story and knew how the rest of the story would go.

        His article is compelling especially at the end when he states that the heat may now be on the NRA…..what with 20 in miiillion extra revenue from new memberships.

        Sounds like they’re finished!

        1. He’s like some Nazi toady in May of ’45, complimenting Hitler as he moves imaginary divisions around on the map table to smash the Soviet armies.

          1. Are there any video representations of this historical event on the internet? Perhaps even with witty subtitles indicating that Hitler is actually talking about something else?

            1. An excellent idea – someone should look into that!

              1. Those are funny and all, but I’ve been using that historical reference as an example of total separation from reality for a long time.

  21. http://www.foxnews.com/politic…..obamacare/

    SC is nullifying federal legislation. Uh oh, I’ve seen this movie before.

    1. The South shall rise again

    2. Looks like those dumb hick fucks in South Carolina are gonna need to be put in line AGAIN.

      1. Problem is, all the DoD seems to be in the South now…if we have this tussle again, they are armed to the teeth and have industry. We may just have to slice New England off the USA to appease them. Also, do you think they would take IL if we excised Chicago?

        1. They had all the competent leaders last time, that still didn’t help them.

          1. The south is definitely more industrialized now than it was back then. I think people in the south underestimate just how quickly the prissy liberals in the northeast will turn into a bloodthirsty mob when someone says they’re wrong though.

            1. I think people in the south underestimate just how quickly the prissy liberals in the northeast will turn into a bloodthirsty mob when someone says they’re wrong though.

              Based on what happened in Boston, all they have to do is have Jethro and Cooter set off a couple of pipe bombs in the cities to keep their military forces busy running around like goons looking for what they think is a beat-up pickup truck with a Confederate flag in the window.

              1. Based on what happened in Boston before that, all they have to do is leave a backpack lying around in a crowded area with an old Litebrite in it to completely shut down Boston for a day or two. Rinse and repeat in all major Yankee towns on a weekly basis and they have no economy and a population souring on their own government.

          2. Eh, on balance, it was a wash. Lee and Stonewall were brilliant of course, Forrest was a mad genius, Longstreet is one of the forgotten greats.

            But we also had Pickett and Bragg and JEB Stuart.

            1. The South definitely had the most flamboyant generals, but I think the quality of their worth in combat has been overblown simply because their opposition was so weak in the eastern theater for so long. It’s easy to look good when you’re going against combat paranoiacs like McClellan and operational sad sacks like Hooker and Burnside.

              Lee, for example, was wedded to the “decisive battle” theory of combat that had been de riguer since Frederick the Great, and it probably cost him his country at Gettysburg. If he had pulled south to threaten DC instead of trying to assault a naturally fortified position for two days, he likely could have either destroyed Meade’s army in detail as it disengaged from Gettysburg to pursue him, or could have even leveraged concessions from Lincoln if he marched the army quickly enough to get to the outskirts of Washington.

              If the South had a true “genius” general, it was probably Forrest, who gave the Union fits all the way up until Appomatox.

              1. Well Lee appreciated the South’s strategic position. He knew all along the only chance the South had to win the war was to force a treaty. Without a navy and outnumbered as they were, the only chance was the Prussian model: short, sharp wars ended via treaty and not total annihilation.

        2. Problem is, all the DoD seems to be in the South now…if we have this tussle again, they are armed to the teeth and have industry.

          Oh? You think we’d actually trust you Rebs and end the occupation?

          1. Imperial Officer: You rebel scum.

            You are “part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor”

        3. We would only consider IL if you thoroughly FAE’d Chicago …

      2. The current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has demonstrated that he is as capable of mass murder as the tall ugly one who occupied it 150 years ago.

    3. I’ve seen this movie before.

      They made a movie about the KY and VA resolutions?

      1. enough of your personal lubricant stories.

    4. Please tell me I am not the only one who knows that the allusion here is to Jackson and the tariff crises in the 1830s, not the Civil War. Cuz everyone above me was going Civil War.

      1. The Civil War is more fun.

        1. Wasn’t fun for us …

      2. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. But Virginian’s right, the Civil War’s more fun to talk about than a bitchy fued between Jackson and Calhoun.

  22. A head teacher of a leading primary school has said young children should not have best friends because it could leave others feeling ostracised and hurt

    1. Before I clicked that I knew it had to be the UK

      1. Yeah we don’t have head teachers here. We do seem to have a lot of teachers who give head though.

      2. I’ve heard of that happening locally (DC metro)

    2. The idea some children will suffer if playground cliques are allowed to continue unchecked has vexed educationalists for some time.

      Perhaps it is so vexing because this a) isn’t a problem and b) even if it were, it should be left to behavioral psychologists and not educationalists who should, you know, be educating.

      1. I did it again! Didn’t mean to italicize the last paragraph.

        1. Where is you best friend now, Mr weapon?

      2. educationalist? Is that new?

        1. It’s like racist, but you hate people educated differently from you.

    3. Everyone’s lives and relationships must be equally drab and unfulfilling.

    4. Having been the kid with no friends, it sucks and is horribly socially isolating, but, eh, shit happens.

      That’s why adults have therapy!

      1. To elaborate: I am the person who has basically always done better with adults than any other age group. Which sucks for your first decade, improves over the next half decade, gets pretty good over the next (college is tough, because you THINK people are adults, but they are not), but now socializing is pretty easy because I do it with adults, who I always found easier to talk to.

        1. I was similar, though I always had some friends and usually had a best friend. I was always offended at the concept of a kid’s table as I’d rather have a conversation than act like a retard with the other kids.

          1. Oh, I had some friends for a while in elementary. Middle School was weird, but then I had them again in high school, including my best friend.

  23. Are you bored by H&R?

    Here’s a list of worthwhile alternatives.

    1. This interesting link has reinvigorated H&R for me, thanks!

      1. My friend Julie makes $2439 a day reinvigoriting people on the internet.

        1. Climate Change has claimed another victim.

          1. Barbara Lee is a fucking imbecile, totally devoid of any intellect and anything she ever says should be repudiated by anyone with an IQ over 20. EVAH!

    2. Yes, but how are their anal threads?

  24. Oh my God it’s full of Buzzwords

    1. That buzzword list sucks balls. Must be a repost from 1988.

      Three of my favorites: Tiger Teams, Champion This Effort, and…


      1. “future-proofing”
        The entire buzzword architecture of software development methodologies (XP or Agile or whatever the flavor of the week is)

  25. Oh look, Florida bans bongs.

    State full of retards.

    1. The bill prohibits stores from “knowingly and willingly” selling smoking devices that will be used to ingest illegal drugs. However, the retailer can offer the devices if they are to be used for tobacco smoking.

      So they bought off an annoying former crackhead with a bullshit bill. At least the retards are legally obligated to leave town by midnight and disperse back to their home constituencies. FSU graduation is tomorrow, meaning that by monday, traffic will be down 40% in Tallahassee and 80% in the downtown-FSU corridor.

    2. OK, that is not accurate and you know it, you damn yankee fucktard.

    1. Looks like this is Rebecca Holman’s way of putting out the vibe for the top brass at the Daily Mail.

    2. Women prefer higher status men. This is still news?

    3. Because they still want men in positions of power and are now less likely to get screwed over by doing it? You spend a lot of time at work, and you spend a lot of time thinking about sex/ romance. All kind of fits. Why do men still sleep with ladies they work with? Same reasons, maybe.

    4. Maybe because pretty much EVERYBODY is more attractive when they are taking charge of a problem and competently dealing with it.

      Add to that the fact that most people DRESS much better at work than in any other context.

      Add to that the fact that you end up sharing much more intellectually and have vastly more shared experiences with the people you work with than people you see once a week on a date.

      We have contrived a situation in the 21st century where the one place that people SHOULD be forming romantic entanglements is the place where feminists most want it to be socially unacceptable and legally risky to do so.

      1. It’s some very undemonstrative ideas that lead to workplace romance bans. That sweet, innocent widdle women can’t protect themselves from manipulative males bosses, or that allowing it means men can just think of all female coworkers as sex objects. Granted, when someone has a position of power directly above the other, it is likely to be problematic, maybe especially to others, but seriously, all adults here. Women aren’t children! Work should be a great place to meet people.

      2. Eh, I think it is more companies than feminists that want to avoid work place romance.

        A bad break up can be bad for business. Really bad if either party gets emotional and unnecessarily dickish/bitchy.

    5. Three words: Sam and Diane.

  26. The special panel that investigated the Benghazi consulate attack is itself under review by the State Department’s Office of Inspector General after allegations of failure to interview key witnesses who had volunteered to testify.

    Kind of hard to whitewash if you gather a lot of facts.

  27. Cuba won’t shelter the Hakkens but will shield this cop-killer:

    FoxNews Poll has Medical Marijuana support at… wait for it.. 85%.

    I think we’ll have to get unanimous before the fucking politicians give in.

    1. Well what do you see the Obama administration going after with more vigor:

      an anti-government couple who fled to keep their children out of the loving arms of the state


      a black female 60s radical who murdered a cop and then fled to Cuba.

      Hell, he might give her a medal after the midterm elections.

      1. And see to that she gets a tenured professorship at some Ivy League university.

  28. Waking up to your sound again, and lapse in to the ways of miseryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    The best song (“The Drapery Falls”) on their best album (Blackwater Park). For those of you not in the know, Opeth has been around for a while. Hailing from Sveeden, they started as a death metal band in the early 90s and quickly became one of the best progressive death metal bands the world will know. By the time Blackwater Park came around, 2001, they were widely known in the world of metal and took on the production prowess of Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree). This song represents a good swath of what Opeth will bring to the table: sensitive acoustic parts and clean vocals to raging death metal and deep growls. This album is from the height of their career which ranges from Still Life in 1999, a concept album about the return of an exiled atheist to his very religious hometown, to Ghost Reveries in 2005 and covers a span of 5 albums (Deliverance, Damnation being the other 2 albums not already noted). All 5 albums are epic.


    1. Opeth is dead to me now. Dead.

      1. all the years of Opeth goodness and you let Heritage ruin it for you?

        1. Dead. Watershed sucked too. Dead.

          1. Watershed was a big step down, but sucks is too harsh.

      2. Jeez, that last album really pissed people off.

        1. That’s because Heritage sucks.

          1. I don’t know if sucks is the right word. I did feel like I was at Opeth Unplugged when I saw them on that tour, though. I’m not a huge Opeth follower, so it didn’t bother me horribly, they still played the shit out of what they were playing, but it was definitely not what I expected.

            1. they’ve played Sydney twice in the last 18 months and I just couldn’t bear to go in case they played mostly post-Water Closet. Thankyou for suffering for all of us Zeb

              1. You like Opeth? See, now I know you’re not really a chick. Womerns only like dancin’ music.

                1. just got home from two hours at the Sydney Opera House of Barry Humphries* and the Australian Chamber Orchestra playing Weimar cabaret and other compositions of the central European avant garde. Chick enough?

                  * the guy who does Dame Edna Everage

                  1. I dunno. I’ll buy that you’re a gay dude, but woman status just seems too farfetched.

                    1. Let me guess, you need proof. If I could just drop my panties, lift my top, and say “how do you like this, Big Daddy Warty?” you’ll be convinced.

                      Uh-uh, I’m not falling for that one again.

                    2. Big Daddy Warty, huh. I like the sound of that, I must say. Do I get to drive a semi truck with that painted on the door?

                    3. yes, but preferably a monster truck. Which you drive everywhere, including over small cars.

                    4. Hmm. I like it, but I think it should be on a van.

                    5. With wizards???

                    6. Hmm. I like it, but I think it should be on a van.

                      The van Warty was supposed to drive over to claim you for homesteading purposes?

                    7. No, I’m thinking a big sleeper cab, in which I store various implements that I use to train for the big upcoming arm wrestling competition at which I’ll finally win my estranged son’s love. Or something. Oh, and I’d have a mutthound that lives in the cab with me too, obviously.

                    8. um .. do tell us about when you fell for it the first time …

                2. Opeth is girl music. (And it sucks. All of it.)

              2. You should have checked their set on the Aussie-leg of the tour before deciding not to go, because Sydney was a pretty rip-roaring set. It’s not perfect, but it’s a shitload better than what they did on their first NA and European legs of this tour.

                I’ll be seeing them next week (with Katatonia!) in Lexington(!). The set on this leg has been much better than in previous legs.

    2. I’ve heard worse, but the cancerous larynx vocals just never do anything for me.

      1. Worse

        Plus, it ties in nicely to Jeff Hanneman’s spider bite death.

  29. Woodstock for Capitalists begins today – 35,000 expected to attend.


  30. Employers ? including public-sector agencies ? are, in fact, slashing workers’ hours to reduce Obamacare costs. Who saw that coming?

    This isn’t possible because Popeye’s Chicken offers health insurance to their employees. Shriek told me so. Every company in America is identical to either Google or Popeye’s Chicken.

    1. Don’t forget QuikTrip and Costco! You know, those businesses whose high-margin business model consists of only opening stores in well-to-do neighborhoods and close stores in now-declining neighborhoods.

      Sam’s club and Texaco can go eat shit as far as Shriek’s concerned. How dare they limp by pursuing a high market share, low margin strategy and providing value to normal and impoverished areas.

      1. Sam’s Club is part of Wal-Mart. They offer complying health insurance at $45 a month.

    2. When you sell spicy chicken, you obviously have lots of profits and the ability to provide every employee with health insurance.

  31. Revolution? Isn’t that, like, a TV show?

    According to a survey from Fairleigh Dickinson University, nearly a third of registered voters — 29 percent — believe an “armed revolution” might be necessary in the next few years in order to protect liberties.

    The poll from the university’s PublicMind explored perceptions regarding Congress’ latest gun control push as well as the Sandy Hook mass shooting. That legislative push, launched in the wake of the Connecticut shooting, fizzled last month after the Senate blocked a bill that would have expanded background checks.

    1. 29 percent — believe an “armed revolution” might be necessary

      So we know which 29% will be rounded up and institutionalized.

      1. This story and the Palm Beach government enemy hotline story do intersect, in a way the sheriff does not, I think, anticipate.

        Every time you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more systems will slip through your fingers.

        The political and police establishment simply refuses to see that their security problem gets worse the greater the pressure they apply. It’s literally invisible to them. I don’t know why.

        1. stop resisting?

      2. My understanding is only about 1/3 of the colonists supported the American Revolution.

    2. 18% of Democrats are on board according to the survey. From the lefty blogs I read they want single payer and Wall St execs jailed.

    3. I like the show.

      1. Me too, more than I thought I was going to.

        1. The last couple of episodes make it seem like it’s picking up steam. I think getting rid of the Danny storyline was a good move.

          1. With the season finale coming up, it really looks like they might only be able to get one more out of it. That is, if everything goes right for the heroes. Even still better to end a decent show on a high note than keep it limping along with stupid premises.

            1. That is, if everything goes right for the heroes.

              Which would make a crappy story, so let’s say 2 more season. That would probably be a good time to cut if off though, I wouldn’t want it to turn into a Gilligan’s island situation where every week some random thing stops them from turning the power back on at the last minute.

              1. They could probably scrounge together a reasonable fourth season. I’d just hate to see it go the way of Eureka or Heroes simply because of fandom.

            2. I like the show, but I think they messed up by not showing a lot more of the aftermath of the blackout. Maybe they’ll do that in future seasons, but the concept of trying to recreate a stable society in a post-technological world for this series is worth exploring in more detail.

              FWIW, I suspect that if the Great Devolution they show on here actually did happen, the various “republics” would be a lot smaller and more numerous than what they portray. With the techonological limitations, I think it would be very hard for anyone, even Monroe to consolidate their authority over as large of a landmass as they portray.

              1. Yeah, the size of some of those territories is ridiculous.

      2. I was disappointed. Ive continued watching but Im starting to build a backlog of episodes on my DVR.

        I havent been impressed at all since the break.

        1. It’s nothing I would call amazing, but I enjoy it enough to keep watching it every week, just not necessarily when it airs.

          1. Im enjoying The Americans much more, and I dont have time for both apparently.

            1. I watched one episode of that and liked it, but haven’t watched any other ones. I’ll probably catch up at some point when I don’t have other shows going on.

              1. I figured the same for Revolution, that I would catch up over the summer.

      3. So it is worth a shot? How bad are the first X that I will have to slog through, which is normally a part of the genre?

        Oh, also, once again, in case anyone forgets: Set your DVRs for Defiance. I can give no promises for next week, but last week had a really fun, monster-of-the-week storyline, and delved into the alien cultures a bit more with some mysticism.

        1. Oooh, the wikipedia summary of next weeks episode, which is only a sentence, looks good. Apparently, the whores will be kidnapped.

  32. Are Dogs Funnier Than Cats?

    Who’s laughing?
    Not cat owners. People living with dogs or both dogs and cats reported laughing more frequently than those living with just cats.

    1. Why is this news? Dogs are nature’s lovable idiots. Who doesn’t love a retard?

      1. I’ve seen some fairly retarded cat moves. I had one cat who would sulk away after I laughed at her.

        1. Cats have zero sense of humor.

          1. Every time you laugh at a cat the sulk away and scratch one more line on the tally board.

    2. Dogs are definitely funnier. And I’m more of a cat person. I do have one cat who chases her tail, though, and that is pretty damn funny.

    3. The cat owners no longer laugh with their mouth.

      They express all humor reactions by typing LOL on Reddit.

  33. IRS Takes A Bite Out Of Bitcoin

    The IRS already gets a piece where you swap one product or service for another, as the IRS explains at its Bartering Tax Center. Soon the IRS may have a Bitcoin Center too. The Treasury unit called FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, already has rules about Bitcoin and the IRS is likely to follow.

    In the meantime, the tax rules seem pretty clear. If you provide services or sell goods for Bitcoin, you have income. If you exchange Bitcoins for cash, whether you have gain may depend on whether Bitcoin is really currency or commodity. The latter seems more likely, meaning you have gain to the extent of the appreciation in your Bitcoin.

    1. I can’t wait for their rules for figuring out the fair value of your Bitcoin holdings and/or transactions. It won’t be friendly.

    2. How many people do you suppose actually put the value of things they bartered for on their IRS returns? I’d guess about 3.

      1. Everybody who barters is a felon then.

    3. “whether you have gain may depend on whether Bitcoin is really currency or commodity….Plumbing for dental work? The IRS taxes it.”

      So the IRS gets to define a currency as a commodity, a service as a currency, and though not explicitly stated here, a service as a commodity?

      So how do you know when what is what? When the IRS figures out what definition gets them the most of your money, they’ll get back to you with an answer.

      1. When the IRS figures out what definition gets them the most of your money, they’ll get back to you with an answer.

        Exactly. This is about leaving their options open during an audit when they can’t find anything else.

  34. Remeber the good old days when it didn’t cost six years’ salary to pay for school?

    Borrowers defaulted on $3.5 billion in student loans during the first three months of 2013 alone, and the Federal Reserve has estimated that the current nationwide amount of student debt is over $1 trillion.

    Meanwhile, a college education has become one of the most expensive products in America. The cost of college has increased 1,120 percent in the last 30 years, far outpacing inflation. In light of all this, we have asked the question, “Is College Worth It?” The answer is, “It depends.”

    1. As a graduate with an advanced engineering degree, I have to wonder whether or not it will be worthwhile for my children to attend college or to self-educate. The price tag is getting too ridiculous.

      1. My advanced engineering degree has definitely been worth it, though I did go to a state school for undergrad and graduated with no debt.

        I have a lot of friends from undergrad whose degrees were not worth it, at all.

      2. My plant right now is to get my daughter through two years of Community College then transfer to state school. She wants to get a biology degree so I think it will be worth it. I think my son still wants to be a ninja when he grows up.

        1. Ninja – He can work his way thru his education. Great idea.

          1. It gives you a certain degree of leverage when you have to argue about missed questions on tests as well!

        2. Mentioned this previously, but for anyone who is disciplined enough to read a book and take a test, there is CLEP. One semester year of college cost me about $600 (in 1990, admittedly) and some time reading.

          1. for anyone looking into this, first make sure that the potential colleges accept the specific tests, however.

      3. I have 4 years of paid tuition for each at 2002-2003 levels, but we’re still going to use the hell out of dual enrollment classes their last two years of “high school.”

    2. The college I’m attending has added new classes for the fall semester. Here are two:

      Inequality and Diversity in the United States

      Survey of Google Apps

      Even when colleges TRY to do STEM-related courses they fail. Let’s see, should we do a course that teaches students how to program mobile apps? Bah, who knows how to do that?? But we could talk about the apps that already exist!

      1. Some guys I know had a tech startup. Three guys that can program, and five who just bullshit and read tech blogs and Reddit all day. They got some stupid fucker to invest in them, and they spent that capital and went out of business last year.

      2. Why the fuck would anyone go to college just to learn how to program? Programming is trivial to learn. You go to college to learn math and how to be an engineer, and then you apply that to programming. But just taking a class on how to put Google apps in your website is beyond stupid.

        1. What, you mean all of those classes on how to use Microsoft Office aren’t worth it?

          1. Are you kidding? They look great on a resume for an admin position.

            1. Gah! I wish I had known about H&R when I was wasting my college education on an Anthropology degree.

  35. Why are this morning’s links accompanied by a picture of a Aqualung?

    1. Aguapulm?n judging from the sign.

      1. Meh, Acquapolmone.

  36. The Cost to Feed a Family of Four with Healthy Food: $146 to $289 a Week

    The cost of feeding a family of four a healthy diet can run $146 to $289 a week, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    That’s based on preparing all the meals and snacks at home for a couple with two school-aged children. It doesn’t include one-dollar deals at fast-food restaurants or splurges at pricey restaurants.

    and somehow I do a low carb plan for a family of three on $80 a week.

    1. Where do you shop LH?

      1. Meijer – it’s a long family tradition.

    2. What’s your secret? A lot of eggs? Buying on sale?

      1. having a set list, buying in bulk for two weeks, and not much processed food or pop.

        1. Oh…I thought you just pillaged it from various people and towns as you drove through the Wasteland.

          1. that just supplements my meager income.

        2. I think fruit is becoming the largest portion of my grocery bill. Fruit and sorbets from the Vitamix are about all the ni?as snack on except for the Goldfish habit they can’t kick.

    3. $146-$289! that’s some damn fine precision in their data

    4. My wife does the grocery shopping but I believe our weekly bill is right around $200. We could probably knock about $50 off of that if we cut back on junk food but it would be difficult to get to $100.

      1. beer and wine is what drives our costs. otherwise, it’s vegetables and some staple items.

    5. But that’s not possible! Poor people only eat food that is bad for them because evil corporations make fast food cheaper than everything else and healthy food too expensive to afford!

    6. and somehow I do a low carb plan for a family of three on $80 a week.

      That second child/fourth member really causes the cost to go up exponentially.

    7. Would you care to share your lists? I am terrible at buying food cost effectively and end up getting takeout a lot because I have no patience for shopping. Getting my food bill down to $80 a week is a strong incentive however.

      1. jeez – it kind of varies, but the main core definitely sets around meat and cheese.

        something like:
        .2 pound hamburger – for hamburgers and chili
        .(family size package) three-four large steaks, cut down for two meals: stir fry, steak dinner, or the crock pot.
        .pork shoulder – pork is dirt cheap
        .chicken breasts – on the bone is cheaper, requires some additional butchering. Enough for two-three meals – stir fry is a favorite.
        .box of six store brand Chicken Cordon Bleu (12g carbs, not bad)
        .bacon – thick cut – used on salads, or for making “little smokies wrapped in bacon”
        .little smokies
        .two dozen eggs
        .sausage – store brand
        .two 1pd packages of sliced chicken, turkey, or ham. Good for salads or snacking.
        .makings for 2-3 salads
        .coleslaw mix
        .”no added sugar” fruit in a can: Del Monte. Use this for breakfast during work. Peaches are the lowest in carb.
        .sugar free drink mix – store brand or Crystal light. It’s cheaper than pop.
        . a tub of Sugar Free ice cream for the “watching movie” snack
        . broccoli
        . snow peas
        . for lunch I use hamburgers in a box (but don’t eat the bun) or low(er) carb chicken strips.
        . box of wine or a case of beer, something cheap.

        and I probably missed a few things – the list mostly resides in my head and I buy from habit.

    8. I ran this ‘contest’ a couple years ago to show that eating a paleo-type diet doesn’t have to be expensive.

      This guy spent ~$28 for a week. And this woman spent $85 on high end stuff like Kerrygold butter, CSA meat, etc. The average for 2009 according to official figures was $75.77/person.

      1. I can believe that.

        I switched to “paleo” back in January, and my wife has been semi-following along (she still has a bit of a sweet tooth for the occasional processed stuff or pop). Our son is 3, and well just getting him to eat anything that is semi-healthy is good enough for me.

        I say we spend about ~$500 a month. Almost everything I eat comes exclusively from Sams Club in bulk that I portion and freeze: ground beef, steaks, chicken, spinach, eggs, veggies, cheese, pepperoni, bacon, nuts (don’t freeze them, but buy in bulk).

    9. Does that include growing some of your own produce?

      Nah…God forbid that the government encourage self-reliance.

  37. A review of the VPI Aries turntable – the best dern record player I’ve ever heard

  38. A Shreeek post.

    They must have wifi on the sidewalk outside the Berkshire annual meeting.

    1. No. Unless Buffet’s restraining order has lapsed. Shreek can’t go within five city blocks of the meeting.

    2. He’s still saving up for his first share of BRK.A. Only 189 years to go!

  39. Speilberg will direct movie about Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal sniper with the most confirmed kills ever. Will star Bradley Cooper apparently.


    1. I predict that the focus group will not like the ending.

  40. For the several people who commented last night after I went to bed to tell me to ‘learn to cook’:

    1) I already know how to cook. Regardless of how good you are at it, it takes more time and effort. I don’t even need to go to the grocery store.

    2) I don’t need to save money on this. I also know how to take care of the cows that produce my cheese, but I’m going to pay someone else to deal with that too.

    3) I don’t need to impress girls by cooking myself dinner all the time. First, they wouldn’t be around for most meals anyway so they wouldn’t even know. Second, I have plenty of other ways to appeal to women. Finally, I already have a girlfriend (and she likes to cook) so there’s no room for impressing other women.

    1. Sounds like you need to learn to cook.

    2. Indeed. Cooking is a huge pain in the ass.

      1. So is wiping your ass after you shit. It still needs to be done.

        A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
        -Robert A. Heinlein

        1. Specialization is for insects.

          I never thought Heinlein would say something so idiotic. I presume he produced his own paper and ink for all of the books he wrote? No?

          1. Not specialization in the economic sense. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it makes economic sense for you to do it.

            I can set a bone, but in anything other then a dire emergency I’d prefer a doctor do it.

          2. The funny part is that the quote only says the person should know how to do these things.

            I know how to cook. I can do it if I have to… but I don’t have to, so why would I waste time doing it?

            1. I’m on your side Auric. People who own mansions know how to clean them, but why do it when you can hire servants?

              1. Well, some of the people who own mansions know how to clean.

                1. Every good mansion knows how to clean on the off chance Marta comes down with a case of the vapors just before lunch with the Governor.

                  1. If you have a robotic mansion capable of cleaning itself, why do you have Marta do it?

            2. I know, I’m just giving people a hard time.

            3. “why would I waste time doing it?”

              I don’t know. Why do you waste time doing whatever you do instead of cooking?

      2. I can sear meat, make a pan sauce, and steam some veggies in the same time or less that it would take to go and get back with something from a drive thru.

        Cooking can be a huge pain in the ass, but it doesn’t have to be.

        1. Can you do all that on your way home from work? Plus, you get the joy of cleaning up the mess and going shopping.

          1. I’m retired — partly from not spending a crapton on going out to eat a lot — so I don’t have to worry about leaving home to work. Two pans, a spoon, and maybe a cutting board go in the dishwasher. I spend 45 minutes a week grocery shopping.

            I’m not trying to talk you into cooking, I’m just saying it isn’t necessarily a huge pain in the ass.

            1. I spend 45 minutes a week grocery shopping.

              And how much time hunting and gathering?

              1. I spend a lot of time looking for my Uniball Micros and the Apple TV remote. Does that count as hunting or gathering?

    3. If you cooked for yourself four days a week and put the savings over dining out into an IRA…

      1. …which is just going to be seized by the government you damn hoarder!

        1. You can get between two and four silver dollars if you don’t trust an IRA.

        2. Selfish fucker.

      2. I’d be less happy with my life, bored for a lot more of the time, have to be at home more frequently, and have to use time to visit the grocery store on the weekend.

      3. You can build a big nest eff for the government to come and steal. I am sure the deadbeats who didn’t save are going to appreciate it.

        1. I actually might end up maxing out my 401k this year, depending how large the raise for this review is.

          1. I max mine out to lower my taxable income and to take advantage of the matching. I figure if they are going to steal it, at least some of it was not my money to begin with.

            1. I’ve already maxed out the part they match. Even if they steal 30% of it, that’s still coming out way ahead with the instance 100% return to start.

  41. Today’s lighter fare!

    Alcest was originally a one man project by Frenchman Neige, and was designed as an outlet to explore a mythical and magical world he claims to have experienced as a wandering child. This album falls under a few different genres depending on who is making the call. Some will go with shoegaze (called because of how the guitarists would stare at their very complex banks of foot pedal systems during live shows) though the name isn’t descriptive, and a full range of bands with very different sounds have been labeled shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine being the most well known). Others will go with Post Black Metal because of the integration of aspects of post rock (highly textured walls of sound) and black metal (particularly tremolo picking on the guitars, black metal vocals, a modification of blast beats – Alcest also explores similar lyrical themes as black metal including looking at landscapes and talking of mystical lands). Still others yet will combine the 2 and label it blackgaze to better differentiate it from generic shoegaze.

    Alcest has produced 4 albums. The first is a black metal affair, only dipping its toes in to the waters of post rock. The 3 albums since have moved away from using metal elements as a mainstay of their sound and have opted to use it for effect. This song, “?cailles de Lune Part 1”, is on their 3rd album, ?cailles de Lune, which is excellent from front to back.

    1. I recently bought “Les Voyages de l’?me” on vinyl. It was pricey at $35, but quite good.

        1. This is quite good. It’s pretty dramatic and I probably couldn’t listen to it all day but still very good.

          1. Kinda Depeche Mode-ie. I could listen to this every once in a while, but not as part of a steady diet.

          2. yeah, it’s a little glam/over the top – but I’m such a little drama queen.

          3. this is a little heavier – quite the Stooges rhythm

      1. It is a great album, and sounds great on vinyl.

        If you like Alcest, you should check out Les Discrets, particularly their first album Ariettes oubli?es.

        It too is brilliant on vinyl.

        Most vinyl in most of the metal categories are pricey because they make so few copies. They just can’t afford to make thousands of copies unless they don’t mind box after box of leftovers sitting around for years. The demand isn’t there.

        1. I’ll add Les Discretes to the list.

    2. I have Souvenirs d’un autre monde and I really enjoyed it.

      1. Very good album. But the last 2 are better, IMO. Souvenirs de autre monde is a transition album where they were still trying to find their sound.

  42. “What does it hurt to have somebody knock on a door and ask, ‘Hey, is everything OK?’ “

    Then, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, surely you won’t mind being “checked on” at 4am.

  43. A human being should be able to change a diaper

    With any luck, I’ll be killed in the invasion before I get old enough to need a diaper.

  44. Vice President Joe Biden is planning a new gun control offensive ? one he told a group of law enforcement officials he hasn’t informed President Barack Obama about yet.

    Emphasis added. “The most transparent administration in history.”

    1. Joe Biden has a secret plan?

      1. What could go wrong?

        1. It’ll be at least as good as the Cylon’s.

          1. That’s bullshit. They had no plan.

          2. Does Uncle Joe’s spine glow red when he spurts? Is that what you’re saying?

            1. He’s too dumb to be a Cylon.

    2. His double-secret plan is to stop calling it “Gun Control” and to start calling it “Control.”

      It’s hard to believe that the people we have in the administration were actually elected by other people.

      1. How’s the quote go? “Think about how dumb the average person is, then realize that half of people are dumber than that”?

        1. It’s a troubling reality.

  45. Wow. Alan Krueger is on my teevee right now, spouting the most blatant lies about Obamacare. I’m surprised. Ooh, now we’re moving on to the evul sequesterpocalypse.

    If we put more money in the furnace, the furnace temperature will rise. Whether or not we are achieving any sort of energy efficiency is irrelevant.

    1. Ignore the huge increase in your healthcare premiums or the fact that you don’t have insurance because your employer cut you to 29 hours a week. Pay no attention to that bourgeois truth.

  46. Fashion and Etiquette question.
    What do you wear to a talk from a victim of pirates?

  47. “What does it hurt to have somebody knock on a door and ask, ‘Hey, is everything OK?’ “

    Bonus points if you answer the door with a gun in your hand.

  48. Did any of you hockey fans catch the Red Wings game last night?

    I swear, I saw Detroit score just one goal. I actually left the stands as OT was starting because I figured they’d score if I was down in the bowels of the stadium…and sure enough I was right.

    Baby Reason had fun with the Ducks mascot, though.

    1. SFed the link.

        1. He is super cute. He is a classic Winston Churchill baby.

          1. Pretty sure Reason is a she.

            1. Hard to tell at that age.

              1. Then the correct way to phrase it is “Your baby is super cute.” And then wait until the sex is identified before making a reference.

                But yes, it is hard to tell at that age.

                1. The cute ones generally look like Winston Churchill. Put a cigar in their mouth and the resemblance is uncanny.

                  1. I think I just figured out what she’s dressing up as for Halloween this year.

                    1. I can’t believe she isn’t crying. I’m 42 and if that thing had me in its clutches, I’d being screaming bloody murder.

        2. the crowd doesn’t know what a star is in their midst. Great to see photos of your little one that doesn’t involve a tube or machine that goes ping

          1. Yeah. The docs are pretty amazed too.

            You just gave me a sad, because I just realized that I’m going to have to find her a new pediatrician when we move in a couple of weeks. Ours is absolutely great.

            1. It is unbelievable how tough and resilient they can be. You are terrified of breaking them but then you hear stories like yours and you realize some of them at least are pretty amazingly tough little creatures.

              1. She’s doing the mermaid thing and figuring out how to start pulling herself. Crawling is less than a week or two away now.

                Just what I needed: something else to worry about.

                1. When they go mobile your life will get much harder from what I have seen.

                  1. Yes.

                    Babies are pretty easy until they learn to move. Then you’re endlessly chasing the little fuckers everywhere.

                    From a stay-at-home dad with 2 kids, good luck!

                    1. In my experiences of keeping them and being around then, they are really wily little fuckers. They have nothing but time, ingenuity and endless energy to get themselves and you into trouble.

                    2. Yep. They have an animal cunning. Your only advantage is experience.

                    3. There is a reason for the old saying about how we spend 18 months begging baby to talk & walk, and the next 18 years telling them to shut up and sit the fuck down…

        3. Nice. How’s Banjos doing btw? Barefoot and pregnant as always?

          1. She’s wearing flip-flops,, but your assessment is otherwise spot-on.

    2. Caps 3-1 last night. I think Ovechkin is back. Maybe he did law off the booze and hookers.

      1. i’m still trying to figure out how Holtby stopped the shot that went for review (about 5 to go in the game). it just disappeared.

        1. Me too. Strange things happen in the crease. It is like a black hole or something.

      2. Or he is doing more booze and hookers than ever, and some Russian genetic quirk means that gives him super strength

    3. Was mostly too busy watching the regicide in St. Louis. Well that and watching Dustin Brown try to injure people.

      I did catch the part where they blew a 3 goal 3rd period lead.

  49. It’s A Lot Easier To Raise Money For A Governor. They Have All Kinds Of Business To Hand Out, Road Contracts, Construction Jobs.

    Terry Mcculliffe in 2007. He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

  50. OK, so I’m fuming about the new Tier IV regs for diesel engines today. The new rules are going to cause roughly 50% price increases in mobile diesel equipment in order to comply.

    But here’s the real pisser, most of the new Tier IV compliant diesel engines don’t like running at less than full load and start to wet stack. So in order to get them to run properly, you have to increase the load which causes them to burn more fuel.

    So, 50% more capital expense, lower fuel efficiency, and most likely an incredibly complicated engine that will be a royal pain in the ass to maintain and keep running. All for controlling what is probably a incredibly small contributor to overall air pollution.

    I hate regulators.

    1. All to achieve a decrease in particulate matter emissions that can best be described as miniscule. But for the price of just a few billion dollars, we can make the life of a few very severe asthmatics imperceptibly better. And isn’t that worth it?

      1. If it saves one cough!

      2. I grew up for a few years in LA in the late 90s and 2000 and then went back there for college. I had crippling asthma (think the kid in As Good As It Gets) and the air quality was rarely an issue. On bad days, I just stayed inside.

        Also, control medications are also insanely effective nowadays so while I’m still bad, I function just fine. IMO this disease isn’t really a worthwhile excuse for emission control which is improving on its own, but I’m the opposite of a Sandy Hook parent. I’m a “victim” who thinks the state should worry about other shit, so my advocacy wouldn’t matter one bit on this issue.

        1. The other thing about asthma is that pollen is worse for it than almost anything. My older sister cannot live in anything but a high dry climate. When she was a kid living in a humid climate she almost died, not from pollution but from the pollen in the air.

        2. The aggravating part for me is that it doesn’t even help. If you have to burn more fuel just to get the engine to work properly, how is that achieving a more environmentally friendly solution?

          Besides which, the main contributors to the problem (particularly in LA) are automobiles, ocean freighters, airplanes, and power plants, not construction equipment (they’re about 5% of the total exhaust emitted).

          1. Well, there’s your problem right there. You live in LA.

            Look, they may still drill for oil underneath it, but the elites think that money comes from ticket sales

    2. I thought Volvo had fixed that problem with their Tier IV motors but Cat and Komatsu hadn’t, so they were going to delay the forced implementation (in California, anyway).

    3. Regulations is how big government types, but especially the progressive anti-business party, steer money to their friends, donors, and lobbyists.

  51. James Taranto on why people fake hate crimes

    It seems to us, however, that there is in addition an important psychological component to the phenomenon of fake hate crimes. As we noted last month, the anthropologist Robert Ardrey posited a hierarchy of three basic psychological needs, of which the most important is identity, followed by stimulation and security.

    A shared experience of being oppressed can be a powerful source of identity. That’s why in America groups like blacks, Jews and gays tend to identify more strongly with their groups than do their traditionally unoppressed counterparts, whites, Christians and heterosexuals. (In the case of the latter set, we are referring to the groups as a whole, not to ethnic, sectarian or sexual subsets of them.) To what extent women were oppressed by prefeminist sex roles is a complicated question, but one definition of a feminist is someone whose estimate is on the high side.

    Oppression of minorities, and certainly of women, scarcely exists in America in the 21st century. Genuine hate crimes happen, but they are very rare. Few societies in history have offered more security to the previously downtrodden. But the presence of security only makes the need for identity and stimulation more pressing. Hate-crime hoaxes are an extreme way of meeting those needs.


  52. All for controlling what is probably a incredibly small contributor to overall air pollution.

    We need that soot to reduce global warming.

  53. When you think about the fact that Gosnell’s alleged practices put him in flagrant, intentional violation of the law, it seems silly that his name is now a rallying cry for more legislation.

    Nora Caplan-Bricker, an editorial assistant at The New Republic writing about the Gosnell trial. I don’t even know what to say.



      That’s incredible. Do you think she ever stopped to think about whether her reasoning could be applied to any other circumstances?

      1. No I don’t. I honestly think she wrote that without a single bit of self awareness. I don’t think she is lying. I think she thought about the issue and came to that conclusion. How that fits in with every other thing her and her magazine has ever written never entered her mind.

  54. Genuine hate crimes happen, but they are very rare.

    I don’t know about that. Killing somebody is pretty much a hate crime.

    But murder has been its own special category of crime for quite a while.

    1. Yes. But killing someone because they are black or Jewish or whatever and not because you just want to kill them is pretty rare.

    2. How is that? Some are, obviously. Gang killings are basically hate crimes. I don’t see how somebody being killed in a botched robbery would be a hate crime, though.

  55. Since MLG is posting a bunch of metal, I’ll post something too.

    Spiritual Beggars

    Not metal per se, but the stoner rock band of Per Wiberg of Opeth fame. If you’re a white dude who likes drugs, you’ll be into it.

    1. Every once in a while I will break out Pink Floyd. Listening to it sober is like hearing a whole new record.

      1. Pink Floyd, even sober, is drenched with THC.

        1. Yeah. But I always listened to it as a kid in various altered states. I stopped listening to it for years. Then as an adult went back and listened to Metal and Dark Side and Wish You Were Here sober. And I liked them. But it was a totally different experience.

  56. I used to watch MSNBC quite a bit to see what moronic socialists were talking about. But in the last two months every time I’ve put it on, they’re talking about sensible gun control with all the standard lies and strawmen. I’ll watch a few minutes to see if they move on to something else, but never do, so I turn it off and come back a few hours later and they’re talking about the same shit in the same way.


    1. It’s ‘reasonable’. How can you be against something reasonable?

    2. They can’t help themselves. At this point it is going to take a soul shattering election defeat to get them to stop for a while. That is what happened in 2000 after they realized that gun control cost Gore the election.

      1. I’m concerned that simply advocating gun control and failing to enact it is insufficient to destroy their electoral chances. The ’94 ban directly led to the ’95 rout and Gore’s loss in 2000, but what if it had been defeated? I think those elections may have turned out differently.

        1. They might have. But they are being so public here and so persistent. They are basically ensuring that no Democrat can ever be believed when they say they don’t support gun control. They are making things very hard on themselves that is for sure.

    3. 29% of the public would consider armed revolution as a political option.

      The % of the population that watches MSNBC assumes they will be on the receiving end of that revolution.

      1. Of course they would. All that is needed right now is the right strong man to give these clowns a cause to rally behind. The fact that they would be the first people the guy shot after the revolution was over would never enter their minds. It never does and never has going back to the French Revolution. The few that manage to survive will just lament their lost friends and how tragic it was that things got out of hand and dream of the next time when they finally get it right.

        1. I think he was talking about us.

      2. I think it’s MSNBC’s patrons moreso than their audience.

  57. The dumbest woman in DC decides we need to be WARNED:
    “Barbara Boxer talks tough about her bill to label genetically engineered foods”
    Next week, we get labels telling us people with blue eyes stocked the shelves at the local market!

  58. I think we can probably all agree that people who run dog fighting rings are scum, but if anyone sees anybody engaging in the practice known as “trunking”, just go ahead and beat that piece of shit to death.

    Just thought I post that in case anyone here hasn’t completely lost faith humanity.

    1. I don’t even want to read that or know what it is. But people are worthless scum.

    2. I saw a story this morning about a kitten who was making a miraculous recovery after being doused in butane and set on fire, and then I made sure to pet all my cats before I left for work. Because I am just that gay.

      1. I always pet my cat before I leave in the morning. And she rolls over and bits me as a thank you. Not hard just enough to let me know she could take away the use of my hand if she really wanted to.

        1. You need to get her a large dog to beat up on. You don’t want her to have too much free time to plot your demise.

          1. I have a large retriever. Chasing the cat through the house is pretty much her favorite sport. About once or twice a night the dog decides that she is tired of the cat breathing her air and runs her up on the cat condo or upstairs. Pisses the cat off to no end.

          2. You don’t want her to have too much free time to plot your demise.


          3. Have you been watching Pinky and The Brain reruns again?

      2. I saw a story this morning about a kitten who was making a miraculous recovery after being doused in butane and set on fire

        There’s literally no punishment strong enough, no Hell horrible enough for the person who would do something like that.

        1. Glad the kitten survived though.

    3. That’s not even sporting! Cock fights or dog fighting rings I sort-of get because you’re watching it take place. This is just sick-fuckery because there is no spectating or cheering or anticipation. Just throw em in and come back later to see who won.

    4. I want to put these people in a trunk with a rabid honey badger high on PCP. Fuck these peo… no, they’re not even people. They’re scum.

      Warty, that’s not gay, I pet and cuddle my dogs every time I see something like this too. (you’re gay for SOOO many other reasons, like the gay buttsecks)

      Both my dogs are rescue animals, my rottie was chained to a tree for the first year of his life. When he was rescued, he weighed 40lbs, had little fur, and extreme dehydration. Despite all that, he has been friendly since the beginning. My pit bull was a dog rescued from a fight ring. He was scarred up and scrawny when we got him. He still tries to pick fights with strange dogs, but he’s nothing but loving to people.

  59. iI used to watch MSNBC quite a bit to see what moronic socialists were talking about.

    I do a Morning Joke drive-by once in a while. Those bozos have come completely unglued over gun control. I guess they have a lot of pent-up rage from being whipped like a red headed mule by the evul gun nutz mob for the past twenty years or so. And they act as if that Manchin Toomey bullshit would have prevented every shooting in the country over the past fifty years.

    1. They don’t think they can ever lose another election and thus don’t understand why Big Daddy in the White House isn’t just bullying everyone into submission.

  60. I just overheard my liberal co-worker (I’m pretty sure she’s the only one, at least in management) complaining about how much healthcare costs for her family. Honey, you’re in the upper middle class, it ain’t gonna get any better under your beloved Obamacare.

    The tears would be delicious if my healthcare costs weren’t skyrocketing as well.

    1. They are still delicious. Sadly, I can’t fix your health costs. But don’t let that keep you from enjoying her well deserved misery.

      1. Socialism is shared misery.

      2. Oh, I’m relishing it. I just hope I’m there to see her face if the realization of WHY her healthcare continues to increase ever dawns on her. I’m not holding my breath, but a guy can dream.

  61. Sorry, Ms. Pelosi, Americans are not going to elect a doddering old grandmother to be president.

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