Twerking Girls Run Afoul of School Officials: Your Plot for Footloose II

Scripps Ranch High School is not ready for this jelly


Well, I never! (No really. I'd look so stupid if I did)
Credit: thatguygil / / CC BY-NC-ND

So there's a dance that ladies do in rap and hip-hop videos that everybody on planet earth knows. It's about backs and about how some babies have them. It's about the booty, and how some may wish to see it be popped. It's been around for a good 20 years now and the name of it – "twerking" – has inexplicably suddenly become very popular. In fact, most folks probably didn't even know the move had a name until recently.

So a bunch of high school kids in San Diego posted a video online featuring students "twerking" away on campus. They also shot the video with school equipment during school hours, which is no doubt inappropriate. But is it this inappropriate? Via ABC 10 News in San Diego:

A video posted online has landed students at Scripps Ranch High School banned from going to prom, walking at graduation or participating in end-of-the-year sporting events.  

The video, which shows the teens "twerking," was shot during school, on the property and with school equipment. …

When teachers saw the video on YouTube, they suspended all 33 students involved, including three stars on the undefeated track team.

"One of our best hurdlers, one of our best sprinters, and one of our best high jumpers are not allowed to run at our most important meet tomorrow because they're suspended for this video," said student Emily Benzie.

The irony of being banned from prom! A prime opportunity to twerk! It also may result in the undefeated track team having its streak ruined. Assuming the stupid bans stick, I encourage fellow students to show solidarity by twerking their way across the stage to pick up their diplomas.

Below: Hot, irresistible twerking: