Speed Cameras

French Motorists' Rights Group Targets Speed Traps

Report highlights the worst offenders


Motorists in France are arming themselves against what they consider predatory speed traps. The pro-driving group Forty Million Motorists on Monday released a 32-page report detailing the country's most underhanded speed camera locations. The group compiled the list by sorting through the 67,000 results they received after asking the public to, "Tell me about your radar."

"Every trap is a counter-productive in terms of acceptance of road safety policy," the report explained. "That is why we hope that the selected stories will alert public authorities to the inconsistent and tricky situations motorists identified."

The report classified the testimony they collected under ten general types of speed trap. The first, as represented by the camera on the D338 between Tours and Le Mans, relies upon inconsistency. One side of the road has a 90km/h speed limit (55 MPH) the other side has a 70km/h (43 MPH) limit—only the 70km/h side has a speed camera.

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  1. Perhaps the US equivalent to the French group mentioned is The National Motorists Association:


    They surpassed the old “AAA” in being the motorist’s best friend. (AAA became nothing more than an insurance company and lost any real value for drivers years ago.)

    NMA is worth a look when speed trapping, outlandish “checkpoints”, and other LEO malfeasance is involved.

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