Chicago Cubs Owner Threatens to Pull Team From Wrigley Field

City not allowing the team to place more ads in the outfield because nearby "rooftop businesses" where you can watch the games oppose it


Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts for the first time threatened to move the team out of Wrigley Field if it doesn't receive government approval for more signs in the outfield, including a giant video scoreboard.

"I'm not sure how anyone is going to stop the signs in the outfield, but if it comes to the point that we don't have the ability to do what we need to do in our outfield then we're going to have to consider moving," Ricketts said at Wednesday morning event at the City Club of Chicago where he was the guest speaker. "It's a simple as that."

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  1. DO IT you whiney bitches. I dare you to move to Canada.

  2. Two weeks ago, the Cubs, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and 44th Ward Ald. Tom Tunney agreed to what the parties called a “framework” of plan to renovate the stadium and develop land around it.

    Never fear, Rahm’s got your back. After a sufficient period of bowing and scraping before the bureaucrats, you’ll get your approval and maybe even some tasty tax dollars to compensate for the Soriano contract.

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