Ron Paul Speaks Out Against Police Behavior After Boston Marathon Bombing, Texas Court Says Mints Can Be Evidence of DUI, Obama Tweaks Position on Chemical Weapons: P.M. Links


Credit: Pete Souza
  • Former Congressman Ron Paul has said that the police response to the Boston Marathon bombing was more scary than the actual attack. 
  • A Texas Court of Appeals ruling says that breath mints can be considered evidence that someone is driving while intoxicated. 
  • Obama, who had said that Syrian forces using chemical weapons would constitute a "red line," has said that the systematic use of such weapons will not be permitted.
  • A woman who was attacked by a police dog has been awarded $6.5k by the city of Sioux City, Iowa. 
  • The Supreme Court has ruled that states may limit the use of FOIA requests to residents. 
  • Marijuana legalization has created opportunities for security firms who are fine with pot being legal. ADT, the country's largest security provider, will not sell its products to businesses involved in the legal pot industry because marijuana is still illegal under federal law. 

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