A.M. Links: Senate Passes Bill to Stop FAA Furloughs, Federal Researchers Shut Down HIV Vaccine Trial, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Moved to Federal Prison


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    The Senate passed a bill shifting funding back to the FAA to eliminate furloughs the White House has blamed on sequestration. It now heads to the House.

  • The economists who wrote a paper explaining how debt stunts growth write that vicious criticisms lobbed at them after a computational error was found was a "sad commentary on the politicization of social science research."
  • Federal researchers shut down an HIV vaccine clinical trial when a panel found those receiving it were slightly more likely to contract the virus than those taking a placebo.
  • The 26-year-old who says Tamerlan Tsarnaev carjacked him last Thursday night tells his story. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who's been charged in connected to last week's bombing in Boston, meanwhile, was moved from hospital to federal prison.
  • South Korea is pulling its citizens from a factory complex it runs jointly with North Korea. It's been closed for the last month and the North Korean regime did not respond to the South's demands to talk.
  • Lebanon allowed the first opposite-sex civil union in a country that's only seen religious marriages before.
  • Join Reason TV's Kennedy for a conversation with UCLA ethnomusicology professor Tim Taylor about music and capitalism in a special livestream event today at 2pm ET/11am PT. 

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  1. Happy Friday guys….fuck this week though.

    1. “Second.”


    2. Fuck it, indeed. I’m probably going to bathe in whiskey later.

      1. Works better taken internally.

    1. Dang it. One minute late.

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      2. You’ll end up in a very special level of hell. One they reserve for child molesters and people who try to get first post.

        1. Wher you’ll spend eternity being ridiculed by by people who actually post first (aka. child molesters).

  2. German illustrated sex ed book recommended for ages 5 and up brainwashes kids into thinking gingers should have sex and babies


    1. Only the female is a ginger, so it’s possibly OK.

      1. Hey I’m all for female gingers having sex, preferably with me.

          1. Definately use protection for your soul.

          2. I’ve been married to a Ginger for 10 years so I ain’t got no soul left


        1. Sort of. It has a creepy, “Curious George” feel to the illustration.

          1. Curious George After Dark?

            1. Curious/Questioning George?

    2. We are a proud people and you will be quashed under our boot once we figure out a way to block out the sun.

      1. This is what all that global warming stuff is about.

        COmplain that its too hot, get averyone riled up about carbon rationing, and then propose a nice cheap technological fix by orbiting soletas.

        THEN use them to blot out the sun!

        1. He knows too much.

          1. Agreed. Alert the Daywalkers to his location..

            1. On it.

    3. The way Lars is being held by Lisa in #3–totally beta. And she just put a condom on him in the last pic, obviously not his kid.

      Gingers are evil!

      1. she’s cucking him, fer sher.

        1. Lars should’ve learned to neg.

    4. Wait…the book is about “where you came from” but they used a condom….so did it break?

      “Oops! You were an accident! This is why mommy drinks!”

  3. South Korea is pulling its citizens from a factory complex it runs jointly with North Korea.

    It’s situated on the 38th parallel?

    1. Factory park in the North Korean border town of Kaesong. Apparently the town was in SK until the KW then became part of NK. I’m pretty sure I would be immigrating.

    2. Didn’t the Norks tell them to get lost weeks ago? For some reason I thought their joint factory was already closed.

      And right after Colorado legalized them too. Shame.

  4. http://taxprof.typepad.com/tax…..eases.html

    WE ARE THE 99%!

  5. http://ngm.nationalgeographic……rs-670.jpg

    You can’t fool me – that’s a STEVE SMITH disguise

    1. In Soviet Europe, STEVE SMITH disguises you!

      Wait, no, that is not right…


    2. that’s not a bear… this is a bear

      1. I was expecting drop bears from you. Not one of those guys is jumping out of a tree onto an unsuspecting twink.

      2. I didn’t see “drop bear” in the link, so Imma no click.

        1. Brett L links endangered by ‘SF Syndrome’

          1. Goddammit. Fuck. Shit. Squirrels. Fucking. Ass.

      3. A coffee shop I go to has a bears club. It’s kind of cute. They all look the same. One guys waxes his mustache, what a rebel.

    3. STEVE SMITH has no need for disguise, nor any need to wear the fur of another beast.

  6. http://www.insidehighered.com/…..understood

    Holy shit….

    1. There is NO JOKING in education!

    2. Is the university run by an algorithm?


    3. Yeah. I had a central AFrican professor for Circuits who would make say things about “if I make the exam too hard, you will all come to school with machine guns and kill me”. I could never tell whether he was joking or speaking from experience.

      1. Central Africa, eh? Probably not joking.

        1. Yeah. I think he seriously worried about that. He was a terrible instructor, so I can see why he was sweating it.

    4. Dang, that’s my alma mater too. 🙁

      I don’t recognize the professor, but based on his Asian name, he’s probably in engineering or math, so I wouldn’t have had many classes there anyway.

    5. I had a Chinese e-mag prof that had a thick accent and would talk really fast and howitzer jokes that took us several minutes to parse, by which time he was filling up another blackboard.

      I remember the first day, after running through a high frequency circuit he said, “So you see, Kirchhof’s Law far apart rike Russia.”

    6. This comment is full of win

      “Am I on a killing spree or what?”
      It wasn’t the “killing spree” portion of the comment that got him in trouble. The “am I” part was considered to be dangerously close to a quote of cogito ergo sum, which, of course, cannot be tolerated in a modern university.

    7. Don’t be suprised if this is part of a zero gun tolerance initiative cooked up in one of their conferences being put into practice.

    8. I blame Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This is exactly why we need to ban Violent Video Games!

  7. Passed Out Juggalos defend themselves:

    If we’re so shitty, why do we have over 10,000 likes? Honestly, it’s because we’re just hot girls showin’ our asses, y’know?

    1. I like these girls who troll IRL. Would still double bag it, but…

      1. You only live once. Bareback all the way.

        1. But antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is forever.

          1. Restoras is the Dan Daly of the sex marines.

          2. Can it be transplanted into a robot body?

            1. hahahahahahaha

    2. damn, I know they’re Juggalos, but I still didn’t think it was NSFW.

      Note to self: “Vice.com” is just what it sounds like.

      1. soz gB, but i’m not at work so I just never think about that when I insert links

    3. I read the whole thing and still have no idea who a Juggalo or Juggalette is or what POJ is…what the fuck WAS that?

      1. Juggalos are fans of Insane Clown Posse. POJ find passed-out Juggalos at gatherings and pose for photos around them

        So now you know the what. The why is a bit trickier

  8. Lebanon allowed the first opposite-sex civil union in a country that’s only seen religious marriages before.

    That’s pretty gay.


      1. In this case it is.

        They were doing it right and fucked it up.

        1. Umm…no.

          Unrecognized groups, such as Bah?’?s, Buddhists, Hindus, and some evangelical denominations, may own property and assemble for worship without government interference; however, they are disadvantaged under the law because legally they may not marry, divorce, or inherit property in the country.

          Protestant evangelical churches are required to register with the Evangelical Synod, a nongovernmental advisory group that represents those churches with the Government. It is self-governing and oversees religious matters for Protestant congregations. Representatives of some churches have complained that the Synod has refused to accept new Protestant groups into its membership since 1975, thereby crippling their clergy’s ability to minister to the members of those communities. …

          The Government does not require citizens’ religious affiliations to be indicated on their passports; however, religious affiliation is encoded on national identity cards and noted on ikhraaj qaid documents. The ikhraj qaid, a civil document that indicates personal status information, can be presented by citizens instead of an identity card when they apply for various purposes, such as to obtain government employment or to enroll in or be employed at a university.

          1. Below, notice the [mostly] in my post. I should have put it up here too.

            That detail differs from the link provided, which says the government wasnt involved at all.

  9. http://washingtonexaminer.com/…..slideout=1

    Look at this amazing groundswell of pro-gun control support!!! It is a tidal wave which will smash the NRA and keep all the children safe!

    1. I assume that’s because NRA “blood money” hired thugs to stop the thousands of other protesters getting to the march.

    2. hehe.. The press outnumbered the protesters.

      Schadenfreude Boner Rating? a solid 8.5.

      Best comment:
      “Seen more people in line for Ammo …” at ONE store.”

    3. The guy counts 10 organizations, and the turn out is less than 100, including whatever passes for the press.
      Those aren’t “organizations”, they’re people who got off the elevator on the same floor.

  10. The Gonorrhea Doomsday Is Nigh

    Gonorrhea, one of the the smartest of all the bacterial STDs, is on the rise. From Wyoming to Utah to Minnesota, there are reports of cases increasing, some by 74 percent?all on the heels of the first incurable strain hitting North American genitalia back earlier this year. And now, British doctors who devote their careers to studying The Clap are warning that the disease could be completely untreatable sooner than the U.S. elects a new president. “[T]here is a possibility that if we don’t do something then it could become untreatable by 2015,” professor Cathy Ison, head of the National Reference Laboratory for Gonorrhea in the U.K., told the BBC Wednesday.

    1. Gonorrhea, one of the the smartest of all the bacterial STDs

      If only we could convince it to use its awesome powers for good

      1. Man, I hate anthropomorphizing diseases.

          1. A couple years ago the nurse I was dating gave me the plush Chlamydia for Christmas.

        1. The Toxoplasmosis made you say that.

    2. if we don’t do something

      Interestingly, the article does not mention what ‘something’ might be. But I’m sure it won’t involve less involvement by government agencies.

        1. Monogamy

          That’s just crazy talk.

      1. the disease could be completely untreatable sooner than the U.S. elects a new president

        So is the gonnorhea hinting that if we get rid of Obama it will spare us? Who did gonnorhea vote for in the last election?

        1. It promises to stay treatable if 22A is repealed, but do you really trust a bacterium to keep it’s word any more than a politician?

          1. More than a politician?


            But that is an extremely low bar to set for even a microscopic bacterium to wiggle under.

    3. I blame Japan.

  11. The economists who wrote a paper explaining how debt stunts growth write that vicious criticisms lobbed at them after a computational error was found was a “sad commentary on the politicization of social science research.”

    Whaa! I find it hard to have a sad that economists (and social scientists in general) might have their integrity impugned by politicization of their work.

  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..ssion.html

    Rape doesn’t go as planned.

    1. Fuck you. Again. Stop stealing my shit and posting it one minute early. Ass.

    2. Your link sucks because there is no picture of the sailor chick.

      1. Uh…your typical female servicemember is not like Catherine Bell in JAG.

        1. Virginian (I just had a thought… are you from Virginia? or is your name “Ian”? Not mutually exclusive, I suppose), you are truly a godsend for reminding me of Catherine Bell. If they had bunks at my work, I’d be in one right now.

          1. I am from Virginia, but my name is not Ian.

      2. Your link sucks because there is no picture of the sailor chick.

        This is kind of what it looked like.

        Except, of course, she won.

    3. So the sailor wanted to rape the bus driver instead?

    4. I hope the Dubai courts are rough with him, if you know what I mean.

      But the worst possible punishment of all would be publicizing this so that for the rest of his life he’s known as the guy who got disarmed by a woman. Big deal in that culture.

      1. I think the part where her cooze was inches from his face as she’s holding him from the cops is my favorite part.

        1. Hadn’t considered that. Heh.

      2. I hope the Dubai courts are rough with him, if you know what I mean.

        Oh, please! This is the country that imprisioned a British woman for reporting rape.

        The Pakistani bus driver probably be lauded as the newest martyr for being a poor, innocent Muslim man attacked for no reason by the infidel American sharmuta.

        I mean, the way she wore her Navy Working Uniform, she was just asking for it, right?

        1. Somewhat related: why the fuck do Navy utilities have camo? Does the ocean have splotchy color changes that I’ve never seen?

          1. The stated reason is that grease and oil stains will not be as visible, so sailors will have to buy new utilities less often.

            Really it’s because everyone wants to look more high speed low drag.

        2. Wow, HM, you sucked all the fun right out of that.

          1. Sorry. I can get a little Eeyore-ish at times.

  13. The economists who wrote a paper explaining how debt stunts growth write that vicious criticisms lobbed at them after a computational error was found was a “sad commentary on the politicization of social science research.”

    So they’ve decided to go into climate science instead.

    1. So they’ve decided to go into climate science instead.

      Well the political climate is indeed changing according to them.

    1. ‘That is just the cut that Apple pays its outside developers.’

      The man is confused. The sdk Apple provides is nothing more than a GUI to link independantly made products into their OS framework. Anyone who works exclusively with them is a dumbass not realizing but a fraction of their market potential.

  14. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who’s been charged in connected to last week’s bombing in Boston, meanwhile, was moved from hospital to federal prison.

    Welcome to Obamacare I guess.

    1. You’re wasting your time expecting him to talk. It’s all just pantomime. Human see, human do.

    2. It’s National Health Service, obviously – notice the lack of the definite article. Or is this Talk Like A Limey Day?

  15. Obama’s hubris problem

    Tuesday morning, a peculiar announcement trickled out of the White House press office: President Barack Obama would be holding a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston bombings. At the White House. By himself. No press or other intruders allowed.

    Except the White House photographer.

    That Obama assumed Americans would want an iconic photo of him privately mourning the victims of the bombings was emblematic of a kind of hubris that has enveloped the president and his White House as the president commences his second term.

    1. I think that’s narcissism, not hubris.

      1. Yeah, and it didn’t just start recently.

      2. Whom the gods would destroy they first make self-centered?

        1. Whom the gods would destroy they first make self-centered?

          We can hope.

    2. Any chance He can be persuaded to hold about 111,000,000 more moments of silence. Starting… NOW!

      1. I wouldn’t want to be the bookmaker on those odds.

    3. Typically, you have to be great to have hubris.

      So it’s not hubris.

  16. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/…..13211.html

    The greatness of the paperback.

    1. There were only about 500 bookstores in the whole country pre-WWII? All in the 12 biggest cities? Bull. In 1940, Cincinnati was the 17th largest city, and had at least one bookstore: the James Book Store, which opened in 1831 and was still there in the 1980s.

  17. I think we could take Dubai. Female sailor puts rapist in stranglehold with her thighs. Talk about taunting after the win.

    1. Too slow Brett. Too slow.

    2. She had sightless eyes,
      Telling me no lies,
      Knockin’ me out with those American thighs

      1. “This mellow-thighed chick just put my spine out of place”

    3. Your link sucks because there is no picture of the sailor chick.

    4. At least you mentioned it was a female sailor, which kind of ruined my joke. 🙁

    5. I dunno. What does CNN say about the winter there?

  18. http://www.kvoa.com/news/sexua…..s-monthan/

    Stupid due process didn’t give us the result we wanted.

    1. So the headline and the article state, as a fact, that the guy is guilty, but buried in the article is this: “[the] conviction was overturned by an Air Force general for not being “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

      Wouldn’t an responsible journalist call him an *alleged* offender?

      1. I’m kinda stuck on that whole “responsible journalist” part. What is this mysterious creature of which you speak?

        1. Well, to be fair, Reason has a few. Some bloggers do journalism for free, and it’s sometimes fairly good.

          Stating as fact that someone whose conviction was overturned because of the weakness of the case, is guilty, ought to be shocking and unthinkable even to an ABC reporter, or a morning DJ. Simple human curiousity should make them think, “wait, this general thought there were problems with the evidence? What are the details? What problems did he find with the prosecution’s case? Were the general’s conclusions reasonable?”

          But it seems that the reporter (loosely so called) just heard from this woman and her supporter, adopted the frame of “military covers up sex abuse,” and was so convinced of this narrative that no need was felt to look for supporting evidence.

          1. I mean, does the guy play lacrosse? Then we’d know he was guilty.


          2. I was mostly being an ass, but I get your point.

            It is too rare these days when you find a journalist that is willing to present facts and let you make your own decision. I can’t think of a time that I read an article on CNN or MSNBC or Fox that didn’t attempt to present opinion as fact.

      2. Which is actually a big scandal. He wasn’t at the trial and admits he didn’t even read the transcript. His explanation for overturning the case is basically “but I know him, so he couldn’t possibly be a rapist, I don’t care what the jury says”.

        Next time a cop hits some horrible crime and the DA refuses to press charges, will you be going “now now, we musn’t jump to the conclusion he’s guilty. After all, his close personal friend hasn’t indicted him.”

        1. OK, but that wasn’t in the article, which simply buries the fact of acquittal and doesn’t comment. Discussing the reasons why the general’s decision was questionable would be an example of good journalism, as opposed to the “trust us, he’s guilty” kind.

    2. Way to bury “conviction was overturned” in the fifth graf.

  19. The Senate passed a bill shifting funding back to the FAA to eliminate furloughs the White House has blamed on sequestration. It now heads to the House.

    A local radio DJ made an interesting point this morning. He pointed out that our lawmakers are about to go on break and fly home and they only reason they pushed this was so they wouldn’t have to wait on delayed planes like a commoner.

  20. Crisis for Europe as trust hits record low

    Public confidence in the European Union has fallen to historically low levels in the six biggest EU countries, raising fundamental questions about its democratic legitimacy more than three years into the union’s worst ever crisis, new data shows.

    After financial, currency and debt crises, wrenching budget and spending cuts, rich nations’ bailouts of the poor, and surrenders of sovereign powers over policymaking to international technocrats, Euroscepticism is soaring to a degree that is likely to feed populist anti-EU politics and frustrate European leaders’ efforts to arrest the collapse in support for their project.

    1. Too bad no one who lives there will do anything about it.

      1. Oh they’ll probably do something, but it will be the opposite of what they should have done.

  21. Alright, so what is up in Australia? I’m having a convo with a guy who claims this:

    For decades, Australia has been an enthusiastic adopter of the free-market approach. The consequences ? such as mass privatisations, tariff reforms, and flexible wages and conditions ? have been lauded by the booming financial sector and the political class. Unnoticed in the hubbub, though, has been the annihilation of the manufacturing sector ? which has resulted in 20 years of monthly current-account deficits and a foreign debt approaching $650? billion and an economy dominated by footloose capital and tax-averse multinationals.

    Despite propaganda to? the contrary, employment in Australia is now increasingly characterised by low-paid and insecure jobs in service, logistics, and retail industries.

    This guy is arguing hard that the proletariat’s need an uprising it seems. I don’t have much knowledge of Australia’s situation. Could anybody give me a rundown on the errors in the above quote?

    1. Anytime I’ve seen a leftist saying this, it’s a lie. It reads like a leftist criticism of the 80s.

      “Ughhh ok fine yes there are plenty of jobs, but they’re NOT THE RIGHT KIND OF JOBS!!!”

        1. It really is a bullshit canard, part of the left’s constant shell game.

          “Factory jobs are dehumanizing, we need to transition to a knowledge based economy”

          Then they do just that, by regulating manufacturing, with people as opposed to machines, to death.

          “The loss of manufacturing jobs has done incredible damage to the working class. We need to bring them back.”

          As the man said: If it Moves, Tax it. If it Keeps Moving, Regulate it. And if it Stops Moving, Subsidize it.

          1. I like that quote. It is like this guy read the Communist Manifesto last night and is now trying to apply it to Australia to show how right Marx is.

          2. Ix-nay on the anard-cay or you’ll summon unphy-Day. [Shudders, makes sign of warding]

    2. Unnoticed in the hubbub, though, has been the annihilation of the manufacturing sector

      How could this possibly have been stopped by being less free market? Or should the government have nationalized and subsidized manufacturing?

      1. Unnoticed in the hubbub, though, has been the annihilation of the manufacturing sector

        Not really. Manufacturing is doing well. Manufacturing jobs, not so much.


        or Yr over Yr


        1. …The link was about Australia.

          1. …The link was about Australia.

            Like I am supposed to read the link? Here is the link for Australia (same overall issue. Look at it from 1975 to now)


        2. Sorry for the second link. If you look at it from 1975, you will see that it stays does not deviate much year over year.

    3. briefly and superficially…

      For decades, Australia has been an enthusiastic adopter of the free-market approach.

      Yep, although not enough

      the annihilation of the manufacturing sector

      “Annihilation” is hysterical. Tere’s been a relative decline in manufacturing, as you get in other rich countries

      which has resulted in …

      tendentious to say the least (correlation isn’t causation, of course). Current account deficits (big ones too) were being run long before the reforms in the 80s. Relatively rapid growth of casual and independent contractor employment from the 1980s, and labour hire workers from the 1990s, did not continue through the 2000s.

      A good resource generally is the Productivity Commission
      or the ABS

      1. Productivity Commission

        I think I may have found part of your problem.

        1. I love the Productivity Commission. Seriously. It’s frequently criticised for recommending microeconomic reforms that are too free market. Which of course is like saying a pinot noir is too delicious

    4. Tell him, here lies the problem. Australia is too Bumfuck Egypt for me to check on the veracity of your claims within a timeframe that is not a complete waste of my time and effort. However, the claims you have made I have been hearing out of the mouths of American losers for over thirty years, so I’m familar with your utterly predictable rhetoric as it has been applied here.

  22. http://www.wired.com/wiredscie…..ter-death/

    Only mostly dead.

    1. Excellent news. Looks like I might be able to transplant my brain into a robot body after all.

      1. That’s been my freedom 55 plan ever since I started watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    2. Seems to support the idea that death is a process rather than an event.

      1. Probably the same can be said on the other end of life.

        1. good point.

      2. Of course. It’s not like turning off a switch (with the exception of massive instantaneous trauma to the brain, I guess). I’ve always wondered what happens to a beheaded person. There’s enouvh oxygen and sugar to support brain function for at least a few seconds if not minutes. A good question would be whether the shock renders one unconscious or whether one can still see and hear consciously.

        1. I’m very sure that consciousness persists to suffer the horrible realization of what happened – especially if it is by guillotine.

          1. Supposedly you get about 15 seconds after decapitation.

            1. Unless you’re a Vampire. When Blade cuts off your head, game over, man. GAME OVER!

          2. I would imagne that the sudden, massive drop in blood pressure would make the person unconscious almost immediately.

            1. Well you get about 15 seconds after a massive heart attack. There’s a bunch of stories from France of people shouting the executed person’s name and seeing eye and lip movement.

              But could all be apocryphal.

            1. I wonder if that’s where CS Lewis got the idea for That Hideous Strength?

              1. That and Royal Society experiments where a dog was kept alive for several hours after having its lungs manually actuated by a bellows after removing its diaphragm and rib-cage.

        2. That’s why I’ve always thought that the most humane method of execution would be to drop a 16 ton weight on the head of the condemned. If the brain is turned to mush in less than a second, there can’t be much suffering going on.

          1. The brain takes about half a second to process sensory input, so yes, that or getting (completely) blown up by a bomb is painless, because your brain doesn’t have time to feel the pain before it’s gone.

  23. Judge Made Call to Advise Suspect of Rights
    FBI Wanted to Question Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Further Under Public-Safety Exception

    A federal judge decided to advise Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of his Miranda rights, even though investigators apparently still wanted to question him further under a public-safety exception.

    The judge’s move, made on Monday in the hospital where Mr. Tsarnaev was recovering, has prompted some Republican lawmakers to press the Justice Department as to why it didn’t make a stronger bid to resist the judge’s plans.

    1. Fuck off, some Republican lawmaker slavers.

      1. my thoughts exactly.

    2. The judge’s actions are very atypical. Pay attention to this; it’s significant.

      Also, as to why the DOJ didn’t resist the judge’s plans – it’s not in their programming. They are conditioned to be very, very deferential towards federal judges. Separation of powers, FTW!

      I know this is repetitive, but the significance of this incident is huge.

      John – can I get an “amen”?

    3. The whole thing is just dumb. If there is no evidence that there is still immanent danger from this guy or someone he is associated with, then it is not a public safety emergency situation.

      In any case, he is by all accounts a reasonably smart person who has lived in the US for most of his life. He probably knows what his rights are whether or not they tell him.

  24. Textbook poses interesting question, parents go apeshit.

    In particular, the book, “The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography,” contains the question, “If a Palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen Israeli teenagers in a Jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against Israeli government policies and army actions?”

    It also describes Hamas and Hezbollah ? which the United States considers terrorist groups ? as “political parties,” according to Nashville’s WKRN-TV.

    “It smells of anti-Semitism to me. It opened the door to legitimizing terror,” parent Hugh Nemets told WKRN. He was one of 10 Williamson County parents who complained about the book at a school board meeting last week.

    1. Well, that does sound rather tendentious.

    2. The anti-semitism charge seems overblown. But, seriously, sugar-coating Hamas & Hezbollah is a pretty good sign of ivory tower bullshit.

      1. “Anti-Semitic” is the Israel-first crowd’s kneejerk response to criticism of Israel. It’s a diversionary tactic to force the speaker to deal with the charges of anti-Semitism, which the Israel-firster will drag out as long as possible to avoid an actual discussion of the merits of Israeli policy.

        Pro-tip: Don’t play.

        1. Yes. Justifying the murder of non-combatant teenagers is reasoned political criticism.

          1. Yes, and Israel never kills non-combatant teenage Palestinians. /sarc

            1. I don’t think they go out of their way to target them, which is what the PLO/Hamas/etc. does. The IDF doesn’t say “Hey, let’s bomb a school or bus or pizza parlor!”

              1. Sure they do. It’s just for some reason if you do it from an airplane, the civilians deaths magically don’t count. The US takes advantage of the same magic with their drone program.

                1. You are (intentionally or unintentionally) missing the distinction between targeting civilians and killing them accidentally.

                  1. No, I just don’t think that if you know there’s civilians in a building and decide to blow it up anyways, that you can legitimately claim the deaths were “accidental”. The fact that you’re completely indifferent about the easily forseeable consequences of your decisions does not make those consequences unexpected.

                    It’s the same “procedures were followed; this was just a tragic accident” BS the police use when they kill someone in a raid that goes wrong.

                    1. Possibly because they deliberately hide among civilians in the same fashion that they target them?

                    2. According to the laws of war, when combatants #1 hide among civilians, and civilians are killed when combatants #2 attack combatants #1, any civilian deaths are the fault of combatants #1.

        2. Why call it ‘anti-semetic’? If criticizing a homosexual makes you a homophobe or criticizing a Muslim makes you an Islamaphobe, why not call anyone who criticizes Israel a Judaphobe?

          A phobia is an irrational, disproportionate fear of something, it’s a mental disorder. If it works for gays and Muslims, why not insist only mentally ill people criticize Jews?

          1. A phobia is an irrational, disproportionate fear of something, it’s a mental disorder. If it works for gays and Muslims, why not insist only mentally ill people criticize Jews?

            Maybe the answer is to stop taking seriously any arguments that use “_____phobes” as an intellectual foundation.

          2. why not call anyone who criticizes Israel a Judaphobe?

            Eventhough many who express disdain for Israel are, in fact, Jew haters (i.e. they hate Israel because it’s a Jewish state), it is quite possible to not have a high opinion of Israel, or even Zionism, but still not be anti-Jewish.

          3. Judaphobe

            But what about the other 11 tribes?

            1. The Samaritans don’t get any trouble from Hamas and Fateh. The Tribe of Gad currently fill the ranks of the Taliban. The Tribe of Benjamin don’t distingush themselves fromt he Tribe of Judah these days.

        3. Here’s a pro tip, Tonio: Go Fuck Yourself.

      2. Considering the stated goal of Hamas (but not Hizbollah) is to wipe every Jew off the surface of the Earth…this state-funded apologia for them is anti-Semitic*.

        *Don’t give me the Arabs are Semites too bullshit. You know what I mean.

        1. Yeah calling Hamas anti-Semitic is like calling the NSDAP anti-Semitic: it’s an accurate description of their political beliefs.

        2. Agreed. My original point was that calling the authors of the textbook anti-Semitic for the book’s comments on the organizations was a little over-stated.

          1. That was the point I was trying to make at 9:42

            1. Tonio: yep got that. My 10:26 was more to HM & VA at 9:50 & 9:53.

    3. Its terrorism.

      If an American had suicide bombed a dozen german teenagers in a Berlin restaurant in 1943 that would have been terrorism too.

      If you want to fight a war, fight a war. Target soldiers and military targets. If you blow up a legit military target and it happens to kill a dozen teenagers, that sucks, but thats war.

      1. This. Hamas lacks the intelligence and the ability to stage a real revolution. So they blow up restaurants and public buses.

        A suicide bomber who targets police, soldiers, or government buildings is an insurgent. A suicide bomber who targets civilians is a terrorist.

        1. I think that makes McVeigh an insurgent.

          Im okay with that.

          1. Blowing up a building with a daycare in it?

            1. He blew up a government building that happened to have a daycare in it.

              Was he targeting the daycare? If he was, I will flip flop, but I dont think he was.

              1. He apparently indicated that he found the death of the children regrettable, but that the feds had it coming FWIW.

            2. I believe the military calls that “collateral damage” when they do it.

      2. Bad analogy, Robc. It’s the Palestinians’ homeland, too. This is a fight between two ethnic groups competing for the same parcel of land. Both groups have committed atrocities. There is not “right” side.

        This is not America’s problem and we should resist any attempts to be drawn into it.

        1. ???

          Other than the first sentence, Im not sure what the rest of your post has to do with my comment.

          My comment was entirely about the targeting. Good guy/bad guy makes no difference. Targeting of civilians is terrorism.

          The analogy is dead on.

          Okay, want a better one. An American colonist blowing up Loyalist teens in a Philadelphia restaurant circa 1777 would be terrorism.

          1. Good answer, ROBC. (don’t hit me!)

          2. Okay, want a better one. An American colonist blowing up Loyalist teens in a Philadelphia restaurant circa 1777 would be terrorism.

            Yes, Robc, that’s an apt analogy. (h/t to the Hibernian at 10:19, below).

          3. Were John Paul Jone’s raids on St. Mary’s Isle and Whitehaven terrorism?

        2. Also, whats the deal with people capitalizing the R in my name in responses to me?

          I know where my shift key is, if I wanted my username capitalized it would be.

          1. Senator Boxer?

          2. This is a great way to make sure people purposefully misspell your name.

          3. Srsly, dude, it’s pretty much reflexive for me to capitalize names.

            1. So, E. e. cummings?

              Thats fucked up.


      3. Is the US’s drone program terrorism?

        1. No because the goal is not to specifically target civilian populations.

          If the drones were purposefully hitting cafes the way that suicide bombers do, that would be terrorism.

          Although, I have heard that drones have been using that ‘double tap’ technique where they hit a target twice with a gap in between with the express purpose of hitting the first responders. I think you could argue that the double tap is a terrorist action.

          1. Can suicide bombers blow up weddings and then claim they’re a valid military target because any military aged male there must be enemy combatants?

            1. I’m not really disagreeing with you about the merits of the drone program. I’m just saying that intent matters when defining something as terrorism.

              In the case of the wedding, no one in Washington was thinking ‘let’s blow up a wedding in order to sow fear among our enemies.’ It was an idiotic mistake that highlights a serious problem with the drone program. It still doesn’t qualify as terrorism under any meaningful definition.

              1. Actually, sowing fear *is* one of the intentions of the drone program.

                The idea is that people won’t know when death will strike should they do anything against U.S. interests, or permit such things to happen in their community.

              2. So basically you argument is that we’re better than Hamas because they’re first degree murdering civilians and we’re only second degree murdering them?

          2. And if you knowingly do something that will result in civilian deaths, in what sense are you not targeting civilian populations? It’s just a BS rationalization for why it’s okay for us to kill thousands of civilians.

            1. I disagree. If there is a legitimate, military objective and civilians die, that is not terrorism. If you bombed a city in the old days before targeted missiles, tens of thousands of civilians could die. But if the bombing of that city served a purpose beyond ‘let’s kill civilians indiscriminately’ I don’t think you could consider it terrorism.

              Terrorism is the targeted killing of civilians. That’s why the Boston Bombing and 9/11 were terrorism. If you aren’t specifically targeting civilians, it is not terrorism.

              1. Again, I don’t see how you can rationally say that firing a missile into a wedding doesn’t constitute targeting the civilian participants.

    4. Actually the question is not interesting and merely shows the ignorance of the author.

      It could be terrorism, or it could be a reprisal, or it could be both.

      In order for it to be terrorism then the bomber must have had a goal of bringing about some further political goal as a result of his act, and I don’t mean a vague “gee I wish this would happen” but rather “By my actions this goal is advanced” as the intent. Without that intent it is not terrorism.

      The far more interesting question that you could get out of that situation is whether the bombing could be morally justified.

      1. The far more interesting question that you could get out of that situation is whether the bombing could be morally justified.

        Sure, if the carefully targeted dozen teens gang raped and murdered your sister and the authorities refused to press charges.

        Short of that, no.

        1. What if said victims voted for the political party that initiated the war that killed your family? Not saying that it’s justified, but this is part of the justification calculus on the terrorist end despite the fact that democracy is mostly bullshit and an individual’s vote counts for fuckall.

          1. 1. How do you know how they voted?

            2. Still not a legitimate justification in my opinion. NAP and all that. Voting isnt enough to qualify as an initiation of force.

            1. 1. Magic? Allah told them? 1990’s computer hacking? I don’t fucking care.

              2. I don’t think people who have a suicidal beef give a fuck about non-aggression. Just like the assholes who steal our money don’t give a crap about the morality of what they are doing. They just want our money.

              But I agree, if you are locked in the prison, and you are in a forced voting situation (not the U.S. but some other places force it right?) your culpability in State fuck-ups/defensive actions/collateral damage is marginal at best. As a cynical Libertarian, regardless of how they voted, I think the same fuck-ups would probably still happen.

              1. I don’t think people who have a suicidal beef give a fuck about non-aggression.

                And that is why they are terrorists and bad guys.

                1. By that token, people who discount collateral damage aren’t angels either.

            2. All of this is a perfect example of discussion that will probably never take place in a school because of outraged parents.

              1. All of this is a perfect example of discussion that will probably never take place in a school because of outraged parents.

                In a perfect world, High Schoolers would have the knowledge to frame the discussion in its proper historical and political context.

                Our world is one where High Schoolers can’t even find Tel Aviv on a map.

                1. In a perfect world, High Schoolers would have the knowledge to frame the discussion in its proper historical and political context.

                  The book is designed for AP level courses, I have a slightly higher opinion that they might be a bit smarter (that could very well be wishful thinking).

                  It did sound like the teacher in this particular instance was trying to drive an agenda, but there is always a chance.

                  *shrug* I just think it’s stupid for parents to stunt their children’s learning when they don’t agree with it.

                  1. “*shrug* I just think it’s stupid for parents to stunt their children’s learning when they don’t agree with it.”

                    Debating the accuracy of your textbook is a useful exercise, even if the textbook is ultimately vindicated (don’t know if it will be in this case). Kids should be able to get beyond “if it’s in a book, it must be true!”

                2. Our world is one where High Schoolers can’t even find Tel Aviv on a map.

                  Or Tennessee, for that matter.

              2. Yeah, Sparky, it’s bad when you can’t Goebbels as your substitute teacher. Stifles the discussion about how murdering teenagers can be a good thing.

                If only you had been in that Sbarro’s Pizza when the nailbombs went off.

                Tell me something, how do you type with Lew Rockwell’s AND Noam Chomsky’s balls in your mouth? Just curious.

                1. Tell me something, how do you type with Lew Rockwell’s AND Noam Chomsky’s balls in your mouth? Just curious.

                  Wow, where the fuck did that come from? That is one fuckton of a chip on your shoulder. I suppose you would have nobody even be allowed to talk about WWII or the Nazi party?

                  1. This has to be the most over the top response I’ve ever seen.

                    Tell me something Lord Peter Wimsey, how do you type when you’re filled with such an impotent and unbelievable rage that I can only assume you are currently slamming your fist into your keyboard and screaming about anti-Semites?

                2. If only you had been in that Sbarro’s Pizza when the nailbombs went off.

                  Also, that’s pretty sick dude. If you actually really meant that then I can only hope tomorrow finds you pinned to the ground next to a fire ant colony with all of the skin flayed off your body.

                  1. Ignore the fucktard, Sparky. It’s idiots like that who make try to make discussions about race/ethnicity/creed impossible to have.

                    “what?!?!?! you are even acknowledging an opportunity for reasoned discussion?? LET ME SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE, YOU RACIST ANTISEMITE TEABAGGING HATEMONGER!!!!!!”

                    1. Ignore the fucktard, Sparky. It’s idiots like that who make try to make discussions about race/ethnicity/creed impossible to have.

                      Ain’t that the truth. I’d almost be willing to put money on LPW being one of these outraged Tennessee parents.

                    2. Nah, I bet he’s just one of those people that thinks that if you’re not Jewish, you’re obvioulsy anti-semitic. There is no middle ground. They’re the race baiters of religion.

                      I got called anti-semitic for simply stating the fact that Jews weren’t the only ones killed by the nazis in WWII. He said that I was diluting the struggles of the Jewish people and he wouldn’t be surprised if I was, in reality, a Holocaust denier. Just because I pointed out that other ethnic groups suffered as well.

                    3. He said that I was diluting the struggles of the Jewish people and he wouldn’t be surprised if I was, in reality, a Holocaust denier. Just because I pointed out that other ethnic groups suffered as well.

                      Nice. All hail the eternally offended.

                    4. You can’t be a victim if no one is actively persecuting you.

    5. Wow, parents go “apeshit” just because some lefty textbook is justifying the murder of teenagers while apologizing for palestinian savages who think Hitler was too soft. What is wrong with them???

      Do me a favor $parky, don’t ever tell me you’re a libertarian, you fucking anti-semitic piece of dogshit.

      1. some lefty textbook is justifying the murder of teenagers

        Is it? Because all I can see is a question that might lead to some discussion.

        Do me a favor $parky, don’t ever tell me you’re a libertarian

        I wouldn’t because I’m not.

        you fucking anti-semitic piece of dogshit.

        You are one seriously deranged asshole apparently.

  25. South Korea is pulling its citizens from a factory complex it runs jointly with North Korea.

    Was it because of PR debacle of this ad?

  26. Boston Police Commissioner Davis: Arm us with cameras, drones

    Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis is pushing for a city-run system of eye-level street surveillance technology and making a case for a dedicated NYPD-style anti-terrorism unit to protect Boston from another soft-target strike like the deadly marathon bombing.

    “We need to harden our target here,” Davis told the Herald. “We need to make sure terrorists understand that if they’re thinking about coming here, we have certain things in place that would make that not a good idea. Because they could hit any place. They’re going to go for the softest, easiest thing to hit.”

    1. Give us expensive stuff, the ability to intrude on our citizenry even more, and the next terrorist will go blow somebody up in another city!

  27. Official NFL draft subthread.

    So how dumb were the Cowboys last night?

    1. Sorry I can’t see past the Bears – they have reached so far, they are blocking my view.

      1. I was a bit disappointed with that pick, as well. There were so many guards and tackles taken that I was starting to think we may just have to settle on some 3rd or 4th round offensive line help. I wish we would have gone with the Notre Dame tight end at that pick. But considering that Minnesota had 3 first round picks and still didn’t take Manti Teo (can’t remember where the apostrophe goes = no apostrophe) means we probably made the right move in not getting him either.

    2. Can’t believe they only got a 3rd for that trade down. As annoying as it was staying up and only getting 5 hours of sleep to watch the Pats trade out, at least they got a bunch back.

    3. This 1st round was the weakest in skill positions in memory. My team (Falcons) traded up 10 places to get a guy that was supposed to be there at 30.

      1. Yeah, the Chiefs are so incompetent they can’t even have the worst record in a year when it matters.

      2. But the linemen are supposed to be legit.

        1. True.

    4. Texans go for Andre Johnson II. We’ll see how it works. Congrats to the Germinator and Xavior Rhodes for getting picked up back-to-back in the 1st round.

      1. Good first round for the Seminoles, though why a sane person would draft Manuel in the first round is beyond me.

        1. OVER Geno Smith, no less!

          1. Not that Smith is great, either, but yes, that was a huge surprise.

            EJ is very unlikely to hack it in the pros.

            1. See below. Manuel will be less successful in the pros than Christian Ponder.

              1. I agree completely. I never liked Ponder, either. It’s kind of weird that FSU and UF haven’t filled the NFL with great QBs, given that they’ve had high-powered offenses over much of the last thirty years.

                1. I think Brad Johnson may be the most successful QB from either school in my lifetime.

                  1. That’s what I was thinking, too. And he was mostly a bench player at FSU, right? Crazy.

                2. given that they’ve had high-powered offenses over much of the last thirty years.

                  Well at least with the Gators, their offense has been structured around speedy position players, who do end up going on to do pretty well in the NFL. FSU has had a string of receivers and running backs in the NFL as well. Neither team has “great” quarterback in spite of the numbers their offense puts up, and it always seems easy to plug in a new piece when the previous QB leaves.

                  1. It is odd, though. Most of the (good in the NCAA) QBs the teams have had put up excellent numbers. Not just yards, but QB rating, etc. And the teams both typically throw down field, so it’s not some star receiver’s YAC. On top of all of that, both teams were recruiting high school talent that was supposed to be the best in the country.

                    It’s really weird, and not really easily explained. And it crosses coaches and systems.

    5. I think people should wait at least 5 years before evaluating drafts.

      I was watching the 30 for 30 on the 1983 draft. Washington got Darrell Green with the last pick of the 1st round.

      If you got Elway*, Dickerson, Kelly, or Marino, you probably did better than Washington. Probably.


      1. There is some truth to this. Last year people were saying the Seahawks had the worst draft. It turned out they just have the worst commenter/fan.

      2. Green’s one of my favorite CBs ever. Much better than some that received more hype.

      3. The draft is such a crapshoot. If I were running a team, I would be looking to trade draft picks for veterans any day of the week. If you’re going to be paying filet mignon prices for mystery meat, might as well get a guaranteed thing.

        And screw the ‘this is such a bad draft year because there aren’t any superstar skill position players’. Give me the OL and my grandmother can be a thousand yard rusher.

        1. Draft picks are a lot cheaper than veterans, and there is a salary cap.

          1. I’m all for building through the draft. It’s not that much of a crapshoot. Have a workable scheme and find players that fit into it. BPA is not the best metric, unless the BPA fits your system.

            You can pick up some depth and the occasional stud in free agency, but the draft is the only way to go if you want to stay under the cap.

            1. I think BPA is the way to go, but with the addition that if the BPA is someone you really have 0 need for, trade back.

              1. I don’t. BPA means little in a vacuum. I think pouncing on the BPA contributes mightily to teams losing focus on their schemes and why they got those other ten players.

                That said, there are exceptions to that rule, even for me, if the talent seems insanely great and you’ve got a team that needs serious work.

                1. And that’s why I said you trade back when BPA isn’t your need, thus you still get the less talented guy who fits your scheme, but now you have another pick too.

                  1. Easier said than done. It works great when there’s someone behind you in love with a pick that has dropped to you and will give away the world for it. Not so much when you move back and lose the guy you thought would be there and don’t pick up great compensation.

    6. Mildly dumb. Center was a big need and they were smart enough to trade back, but it was still a reach.

      The Jets on the other hand, fistful of derp. Here’s an idea to produce a long term contender: trade your best player to create a (comparatively minor) need, use your first pick to backfill that need, and use the spoils from that trade to pick a guy that plays the same position as your best player.

      I never liked the Idzik hiring. I like it even less now.

      1. I was really surprised they didn’t pick any offense. Weren’t they still top 10 D last year, even with Revis out? Their issue was a horribly (but hilariously) incompetent offense.

        1. Yeah, their defense is down a bit from a couple years ago, but still quite good.

          Sanchez, on the other hand, could be the worst “good” QB in the league.

          1. It’s not even just Sanchez (though he is a problem). They don’t have a running game and their receivers aren’t great, and doesn’t their O-line need help?

            1. Yes, the salary cap issues have forced guard to become a problem and RT has been a black hole since Woody left.

              There’s rumors about making a deal for Ivory, but I don’t know if he’s all that much of an upgrade over what’s there.

              The receivers have a chance to be good if they’re healthy; Holmes can play when he wants to, Hill is overloaded with talent but is very raw and had injury problems last year, and Kerley is great in the slot. The problem is TE where they have nothing and the guy attempting to throw the ball to these guys.

        2. I was at my in-laws during that game. They’re all Giants fans, so they joined me in my maniacal laughter after that play. God, I hate Sanchez.

          I would be fine with no offense if they got the right guys, but they didn’t. Milliner was a fine pick if you’re thinking long term (though I think I’d have preferred Warmack) and was BPA, but Richardson was dumb even if he was BPA (which I doubt). Unless the Jets shift to a 5-2, he’s only going to see the field in sub packages or off the bench. For the duration of his stay on the team. Eifert was the play there, and they boned it. If you’re going with D, any one of the next 4 guys picked would have been a better fit.

          I can’t wait for tonight when they take Nassib in round 2 and a year from now refuse to take a marquee talent at QB because of him. Yay Jets!

    7. The Vikings decided to make it just a single round draft, apparently.

      1. Yeah but they made 3 great picks in that round. Overall I really like what they did. I’m still not sold on Ponder as their solution at QB but really I can’t say that any of the guys available this year would be clear upgrades over him and by filling out the rest of the team leaving him no excuses they can see whether he is the solution next year and if not pick up a QB in next years draft which is supposed to be a better QB deaft than this years.

        1. Also, I think a better longterm plan is to build around the QB slot first, then pick up your franchise guy when everything else is solid. First off, you don’t ruin a good QB prospect by getting him killed via sacks or just poor development. Next, you are likely to get higher picks if you hold off on your QB since he’ll probably make the most difference in terms of wins. Then when you pick the QB you’re suddenly a beast time.

    8. Well I damn near called the Pats – Vikes trade yesterday , the only thing I didn’t get right was the compensation (The Pats got more picks this year but none next) and who the Vikes would use the pick on (I Thought they’d draft a QB to put some pressure on Ponder).

      For the rest…

      The Jets are as usual idiots, Millner they lucked into as he should have gone 2 – 3 picks earlier and he filled an obvious need of theirs but Richardson was a dumbass pick because they did not need another D lineman, they needed offensive help, probably in the form of a WR or TE

      The Bills did not surprise me by trading down and taking a QB but their choice of guy did surprise me because the odds that anyone else would have taken Manuel in the first were slim to none and it it got to the point where it looked at all possible (2 of Smith, Nassib, and Barkley already having been drafted) then there were plenty of teams at the back end of the 1st round who would have been more than willing to trade back. That said they do have a history of making picks like this.

      1. A couple of guys in the local media wanted the Jets to trade back for Manuel. A lot of the people that talked to him love the kid, and he seems to be a great fit for the read-option fad. Gruden just about had an orgasm after that pick.

        1. Take it from a guy who watched him up close for 3 years, when the time comes for EJ Manuel to pick the team up and carry it across the goal-line on his shoulders, he’ll wait five minutes and come up short.

          1. So he’s perfect for Buffalo then. Maybe he can take them to four straight Super Bowls and never quite make the win.

            1. That was my reaction–only a team like Buffalo would stretch to pick a guy that shouldn’t be drafted in the first round.

          2. Oh, so he’s a perfect fit in Buffalo.

          3. Yeah, that pick was a real head-scratcher. Manuel’s never shown himself to be the kind of QB that can carry a team, and Buffalo needs that in the worst way.

            That said, I’m pretty happy with who the Broncos took. They need D-line help, and for a little while there I thought they might actually luck out and Sharif Floyd would drop down to their slot. But Sylvester Williams is a solid pick.

    9. Traded back, only got a 3rd, for a guy who Mayock gave a 3rd round grade on. Beautiful! Meanwhile SF picks up a hard hitting safety and is positioned for the 2nd pick in the 2nd rd to grab their D-Lineman.

  28. Donna Brazile, Republican plant.

    George W. Bush was good as his word. He visited the Gulf states 17 times; went 13 times to New Orleans. Laura Bush made 24 trips. Bush saw that $126 billion in aid was sent to the Gulf’s residents, as some members of his own party in Congress balked.

    1. Spending money was his specialty – no one ever doubted that.

      1. Spending money was his specialty – no one ever doubted that.

        But isn’t that how ‘we’ show we care?

        1. I though we did that by hitting.

    2. Plant is probably a good word for her.

    3. Is this the Democrats’ new playbook? Make Bush look good so that Dear Leader who continues all the Bush policies looks good as well?

      1. They’re setting the stage for 2016 where they call Rand Paul a crazy extremist, not at all a centrist that could reach across the isle like Bush.

  29. “UCLA ethnomusicology professor”

    Now there is some value added to CA – thanks taxpayers!

    1. Meh. It’s not as bogus as you might think. Most academic study of music focuses on western tradition. It’s legitimate to study the music made by other cultures.

  30. So Lebanon was managing to do marriage [mostly] correctly and then screws it up.


    And all of you losers saying it was impossible to not have state sponsored marriage licensing, that wasnt an obtainable goal. Well, Lebanon has apparently been doing it (at least until now).

    1. Does somebody need a juice box?

      1. I’d like one if you’re passing them out.

  31. Hyundai pulls ad that plays suicide for laughs

    Korean automaker, Hyundai, has apologized for an advertisement that featured a man attempting to commit suicide with exhaust fumes from one of its SUVs.

    The ill-conceived punch-line was that the SUV, an iX35, runs on hydrogen and, therefore, emits only water vapor, so the man can’t kill himself.

      1. haha! The Keffiyah was just the right touch.

  32. 1950s dating video advises women, “Don’t be such a shrew and you might just get a man.” The Atlantic (2013) holds it up as an example of unthinkable patriarchy deserving only contempt.

    1. Of course. I know plenty of shrews that have men.

      1. Beta males?

    2. Don’t be a twat is the new advice.

      1. I thought the new advice is: Get a career and be a slut, because you don’t need a man.

        1. There’s no such thing as a slut! Even if you’re banging some random guy from a bar every night, you can’t be called a slut because… uh… that’s slut shaming!

          1. Where does cunt punting fit in?

            1. This is my new favorite phrase. I chuckle every time I think about it.

    3. So the writers at Atlantic think that men should just put up with shrewish women?

      1. What are you, some sort of anti-Soricidae-mite?

      2. SEXIST!!!!!one!!!eleven!!!

        1. It’s true. I also think women should not put up with lazy bums. Telling them what to do? Even more sexist!

    4. “You’re not like other girls. You’re different. Smarter. Like a man.”


  33. a conversation with UCLA ethnomusicology professor Tim Taylor about music and capitalism

    Darn, I’d love to listen in on that, but I’m scheduled to delete backed-up episodes of Judge Judy from my DVR.

  34. In case anyone is interested in listening, an interview with Jeff Bauman (bombing victim that lost both his legs at the knees) will be replayed on WEEI at 9:20am. Go to the link, click ‘Live’


  35. Charles Krauthammer on Bush’s legacy:

    Clare Boothe Luce liked to say that “a great man is one sentence.” Presidents, in particular. The most common “one sentence” for George W. Bush is: “He kept us safe.”

    Except for that whole 9-11 thing.

    Not quite right. With Bush’s legacy being reassessed as his presidential library opens in Dallas, it’s important to note that he did not just keep us safe. He created the entire anti-terror infrastructure that continues to keep us safe.

    Except for those recent bombings, which succeeded in spite of the intelligence being tipped off about the bombers a year in a advance.

    And those other attempted bombings that failed only due the the bombers incompetence.

    1. Maybe Charles needed to insert a “tried to” between “He” and (switch out kept) “keep”.

  36. This weekend, I’ll be in Ann Arbor – aka, Michigan’s liberal armpit. It’s a nice place to shop at, but I wouldn’t recommend living there.

    1. This weekend, I’ll be in Ann Arbor – aka, Michigan’s liberal armpit

      I thought that was Detroit–or is Detroit the incurable gonohrrea-infested crotch?

  37. Candice Swanepoel is still hot!


    1. She is pretty close to perfect.

      1. Ive seen better calves.


      2. Agreed.

    2. For god’s sake…those legs and in all the pictures she is wearing only one pair of shoes that don’t look ridiculous!

      (not gay. nttawwt.)

      1. The first pair she has on is the best pair, from my point of view.

      2. She was wearing shoes?

        I thought it was sad I noticed the calves to nitpick about.

    3. Eh great legs but she’s way too skinny, she really could stand to gain about 20 lbs of muscle because right now her shoulders are WAY to narrow for her height and her collar bones make her look like she just walked out of a concentration camp

      1. Yeah, that’s what I’m always looking for in a woman – broader shoulders.

  38. I will be visiting Los Angeles this coming month. IIRC, we have several people out in that area, no?

    Anyone have any suggestions for things to do. I’m coming in town for a wedding and I’m going to be there for about a week. Possibly anyone want to meet for a drink?

    1. Medieval Times was suprisingly enjoyable. It’s basically just another type of dinner theater.

      1. I got stumble-drunk at Medieval Times once. Actually, mostly on the way to Medieval Times. I drank so much on the way there I had to leap out of the limo once it stopped and run for the bushes. Then at the show I drank tons of Hoegaarden in a souvenir mug that I promptly forgot. There was jousting.

        TRUE STORY. Aw, good times. Medieval times.

  39. John Boehner’s daughter is set to marry a Jamaican stoner.


      1. Wow no wonder Boehner cries so much.

  40. A conservative relative sent me this link last night: Ron Paul Sabotages Son’s Race with Fringe Advisory Board

    The Daily Beast reports that the ex-Texas Congressman is creating the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, a think tank concerned with what Paul considers important foreign policy and civil liberty issues. It appears that the institute’s board contains some truly bizarre characters: Putin shills, Serb genocide apologists, 9/11 truthers, and pro-Confederate loons.

    1. With Ron Paul I always have to remember (the Iron Law?) that no matter what position you take, there is some asshole who mostly agrees with it.

    2. Check your source before you smear my boy Ron Paul. The American Interest is controlled by people such as Ralph Peters and Robert Reich.

      1. Ralph Peters actually writes pretty interesting fiction.

        1. He used to write interesting non-fiction too before he got cashiered.

          I haven’t read any of his fiction for a long time. Is it still as good as his early stuff?

          1. The last one I read was The War After Armageddon. Which I enjoyed. Very interesting concept.

      2. Yes, it’s clearly a biased source, which is why I wanted to get a reaction here.

  41. Posted this on the Kennedy thread, but it should get broader exposure: Ace of Base guy was a Nazi. Apparently, the sign he saw was a swastika.

    1. You know who else was a Nazi?

    2. lots of nazi skinheads in the 80s.

      as a skinny punk kid, I had a few run ins with them.

      Later, at least in the local scene, there were a bunch of skinheads, but most of ’em weren’t nazis. More of a “street rock” scene. But a few did dabble with the white power stuff – Skrewdriver was always popular.

      1. Yeah, I seriously doubt he was a committed, ideological Nazi. Much more likely, he was a retarded kid who liked shouting “oi!”

        Still, I found the article amusing.

      2. What is it with neo-Nazi bands named for hand tools?

    3. on the Kennedy thread

      I could not click past the image on that article. The image of Kennedy that is.

    4. You are just trying to get Groovus back here; you can admit it. Where is he anyway, Lady Doc got him?

      1. Pretty much – I had the same thought when I first saw the article. “Poor Groovus, he’ll be so disappointed.”

        1. meh, Kylie Minogue is much better than Ace of Base.

          And if that doesn’t get him back here, nothing will

  42. This is totally not creepy at all: Gases to Be Dispersed Across City (Exhale: It’s a Test)

    On three separate days this July, invisible and odorless gases will be released in subway stations and at street level in all five boroughs of New York City. But officials in the New York Police Department will not be alarmed ? it was their idea.

    1. [insert chemtrail troll here]

      1. LIZARD PEOPLE!!!!1!1!one!

        1. I voted for the Lizard People in 2012.


        2. Not us, we don’t fart….jerk

    2. It will take place immediately following the annual Policemen’s Mexican Food festival…….

      1. invisible and odorless gases

        I highly doubt those would be odorless gasses…

  43. Mark Sanford runs full page ad of bullshit about why he was caught stalking (or trespassing) his ex-wife – then blames Democrats for politicizing it.

    http://scsoapbox.com/wp-conten…..ord-ad.jpg (full ad).

    This was John’s POTUS star a few years ago.

    1. Crazy man, thinking the house he paid for is his.

      1. How dare he not just give everything to his wife.

        1. How dare his wife expect people not just waltz into her house whenever they feel like it? Doesn’t she know that she’s still his property, regardless of what our heathen courts might say?

          1. Nice strawman. Excuse me, “strawperson”. Fucking privilege, always interloping.

            1. It’s about as strawmanny as the arguing he still legitimately owns the house he agreed to give up in the divorce.

              1. I find both conclusions to be incorrect, but yours was the only irrelevant of the two.

    2. I’m shocked that a dad would watch a football game with his son.

  44. Shouldn’t you be at the GWB Library, pouring gasoline on your head, Shreeek?

    1. I’ll pay for the gasoline.

  45. Kenny Loggins died for your sins


  46. “Somali Prosecutor killed in Mogadishu”

    Anyone else want to explain how a prosecutor exists in an “anarchy”.

    1. It’s a translation error. He was actually Somalia’s version of the Punisher.

    2. Reading the wiki on Somali customary law made me very interesting. Anyone know of any good books on the subject?

      1. interested*

      2. Reading the wiki on Somali customary law made me very interesting. Anyone know of any good books on the subject?

        You can try this one.


        I have read this one and it is good as well (written by a libertarian):


    3. Well, to be technical, he doesn’t anymore.

    4. Those private, competing courts will still need prosecutors.

  47. Schmidt also shared his belief that Glass will cause people to “develop new etiquette to deal with such products that can record video surreptitiously and bring up information that only the wearer can see.”

    Foremost, especially when it advances from Google Glass to Google Contact, is the understanding that all sexual encounters are being recorded. Your one night stand WILL end up on the internet.

  48. Modesto, CA police help a man steal a woman’s car, enter her house illegally, assault and batter her and threaten her with arrest. City settles lawsuit for $120k. The officers were nt charged with any of the crimes.

    FTA: According to the lawsuit, a DigitalDog driver tried to repossess Letona’s Mitsubishi Galant. Letona told the driver there was a mistake and she did not owe money on the car.
    The tow truck driver then requested help from police. The officers arrived and entered the home without permission and asked for the keys to the car. Rosa Letona called 911 and pleaded with dispatchers to send someone to help her. She requested to speak to a lieutenant or the officers’ supervisor. The lawsuit says dispatchers told her not to call 911 again.
    The lawsuit says officers twisted Letona’s arm behind her back, pushed her and handcuffed her and put her in the back of a hot police car after she tried to stop officers from entering the garage. The lawsuit says at one point one officer drew his gun and threatened to shoot the family’s dogs, which were in the garage, if family members did not secure them.

  49. Twinkies Return, Hostess Unions Won’t

    somewhere I hear MNG sobbing – as he stuffs his face with a union-era Ding Dong.

    1. as he stuffs his face with a union-era Ding Dong.


    2. God I love watching unions self destruct.

      There’s a local school district that’s in the process of doing just that. The Strongsville teachers union has utterly fucked itself by using the very stereotypical union thug tactics that expose them for what they are. Overpaid, arrogant bullies that don’t give two shits about kids or education.

      It sucks for the kids, but watching it happen is amazing.

    3. I miss MiNGe. He was a good foil from the other side and at least debated (mostly) honestly.

      1. Hercule was the best troll.

        1. Technically, no. Pale Native was the best troll. Hercule was the most entertaining.

      2. Yeah. He could get a little bitchy, but I thought he mostly argued in good faith. Definitely a step above Tony or Shrike.

    4. Another union own-goal. Golly, I wonder why private sector unions are having such a hard time.

  50. Jailed police officer being sued by women he sexually assaulted numerous times in the police station.

    He’s been jailed for 10-23 months for “oppression” after many of the sexual assault charges were dropped even though there were multiple witnesses, including other officers who chose to do nothing to stop the sexual assaults.

    Looks like “professional courtesy” extends to rape now.

    1. He’ll be looking at a fat payday when he’s reinstated with back pay.

  51. The lawsuit says dispatchers told her not to call 911 again.

    You can’t call the police to come save you from the police.

    1. This is why we need multiple, private police forces. Then they can brawl like the fire brigades in Gangs Of New York.

  52. Here’s a
    story about police not shooting a dog

    Unfortunately, it was so their dog could maul an innocent bystander.

  53. [knock-knock]
    “Yes, I’m with the police department. I need you to give me your prescription drugs. Also, do you have any guns or dogs in the house?”

  54. http://dailycaller.com/2013/04…..s-student/

    Feminist insanity of the day.

    1. That actually isn’t a good example of feminist insanity, it’s an example of the Daily Caller’s sketchy reporting.


      That’s the original letter, and it doesn’t compare the new logo to rape. It says that there are serious issues on the U-Conn basketball team with violence against women, etc. and the feminist argues that those problems should be addressed, yet the university seems more interested in branding than fixing a problem.

      Obviously feminist insanity is a bottomless well of madness and delusion, but I don’t think this particular example has anything wrong with it.

  55. http://www.nationalreview.com/…..ate-school

    Terry McAuliffe is still a piece of shit.

    1. I know our entire political class is awful. I am not naive about that. But McAuliffe seems like a special breed of dirtbag in a world of dirtbags. He is just appalling. He really seems to have never made an honest dime or done an honest thing in his entire life. You couldn’t make up a bigger characterture of the corrupt Washington insider than McAuliffe.

  56. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-22246328

    Remember when the Pigford scandal was just a racist right wing meme? Apparently the NYT didn’t get that memo.

    1. another bewildering post… pictures of radioactive Pripyat relate to a US class action for discrimination because…?

      1. It is called not cutting and pasting properly.


        There you go.

        1. you know, I was looking forward to a more elaborate explanation than simple incompetence.

          1. I am lazy, not insane.

        2. New settlements would provide “a way to neutralize the argument that the government favors black farmers over Hispanic, Native American or women farmers,”

          So a protected class now be termed a favored class relative to substantively less-favored protected classes?

          1. Now we know why the NYT took an interest. The election is over. And it looks like someone besides the taxpayer got fucked.

    2. The memo about Pripyat, Ukaraine?

      Yeah, Breitbart was called a racist jackass for years for talking about the Pigford fraud. His website can be scummy as hell sometimes, but it seems like he ends up being vindicated much more often than the media is willing to admit.

      1. See the link above. But the Ukrainian pictures are pretty cool, even though they don’t relate to this thread.

        1. Here’s a Breitbart link about it.

          It’s actually kind of funny because the people at Breitbart are gloating like motherfuckers. Half of that article is just them pointing out times people claimed they were lying.

          1. When he did those videos of the Planned Parenthood workers, he trolled the media perfectly.

            1. What’s funny about Breitbart is that the things they do that are sketchy are completely ignored by liberals when their own people do the exact same thing, but when Breitbart does it it is proof of the pure malice that burns in the heart of all conservatives.

              James O’Keefe is evil for selective editing, but Michael Moore and NBC News both get passes.

            2. he trolled the media perfectly

              That was really Breitbart’s genius. He understood how the media operated, and hated them for it, and used that knowledge and their own techniques against them. That’s the reason his death was a real loss. People capable of advocating for the left or right are a dime a dozen, but Breitbart was driven by a burning desire to smash the media gatekeepers, and that’s rare. Usually they just want to join the club.

              1. Yeah Fatty. Breitbart really didn’t give a fuck. He hated those people. He would have never been coopted because he wanted to destroy the club not join it.

                1. Breitbart’s one of those guys that I sometimes want to dislike because he’s so far to the right, but he just had too many good soundbytes and insults that he lobbed at the left.

                  One time, someone asked him why he seemed so intense all the time, and if he ever took time off and just relaxed.

                  Breitbart responded: “I used to like walking through the woods to relax, but every time I see a tree, I just want to kick its ass.”

                  I mean, how can you stay mad at someone like that?

                  1. I honestly don’t think he was right wing so much as he hated the smugness, hypocrisy, and outright dishonesty of the media. He hated that stuff that should be covered wasn’t.

                    Really, he was a muckraker.

  57. New Jersey movement that supports the right to bare arms picking up momentum. People actually say the ban violates the constitutional rights.

    Don’t get too excited, though.

    1. I won’t. But it would be funny as shit if an unholy alliance of gun owners and public employees kicked fatso out of office in 2014.

      1. John, pretend that you know how to spell and reread the post.

        1. I do know how to spell. I just assumed you didn’t.

          1. Now ^^that’s^^ funny.

            1. It is a mistake I would have made. So why not assume someone else would do the same thing?

        2. To be fair to John, I just assumed you’d misspelled it, too.

    2. You see what happens when you try to not let girls be slutty.

  58. Suffolk County, NY financial shell game is apparently too difficult for the county treasurers to understand. They missed making their first interest payment on their debt.

    If this bullshit was tried in the private sector, the company’s officers would be in jail. Since it’s a municipality, it’s a laughing matter.

    1. You mean if I was running a private retirement plan and I massively over committed my funds and lied to my employees and investors assuming absolutely unsustainable rates of returns in order to balance my books, I might be in some trouble?

      1. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

    2. That will buy you fewer than 20 butter-poached lobster rolls (not the most expensive thing on the menu) at Dave’s Grill in Montauk, a quaint fishing village on the island’s northern tip



  59. Astonishingly, George Jones has died. Who knew something could kill him?

    1. That is awful. If George can go, how far behind could Kieth Richards be? Or Willie Nelson. In ten years what the hell are we going to have left? Justin Bieber?

    2. He’s just playin’ Possum.

  60. Mother Jones: Occupy Draws a Bead on the NRA
    The movement that went after Wall Street has a new target.

    The NRA should be terrified. Occupiers might camp out outside their headquarters, sexually assault each other and do heroin until the cops break it up.

    How will the NRA fight such a worthy foe?

    1. That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Cuts into some of the grief over George Jones dying. Do those clowns really think they are going to be successful camping out and harassing gun owners? I know a whole lot of gun owners who actively hope and pray for the day a mob of dirty hippies show up to do them harm.

      1. Maybe their plan is to get lots of cannon fodder hippies to take beaucoup bullets, and then tie the gun owners up in court Zimmerman style.

        Good plan, guys.

      2. Before the march, Roach asked demonstrators in the crowd gathered at McPherson Square to raise their hands if they’d been personally affected by gun violence. A handful did, including Chuck Reisse, who raised a sign with an image of a tombstone reading: “Because a gun manufacturer isn’t quite rich enough, 2008-2013.” Reisse later described his hometown of Philadelphia as a “nice place to live if you’re a bullet,” and said that he has friends there who have lost friends and family members to gun violence.

        Maybe you should clean up your own fucking neighborhood then, bro. This is what gets me. One of the primary arguments in favor of gun control seems to be “My neighborhood is a shit hole and everyone around me is shooting each other. You should have your rights taken away due to my neighborhoods incompetence and evil.”

        1. mcpherson square is about a block from my office. i walked past it yesterday and didn’t even see them. it was like a normal lunch crowd.

        2. Especially in Philly, which thanks to all kinds of bullshit double standard laws, is about as antigun as Chicago.

          These idiots never draw the connection though. I mean, Houston is much safer then Chicago. Why is that? What possible difference is there? Both have huge populations, lots of gang activity, organized crime, and all the other things we associate with cities. So what is the fucking variable?

        3. Projection is part and parcel of the anti-gunners rhetoric. I’ve actually been in a conversation with a lefty where he said the reason I shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun is because HE’d be too tempted to shoot people that pissed him off.

          The fact that I have been armed while getting into a screaming match with this guy and I didn’t shoot him seemed to be lost on him.

        4. Because a gun manufacturer isn’t quite rich enough, 2008-2013

          So as long as we’re all smithing our own guns at home, or 3-d printing them, then you’re cool with it, Chuck Reisse?

          I suspect not.

          1. They seem to be trying to paint gun manufacturers like tobacco companies have been, which seems dumb. Are people falling for that. The tobacco settlements were ridiculous, but the tobacco companies really did pull some shady shit. I just don’t see the parallel with gun manufacturers. But the controllers sure are pushing that angle hard.

            Where do people who are not already into guns ever see a gun advertisement? I’m pretty sure I never did until I contributed to NRA and started getting American Rifleman.

      3. I predict that Occupy’s protests will have the same effectiveness at tearing down the NRA that they did to tearing down Wall Street.

      4. You know what would be epic.

        What do the occupy hippies hate the most, the 1% and guns/gun owners right.

        Now imagine them camping out and protesting outside of the offices of Duck Commander and catching the Robertsons responses on Duck Dynasty.

    2. NRA headquarters is right next to the interstate. maybe they’ll pitch their tents in the middle of I-66

      1. Couldn’t make that shit interstate any worse.

    3. “Mother Jones: Occupy Draws a Bead on the NRA”

      Violent, irresponsible rhetoric.

  61. Occupiers might camp out outside their headquarters, sexually assault each other and do heroin until the cops break it up.

    You forgot, “Shit on the lawn.”

  62. The movement that went after Wall Street has a new target.

    They totally kicked Wall Street’s ass.

  63. Yes, I Really Am Bisexual. Deal With It.

    Over the next few weeks, as I felt myself falling quickly under Jared’s self-assured spell, I became terrified of clasping his hand and stepping onto the hetero-normative conveyor belt: engagement, wedding, mortgage, children, evenings on the couch watching a bunch of straight people behave just like us on TV. My woman-loving side would be obliterated, and with it a piece of myself.


    1. Yeah, I don’t think so.

      1. Once I was committed to this man, how would anyone know I also liked women unless I went out of my way to tell them?

        Why the hell does it matter?

        1. Uh, hello 3some

    2. As Jared dreams of day after day threesomes. Poor Jared.

    3. I can buy into the concept of the “bi sexual”. But mostly those are people who are emotionally attached to the opposite sex but are for whatever reason able to separate that and have sex with their own sex for either kinky fun or to please their partner. Think like men who cruise for the odd blowjob or women who will get it on with another woman so her b/f can watch.

      But if you are holding hands and feeling emotionally attached to someone of the same sex, you are more than likely just gay. NTTAAWWT

      1. Nah. She wanted to be a dyke because PATRIARCHY, but it didn’t stick. Everything is political with this kind of person, and she feels guilty that she doesn’t want to eat pussy for feminism anymore.

        Is it reasonable for me to claim queerness when I’ve benefited so much from heterosexual privilege: shared health insurance, uncomplicated baby-making, implicit legal guardianship, inarguable life insurance beneficiaries, a federally recognized union?

        1. Aw, she wants to have it both ways. That’s adorable.

        2. Funny. If some guy guilts his girlfriend into getting it on with a woman to please him when she really wasn’t into it, they would no doubt consider that rape. But when a bunch of college feminists guilt a woman into being a “Lesbian until Graduation” at some women’s college, that is perfectly okay.

        3. “uncomplicated baby-making”

          Facts about biology count as privilege now?

          1. Turkey basters are complicated?

            Who knew?

    4. Once I was committed to this man, how would anyone know I also liked women unless I went out of my way to tell them?

      There is the crux of this exercise in narcissism. Everyone has to know that I’m special!

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

        Who the fuck cares that you like vag, too? I know a guy who’s bi, and in the same conversation where he said that it’s nobody’s business who he sleeps with, he made DAMN sure to let everyone within earshot know that he loves the cock.

        If it’s not my business, why do you need to tell me?

        1. Why did you let him talk so much while he was sucking your cock? He should have been concentrating.

          1. I was doing him in the ass. Much more Alpha.

            1. No ball gag? Amateur hour.

    5. http://www.theonion.com/articl…..year,1505/

      Lesbian Identity Ends Abruptly Mid-Junior Year

      1. I know a few Oberlin students, and a few Oberlin townies. Guess how the townies feel about the students.

        1. My wife worked for a women’s college right after she got out of college. She describes being a student there like being in prison. Women become lesbians as a coping mechanism while they are there.

    6. Sounds like she just hasn’t found the right man.

  64. One of the primary arguments in favor of gun control seems to be “My neighborhood is a shit hole and everyone around me is shooting each other. You should have your rights taken away due to my neighborhoods incompetence and evil.”


    1. Gun control is entirely based on a pre-crime mentality. It’s already illegal to use guns on people.

      1. Why don’t you want to prevent crime?

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