Boston Marathon Bombing

Florida Professor Claims Boston Bombing Was "Mass Casualty Drill," Also Thought Sandy Hook Shooting was Staged

Tenured, natch


Reason 24//7

In theory, tenure is supposed to ensure intellectual integrity and protect professors who might hold unpopular opinions or find themselves at odds with authority. In practice, American academia is woefully lacking in ideological diversity, something even largely liberal social scientists are starting to get wise to. Nevertheless, tenure remains an attractive perk.

From Fox News:

The nutty Florida Atlantic University professor who suggested the Sandy Hook school massacre was staged is at it again, blogging that the Boston Marathon bombing was some sort of government drill.

James Tracy, a tenured associate professor of media history and analysis studies, posted his latest conspiracy on his personal blog, claiming that the bombing attack that killed three and injured nearly 200 was a "mass casualty drill" planned by the government.

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