David Harsanyi on Michael Bloomberg's Authoritarian Instincts


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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is an authoritarian. He's not an authoritarian in the way Josef Stalin or Pol Pot was authoritarian, but every instinct tells you he's a man who would use any power given to him to govern every aspect of public and private life whenever necessary—or, more precisely, whenever he finds it necessary, which is frequently. All said, argues David Harsanyi, he's exactly the type of person who makes the Constitution a necessity.

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  1. In other words, Bloomberg is a douchebag.


  2. ….mmm’kay.


    Is there a “rest of the story” or “article” that goes with this? Or is David just releasing statements of the obvious to the media?

    1. That’s what I was thinking.
      If you’re going to cover this guys authoritarian tendencies, a thousand words isn’t even a decent start.

      1. I’m guessing the link to the actual article got SF’d.

  3. “He’s not an authoritarian in the way Josef Stalin or Pol Pot was authoritarian,”

    Yes, yes he is – the only reason he’s not rounding people up is that there are more powerful people to keep him in check.

    SA you said, he’s an authoritarian – all those guys had to work their way up to mass murder.

  4. Bloomberg knows what’s best for eeeeeeeeevryoooooooooone.

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