Boston Marathon Bombing

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Amazon Wishlist

A glimpse into the mind of the Boston bombing suspect.


Terror manual.

Via Dave Weigel, here's the Amazon wishlist of the dead Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The books he wanted include tomes on organized crime, making fake IDs, and the Chechen fight for independence, plus Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

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  1. Are you sure it wasn’t the Terrorvision album?

  2. I haven’t read the Carnegie book, but I’m guessing “blow up a few people” isn’t in there.

    1. That is in the revised edition.

      1. “In a previously suppressed chapter, Mr. Carnegie suggests…”

    2. Maybe he was trying to figure out how to fake it.

    3. Different Carnegie. It’s a chapter or two before the ‘give everything away to rehab your image’ chapter.

  3. The irrepressible Dave Weigel?

    1. God knows we’ve sprayed but the damn Weigel keeps coming back.

  4. What, no anarchist’s cookbook?

  5. Fuck Tamerlan Tsarnaev, fuck Dave Weigel, fuck Islamic terrorists, and fuck all the stupid idiots in the west who love them.

    1. They came here ten years ago, so that means IT’S BUSH’S FAULT!

      1. Who is this, so wise in the ways of politics?

      2. Of course it’s Bush’s fault, Obama beat terrorism remember?

  6. With more and more places on lockdown, I can’t help but wonder if they really have any clue as to this kid’s whereabouts.

    1. They clearly have no idea. My understanding is that they are literally going house to house.

      The guy is trapped between two major roads, where there are numerous residences sandwiched between either really wide boulevards or huge parking lots.

      I figure the guy is probably holed up within 500 yards of the shooting in somebody’s garage or house.

      1. That’s assuming he hasn’t already gotten out of the area entirely.

        1. I would be impressed if he did.

          Here’s the site of the battle:

          Here’s the site of the battle.

          All of those bordering roads are really wide, and those empty areas have security fences and are well lit with surveillance cameras covering them.

          I think he found some old lady’s garage and is holed up. In fact, it’s quite possible that he was fatally wounded and he bled out and won’t be found until he starts to stink up the place.

          1. It’s not much different from the Dorner situation, where they didn’t find him in the initial search, and it turned out he was hiding only 100 feet away from a police command post.

          2. But he could have just stolen a car and driven off.

            Last night I was at a friend’s until about 10 and we made plans to go to that mall tomorrow to buy running shoes.

    2. They haven’t had a clue for hours. I went to bed when they were saying over the scanner that they were just going to wait for daylight and go house to house. Shortly before that one of them said “make sure we aren’t chasing a ghost.” Amateur hour.

      1. There’s a helicopter orbiting between our house and the gun battle site.

  7. Friends, if you can’t win them blow them up.

  8. I bet he had a copy of the history book on the American intervention in Chechnya. Only U.S. intervention into foreign places causes this shit. Am I right? Am I right?

    1. That strawman burn real good, sock puppet.

  9. Well, 50% counts as half a win, right? He didn’t win many friends, but he sure influenced a lot of people!

    BTW, I very highly recommend the Carnegie book to anyone who hasn’t read it yet.

  10. Good work, but seriously… Weigel? Fuck off and die, slaver.

  11. He also had a thing for voice coaching. I have no idea what to make of that.

    1. Maybe trying to learn how to disguise his accent so he could blend in better?

  12. Well, amigos, I told you this was tied to Islam or middle east. Chalk up another one for the Hyperion.(the Russia connection, no one guessed that)

    Where’s John? Some gloating is in order.

    Also, rain barrels full of yummy delicious proglodyte tears. No gun grabbing, no right wing extremists blowing stuff up over taxes, read it and weep, proglotards. I’ll have enough proglodyte tears to polish my monocle for decades to come.

    1. Read some of the CNN comments. The progressives there are STILL trying to find a way to blame their political opponents. From arguing that one of the bombers looked like Mitt Romney’s son to saying they might have been influenced by the Tea Party to saying the NRA must be glad the terrorists are so well armed.

      Trust me. In their tiny little brains non-progressives are to blame.

      1. It’s really quite simple, the explanation for that.

        They’re STOOPID!

      2. Radical Islam is considered conservative in that it purports to preserve tradition and eschew modernity.

        1. It is not exactly conservative in the same sense that most Republicans are conservative.

          Also, you can argue that Radical Islam is not actually conservative since it tries to force alien customs onto people. Islam in the Caucasus, Indian subcontinent, and the Balkans has historically been rather tolerant, but Islamists have been trying to force strict Arabian-style interpretation of Islam into those areas, so you can argue that the followers of Radical Islam do not care about tradition, but rather support a progressively expansionist ideology.

          Oh, and fuck you.

          1. Most Republicans certainly DO want to preserve their religion, heritage, traditions, and racial purity. If they didn’t they would be libertarians.

            So fuck you back.

            This place is filled to the brim with conservatives, btw.

            1. Most Republicans certainly DO want to preserve their religion, heritage, traditions, and racial purity

              Which is why, of course, Colin Powell married a White woman.

            2. Most Republicans certainly DO want to preserve their religion, heritage, traditions

              The multiculturalists are always telling me that’s a good thing.

              Also, take your race card and shove it up your orifice.

            3. No, this place is filled with libertarians. I know. I have been reading this site (and the comments) for about seven years now and I am aware of most of the major contributors to the comments (including you). Although, I very rarely participate in discussions.

              Sure, there are a few conservatives and definitely more than a few conservative leaning libertarians (John, Tulpa, and others), but I would say this pretty solidly libertarian.

              However, you keep on going on anti-Republican rants even when it has fuck all to do with the topic. Yes, Republicans suck and most people here will admit it. The only reason why there is ANY sympathy for Republicans by the contributors to the comments is because the Democrats have gone completely batshit since Bush got elected and considering the Democrats mostly focus on economic issues (while often gladly accepting social conservatives) while the Republicans at least sometimes acknowledge limited government make people here a little less inclined to hate them (at least when they are not in power).

          2. By the way, Shrike, aka “Palin’s Buttplug” is nobody other than Weigel himself.

            If he had even half a ballsack, he’d drop the sockpuppet and post straight up, but he never will because a worthless, cowardly lowlife piece of shit.

            1. Weigel lives in Athens, Ga?

    2. Yep, you have like a 90% chance these days that it will be some radicalized Islamists.

      1. According to the progs, it’s always a 100% chance, it’s teabaggers, even though tea party members have never done anything violent.

    3. Yeah, this bombing seemed too competent to be an “incompetent mosque dumbass entrapped by undercover FBI” story, but not competent enough to be “international Al Qaeda attack”.

      That made me lean towards “locals pulling a Malvo”.

      I never thought for a minute this was a right-wing militia, despite the Eric Rudolph story. It just didn’t seem like the right target or anything.

      I still get a slight Malvo vibe because it just “feels” like the younger kid was roped into this by his older brother. But the older brother is straight up Muslim Al Qaeda wannabe.

  13. Why on earth was Weigel ever even remotely considered for Reason staff, particularly with some of the extremely vile tweets (that have been linked here before in the comments, afraid I don’t have direct links handy) he’s put out as of late?

    1. I really want to be charitable and believe that he duped them, but the fact that they just keep on pimping this asshole…it really does boggle the mind.

  14. Wow, the proggies over at HuffPo are going into the most serious self denial I’ve ever witnessed. Some posters keep telling them, hey, the 2 bombers self Identify as Muslims, why do you keep denying reality?

    1. Because they NEED it to be their political opponents. They have spent all their energy convincing themselves that conservatives (and libertarians) are pure evil since 2000. Also, their obsession with being multicultural also plays into it, so when the bombers turn out to be Muslim immigrants it makes them look stupid.

      1. Progressives are hypocrites, no doubt. They are the first to rail against US fundies but protect ME fundies when they commit 100x more violence.

        1. At least you are being honest in this post.

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