Boston Marathon Bombing

Morning Radio Show Pulled Off the Air Over Boston Marathon Jokes

Will return Monday


A Sacramento-based syndicated morning talk show has been pulled off the air following criticism of jokes made about Boston, a day after the marathon bombings.

Entercom's KRXQ 98 Rock has pulled their morning show Rob, Arnie and Dawn after CBSSports1140 morning host Don Geronimo criticized the trio on his show for discussing if it's "too soon" to make jokes about Boston and joking about a "top 5 list" of reasons to hate the city.

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  1. this years marathon went out with a bang

    marathoners don’t have a leg to stand on

    Biggest bomb in Boston since Doug Flutie

    It’s like running with the bulls, except there’s no bulls and you have no legs

    it’s the last mile that’s the real killer.

    Americans are now favored to win the Paralympic Games.

    Everyone at the race had a blast.

    After Sunday’s events in Boston, there is to be a 30 second silence before the London marathon.
    To listen for ticking.

    1773 – Boston Tea Party.
    2013 – Boston TNT Party.

    So I hear the Boston Marathon was won by a nose….. an ear and a finger

    My friend just got back from the Boston Marathon.
    He finished in positions 3, 7, and 15.

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