A.M. Links: Police Kill One Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect, Still Pursuing Second, Suicide Bombing in Iraq Kills At Least 32, U.S. Troops in Jordan A Sign of Increased American Involvement in Syria


  • mit last night

    In an ongoing situation in Watertown, Massachusetts police are in a standoff with alleged Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev, whose brother has already been killed. It began last night with a firefight that left one cop dead. All public transit in the Boston area has been suspended while police pursue the remaining suspect.

  • NRA chief David Keene said the president's throwing a "tantrum" after facing the biggest defeat of his presidency with the failed gun control measures, and that it's the result of Obama biting off more than he can chew.
  • Another suicide bombing in Iraq has left at least 32 dead in Baghdad.
  • U.S. forces being sent to Jordan are a signal American involvement in the Syrian conflict is increasing.
  • Former President Pervez Musharraf has been taken into custody in Pakistan; he returned from self-imposed exile to participate in the May parliamentary elections.
  • Haiti will be naming one of its international airports after Hugo Chavez.
  • NASA scientists say they found three potentially habitable extrasolar planets, all at least 1,000 light years away.

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  1. …Massachusetts police are in a standoff with alleged Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev, whose brother has already been killed.

    Still lookin fah thah othah REE tahd set those bahms ahf.

    1. Matt Damon is already reviewing scripts.

      1. Good Will Hunting II: Hunting Season

          1. The Bomb Identity

            1. Chasing Dzhokhar

              1. We Bought A Bomb

        1. Applesauce, Bitch.

      2. The Legend of Bomber Vance

        1. Chechen Chechen Bang Bang

          1. WINNER. Close down the nets for today. It done been won.

            1. I’m protesting this winning of the Internetz. The rest of us constrained ourselves to Matt Damon titles while Tim didn’t.

              And I still wanna know why CNN hasn’t started referring to the whole bombing as the Boston Massacre II: Chechen Booaloo yet.

              1. And when is All Taints Day coming out?

              2. Because they’ve already settled on the Boston Borscht Party.

              3. They’re still trying to connect these guys to the tea party

                1. You must be watching MSNBC. Watched a little this morning. Kept bringing up Oklahoma City. Wondering if they got their military training that the supposedly have here in the US. Just grasping for straws.

                  1. Maybe David Sirota will call them “White Asians” and he can pretend to get his wish that the bombers were white rednecks instead of Chechen Muslims.

          2. I was terrified of the child catcher in the original.

    2. Yaw Bahstin accint sucks guy.

      1. he fears the beauty of a non-rhotic accent

        1. Smooth like butta.

            1. your shit’s all retahded and you talk like a fag, kid

    3. MSNBC and HuffPo must be popping the Prozac after finding out that Druzhar and Tamerlan weren’t angry, white, 30-something Tea Partying NRA members.

      1. Every leftist in America in sinking into a state of depression as we speak. Shrieking Idiot and Chony Krugnuts probably won’t show up here all day.

      2. What are you talking about? These guys clearly benefited from Caucasian privilege.

        1. High five, tovarich.

      3. Don’t forget Conor Friedersdorf. Chechens don’t benefit from “white privilege”.

      4. Don’t forget Dina Temple-Raston of NPR.

        1. At least no one ever called her a “libertarian”

          1. Well, not to her face.

  2. The militarization of the police continues.

    1. They need that to catch today’s modern criminals: like the Electric Eritreans and the Great White Chechnyans.

      1. Have you seen Electric Eritreans live? They have one heck of a show.

    2. There is such a thing as having too much gear.

  3. Bush never catches Osama, but Obama gets these guys in a week.

    1. they did kind of make it easier when they stayed local and robbed a 7-11 though.

      1. They spent all their money on Williams Sonoma pressure cookers. Those suckers are expensive for poor college students/bombers.

        1. Hey, you want some piece of crap pressure cooker that’s going to just come apart when you build a bomb out of it, you go to Walmart.

          You want quality, you got to pay for it.

          1. I know its a joke, but a cheap old fashioned pressure cooker would probably be easier to explode that a fagor with the safety device and all.

      2. Seriously. It was like they had no plan after the bombing. Maybe they thought they would be found out in hours, rather than days.

      3. Also they didn’t kill themselves in the initial attack, or send people thousands of miles away to do the act in their stead.

  4. Cop on paid vacation after pointing his gun at a customer’s neck in a McDonalds drive thru.
    It says he’s been charged with some crimes, though I’m sure that the charges will be dropped. They always are.

    1. Hey, she had info on the Hamburglar, she had it coming.

      1. Damn you for beating me to the Hambuglar reference!

        1. You misspelled bugle.

          1. That is my….idiom. Of course, I wonder what a Hambugler would be doing? Eavesdropping devices in a Quarter Pounder? Sodomizing a McChicken?

            1. I imagine he’d be putting his lips to a pig’s ars-

            2. I figured he’d be hiding in the bathroom, bursting into reveille whenever someone starts to take a shit. At least that’s what I would do.

              1. Thank you, sarc – that made me laugh and smile. I needed that.

            3. Blowin’ Reveille for a Big Boy?

              1. Hey, c’mon…it’s too early for a TAMU joke.

                /not an alum

                1. or, alumnus.


                  1. TAMU: putting the cult in agriculture since 1876.

      2. Maybe she can appeal to Mayor McCheese.

    2. I dated a girl who dated a Detroit police officer before me. He drunkenly pulled out his pistol while at a bar with her and pointed it at her head as a “joke”. She took this quite seriously, broke it off with him, and attempted to complain to the department, who basically laughed it off and told her that they’d slap him on the wrist and tell him he was a very naughty boy and to not do it again.

      At this point she started having concerns about stalking/retribution so she moved out of state, which is how we met.

      1. I’ve been fearful of police ever since I overheard a drunk cop complaining to his buddies that he’d never had the opportunity to kill anyone, and his buddies consoled him that he’d get his chance.
        This was after hearing them trade stories of the fine art of choking people, them giggle about pressing their guns against motorist’s heads until the piss in their car seat, and other joys of having the last word in violence.

        1. It’s amazing what you hear cops talk about when they think no one is listening.

          1. They are murderous animals to be avoided at all costs.

            1. Sarc, I’m no cop lover, but even when you lump the bastards into one mob called “murderous animals” you are, to some extent, being intellectually dishonest by leaving out the possibility less abhorrent individuals existing in their ranks (even though I’ve yet to find one in the wild). However, the last time I got pulled over (speeding for once because I was in a glorious area WITH LESS FUCKING TRAFFIC) the fucker “joked” about throwing me in the hole for the night where I would probably be raped by some drunk they brought in earlier. I certainly wasn’t laughing. That INDIVIDUAL cop could probably be classified a sadistic monster and possibly, a murderous animal.

              1. You can’t take a job knowing in advance you’re going to be punishing people for consensual “crimes” and still be moral.

              2. Do these supposed “good” cops turn in the other cops for being murderous animals?

                No? Then they arent good cops.

                1. …less abhorrent individuals…

                  Weasel words. How do they work?

              3. (even though I’ve yet to find one in the wild)

                One Colorado winter I was walking home from the bar in a snow storm, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a cop pull over beside me. I muttered “Great. Not again.” as he got out. He said “I’m going to drive you home before you walk in front of a car.” He patted me down for weapons, drove me home, then drove away. I must have stood there for five minutes, completely dumbstruck. He didn’t demand ID, he didn’t accuse me of having warrants or drugs, he didn’t tell me how much he’d enjoy beating me up. I was in shock. I think I met the mythical “good cop.”

                1. He patted you down for weapons and found nothing? Tsk, tsk.

              4. A good cop? Is that kinda like the good guard at a concentration camp because all he does is secure the main gate?

                1. Earlier I had been the passenger in a friend’s new car, which he stalled on a busy street. A cop, the same one I believe, pulled behind and came to the driver window. My friend said the car was stalled, and the cop used his car to push the vehicle into a parking lot then he drove away. No interrogation, no running us for warrants, no search of the vehicle. Nothing. Again, I was in shock.

                2. I see nothing. Nothing.

                3. Did my comment get blasted into the void? Ah well, at least I typed it out.

                  1. I’m in the habit now of copying my comment before I hit submit, that way when it bombs like it does half the time when I’m on my work laptop, I don’t have to retype.

        2. When I was in high school, my family was friends with another family whose father was a NY state trooper.

          Said trooper was involved in an investigation in NYC, I don’t remember regarding what. He and a NYC detective went to apprehend a suspect who then drew a gun. The state trooper that I knew kicked the guy in the balls, thus quickly subduing the suspect.

          The NYC detective told him straight to his face – “You should have just shot him. This is going be a huge hassle now.”

    3. Been posted multiple times. Cop is from my county police.

  5. ACLU: Detroit Police Dumping Homeless Outside City


    1. Wouldn’t that be an act of mercy?

      1. “Thank Gawd! I never thought I’d get out of that hellhole.”

    2. Old Detroit has a cancer. That cancer is crime.

  6. so I heard there’s something going on in Boston

    1. Did the Pats pick up Tebow or something?

      1. Do not even go there

        1. You know they totally should. He fits in well with Belichek’s work/character ethic, you’d KNOW he’s strictly a backup, and they’ve got the personnel to actually work him into some good packages.

          Not saying wildcat, but I mean they run like 6 tight ends on every play anyway, just throw him in one of those slots…

          1. ZING

          2. Actually if he could pull his head out of his ass and realize he is not and never will be a Quarterback he probably could make a pretty good H-Back/Tight End combo. Not hall of fame material but probably legitimate NFL starter

            1. Ask Baked Penguin how that theory worked for him?

            2. The odd thing is that Tebow going to NE would make a lot of sense. He’d be reunited with Josh McDaniels and Belichick loves throwing change-ups at opposing defenses when he has the chance.

              The question really is whether Tebow is willing to admit he’s Bobby Layne and not Bart Starr–a single-wing tailback with a shitload of moxie that can drive defenses nuts if used properly.

  7. http://www.nationalreview.com /corner/346011/ dangers-politically-inspired-moral-outrage?- sandy-hook-what-next

    Copy paste and delete the spaces^

    Spot on. I really worry about the constant drumbeat of propaganda.

    1. Let me help you with that.

      I thought everyone knew how to work H&R.

      1. I don’t have reasonable installed on the work computer.

        1. What would you need reasonable for? I’ve never had it installed.

        2. You just need to install some HTML into your work brain.

          1. Oh snap, you just got femteched.

          2. My brain is filled with other things.

              1. Warning: Don’t tinyurl the tinyurl.com link or the internet will vanish.

          3. Look paw no hands

            I learned

        3. Me either. I have it installed on Chrome, and it follows me around like a single mother.

    2. Except he seems to be blaming video games? He’s fighting one idiocy with another.

      1. To prevent these school-shooting horrors might require either armed guards in schools, or Draconian new laws about gratuitous screen and video-game violence, or more frequently incarcerating the mentally unstable, or, on the theory of reducing rapid rates of fire, confiscating millions of previously sold semi-automatic handguns and rifles. All those measures would have offended millions across the political spectrum in ways that demonizing the NRA apparently does not.

        He’s not blaming video games more than anything else that’s been suggested. The whole point is, “The business of selective moral outrage is fraught with sophism and only invites nemesis. A president of all people should quit it and lower the tone.

        1. why cannot he [Obama] see that those who protect the legal rights of gun ownership by the law abiding are not responsible for the non-incarcerated mentally deranged, who feed on a diet of profit-driven, computer-screen violence, and who illegally obtain guns to commit mass murder in gun-free zones that they have deliberately so cowardly targeted?

          He’s placing video games on an equal footing with mental illness and illegal firearms possession. That’s idiotic.

          1. I kind of glossed over that bit the first time, but it reads more like he considers it a contributing factor than the prime factor. It an aside, and ranks a bit lower than leaving the dangerously mentally ill free to go after targets that we have publicly and deliberately made vulnerable.

            1. Sure, he’s not saying it’s the prime factor – but its mere presence seems like tossing a bone to the NR readership who eat that so-con crap up. It kind of ruins an otherwise fine article.

  8. Holder: Marijuana’s effect on children a factor

    What the fuck is up with these pages that start videos automatically? Pisses me off.

    1. Holder: Marijuana’s effect on children a factor

      indeed. Look at how it’s kept the One in a perpetual state of childishness

      1. If there is ever an argument against Legalization this is it…. I may have to rethink my entire political philosophy…..

    2. Does it make you so mad you want to bomb a marathon?

        1. You must not have the right stuff then – DEMON WEED!

    3. I’m glad I’m not the only person who hates such shit.

      And has anybody else been experiencing H&R pages trying to make us download a file called “push”?

      1. Something has been trying to run a script whenever H&R starts that freezes my browser until IE (fucking work) aborts it.

        1. I use Opera, and H&R has consistently caused severe memory-handling problems, that seem to be getting worse. 🙁

          1. I use Firefox with Adblock Plus. Works fine.

            1. I use Firefox with NoScript, same deal.

          2. Chrome + ghostery + adblock plus. No issues.

        2. Clearly Ted and Brett have been identified for extra screening by DHS…or the IRS.

        3. Yeah, I get that. It freezing then ask if i want to keep running the script. Work computer.

        4. It keeps locking up my Android browser as well. Plus randomly redirecting me to the Google Play store to buy some BS called Candy Crunch something or other, whatever that is. The Reason website is starting to blow big time.

    4. Flashblock works wonders for those pages. Our local paper is in love with the damned things and I hate them too.

  9. NRA chief David Keene said the president’s throwing a “tantrum”…

    Throwing a tantrum because the bill never made it to the House to be killed, where he could have used its defeat in the midterms.

    1. I can’t believe all of these bitter clingers bullying the most powerful man in the world.

    2. Pro-gun hysteria fucking wins!

  10. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2013…..-democrat/

    Ricin terrorist is a Democrat.

    1. He’s also an Elvis impersonator!

    2. Come on, I doubt that. Surely I would have read about it in a reputable news source.

    3. Alleged ricin terrorist is a Democrat. He’s denying it.

      1. He’s not denying being an Elvis Impersonator. I’ll let you decide which is worse.

        1. There’s only one King, baby.

      2. Denying what – being a Democrat?

  11. Did Our Founders’ Lack of Foresight Doom Gun Control?
    The tyranny of small states in the undemocratic Senate

    When the Senate takes up the bill to expand background checks for gun purchases this week, we will hear plenty rationalizations for opposing it similar to the one offered recently by Heidi Heitkamp, the newly elected Democrat from North Dakota: “In our part of the country, [gun control] isn’t an issue. This is a way of life. This is how people feel, and it is extraordinarily difficult to explain that, especially to grieving parents.” Heitkamp’s bottom line: “I’m going to represent my state.”

    That state has a population that did not crack 700,000 as of last year. In other words, that state is smaller than cities like Columbus, Fort Worth and Charlotte, and is only slightly larger than El Paso, Memphis and Nashville. North Dakota is separate from South Dakota only because Republicans who dominated the Constitutional Convention in 1889 thought it better to carve two Republican-leaning states out of Dakota Territory (railroad politics also played a role). And yet, North Dakota will have as much say this week as California, Texas, New York and Florida.

    1. The founding fathers, so short-sighted.

      It’s like they never even CONSIDERED that low population or smaller states would have power influencing legislation…

      1. Cali, New York, New England, the People’s Republic of Murland would certainly be happy if the smaller states had NO power to influence legislation…

        1. Or NY, LA, and Chicago could take their marbles and go home. i wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. It would be good intruction for everyone else to see what a constitution free environment looks like.

        2. Really? New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont are pretty “small” from where I stand.

          Fuck. Texas is bigger than all of them except Cali.

          1. Masshole does kind of give the region a bad name and I apologize for generalizing. And although Texas probably is freer in some ways, I’m sure there is plenty about it that Libertarians could hate.

            I will say this though: Fuck Maryland.

            1. “And although Texas probably is freer in some ways, I’m sure there is plenty about it that Libertarians could hate.”

              Like high property taxes (that nullify the lack of a state tax), car inspections (CA doesn’t have them), and making me install a special, spring-loaded gate before I could get a permit to have a pool built. So that I don’t leave the gate open and a hundred toddlers, following the Pied Piper, are lead into my pool to die.

              Still, rather be here than many places.

              1. I’ve looked into it as an escape hatch from the crowded hellscape of the east. If only I had the competence and balls to GTFO.

    2. Stupid Founders!

    3. Jesus Christ. Do they not even teach the 1776-1789 period to J-school majors anymore? I know the Federalist Papers are too complex for a simple journalist, but surely they teach the Articles of Confederation and Constitutional Convention in ‘Murcan schools, right?

      1. American History starts with FDR.

        1. I thought it started with Wilson?

          1. Nope. It started with the New Deal. Nothing before that matters.

            1. Sadly, this is not far from the truth.

            2. no no they have to demonize Hoover in order to deify Roosevelt.

      2. Tony may not be a journalist, but he thinks like one.

        1. He’s claimed to be a former journalist in the past. His handlers’ current backstory for him is corp comm at an oil & gas driller.

          1. I thought it was bee wrangler at an artisanal honey ranch?

      3. This is why the principle of secession, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, is so important. The reason there was a compromise is that the smaller population states could refuse to join the union.

        If they can also opt out of the union, then you’d better let them have the fucking Senate. Or would we like to be an unimportant little country, with few resources and limited geographic contiguity?

        1. Of course the 17A stripped state governments of any representation in D.C., rendering the Senate pretty much pointless.

          1. That’s another thing I’d change. It’s not so much about “state rights”–don’t trust the states much, either–but about checks and balances. States as quasi-independent sovereign entities serve(d) as a very valuable check on federal power.

    4. The comments are full of smug, pseudo-intellectual tripe. These people are so up their own asses they don’t realize how they only dislike certain features of the constitution when it causes them to not get their way.

    5. North Dakota is separate from South Dakota only because Republicans who dominated the Constitutional Convention in 1889 thought it better to carve two Republican-leaning states out of Dakota Territory

      Well, by that logic, let’s combine Massachusetts and Maine again. For that matter, Arizona and New Mexico were once one single territory as well.

      Dumbass is just crying because his side lost.

  12. Another suicide bombing in Iraq has left at least 32 dead in Baghdad.

    Wait, why are you reporting on local crime?

    1. I’m gonna use this for a long time to mock the media. It was such a bullshit excuse for the Gosnell blackout.

      1. Oh, was that their excuse? Nice. What a bunch of lying douchbags.

        1. Yep that was it. Someone asked a lady who writes on abortion issues why she hadn’t covered the trial and her response was that

          Hi Molly ? I cover policy for the Washington Post, not local crime, hence why I wrote about all the policy issues you mention.

  13. http://www.insidehighered.com/…..ly-go-away

    Stupid fucking hippies. Reminds me of the CALPERS divesting from guns after Sandy Hook….right before their stock went through the roof.

    1. Unfortunately I’m already too weighted towards fossil fuels to take advantage of this one.

  14. When it’s cold outside:

    Blue tits provide insight into climate change

    1. That goes without saying, right?

      1. I was prepared to be disappointed, but they also studied great tits in that article.

    2. This is the first time I ever wanted to read about climate resear- HEY WAIT A MINUTE HERE

  15. NASA scientists say they found three potentially habitable extrasolar planets, all at least 1,000 light years away.

    Yeah, I bet Earth looks pretty great to those seeing dated pictures of it. Sound waves move more slowly so they haven’t heard Gaia’s cries yet.

    1. In space, no one can hear you rape a planet.

      1. STEVE SMITH got extra-planetary travel capability?!

        1. He doesn’t do metaphorical rape.

          1. His herald, the Hairy Surfer, has warned you. It’s going to happen.

            Do like the senator says and lie back and enjoy it.

        2. STEVE SMITH is Galactus?!

    2. Yeah, a proggie friend posted this link to his FB, and then one of his friends posted a long, anguished comment on how it would be embarrassing to find another sentient species because humans are obviously the worst species, ever.

      That really is their mindset; they make Calvinists look upbeat.

  16. RA chief David Keene said the president’s throwing a “tantrum” after facing the biggest defeat of his presidency with the failed gun control measures, and that it’s the result of Obama biting off more than he can chew.

    Not for long, thanks to the Boston bombers picking up some guns now.

    1. I’d love to see him try it again so soon. Every dem in the senate would plead with him to just give it up already.

      1. Come on now, surely you’re not saying they’re more worried about being re-elected than their “ideology”.

    2. Of course, if the citizens of the area were mostly armed, the threat would be a little less than it is now, with people cowering in their homes away from windows and doors.

      1. I want my damn shotgun right now.

        1. I bet. Of course, you’d have to have it hand-delivered by cops right now. Must be freaky.

          1. I meant more that I wish they hadn’t prevented me from having it in the state in the first place.

            1. Wait, what? You can’t own a shotgun? How is that legal?

              1. You can, but it requires a license which itself requires a firearm safety course along with fingerprints. So if I want to ever actually fire it, I have to spend weeks and hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get permission to have my gun, then a couple hundred dollars to join a gun club, then drive way out of the city to it.

                TLDR: It’s “legal” to own a shotgun, provided you jump through a ridiculous set of time consuming and expensive hoops. Why is licensing considered constitutional again?

                1. Dafuq?! Thank you Auric for redoubling my desire to never live in Boston. Bad enough that I have to go there this July for a wedding.

                  Seriously, what you’ve written is absolutely nuts on their part. I can’t imagine the purpose of such a law other than to turn people like me into felons.

                  1. I’m not sure if I think it’s so ridiculous just because I grew up in Vermont, where gun laws actually make sense.

                  2. That is serious infringement. Unbelievable. I love the city of Boston and the environs of MA in general, a lot of friends and great memories, but it is very saddening to see The Cradle of the Revolution morph into a crypto-fascist police state – all with a smiley face, of course.

                2. See, this is why the leftist talk about “reasonable restrictions” is so much hot air. Look at how those restrictions are done in practice–they effectively deprive people of a fundamental right or limit that right considerably. Note also how the people hit the hardest are the poorer members of society who they purport to speak for.

                  1. I was really confused when I found out I couldn’t just bring gun down from Vermont.

  17. America’s 10 Most Alcoholic Beers

    When we looked up the strongest beer we could find, we were a little dismayed when we discovered that, though there is a beer that is 65% alcohol, it’s brewed in Scotland. We suspect that it’s colloquially known as “Gin” but we can’t be sure. Either way, it was disheartening to find that America doesn’t brew the most alcoholic beer, and that our best attempt is only one-third the strength of that beer.

    But then we thought, “wait a minute, we have beer that’s about that strong. We call it bourbon and it’s delicious.” That made us feel a lot better. We also appreciated the fact that, while the following beers brewed in America might not be able to combust when they touch an open flame, they are a healthy combination of “delicious” and “drinking one bottle is like drinking a six pack of most other beers.”

    1. I’ve tried a couple of those and they taste like ass.

      If I want a potent microbrew I’ll take a Double Bag.

      1. I don’t mind the Utopias, but it costs like, $20 for a 3oz pour (IIRC) where I had it. That’s just indulgent. And yeah, screw the 120 Minute.

        1. The current recipe 120 Minute is actually a lot better than the old recipe, which was extremely sickly-sweet and syrupy. 90 is still a much more balanced beer.

          1. Yeah, the 90 is one of my favorites. The 120 was too much.

            1. Utopias is a beer for people who like Madeira. Interesting to try, but no way would I actually pay for a glass or bottle.

              I just consider 120 a dessert beer and go with that. I’m surprised the article didn’t mention any of the high alcohol beers from Avery Brewing, like Mephistopheles or Samael’s.

              The beer with the highest alcohol I’ve had, that actually is pleasing to drink, is Samichlaus. Really delicious and rich. I wouldn’t have guessed 14 percent alcohol from the taste.

              1. Samichlaus is my favorite lager, though I prefer the helles. It’s been hard to find around here the last year or so.

                1. It’s usually available in the larger branches of the big liquor store chain in Houston (Spec’s.) Both the helles and the other one (dunkles?). A bit pricey, but everyone seems to be getting on the 15-20 dollar for a bomber kick these days.

      2. I love Double Bag. My favorite Vermont beer, except for the occasionally available Triple Dag.

      3. Double Bag is just right for a high alcohol beer. If I want something more exotic, I’ll go with a Belgian Abbey beer.

      4. That 120 minute IPA is a man’s beer. I can see why you don’t like it.

    1. I don’t get it? Are either of those guys big in Austria or something? Because over here, Moby is best known for being dissed by Eminem, and Lanegan was like a bass player on one of the songs from the Singles soundtrack.

      And I might have been like the only guy to have that soundtrack. And I just bought it for Birth Ritual, which I should listen to again, cause it’s been a while.

      1. And I might have been like the only guy to have that soundtrack. And I just bought it for Birth Ritual, which I should listen to again, cause it’s been a while.

        I have it too, for the exact same reason.

        1. Other than that, the main thing I remember was that I wanted to kill Paul Westerberg. I had it on cassette, and he had one song on each side that required fast forwarding. I could suffer through the rest, even if they weren’t great. But that garbage made me want to kill.

          Like Dsylexic Heart right after the Chris Cornell ballad thing. WTF! RAGE.

          1. Agreed. I picked up the Screaming Trees album after hearing their song and they’re pretty good too.

        2. Doesn’t it als have Would? on it? I loved that song when I was a kid.

          1. It might, but Would is also on Dirt.

  18. STEVE SMITH, that’s why!

    Why do humans cry? A new reading of the old sob story

    …the theory enjoying the widest currency at the moment is the notion that tears are a form of social signalling that evolved from mammalian distress calls ? a clear visual signal in other words that someone is in pain or danger and needs help.

    “Tears are highly symbolic,” says Ad Vingerhoets, a Dutch psychologist who has spent 20 years studying why and when we weep. “They signal helplessness, especially during childhood when humans are at their most vulnerable.”

    1. I cry because Conan cannot.

    2. Tears make STEVE SMITH penis cry.

  19. Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Thursday declared a disaster area and said he planned to request federal funds in response to an explosion at a fertilizer plant in Waco that may have killed as many as 15 people.

    At a press conference, the governor thanked President Barack Obama for calling for offer quick action after Wednesday night’s explosion.

    “Last night was truly a nighmare scenario for that community,” Perry said. “President Obama called from Air Force One as he was en route to Boston? We greatly appreciate his call, and his gracious offer of support, of course, and the quick turnaround of the emergency declaration that will be forthcoming, and his offer of prayers.”


    1. Dear Obama:

      Send money, stay the fuck away.

      Rick Perry

      1. Just like when the governor of Louisiana called Bush to thank him after Katrina…

        1. Is her brother the mayor of New Orleans now, or am I confusing the governor during Katrina with the Senator?

            1. Its Landrieus all the way down.

    2. Wait, *Texas* can’t afford to deal with this on their own and need to call in federal help?

      1. If you have to pay in, you might as well try to get some cash back.

        1. Worst Discover Card ever.

      2. They probably could afford to deal with this on their own, but Perry would be a fool not to take those phat fed bux. SLDs apply; Perry is not a libertarian, so would not be bound by those principles.

  20. Mortgage Relief Checks Go Out, Only to Bounce

    When the bank account is running dry and the mortgage payment is coming due, the phrase “insufficient funds” is the last thing you want to hear.

    Now imagine hearing those two words when trying to cash a long-awaited check from the same bank that foreclosed on you.

    Many struggling homeowners got exactly that this week when they lined up to take their cut of a $3.6 billion settlement with the nation’s largest banks ? lenders accused of wrongful evictions and other abuses.

  21. Your Friday Reason Challenge!

    Get through this Noam Scheiber piece without popping your knuckles menacingly.

    Unfortunately gun control is like carbon regulation, not like economic stimulus. /derp

    And always remember. The worse your weekend is, the better Monday seems.

    1. And always remember. The worse your weekend is, the better Monday seems.

      I’m pretty sure I could have the worst weekend ever (multiple family deaths, break up with girlfriend, food poisoning, found out my hamburger was actually tofu) and going to work on Monday would still be hella worse.

      1. You need that job to end already. 3 months to go.

    2. So claiming small states have an outsized influence in the Senate is a thing now?

      1. This is why progs are the enemy, plain and simple–they don’t see rules as guidelines to maintain stability, they see them as obstacles to be overcome in an effort to increase their power.

  22. Efforts to Revive the Economy Lead to Worries of a Bubble

    Through its unconventional policies, the Fed is trying to ease the crisis. It has succeeded in driving down lending rates. Ben S. Bernanke and company would also like to kindle inflation expectations, spurring people to buy and companies to invest today instead of waiting until tomorrow. Supposedly, all of this will drive a self-sustaining economic recovery.

    Instead, the Fed has kindled speculation. Investors are desperate for yield and are paying up for riskier assets. In areas like real estate, structured finance and equities, the markets are ahead of the fundamentals. It doesn’t look to me like a bubble yet. But I would call it the Dysplasia Stage, abnormal growth that looks precancerous.

    1. The P/E of the S/P 500 is around 15 – historically low. So how are equities in a bubble?

      Why do people write shit like this? Do they think there are not people like me that will call their idiocy out?

      1. two idiots meet in the yellow woods.

        1. TWO idiots diverged in a yellow wood,
          And sorry I could not bait both
          And be one commenter, long I stood
          And looked down upon one troll as long as I could
          To where it bent in the cost curve;

          Then ignored the other, as just as foolish,
          And having perhaps the greater stupidity,
          Because it was doctrinaire and wanted attention;
          Though as for that the about there
          Had worn them really about the same,

          And both that morning equally whined
          In comments no reply had trodden black.
          Oh, I kept the first annoyed for another day!
          Yet knowing how comment leads on to comment,
          I doubted if I should ever engage.

          I shall be telling this with a sigh
          Somewhere ages and ages hence:
          Two idiots diverged in a comment board, and I?
          I snarked at the one less commented on,
          And that has made all the difference.

      2. Article: It doesn’t look to me like a bubble yet.

        Palin’s BP: So how are equities in a bubble?

        He specifically said that it doesn’t look like a bubble yet. Read. Comprehend. Respond. Always in that order.

        1. Read. Comprehend. Respond. Always in that order.

          They do not teach this in Government Schools.

      3. Sure the P/E is only 15. That doesn’t mean it can’t go to – 7. It also assumes the “E” is correct, and it never is.

  23. NASA scientists say they found three potentially habitable extrasolar planets, all at least 1,000 light years away.

    I claim all three in the name of Libertopia!

    1. You have to get there and mix your labor with the soil first. Then you can claim it. Then you can have it stolen from you by Statists. Then your children can repeat the process (until we run out of planets.)

      1. “You have to get there and mix your labor with the soil first.”

        Given that at least 2 of them are suspected to be water worlds with globe spanning oceans hundreds of miles deep that might be kinda tough.

        I wonder if mixing your urine with the water would suffice?

        1. just throw in a net

        2. Homesteading with a houseboat should be sufficient to qualify. Unless you want to extend the idea that an ocean belongs to all and patches of water can’t be claimed without neaby land.

    2. Light years or Lite Beers?

  24. The electric shock anti-rape bra


    1. It seems more of an anti-grope bra. I’m not sure how they do it in India, but it seems the underwear is what needs defensive capabilities.

      1. the theory is that the rapist grabs your norks first, so you try to fend him off at that point. The engineers are also working on armed underpants

        1. “God damn these electric sex pants!”

          1. Electric sex pants is too much of a mouthful. I suggest we come up with something pithier… How about, “chastity belt”?

              1. Bite your tongue!

            1. Electric sex pants is too much of a mouthful.

              I think that’s the idea.

              1. Electric sex pants is a good band/album name.

            2. Relevant?

          2. let’s do the Electric Bugaloo!

          3. Hell’s horses!

          4. “God damn these electric sex pants!”

            Funniest fucking TV show ever! Brits rule.

        2. the theory is that the rapist grabs your norks first

          So tits are referred to as “North Koreans” in Australia?

          1. norks is a bit old-fashioned but i love that term. Much used by Dame Edna Everage’s nephew

    2. Your username is suspiciously relevant

    3. Best part is that if it doesn’t work, there’s an Indian guy right there to provide tech support.

  25. At Pivotal Point in Presidency, Obama Routed on Gun Control
    But GOP victory could backfire if empowered and ignored voters revolt.

    Blame the gun lobby. Blame Republicans. Blame a handful of skittish Democrats who gave the GOP cover. Blame the entire band of demagogues who killed the modest attempt to close loopholes in a law requiring background checks for guns.

    Blame them, too, for jeopardizing President Obama’s entire legislative agenda. That was the point, anyhow, right?

    But don’t call this good news for Obama’s enemies, at least not yet, because under new rules of politics that are still being written, the victory could be Pyrrhic. In an era of voter empowerment and surprise, the GOP’s opposition to a popular gun regulation could backfire.

    uh, yeah.

    1. I see he missed blaming Canada there.

    2. They seriously are delusional on this one. I mean, from a liberty standpoint, the only thing working out well is guns. There are more and more shooters every year, and more and more active pro-gun people.

      They have lost on this issue, totally and completely. They have been routed. These proclamations are simply ravings from the F?hrerbunker.

      1. They were routed in the 1990s. Even liberal Dems gave up on gun control for a while. It is like they saw some dead children and went crazy.

      2. Yeah “events” like this almost make me have more faith in people. Almost.

    3. sounds a bit like the scene in The Holy Grail where the knight continues to talk tough after having been dismembered.

      1. Alright, we’ll call it a draw!

    4. A majority of Americans support gun rights. Why can’t liberals see this?

      1. They have that magical 90% poll that apparently proves everything liberals believe about gun control.

        1. I’m pretty sure the 90% question was about background checks at gun shows.

          1. Dealers already do checks at gun shows. Individuals don’t, but they don’t for sales anywhere else, either.

            1. That was my understanding as well. I think that most people probably think that no background checks are done a gun shows because of all the “gun show loophole” nonsense. So it is a misleading question.

              1. Here’s the thing. I would love there to be a phone number that I, a private seller not in the business of selling firearms, could use to verify that the guy I’m selling to isn’t a prohibited person. Not the current system, which AIUI, involves inputting all the crap from a 4473. All I want is a GO/NO GO based on the guys SSN so I don’t sell to some dude who’s going to turn around and rob a bus of nuns with that weapon.

                I just don’t want there to have to be a 4473 filed along with the transaction, and I certainly don’t want to have go cough up some ridiculous sum to an FFL for the privilege of having them write down the sale. And despite what Tulpa keeps yammering on about, it is not that technically impossible to aggregate the results from BATFE inspections of FFLs books.

                1. That sounds fine until, I, a private seller not in the business of selling firearms, doesn’t want to use it but am explicitly compelled to by the law or implicitly compelled to by the threat of liability if I don’t.

  26. Ritholtz – The 12 Rules of Goldbuggery:


    Spot on.

    1. I’ve made over 80k since you started talking about how bad a buy gold was.


  27. Actual newspaper heading:

    Pussy shaver strikes again

    1. “The Mad Brazilian”?

      1. These types of crimes have been waxing in Australia.

        1. You…I mean… I gotta go find some ibuprofen. That one hurt.

          1. Oh come on, there’s nairy a thing to get upset about in that comment.

            1. Lucky for you, I just downed a couple of Advil.

    2. That headline writer is going directly from Darwin to Fleet Street.

  28. I knew the bombers would turn out to Caucasian Americans!

  29. Did I miss it? I’m on reason and nobody posts a video of cops unloading on the Boston Bombers:

    1. It’s a pretty useless video.

      1. Police gun down innocent Occupy freedom fighters and COSMOTARIAN REASON doesn’t man the barracades?

        And you call it useless?!?

        Real Talk: I thought it interesting just how many rounds were fired.

        1. That’s about the only thing you can get out of it. I heard that on the radio around 6 this morning and didn’t gain any by the video. It might as well just be audio.

        2. Yeah, there’s some real Stormtrooper Academy marksmanship going on there.

          …But to be fair at night in a chaotic situation with people shooting BACK it’s fucking hard to hit the side of a barn.

          1. Very hard. But still, they should have never let this guy escape. They know where he is. They can seal off the area. They have all the numbers they could ever want. No excuse.

            1. The people posting scanner traffic make it sound like they threw bombs and most of the police scattered, and then he just rammed past the remaining cops and cruisers with the Mercedes.

              Maybe Matt Damon taught him some Bourne moves. The guy tore across everywhere north of the Charles like Bourne driving around Moscow.

              1. Maybe that is why you have a dense in depth so there is more than just one line of cops to get through? I understand these guys are dangerous and crazy. But it would be nice if the police would plan a little bit.

                1. I don’t think they teach meter maids or even the SWAT guys how to do improvised check points or expedient barricades.

                  I mean for once I actually AGREE that there’s something they haven’t been trained in (though of course they’re going to get millions now to make up for it).

  30. The left wingers who had been so hoping this would be a right-wing terrorist are seemingly happy, at least, that it ended up being white guys.

    Meanwhile, I’ve seen far, far too many posts saying police should be arresting the media members who are reporting on the scene near that house in Watertown.

    1. Hmm. White guys named Tamerlan from a country who is best known for hosting a war between the post-Soviet Russians and Muslim separatists in which the Russians decided the lessons from Afghanistan was that MORE civilian casualties were the answer.

      1. Okay, then, ‘white hispanics’, like whatever dude.

      2. Only one of them was named Tamerlan, Brett.

        They do seem to have several people who went to HS with them saying “they were as American as I am.” My fave quote so far: “he smoked sometimes…you know what that means…”

        1. OMG!!! LIBERTARIANZ!!!1!1!

        2. That’s what they always say.

        3. Jamal al-Fadl used to like smoking weed too.

          1. Jamal al-Fadl used to like smoking weed too.

            So did the Hashshashin.

        4. And yet he was quoted as saying that he had no American friends.

          I’ll bet you anything he converted to Islam after graduating from high school.

          1. I’m taking everything with a heavy dose of salt, of course, but I listened to an uncle of theirs earlier telling reporters that he had fallen out with the brothers a year or two ago and hadn’t spoken to them since then, because of “family matters,” and that the older (now dead) brother had phoned him yesterday to ask for forgiveness (didn’t talk about the bombing, of course), implying that now they would be in touch again. And from what the HS friends were saying, it sounded like the younger kid at least had dropped out of touch over the past year or two. So the reporters were speculating that perhaps they, or at least the younger one, had been pretty normal, but something had happened a couple years ago that would leave the two of them feeling isolated and terroristic and shit.

            1. something had happened a couple years ago that would leave the two of them feeling isolated and terroristic and shit.

              Indeed. They converted to Islam, and that vile gutter religion drove them insane.

              The next step is to find out what mosque, if any, they started attending in the greater Boston area in the last year or two. Find that place, and you’ll almost certainly find a radical Imam looking to breed as many terrorists as he can.

              1. That’s a bit of a leap.

                Since they are Chechen, it seems pretty likely that they have always been Muslim.

                I imagine we’ll find out soon enough.

            2. “I’m taking everything with a heavy dose of salt,”

              Mayor Bloomberg has already dispatched police to put a stop to this crime

          2. The older one said he had no American friends. The younger was apparently a will liked, nice kid in high school, according to interviews with a friend of his and a teacher from the school he attended.

        5. The real radicals often don’t live by the creed. You know, rules are for little people not for the warriors of God kind of thing.

      3. sounds like your average white truck drivin’ southerner!

  31. How did the cops let the guy escape? How hard it is to have a perimeter and shoot anyone who comes out? If only this were a group of dogs conducting a bombing campaign. Boston would be safe.

    1. Didn’t you watch 24? Setting up a perimeter never works!

    2. Dogs don’t engage in bombing campaigns. Dogs stick to illegal poker games.

  32. In saner times, the city of Boston would have just called on every able bodied male to show up with a firearm and form a possee comitatus and this guy would be on the lam for about five minutes. Of course we would never do that now and anyone who suggested as much would immediately be written off as a nut. If he had all of those armed trigger happy civilians roaming the streets, they might do something like shoot up a pickup driven by two Asian women mistaking it for the suspect or something. This kind of stuff must be left to the trained professionals.

    1. I was just thinking about how times have changed. They’d have tried to get people to be on the lookout and maybe even identify the suspect to them (also warning them that he might explode) decades ago. Now it’s get down in your holes, little people.

      1. It is very sad.

      2. Remember when language like “lockdown” only applied to prisons? I am not happy at the trend where an entire town can basically be held hostage by the State and its agents allowed to rummage through dwellings door to door.

        Don’t think this will be the last time we see this.

        1. I have to admit that I was completely shocked to hear that this morning. Not just as a libertarian, but I really thought that wasn’t something that could happen, barring maybe an actual military attack or major natural disaster or something.

          1. I think of the world 15 years ago, and compare it to now, and I can’t even comprehend how we got to here from there. My kamikaze-dodging grandfather would have decked some minimum wage federal rent a cop who dared to grope my grandmother trying to get on a plane. We lived under the spectre of 20,000 nuclear weapons pointed at us, and only 30 minutes away, and didn’t feel the need to turn the country inside out looking for spies, or shady financial transactions. What the fuck happened?

            There have been manhunts in the past, where cars were searched going into or out of a place (thinking of a case in Yosemite in 1995 where they were trying to find a rapist.) But to have an entire town basically under martial law, to try and find one guy…I don’t like the trend this sort of thing foreshadows.

            It’s the door to door searching—and I am presuming that the searching is more than just a knock-announce-and check on welfare—that really concerns me. What if you say, “No, he’s not here? No, you can’t come in.” Can you say No?

            1. We had character and convictions once. Now many of us don’t.

            2. You can always say no. Whether they take no for an answer is another thing entirely.

            3. Every year, The Siege looks eerily more and more prophetic.

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  33. I’m also noticing that the SWAT teams and others are staying outside the house, since the guy is really dangerous. It’s only when it’s somebody who isn’t dangerous that they go in guns blazing.

    1. Yeah. And only when they know there is no danger of the guy firing back do they get trigger happy.

  34. Still living bomber is registered to vote in U.S.

    1. Still living bomber is registered to vote in U.S.

      Ban voting! Oh, wait…

  35. So a couple of days ago in one of the threads here at H&R we were all looking at and discussing some the photos of potential suspects. I thought this one of an anonymous 4chan posting was kind of strange at the time, but didn’t pay much attention to it since it seemed like the ramblings of a tin foil hat wearer, and it was from fucking 4chan.

    But now I’m starting to wonder. Look at the posting date: 04/15/13 at 18:52. Before any details of the bomb’s construction, type of explosive, the identitys of the suspects, or anything else concrete had been revealed.

    “They are going to pin this event on a male late teens to early to early 20s and say he did it because he’s unstable.” Check, sort of, 2 men in their late teens to early 20s, but still, pretty close. Nobody’s tried to come up with an explanation why, but “unstable” is probably a pretty good description for snyone who do this shit.

    “They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home.” Not yet, but something to watch for after the police search their homes I guess.

    “They are going to say he used reloading powder for the explosion…” Check, and again, keep in mind this was posted monday afternoon, before anything was known about the bomb.

    1. Fucking character limit…

      “…and that reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed…” No actual legislative proposals have come out of this shit yet, but this sounds exactly like the sort of thing the government would do in response to this.

      “They won’t find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday…” Mind, blown.

      In conclusion, while I hate to give any credence to the ramblings of an Alex Jones type tin foil hat wearing loon, especially the “false flag” shit, am I alone in finding this guy’s predictions to be eerily spot on so far?

      1. The question is: how many other very specific predictions were given?

      2. But how many such predictions were made over the last few days? It’s not surprising that one of them turned out to be right.

    2. Since the guys had bombs that they were willing to throw at the cops and they in fact did kill a cop, I am not buying any conspiracy theories or frameups. These are our guys.

      1. That.

        There are fake 4chan postings all the time when shootings/bombings happen. They usually fake a timestamp and a post before the event happened and say it was predicted beforehand.

        1. At this point a terrorist could broadcast his act live on youtube or reddit and people would still be claiming it was a conspiracy.

        2. I suppose it’s possible, even likely, that it is a fake posting with a faked timestamp. It might have been posted on Wednesday, after more was known about the type of bomb and explosives. And it wasn’t too hard to figure that they’d have someone by the end of the week given the amount of photo and video surveillance, and the ages were likely just a lucky guess.

          I certainly don’t intend to give too much credence to the conspiracy shit, I just thought it was a little odd.

      2. No doubt, and I’m not buying the 4chan dude’s false flag implications either. While I distrust the government (why else would I be posting on a libertarian site), I’m don’t believe that they would deliberately kill and maim a bunch of people just to drive a political agenda. Wait for someone else to do some shit and then use the resulting fear and outrage, sure, but deliberately do something like this? I sure as fuck hope not.

        I just found it interesting that whoever it was had the type of explosive, the relative age(s) of the suspect(s), and the time period (by the end of the week) all pretty much spot on on Monday afternoon before anyone knew anything.

        1. The problem with the false flag theory is where is the follow on? If I am running a false flag, I do the bombing but then I do follow on actions to ensure that it is blamed on the right people. So you send an anonymous manifesto to the NYT taking responsibility for the bombing and explaining why you did it. If you don’t do that, then you can’t get it blamed on the right people.

          If it was a false flag, you get the people who actually did it way away from the scene and underground. I could see where a couple of Chechens might be the types you would use for such a job. But you wouldn’t then leave them in Boston to be caught. You don’t want them to be caught. You want it to either go unsolved and blamed on the right people or for some patsy to get framed for it. These guys were clearly not patsies because what political cause does framing them for this crime advance?

          1. To curry favor with Russia? Yeah, no. No endgame for a false flag, you are correct.

            Now, there is one “conspiracy theory” I’m not willing to completely dismiss: That this was another terrorist attack that was started/advanced by the FBI, and it got away from them. Incredibly unlikely, but…

            1. Now that, would not surprise me.

            2. To curry favor with Russia? Yeah, no. No endgame for a false flag, you are correct.

              Well, just spitballing here, but maybe if the Russian government wanted us to help with with their fight against Chechen seperatists, a terror attack on US soil commited by a couple of “Chechens” would certainly do the trick.

              Although, as John pointed out above, in that case they’d want to make sure that some Chechen group sent a manifesto to the NYT, took credit, etc. to make sure the blame gets put on them. Plus I think the Russians would be smarter than that. The consequences of something like that backfiring would make it far too risky. There’s a reason this kind of shit doesn’t happen outside of movies.

              Anywho, pay this no mind. Like I said, just spitballing something for funsies, not seriously suggesting anything.

              1. And we have given the Russians a free hand to carpet bomb Chechnya. After the Chechen terror attacks at the theater and grade school in Russia, the Chechen are probably the least like oppressed minority in the world. No one cares what the Russians do to them. And even if they did, there is nothing we could do about it anyway. The US barely has the political will to defend Georgia. Doing anything about Chechnya is impossible.

              2. Let’s try this. Perhaps the Chechens are the patsies. How did they get into the shootout with MIT cop in the first place?

                Didn’t Heroic Mulatto have a link from jihadwatch yesterday or day before about some Saudi who was a witness, wounded, or otherwise involved with the bombing, who the US couldn’t get out of the country fast enough? If this was a plot originating from one of the more unhinged of the 600+ members of the Saudi royal family, would the U.S. be comfortable accusing them?

                Occam is going to suggest that this is just what it appears to be: a pair of radical losers, who the FBI probably had a file on as having visited a radical Mosque/Masjid in the area, who decided to blow up the biggest sporting event in Boston.

                But if we want to throw CTs around, we can do that too. I do not anticipate ever finding out if this was indeed a sting gone awry. Not unless another branch of the national security apparatus can use it to embarrass/take funding/settle scores with another branch.

                1. The problem with that theory Ghost is why go to all of that trouble to pull off a relatively minor bombing that any self respecting suicide bomber could do? What does making the Chechens patsies do for the Saudis? It is not like we are going to go to war with Chechnya over this.

                  Your theory might work if this had been something like 9-11 big or bigger. Something so big and shocking that the US government would obliterate anyone found responsible for it up to and including national governments. Then it would be worth it to get it blamed on someone else. But this? No way.

                  1. I did say the Saudi in my hypo was ‘more unhinged’. But I agree that anyone with the resources to do that, would go for something bigger. Even for terrorism, this seems to be rather pointless.

                    Again, I’m surprised and have been for awhile, that more of this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Jesus, can you imagine if these guys went after, e.g,: malls at Xmas, a Miley Cyrus concert back when she was still big (80,000 attending, many/most of them young girls—hard to think of a bigger thumb in the eye to an ultraradical Muslim), various infrastructure like natural gas hubs, etc… They’d need bigger bombs, of course.

                    I hope this doesn’t start a trend. The Border Patrol checkpoints are bad enough, for cryin’ out loud.

                    1. It surprises me too. But the supply of people who are actually willing to face certain death or imprisonment is a lot smaller than you would think. No one ever gets away with doing this. So doing it amounts to a suicide mission. And our enemies are not quite as fanatical or numerous as we thought they were.

                    2. No one ever gets away with doing this. So doing it amounts to a suicide mission.

                      The thing is, Malvo and Muhammad would have, had they not decided on that idiotic extortion scheme. If they had stopped shooting—packed up their .223 and emigrated to Yemen—we’d think of the Beltway Snipers like we do about the Zodiac killer. And Malvo/Muhammad weren’t trained urban guerrillas.

                      So, adding to what I think is an accurate inference by you:

                      …our enemies are not quite as fanatical or numerous as we thought they were.

                      It must be a lot harder to get here from there than I thought. Still, if you can ship in tons of cocaine, you should be able to ship in tons of ordnance. Of course, one pays quite a bit better than the other…

                      From a terrorist HR point of view, what a waste of two guys who could assimilate and pass for Americans. If you were, say, Zawahiri, wouldn’t you want someone like the white cap guy, or Adam Gadahn, to lay low and do things like set up safe houses, bank accounts, caches? Not waste them setting bombs?

                      Good thing that criminals—which is how we should be treating these guys—are usually so damned dumb.

                  2. What does making the Chechens patsies do for the Saudis?

                    The Chechens and AQ have been BFFs since the 90’s.

          2. I don’t buy the false flag thing, not really. But I’m sure I was reading something recently that pointed out that within a few days prior to every vote on new weapons legislation, there has always been an attack like this, generally involving bombings.

            Thought that if true, interesting correlation.

        2. I kind of subscribe to the South Park theory of False Flag attacks. In short, People are fear-driven pussies, and would rather have a cold-hearted, evil, Machiavellian government that plots to murder it’s own citizens as long as it is competent than an incompetent, money-wasting shit-pile full of fucking morons(and many sociopaths) we probably get in reality.

          1. Exactly. If only our intelligence services were competent enough to pull off an actual false flag operation.

          2. That and a lot of people’s entire worldview depends on the government being competent enough to protect them from all the bad things in the world (terrorists, criminals, teh drugs, illnesses, unemployment, climate change, crabs, male pattern baldness, erectile dysfunction, you name it) and to be confronted with evidence that they can’t is just too much to bear.

          3. If you can blame everything bad that happens in your life on the actions of a mysterious conspiracy that you have no hope of controlling, you never have to consider the possibility that they were the result of your own actions and decisions.

            1. ^^^ THIS explains so much. Just don’t take responsibility for anything, and don’t expect others to take responsibility for themselves. That’s liberalism/progressivism in a nutshell.

              1. No, it explains humanity in a nutshell. You see this sort of conspiratorial projection on the right just as much as the left. Only difference is who they blame the secret conspiracy on.

        3. “While I distrust the government (why else would I be posting on a libertarian site), I’m don’t believe that they would deliberately kill and maim a bunch of people just to drive a political agenda. Wait for someone else to do some shit and then use the resulting fear and outrage, sure, but deliberately do something like this?”

          The problem with your average conspiracy theorist is that even if you did believe that the government would do something like this your ascribing them the competence to successfully plan and execute the operation and hide it from every journalist and local cop while you some nobody can find all this evidence pointing to the “facts” is simply unbelievable.

          1. Maybe they save the competent gov’t employees for the secret conspiracy departments and leave the incompetent ones for the post office. It’s all part of the conspiracy, man!

  36. NRA chief David Keene said the president’s throwing a “tantrum” after facing the biggest defeat of his presidency with the failed gun control measures, and that it’s the result of Obama biting off more than he can chew.

    See, this is why the NRA scares the shit out of me. It’s the insinuation that there was a compromise to be had, but that Obama just wouldn’t make it with them. This is how shit like the Brady Bill became law and once Obama ets with them to craft the “real” sensible legislation, the NRA will happily jump on board and fuck us in the ass.

  37. Heh

    Baucus said Wednesday that he fears the implementation will be a “huge train wreck” because people do not understand what the reform law does.

    If it’s a train wreck, Pompeo said, Baucus has no one to blame but himself.

    “No one in the country bears more responsibility for the complexity of this law than you,” Pompeo wrote in a letter to Baucus on Thursday.

    Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/healt…..z2Qus9zfyv
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

    1. Read more

      No thanks, saw two articles about it on reason yesterday.

  38. Can I Get a Million Dollars If Someone Insults Me?

    A woman of Korean descent who claims a worker at a CVS in southern New Jersey used a phrase mocking Asians to identify her on a store receipt said Thursday she was “horrified” when she made the discovery.

    Hyun Lee said she had returned home from picking up her photos at the store and was sifting through them when she noticed the name on the receipt was “Ching Chong Lee” instead of her own.

    … Lee filed a lawsuit against the pharmacy chain April 16 seeking $1 million in mental and emotional damages. The suit was filed in federal court in Camden.

    1. Once again, the only person who has any control over whether you will be offended at something is you. No one else should be officially punished for something that only you control.

    2. Poor Rosie O’Donnell has fallen on hard times and has to work at CVS?

    3. She should be suing Camden for emotional trauma induced by living there.

    4. Her attorney needs to figure out what “discrimination” actually means.

    5. Apparently the lady should be arrested for having a prescription that doesn’t belong to her. I’ve heard you can do some serious time for that.

      1. I’m not convinced she didn’t write the slur on the receipt herself.

        1. I think it’s one of those times that it’s typed on the receipt because the cashier entered a note in the computer to remind her what person to hand the bag to when it was done being processed.

      2. Dude, you need a prescription to pick up photos? Glad I don’t live in MA…

        1. Doh! Completely misread that.

    6. Sorry lady, but “Ching Chong Lee” is fucking hilarious. Grow the fuck up.

    7. That’s a pretty lame thing to do if you work in customer service.

      But if you are that easily emotionally damaged, you probably shouldn’t leave the house.

  39. http://www.foxnews.com/politic…..urces-say/

    Bengazi was denied help during attack.

    1. Great timing to release this info.

      1. “By Jennifer Griffin Published October 26, 2012”

    2. But just yesterday Tony was saying that this was just a slip-up in intelligence like 9/11!

    3. Obama feared fully emulating Carter by having Benghazi turn into another Desert One. So they let those men at the annex die. I’m not sure why this is such a complicated story for the MSM to understand. It’ll be interesting to hear from, e.g., General Ham about which QRF was available at Sigonella or what other assets were available, and who called them off.

      In a more just world, this would be cause for Articles of Impeachment. At a minimum.

      1. That is exactly what happened. I think Obama froze up. The guys in the compound were supposed to die really quick so the powers that be could say there was no time to do anything. Instead they fought on for 8 hours. Obama and Hillary left those people to die because they didn’t want to risk any bad press during the election. It is frankly the worst, most cowardly act I have ever seen a President do.

  40. One of the bombers attended the same high school as Matt Damon. A coincidence? I think not.

    1. So the NORKs are behind this?

  41. See, this is why the NRA scares the shit out of me. It’s the insinuation that there was a compromise to be had, but that Obama just wouldn’t make it with them. This is how shit like the Brady Bill became law and once Obama ets with them to craft the “real” sensible legislation, the NRA will happily jump on board and fuck us in the ass.

    I’m right there with you.

    I see the NRA as a largely big government Law and Order so-con lobby. They’ll do what the National Association of Chiefs of Police want.

    They couldn’t give a fuck about individual rights or freedom.

    1. That’s really not true at all.

      What they are is the definition of a single issue pressure group. They will link arms with total scum from across the spectrum, provided said scum votes pro-RKBA.

      Harry Reid, for example.

      1. And in fairness that is what makes then effective. People don’t listen to the ACLU as much anymore because they are viewed as just another wing of the Democratic Party. The NRA is not just another wing of the Republican Party. They will support anyone, provided they toe the line on gun rights.

    2. Wait, so you’re saying that the NRA is controlled by the National Association of Police Chiefs? My question is how does the Fnord motor company fit in and are they controled by the Bavarian Illuminati or the Gnomes of Zurich?

      1. Pleeeease let it be the Gnomes of Zurich! They used their orbital mind control lasers.

        1. Surely the Robot Sea Monsters are involved somehow.

          1. Unleash the iKraken!

          2. +1 Steve Jackson Game

  42. Cop hits a pedestrian with his cruiser and flees the scene. He has not been charged. But the PoliceOne comments are just delicious.

    …JC, who are you to make a statement about if the officer should be fired or not? You have absolutely no idea what was going through his mind at the time, nor do you know if he may have beed dealing with some issues that allowed for a “slip” in judgement. Instead of Judging and sentencing, ask your self to slow it down to a slight bump at the corner and the homeless drunk steps away from the bumper and says, Sorry Officer, my fault, I’m OK” and walks away. Are you both going to tackle him and hold him for an ambulance to arrive? Yes, the officer made a bad decision, but you “New Breed” of officer’s are so quick to stab anyone you can. If the officer has a family and children, do you both agree fining him about 75K a year for the next 20 year’s is fair for an accident that wasn’t his fault. No one knows what the guy said to the officer? He could have been laughing and saying “my fault” “I’m fine”, “sorry for walking against the Red”. “I’m not hurt at all officer, I just rolled off the hood so I wouldn’t get hurt.” ETC.. If you hit a person at low speed with your car, and there is no damage to the car or the person, is it a reportable accident?

    What a piece of shit.

    1. The Other four words to prolong your career, Although it may not apply to this exact incident, “Never tell on yourself!” This is only meant when you have not injured anyone, or damaged the city’s or a citizens property. I always hear young cops telling on themselves for the things that would otherwise never be an issue. For example, If you stop a guy in a stolen, and he convinces you that it’s his mom’s car and she lives right around the corner. So you decided to check out his story because he seems really honest. You hook him up (safety First) and place him in the back seat. As you round the corner he says “I live right here”. So you stop, walk to the front door (about 0400 hrs) pound on the door until someone comes to the door and you ask them if the guy in your back seat lives there? They look at you a little strange and say, who? You turn and see the back door is open, (window left down)and A-hole is GOA. You don’t panic, scream into your radio that a guy escaped from your car. Just smile at the lady, tell her you made a mistake and clear the call as unfounded or something else catchy. I chose to just buy another set of cuff’s instead of telling on myself. Besides, A-hole had to run home cuffed on a foggy SO-CAL morning. I never had to hear the wise cracks in briefing, and a PSO just impounded the stolen vehicle as abandoned. So, how many of you would have screamed into your radio that you let the car thief escape from your car?

      Piece of shit #2

      1. Posted by BCDJR on Thursday, April 18, 2013 03:44 AM Pacific Report Abuse
        “Reportable accident”? Are you kidding? A cop in a marked unit, “downtown”, broad daylight, a homeless pedestrian…what about this doesn’t scream “CALL IT IN!” “COVER YOUR ___!” In this day and age of “CopTube” or what ever they may call it, where every joker with a cell phone and every blogger is “the press”, where every idiot you deal with “knows his constitutional rights” you’re damn right it’s reportable. But for the fact this guy didn’t, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        See, we’re “idiots” for knowing our rights, and only because cameras might be rolling, they have to actually watch what they do.

        These fuckers are real cops, patrolling our streets.

    2. Isn’t it obvious that they would use the same standard for all noncops too?

    3. Reason should hire you, sloopy. Your nut punches are far more painful than Balko’s ever were. Which is saying something, because his nut punches were, and still remain, quite painful.

      1. We really are masochists around here.

      2. As awesome as that would be, I don’t think sloopy could remain objective enough in his reporting.

        1. That’s 80% of the appeal.

        2. I’ll take a reporter who openly displays their perspective over somebody cloaking themselves a false pretense of objectivity any day.

          1. in a

        3. Balko actually tweeted about that yesterday

          radleybalko ?@radleybalko 16h @marknoble @watsup1101 Better to be honest and up front with readers about your biases than to pretend you have none. And we all have them.

      3. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

  43. Boston PD asking twitter to stop tweeting scanner info.
    As if.

    1. I guess they have never heard of encryption.

  44. Has the NRA ever come out in favor of a “If the cops can ride around your neighborhood with one, so can you” policy?

  45. I’m curious – is there a specific Russian(s) they may been targeting in the attack? Boston Marathon seems like a very odd target for Chechnians, but there were many Russian runners in it. Perhaps we’ve read this entire thing wrongly…

    1. That is an interesting idea. But why use a bomb for that? Just walk up and shoot the guy.

      1. Slightly better chance of getting away with it if it was a bomb and not an execution style shooting.

        1. Only if you want to kill him at the marathon. If you know who you want, follow them around and catch him at a better time. Setting off a bomb at a marathon and turning what should be a local murder case into a national manhunt, is no way to assassinate someone.

        2. Yes, and the timing of it, and them hanging around, like they were waiting for a specific target.

          1. Sorry if this double posted. Comments seems to munged right now.

            This happened April 13.


            Top name on list: BOGATIROV, Letscha (a.k.a. BOGATYREV, Lecha; a.k.a. BOGATYRYOV, Lecha); DOB 14 Mar 1975; POB Atschkoi, Chechen Republic, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].

            Finisher of Boston Marathon at 3:56:54:

            Name: Bogatyrev, Andrey
            Age: 56
            Sex: M
            Residence: Moscow


            1. Why would Chechens want payback for something we did to the Russians?

              1. I think the implication is that the marathon runner in his post is on the list as violating human rights, and is Chechen. The person on the list and the marathon runner are not the same person, obviously, since they don’t share the same name or DOB

                1. He might be family. It’s just a theory.

            2. Why? Because they have the same surname?

            3. According to Bloomberg:

              “Lecha Bogatyrev is sought for allegedly playing a part in a contract killing of a Russian citizen in Austria. ”

              Whom did he kill? Umar S. Israilov, former bodyguard of Ramzan A. Kadyrov, Chechnya’s current president


              Why? Israilov snitched on Kadyrov human rights abuses.

      2. Just walk up and shoot the guy

        Or use a rifle with a scope from a nearby rooftop. Bombs are not very good assassination tools. They cause a lot of collatoral damage and leave behind a lot of evidence.

        1. Yuo. Agreed. Just trying to connect the dots on something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You guys are likely right and I am likely wrong, but the whole Chechen thing just doesn’t jibe.

        2. Piling on, bombs also get involved much more competent LE agencies like the FBI. It’s why a stick-up guy can ply their trade for awhile, if they stick to little old ladies and gas stations, but are usually caught quickly when they try banks.

          Shit, if you’ve identified the target, and know where he’s going to be, just mug him before or after the race. A mugging gone wrong is going to attract a whole lot less attention than this. You might actually get away with the former.

    2. My guess, Don, is that they picked the Marathon because they are locals, and know that the event is a really big deal in Boston. But why bomb at all? Probably because they’re Islamic, got radicalized somewhere along the way and bombed out of rage at the shit they think America does. In reality, they did it because they’re losers and angry at that fact.

      I have no idea why they chose to bomb an hour or two after the leaders finished the race. Nor why these guys made such crude bombs, yet are thought to have suicide vests. Or why these guys thought that getting in a gunfight with a MIT cop was a good idea.

      Like Fluffy in another thread said, I have no idea why these guys just didn’t pick up and go down the road to another town. Christ, did they want to get caught?

      1. I bet they couldn’t get in to plant the bombs before the winners crossed. The winners crossing is when everyone is there. Then it clears out and the people come in and out to see their friends and family finish. That is when it would be easiest to get in and plant the bombs.

        And yeah, the target told you it had to be someone local. Few outside of New England have any idea how big of an event that is in Boston.

      2. “I have no idea why they chose to bomb an hour or two after the leaders finished the race.”

        Maybe they just slept in

        1. Lazy terrorists. “The early bird gets the infidel.”

  46. No one knows what the guy said to the officer? He could have been laughing and saying “my fault” “I’m fine”, “sorry for walking against the Red”. “I’m not hurt at all officer, I just rolled off the hood so I wouldn’t get hurt.”

    Perhaps even, “DON’T TAZE ME, BRO!”

  47. If you hit a person at low speed with your car, and there is no damage to the car or the person, is it a reportable accident?

    Is this a trick question?

    1. Well, to be fair, I have been bumped at very low speed in a parking lot. I staggered back, she was extremely apologetic, and I wasn’t hurt at all. Felt like getting tackled in football. I mean if I had been hurt, I would have called the police. But I wasn’t.

      So yeah, sometimes, yeah it is. But not for cops, obviously. He should have to report that.

  48. http://online.wsj.com/article/…..TopOpinion

    I think this might have been linked yesterday. But if you haven’t read Taranto’s take down of Gabbi Giffords, you should. It is one of the most brutally effective responses you will read.

    1. sure it’s dumb, but getting shot in the head at least makes you a better person. Unless Harrison Ford lied to me

    2. “Damn it! Our propaganda campaign failed!”

      Shame the one re: obozocare didn’t also.

    3. I found this Bloomberg quote (the media, not the man, to the extent they are different) very disturbing: “[I]f the nation’s laws fail to represent the views of the overwhelming majority of its people, representative democracy becomes a shallow and unsustainable exercise.”

      How far are we from these statist fucks deciding that they can’t manipulate the masses sufficiently and going to full-blown tyranny?

      1. That that could come from Nanny Bloomburg, the guy who thinks he can do anything provided he feels it is what is good for people is just amazing.

        1. I’m telling you, they are more and more regularly identifying a volont? g?n?rale that doesn’t reflect what most people want or think but what these statists believe that they should want or think.

          How is that different than any tyrant who claims to speak for–and represent the will of–“his” people?

          1. Well, if this bombing is not going to be an isolated incident, we may find the answer to your question very quickly, ProL.

  49. So I’m gonna be unemployed again in May. Got a month to find a new job. Gun control falls, and of course my happiness must be crushed quickly so they arrange a “restructuring”.

    1. That sucks. Sorry about that. I know so many people going from short term job to short term job just hanging on. It is terrible out there.

    2. Again? Damn that’s tough. Good luck in landing a new gig quickly

    3. What do you do? Maybe someone here can help a brother out.

      1. +1 what’s your specialty?

      2. My company is certainly looking.

    4. I’ve still got a lot of contacts in the RIC. Maybe I can help.

      1. That would be excellent. It’s tough finding something without a degree.

        I don’t really have formal training in anything. I can run a computer, I can write well, I work well with customers, good references. I’m generally a competent sort, and I work hard.

        I’d really like to stay in Richmond. My brother is graduating and working in the city, and we’re trying to get a house together. But obviously if I can’t make rent that’s gonna fall through.

        Aghhh…fucking government. The one time I want them to not cut spending, they do.

        1. I sent you an email. Hit me back up and let me know what you’re doing and what you want to do.

        2. Richmond, if you’re looking for a job as a truck driver I might be able to help. My brother was some sort of regional manager for a delivery company out there last I heard.

  50. The Foo Fighters kicked off the Rush induction last night by playing the overture to 2112.

    Good enough.

  51. Are you guys trying to tell me Wayne laPierre is a libertarian? And he’s not in love with the cops?

  52. I’m telling you, they are more and more regularly identifying a volont? g?n?rale that doesn’t reflect what most people want or think but what these statists believe that they should want or think.

    They just make shit up and repeat it over and over as truth.

    1. And so long as that works, they’ll keep doing it. But now that the mask is off, what happens if the public gets ornery and doesn’t play along?

  53. More unintentional humor from CNN’s “blog”:

    The Tsarnaev brothers were Kyrgyz passport holders, and used those passports when applying for green cards in the United States, an official in the central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan said, according to CNN’s Ivan Watson.

    This doesn’t mean they were born in Kyrgyzstan or that their family were Kyrgyz natives. Many Caucasus refugees received passports or refugee status in surrounding countries.

    Um, Kyrgyzsan is nowhere fucking close to Chechnya. There are two seas in between them for Chrisakes. What, is CNN going by the “Fuck it, they all look alike,” school of journalism now?

    1. Fucking press are absolute vultures.

    2. Geography is hard. /Barbie

  54. It seems the second suspect is still on the loose?

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