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Hawaii state Rep. Faye Hanohano has apologized for using racial slurs and verbally attacking state workers. When the workers were hanging art in her office, she complained that she didn't want anything made by "Haoles, Japs, or Pakes." That's whites, Japanese, and Chinese to those not from Hawaii.

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  1. Did you really have to explain the Japanese one?

    It’s also ironic that she doesn’t like Chinese, since she looks like Sammo Hung.

    1. Don’t be insulting Sammo Hung!

    2. Do you have to ruin everything?

  2. Buy your own office art, you tax-bloated tick.

    1. or create her own. Some macrame, macaroni pictures of Maui, the possibilities are equally endless and horrifying

    2. The state of Hawaii already owns a crapload of art, which they loan out to legislators from the state owned art museum across from the Capitol.

      You’d think all this would be sold off, but no.

  3. What’s the problem? It’s not like she said “Crackers, Nips or Chinks.”

    1. If only she had said “Haoles, Honkies or Crackers” there’d been nothing newsworthy to report.

      1. And if she’d said she felt the art budget was niggardly she’d be out of a job.

        1. Oh My Dog! He said the “N” word! Sorta.

          1. The sheer *idiocy* …
            Let the lawsuits begin, and may the offended co-workers and administrators lose their jobs.

  4. There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the Hawaiians.

    1. Hawaii, isn’t that where His Royal Majesty our King was born?

      1. How many times must I tell you, that was Kenya…ya know, just saying

        1. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting.

  5. Hanohano made her apology from the House floor at noon Thursday:

    “I am an honest and straight speaking woman whom descends from long line of proud leaders and warriors from Puna of Hawai’i island. …Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we don?t however let me reaffirm my commitment to all of you that I shall serve my people and the people of the State of Hawaii to the best of my ability, integrity and for the honor of my kupuna (elders).”

    She also issued a written statement: “First and foremost, I’d like to express my sincere apology to any individuals or groups who may have been offended by my comments. Clearly comments that were intended to be an impassioned plea for increasing the visibility and support for Native Hawaiian artists were expressed in a manner that did not accurately reflect their intent, sentiment or the integrity of this office. I accept full responsibility for this unfortunate incident and, again, I apologize.”

    It is not at all clear to me that your comments did not accurately reflect your intent, Ms. Hanohano.

    1. what’s the intolerant racial slur for native hawaiian? poi eaters?

        1. “Tiki Heads” is a term usually reserved for those beer tap handles that are carved to look like Tiki heads.

          1. Also Tiki Barber’s fan club.

            1. Tiki Barber doesn’t have a fan club. Right?

              1. Then where have my dues been going?

      1. I’d just call them Haoles, since it sounds like something racist, and it’s ironic or something.

        Or Alohomos.

        1. haoles are whites…esp pelo haole (dirty white)


            1. It’s like raiainnnnn…

        2. native hawaiians are all part haole, anyway, because most of the hawaiians that survived the scourge of diseases were the offspring intermarried with white people – the royalty and nobility thought it would increase their status by marrying whites, forbade the lower classes for doing it (for the most part, but can’t stop all those sailors from getting busy). Also conveniently forgotten is that the hawaiians royalty invited the japs and chinks to the islands because they wanted cheap labor for their massive plantations.

          1. A handful of 100% Hawaiians on Niihau, but otherwise, yeah.

      2. There are a number of them:
        moke, blahlah, titta.
        As with pake and haole, they are not known on the mainland.
        Moke and blahlah refer to grossly overweight, undereduated Hawaiian males, while tittas are female, of the same variety.
        Haole is not necessarily considered derogatory–it’s used in police reports, for example (‘suspect is haole, 5’3″, wearing blue jeans’). However, if it is pronounced with a bisyllabic prefix beginning with ‘f’ it certainly isn’t a compliment.
        Pake certainly is derogatory.
        There are ethnic slurs in Hawaii for groups that mainlanders have never even met (Filipinos, Portuguese etc.)

        1. There are ethnic slurs in Hawaii for groups that mainlanders have never even met (Filipinos, Portuguese etc.)


          I suspect there are more Portuguese in MA than HI. There are Filipinos all over the lower 48 as well.

          1. I suspect there are more Filipinos in Los Angeles than there are in any city in the Philippines–save Manila.

        2. There are ethnic slurs in Hawaii for groups that mainlanders have never even met (Filipinos, Portuguese etc.)

          Right. People not from Hawaii have certainly never met any Filipinos or Portuguese. Ever.

          1. My late maternal grandfather had a slew of slurs for immigrant “Portugees”. He never set foot in Hawaii.

        3. [Tittas are grossly overweight, undereducated Hawaiian females]

          So, Rep. Hanohano is a titta.

          1. No, she’s definitely underweight for that term…

    2. ah, the non-apology apology. In case clarification is needed, when the apology includes the phrase “if anyone was offended” or something like it, it’s bullshit.

    3. I accept full responsibility for this unfortunate incident

      So she resigned?

      1. No, no – it’s the Hillary Clinton “I take full responsibility”. No resignation, no firing, no pay cut or sanction, no reprimand, no censure, no loss of benefits or pension. In fact, you get lauded for your “courage” or “forthrightness” or some such argle-bargle.

        1. Yep.

          Would that it meant that one literally falls on one’s sword.

    4. Clearly comments that were intended to be an impassioned plea for increasing the visibility and support for Native Hawaiian artists were expressed in a manner that did not accurately reflect their intent, sentiment or the integrity of this office.

      You intended to use derogatory racial slurs, and you did exactly that. If you want to show your support for native Hawaiian artists, go buy some of their art with your own money, and shut your fucking mouth.

    5. Her apolgy was more offensive to me than the original statement.

    6. “Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we don?t however let me reaffirm my commitment to all of you that I shall serve my people and the people of the State of Hawaii to the best of my ability.”

      So, she’s not only committed to serving HER people, she’s also committed to serving other people of the State of Hawaii, too, but if you’re white, just so you know, you’re definitely not one of her people.

      I don’t think there’s an elected black politician in the continental U.S. that would dare say such a thing so explicitly.

      They might say it more PC like they’re trying to serve “the community”. But I don’t think they’d come out and say, “I’m committed to serving my people, oh, and any white people who might live here, too”.

      1. She might have meant “the people living in my district who voted for me”.

        1. No, that’s not what she means at all.

          It’s a non-apology apology.

          You think she doesn’t want any art in her office unless it was made by people who voted for her?

  6. Ran across this video on YouTube this morning Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT. Seriously! It’s so sad it’s almost funny.

    1. At least they’re pushing for repeal, as opposed to urging that O simply trample it.

    2. What. The. Fuck.

      I couldn’t make it through the full videos. Where is this guy that he is so easily able to find such a concentration of retards? California?

  7. Hrm, that seems pretty violent. She wasn’t in Boston the last few days, was she?

  8. it’s obviously blowback from years of white oppression. ‘cuz if Whitey is around, Whitey is to blame.

  9. Knew this had to happen sooner or later. If you’ve ever spent any time at all in Hawaii, you very quickly notice that it is truly one big melting pot with people from all over in residents, and there are ‘pet’ names for just about any distinguishable group one can imagine, a few ya can’t, and the terms are used with abandon, by just about everyone. And nobody has a cow over it. Well, at least until someone that applies the hypersensitive racial nuclear launch perspective and tries to apply it like they’re in downtown DC or something.

    This haole understood exactly what she means, and does not find it offensive.

    1. I don’t think anybody on this site would care if the people that do this kind of thing weren’t the same ones trying to punish everyone else for doing this kind of thing.

    2. What it really comes down to is the threshold for what qualifies as a slur is highly variable and fully dependent on who is using terms to describe who and where they are doing it.

      I think it’s very obvious by the fact she didn’t want art by any member of the racial groups she listed, she was indeed using the terms as racial slurs.

      Whether anyone wants to find it offensive is up to themselves. Personally, I think people in general are way too sensitive.

      1. I’m not really offended so much as I am pissed off that this brain-dead leech thinks she is entitled to having her office decorated on my dime.

    3. So you have no problem with a member of government (aka Jeff) deciding that tax money paid by all will only benefit a certain ethnic group, and that this decision is purely due to her own prejudices?

      1. Um, social justice? Er…redistribution….make up for years of past… STOP USING THAT LOGIC AND STUFF!

      2. Well worth eleven minutes and thirty-one seconds.

    4. I’m not sure you can say “Jap” anywhere and not have it be offensive.


    /racist sprinkler

  11. What’s the problem? She’d be a star in the Parti Quebecois.

  12. she complained that she didn’t want anything made by “Haoles, Japs, or Pakes.”
    I feel the same way about the art. I only allow blacxploitation posters in my office.

    1. Super Fly is okay. But, I prefer to decorate what serves as my office with festive Pickaninny art.

      1. She could put a poster of this.

        1. …up in her office.

        2. “Yeah, sheriff, I wants to thank ya. Sorry, we ain’t got time to stay for supper, but we, uh, got some more whities to catch.”

          That’s gold

        3. Put him in an office room with machine gun Django and see who comes out.

      2. Only ok?!!!
        How can you not love someone who has a plan to stick it to the man?
        What sort of libertarian are you?

  13. She may not know art, but she knows who she likes.

    1. Rather, who she dislikes.

      1. Whom she (likes/dislikes).

        1. I shan’t contest your pedantry.

        2. No, he got it right. Nobody likes rather.

          1. No, he got it right. Nobody likes rather.


      2. Which appears to be everyone who is not like herself.

    2. Gentlemen! Let’s broaden our minds!

  14. But I thought that it was only white, tea bagging racist Republicans and libertarians who would dare use racial slurs in this age of being post-racial?

    1. It’s only a post-racial era for white people. Everyone else gets a pass.

      1. Sir/m’am, that thought is dangerously close to racism.

        (If your skin is darker than a light beige disregard this comment.)

  15. I forgive her. Having to go through life that stupid and ugly is punishment enough.

    1. Someone definitely beat her severely with a big ugly stick.

  16. In other newsm. Everyone that was in her office when she said that is now unemployed.

  17. Sounds like a solid plan to me dude.


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