Boston Bombs Hidden in Pressure Cookers, IRS Dodges Email Snooping Questions, States Limit Drone Surveillance: P.M. Links


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  1. State are taking the lead on limiting the use of drones in surveillance. Of course, their efforts don’t touch the feds.

    We are all enemy combatants now.

    1. I’m not going to your wedding now

      1. We like to fire assault weapons into the air at the reception to celebrate the loss of freedom that comes with a marriage license.

      2. I’ve stopped going to Starbucks to plot the downfall of America. It’s easier to just watch from afar as they spend it into oblivion.

  2. The Boston bombs were apparently made from explosives and shrapnel packed into pressure cookers.

    Ban it.

    1. Allow me: Why does anyone *need* a pressure cooker?


        1. Add a son ready to come out to the family at dinner and an alcoholic, racist aunt already in the bag and you definitely have a pressure cooker!

        2. That’s what a deep fryer is for, son.

    2. At a minimum, all pressure cookers must be registered with your local PD, and the domicile may be inspected at any time for safe storage compliance.

      I guaranfuckingtee some idiot somewhere is thinking exactly that.

      1. Other minimum requirements for sale or possession of a pressure cooker:

        Criminal background check
        Mental health certificate
        Completion of a pressure cooker safety course
        14-day waiting period for sales

        Also, need a Federal license to possess ball bearings.

        1. It’s all ball bearings nowadays.

          1. +1 Fletch

        2. Why does everyone keep calling them ball bearings? They were probably just cheap steel balls.

            1. Not as bad as those who don’t know the difference between then and than.

          1. Doctors like to sound like they’re knowledgeable in another subject. Look how many talk about economics.

          2. Cheap “Saturday night special” ball bearings, you mean.

            1. 40% of Ball Bearings are purchased without a background check….


        3. We’ll also need to see some gumbo recipes.

          1. Gumbo in a pressure cooker? That’s crazy.

            1. It’s a trick question.

        4. I’ve got some steelie boulders in my marble bag. Will those help?

          For the kids on the blog, allow me to translate:

          I have a collection of ball bearings that are a bit larger than the glass marbles your great-grandfather played with and that you may have seen in the museum.

          They are stored in a sewed cloth bag made by my stay-at-home mom that has a drawstring to keep it closed.

          These were used as a pasttime during our breaks from our propaganda masters.

          … Hobbit

    3. More likely legislation will be introduced to require ID and records of purchase of black powder if not all types of gunpowder.

      1. pressure cookers will be stored behind the counter at the home goods store. You will have to sign a register and present govt issued ID to purchase. You will have to wait 72 hours to pick up your cooker. Logs of all purchases will have to be kept in a centralized database. And don;t even think about selling your pressure cooker to your son for money.

        1. And don;t even think about selling your pressure cooker to your son for money.

          Yeah…that might lead someone to think something is wrong in your family.

      2. And every home-made fireworks enthusiast will be officially a terrorist (if they already weren’t).

      3. Sadly you’re right. Everyone is too busy congratulating themselves for thinking up the ‘ban pressure cookers’ joke all by themselves to notice.

        1. I understand why folks might want to joke about the pointless things politicians will climb over themselves to do about this, but the fact is there will likely be some action taken that has real detrimental consequences for personal liberties in this country.

    1. Good lord. The premise being that since Obama is following most of the same policies, perhaps W wasn’t that bad. Not, of course, that they both are disasters.

      1. there remains a pathological inability for folks who supported Obama to admit having made a mistake.

        1. Not true. I cast a write-in vote for Obama for township supervisor since I thought he needed more executive experience. Turns out I should have written him in for dog catcher instead.

              1. Sorry, db. I still had my Progressive hat on after posting a sarcastic comment.

                It won’t happen again.

                1. *gives Rich the stink-eye*

                  I’m watching you, Mister.

        2. still better than McCain.


        3. there remains a pathological inability for folks who supported Obama to admit having made a mistake.

          Not all. I’m hearing from some gun owners who bought the “I believe in the Second Amendment and I won’t take your guns” campaign message. They are supremely pissed, and getting involved in gun rights.

    2. Yeah, what the fuck? I would have thought: “Bush: Yes Obama is also that bad (and more).”

      What I really don’t get is why all the Brits and Eurofags need to pick teams in US politics.

    3. Obama has ended both Bush’s wars.

      WTF??? Did I miss something? We still have a shitload of troops in Afghanistan, do we not? And as far as Iraq goes, the timeline for withdrawal was negotiated by the Bush administration. All Captain 0 did was follow the plan.

      1. All Captain 0 did was follow the plan.

        After he tried to renegotiate it in order to stay longer.

  3. Regal Entertainment Group, America’s largest theater chain, is cutting back on employees’ hours because…

    They’re racists who don’t wan their employees to get health care? Stupid chess pawns not moving where they’re supposed to!

    1. A caveat of Obamacare is that if you have your users on a WAN they get free health care?

  4. Stansted Airport worker bakes resignation ‘letter’

    1. That takes the cake.

      1. I won’t rise to your bait.

    2. I thought somebody else did this years ago. I’d have more respect for the guy if he wasn’t a fucking copycat.

  5. ‘Australia is most comfortably racist

    1. I am sure they are real fond of Americans after we sent that douche bag as a representative.

      1. He’s a Limey, wouldn’t they blame the Mother Country?

        1. Didn’t know that. I never watch the Daily Show.

    2. Change that to Europe, you got a deal.

    3. “The one thing Australia cannot argue is: ‘There’s no room here in this country’, because that land is f—ing gigantic. That aside: fantastic place, can’t wait to go back.”

      I’d be perfectly happy if they would go live in the desert. But no, we have to build them a housing project…

    4. In the United States, The Daily Show attracts mostly young and well-educated viewers. Some commentators believe it is a primary source of news for these audiences, who are less likely to watch traditional news bulletins.

      Interesting, and probably true, caveat at the end of that article. Seems to be more politely saying “Look out, some kids out there actually listen to this douchebag”.

  6. Boston Marathon runners marry after explosion.

    “We were torn with possibly having to postpone or finding an alternative location out of respect for the victims,” Kelli told the Daily News.”But we really did not want to give in to terrorists ? if that’s truly what this was a result of ? because that’s their whole goal. They are trying to ruin things. They are trying to get you to change things like that. So we were not going to give into that.”

    Take that, terrorists!

    1. Thanks for posting that.

    2. Awesome.

    3. And they got busy making a future terrorist fighter short thereafter, right?

      1. That’s when you hold her close and whisper: “Baby, them terrorists hate group sex too…..they hate it so bad…call up your old college roomate. Let’s show them what America is made of….together.”

        1. Hmm. If the gf wasn’t pregnant and crazy due to hormonal issues, I would try this.

          1. I regularly say crazy shit to girls, keeps them on their toes.


    Gun control bill likely to fail. I am not getting my hopes up. But if they get nothing out of the once in a decade pile of dead kids at Newtown, the anger and tears are going to be delicious.

    1. As long as “they get a vote”, it’s OK, right? RIGHT?!

      1. But if the vote is wrong, then they didn’t really get a vote, ya see?

    2. After the ACA decision, I try to limit my exuberant prospective joy. Fingers crossed nonetheless.

    3. From the article:

      It also, once again, displays the competing interests in the Capitol: A Senate attuned to national politics, and a House consumed with local, gerrymandered, constituencies.

      Its the People’s House for a reason. It serves smaller constituencies and thus is supposed to more accurately reflect the desires of the American people. The vast majority of the American people don’t want gun control. Go fuck yourself Politico.

      1. It also, once again, displays the competing interests in the Capitol: A Senate attuned to national politics, and a House consumed with local, gerrymandered, constituencies

        Wow, it’s as if the Founders established a bicameral legislature for a reason!

        1. You mean it wasn’t so they could Do Something twice as fast?

      2. A Senate attuned to national politics, and a House consumed with local, gerrymandered, constituencies.


        “Clearly the 17th amendment didn’t go far enough, we need to abolish the House of Representatives immediately! Those stupid proles in rural districts keep voting for the wrong people!” /urbanite prog-tard

      3. It also, once again, displays the competing interests in the Capitol: A Senate attuned to national politics, and a House consumed with local, gerrymandered, constituencies.

        These are the same people who bitch about “MUH UNFAYRE REPREZENTAISHUN!!!” because Wyoming has as much influence in the Senate as Commiefornia.

      4. Ban the House.

    4. […]the best chance for new gun controls in 20 years is slipping away.

      As though it were some sort of mask!

    5. Sure, it might fail, but the next one will cover evil reloading supplies like gunpowder in response to the Boston atrocity.

      1. You can count on it.

    6. A defeat would mean that in just five months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, the best chance for new gun controls in 20 years is slipping away.

      The author is honest about using the shootings.

      Which isnt saying much.

    7. They’ll just lard it up with enough payoffs and goodies to buy enough votes to at least get it through the Senate. Probably DOA in the house though.

      At which point get ready for a steady stream of “OMGZ OBSTRUKSHUNIST RETHUGLICANTS HATEZ TEH CHILDRUNZ!!!11!!!!” bullshit from now until at least the mid-term elections.

      1. And in a year or 3, all the Democratic Senators who voted “yes” get to explain it to their voters.

  8. Dolls with Down syndrome become internet hit

    1. Somehow reminded of this

      1. Whereas I am instantly reminded of the creepiness that is Reborn Dolls

        1. That is the creepiest shit I’ve ever seen. Thanks.

        2. Do they grow up into these?:

    2. Always nice to see entrepreneurship alive and well.

    3. But still the chronically butt-hurt can’t help but say something or get their panties in a bunch:

      But she’s not without her detractors. The former head of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, Krista Flint, spoke out against the dolls last month, saying they stigmatize children with the condition and promote the stereotype that all of those with Down syndrome are alike.

      The current executive director of the organization, Kirk Crowther, said that while the Canadian Down Syndrome Society supports any family that decides to purchase the doll for their child, he worries that the dolls send the wrong message.

      “There is an assumption made by the public that all people with Down syndrome look the same, they all have the same abilities, when really they’re just like the general population. Every person is different and they certainly want to be treated that way.”

      More power to Mrs. Feda, and I hope she lives in a state that has minimal regulatory obstacles for new and small businesses.

      1. “I knew from the get-go people would want them,” said Feda from her home in Robinson Township, just outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

        Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

    4. Is it just me or do they look less Down Syndrome and more just pissed off? Or is that the face they make after you accidentally make eye contact with them and right before they go into berzerker mode and come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows?


    I knew he wouldn’t send a proper delegation to the Thatcher funeral. Poor BO just can’t get over his daddy issues enough to properly deal with the UK.

    1. Classy. He sent a sitting politician to Chavez’s funeral, but not for Thatcher. This fucker makes me sick.

      1. Chavez was a sitting politician. Thatcher hasn’t been in power in years.

        1. Ok, the fact that he even sent ANY delegation to Chavez’s funeral is bad enough. The fact that he sent a higher key delegation to Chavez’s funeral than to Thatchers is just insulting.

        2. Chavez was also constantly calling the US names and basically positioning himself as an enemy and adversary to US power.

          But, whatever. Why should the government send a delegation to anyone’s funeral?

          1. I don’t see a problem with sending delegates to funerals for our good allies. I’m not saying every country we’re friendly with, but countries that we have very close and very friendly ties with.

            I see it like going to your buddy’s mom’s funeral. It’s just a nice sentiment to a friend.

            1. I have no problem with that as long as taxpayer funds aren’t used.

    2. I couldn’t care less personally. There’s no reason to waste taxpayer money sending expensive delegations to the funerals of former politicians in foreign countries.

      1. Yeah there is. It is called diplomatic courtesy. Thatcher was a strong ally and did a lot of things for this country as PM. Obama is not sending a delegation because he is a fucking leftist jackass and wants the world to know it. If Tony Blair died tomorrow, crazy Joe or probably BO himself would be on a plane.

        1. Barry couldn’t go because his iPod mixtape for the funeral reception wasn’t finished.

        2. “Yeah there is. It is called diplomatic courtesy.”

          Which I couldn’t give a shit about. If someone in government wants to go to Thatcher’s funeral, pay for it on their on dime.

          1. *own

      2. I thought funerals were the first thing listed on a VP’s duties! Any money spent to send Biden out of the country is a bargain in my book.

        1. And if there’s a problem with his passport when he tries to come back, why, that sort of thing just happens these days…

  10. The Internal Revenue Service is ignoring inquiries about its apparent position that pawing through Americans’ email requires no warrant.

    You can just write up an email with your questions and leave it in your draft folder. They’ll get to it eventually.

  11. Wow, no shit, the government really is afraid of pressure cooker bombs.

    1. “Yes, like the kitchen pot you might use to cook rice at home.”

      Who the feth cooks rice in a pressure cooker? Is this guy so clueless that he confuses a rice cooker for a pressure cooker?

      1. *Raises hand.* Pressure cookers work worked pretty well for rice. Faster than a rice cooker.

    2. Oh for fucks sake! My wife cans our produce and I’m just imagining the headaches will have to go through to even buy a fucking jelly jar now.

      1. My wife cans our produce

        But what if your wife produces your cans? Cut out the middle man.

        1. But what if your wife produces your cans?

          What kind of guy do you think I am?!?

      2. buy a fucking jelly jar now.

        And what the hell would you need with shrapnel? Huh? That’s what that glass is, you know. Shrapnel just waiting for an explosion. Now come with us, citizen. You must be re-educated.

        1. Why does anybody need shrapnel? Couldn’t you put your foods in plasticware? Nobody can give me an answer to that! /PiersMorgan

      3. Why is it called “canning” when you put the stuff in jars?


    So sad to see the Islamists sink their fangs into Turkey.

    1. Attaturk should have renamed the country Ham.

      1. Okay, that was funny.

      2. His predecessor the “Young Turks” had the greatest named reform movement in history: Turkification


    The Southern Poverty Law Center has their suspicions about the Boston bombings, but they’re holding off for now.

    1. all these groups, dying for the bomber(s) to be of a particular group.

      1. *Please* let ’em be of the SPLC.

      2. My money is on Front de lib?ration du Qu?bec, trying to gain New England in order to bolster its defense against the Royal Canadian Military.

        1. My money is on Front de lib?ration du Qu?bec, trying to gain New England in order to bolster its defense against the Royal Canadian Military.

          Fuck them. Quebec had its chance to join us in 1775. I hope Queen Elizabeth’s last proclamation is to declare English the sole national language of Canada, and that poutine must now be referred to as “cheesey spuds”.

          1. Yeah. Quebecers seem to forget the French lost the war. Yet, the British did not assimilate the French-Canadians as was usual standard policy. They have long memories for the parts they want to remember. ‘Je me souviens’ my ass.

            1. Oh. And fuck the FLQ. Murderous assholes.

            2. Although the Brits did remove the Acadians in a pretty brutal fashion.

              1. No doubt Canada’s track record on dealing with minorities ain’t sterling. We’re so busy sucking each other’s cocks boasting how humane and progressive we are.

                Native reserves, internment of Italians, Germans, Ukranians and Japanese (that’s right it wasn’t just the Japs who were rounded up), the eugenics movement, Quebec’s discriminatory language laws are just some incidences off the top of my head.

                PQ nationalists can still bend over.

          2. They need to rename “Kraft dinner” too.

      3. I poked around today. My impression is they and their commentators are pushing the right wing extremist angle.

    1. “‘Do not touch Willie.’ Good advice.”

      [turns heat up]

    2. Maumelle! I was busted for pot once in Maumelle. Lovely place with lovely police. What a nice, lovely judge as well.

  14. New York Yankees to pay tribute to Boston by playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ during 3rd inning of their home game tonight.

    Nice salute to a Fenway tradition, although the Neil of Diamonds himself is a big Yankees fan.

    1. Tessie would have been a nice touch too.

    2. Allegedly he wrote that song after seeing a picture of a 13 year old Caroline Kennedy. After you know that, it becomes the creepiest song ever written.

      1. That is almost enough to ruin karaoke for me, John. But not quite. Because it is still too much fun to sing.

        1. It could be worse. He could have written Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon after seeing the picture.

          1. Once, Twice, Three Times A Woman.

            /Captain Obvious

        2. You do karaoke? I LOVE karaoke! Unfortunately, America doesn’t replicate the east Asian experience quite the same way, with private party booths and drink service, but down here in Orlando (fuck Lake Eola), we have a place called “Rising Star Karaoke” where a live band is playing and you are the frontman (or woman).

          1. Not only do I do karaoke, I don’t have any karaoke partners here!

          2. Whoa gB, you’re making a sweeping generalization there. LA/OC has a very large Asian community and there are Korean style noraebang all over the place with private rooms and drink service.

            1. I suppose it was a sweeping generalization, but a fitting one nonetheless. Saying America has good karaoke booths because LA/OC has them is like saying Japan has good Outback Steakhouses because Tokyo has one. When I lived in a 4k population town in the boonies of Japan, I had a private booth karaoke establishment within walking distance, and another half dozen 10 minutes away by car. In America, you can only find them in cities with large established Asian communities.

              1. There is only ONE SONG that should be played in all of Asia, and it has no words!

                1. No Penn State alum may attend.

              2. Does anywhere have a good Outback Steakhouse?

            2. +1 dive karaoke bars in SoCal as well. Friday karaoke nights at The Prospector provides a m?lange of homeless, college kids, and degenenerate drunks (ahem!) there for the heavy pour, post-port shift action, and always-corruptible (20 in the jar gets you lined up all night) karaoke dj.

              If I had known the powers of Sweet Caroline while I was still single, I’d be -well – still single…

              1. In Long Beach? I’ve never been. It’s worth a visit?

    3. That’s actually a nice gesture, although that damn song has just added to the pink hat infested obscenity that is the modern Fenway.

    4. An America where Yankees fans don’t boo through the entire song and yell obscenities is an America where the terrorists have won.

      Remember that, people.

      1. Then the terrorists won ages ago (though I’m sure you knew that already). The Yankees’ pink hat brigade has been singing along to that song for at least the past decade.

        1. Welp, America, look like its time to burn it all to the ground and start fresh. Don’t feel too bad- we had a good 200 year run. But, sadly, its clear that our civilization as we have always known it is gone, and can’t be recovered.

          Who knows? Maybe next time we’ll get a fun new religion. Maybe Scientology is the next Islam! It will be a crazy ride. Oh, and a rape-y and pillage-y one too, because if I know anything about societal collapse, it’s that those motherfucking Goths are always involved somehow.

      2. my favorite NYC sports tradition is the Potvin sucks chant at MSG

        1. Do they still do that? Potvin hasn’t played in almost 10 years.

          1. yep. was at a rangers game in Feb. random chants. some guy whistles three times …. potvin sucks!

            i’m told they do it at basketball games too.

          2. Not that Potvin. The Rags’ fanbase hasn’t gotten over a borderline check from 35 years ago. Losers always seem to be better at holding a grudge.

            1. WOW

    5. It won’t be as cool, since there will be no one at the game to sing. Nice touch though. Even niver would be playing Dirty Water if the Yankees lose.

  15. New York fucks me from hundreds of miles away. Maybe.

    Gov. Pat Quinn and Attorney General Lisa Madigan both suggested Monday that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to turn down an appeal of New York’s tough gun law could boost Illinois lawmakers’ attempts to set strict limits on who gets to carry concealed weapons.

    But the Democratic governor also used Monday’s Supreme Court move to escalate his call for Madigan to appeal to the high court a federal ruling that gives Illinois a deadline of early June to put in place a concealed weapons law.

    “It would be helpful to … the people and the public safety of Illinois if that case (would) be reversed,” Quinn said.

    I think it would be helpful to the people and the public safety of Illinois if you would stick a dick in your mouth and stop talking, Pat. Bonus points if it’s Madigan’s.

    1. How much law school does one need to go through so that “Congress shall make no law” changes to “Congress shall make no law… I mean, unless they have a good reason to. Or really even a plausible one. Then, obviously, go ahead and do whatever the fuck you want.”

      1. It must be a lot if they can find “congress shall make no law” in the second amendment.

        I think it pretty clearly describes an individual right, but they really could have written that one more clearly.

        1. Worse yet, the 2nd amendment says “shall not be infringed”. It doesn’t even say Congress shan’t do the infringing, leaving the 1st amendment open to assaults by state and local governments up til incorporation through the 14th amendment.

          1. I kinda wanna punch people when they say stupid shit like “the AWB isn’t infringing on your right because you can still own other guns”

            1. Actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.): “infringe a copyright”.
            2.Act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on: “infringe on his privacy”.

            Seems like taking away a classification of weapons is limiting my right.

    2. Quinn is a retard. Madigan (father and daughter) are the ones to worry about I htink.

      1. For sure. I have been encouraged by the fact that she’s not appealed and has been trying to get the legislature to pass something. Not I’m worried she’ll be emboldened to appeal. I was hoping they would just be too deadlocked and we’d end up with constitutional carry, of course, but I mean, I knew that was a long shot.

        1. look, stop complaining – Illinois is a lost cause. Come on down here to AZ and you can carry to your hearts content, concealed or not. Plus we need people to counter the anti-immigration wackos.

          1. Don’t listen to him! He just wants to abduct you and add you to his survivalist compound harem!

            1. He found out I was abandoned property…

              1. Yeah, but even abandoned property is not safe anymore – cops like to set up stings and arrest you for stealing if you pick up a wallet from the ground. I don’t even want to think about the problems I would have trying to walk off with a full-grown woman.

              2. I’m still miffed that Warty never showed up. By making an initial claim he delayed nicole homesteading and has harmed overall resource utilization.

                1. I think, as you go back in history, nicole’s parents are the ultimate landowners.

                  I’m contacting the U.N. Task Force on Aboriginal Rights now.

                  1. Nicole is the one who indicated that she was abandoned property. She explicitly stated that her father had no ownership claim on her.

                    1. Well, that’s just the effects of post-Colonialism. Due to her brutal occupation, she is suffering from ‘colonial cringe’, and thus has no agency.

                      We should make the decisions for her.

                    2. Warty said he was going to drive over and claim her as property. Everyone was fine with this as we didn’t want nicole to become some kind of tragedy of the commons (although she is a ho, so it might’ve been fine), but Warty never showed up, which created an ownership vacuum.

                    3. Well, I haven’t got anything better to do so I guess I’ll head on up to IL – gotta get that harem going sometime. Though its not much of a survivalist compound – just a house in a dinky little town in the middle of nowhere.

                    4. Wait, is nicole an Aquarius or something? That would mean we’d have to follow the Law of the Sea.

                    5. We Aquarii do tend to not give a shit about traditional sexual mores, but she could just be a Capricorn, they’re flat out perverts.

                    6. True.

                    7. I’m double up pervert: Capricorn born in the Year of the Goat. There is almost no kink I won’t try, but some things require more clean-up then others which is a consideration.

                    8. You need to join in earlier so that itsnotmeitsyou can have his fantasy 1000 comment thread on kink.

                    9. I resemble that remark.

                    10. Capricorn or Aquarius?

                    11. Capricorn. And pervert.

          2. Arizona doesn’t have enough trees.

    3. Never thought I’d hear you complain about getting fucked, Nicole.

      1. Oh man, if only I drank coffee so that it could have been spat all over my computer screen from that one.

        1. You’re welcome. I’ll be here all night. Actually, I won’t. Good night folks!

      2. It doesn’t happen often.

      3. Who wants to be fucked by politicians?

        It’s good that Nicole has standards.

        1. Nah, she just doesn’t want to pay for it. Hos want it for free.

          1. I was pretty sure Hos want to be paid, it’s sluts that want it for free.

            1. You are absolutely correct, but nicole went for the Axis of Ho instead of Axis of Slut, I wouldn’t want to foist a term on her she didn’t self-ascribe to. We can just use hos in the more general sense as a loose synonym of slut, no?

              1. No, that won’t do at all. The correct taxonomy of loose women is a very rigorous subject. I ascribe myself to the classification generally of brazen hussy, but will admit to wanton cock gobbler, and woman of negotiable morals upon occasion.

                1. Sorry, but the final authority on the subject is DJ Assault.

                  1. That is possibly the most retarded song I have ever heard…certainly in the top ten

                2. I ascribe myself to the classification generally of brazen hussy, but will admit to wanton cock gobbler, and woman of negotiable morals upon occasion.

                  It is an affront to nature that you aren’t a regular participant in our kink threads.

                3. I would not want to live in a world where there were no loose women. I’ve never been much of one for the chase. To me the sexiest thing is knowing the answer is “yes”.

  16. Spice up your blog or Website with Reason 24/7news and Reason articles! You can easily add a widget here.

    You want to spread the 24/7 abomination?! Is it too soon to hyperbolic wish a bombing on the server squirrels?

    1. Is this about the new font?

      1. Its about spreading 24/7’s worthless crapitude even further.

    2. The reason app for the iphone doesn’t show article comments. WTF? Who actually reads the reason articles? To be honest, unless the article sounds really interesting I skip right to the comment section.


    Apparently, he didn’t evacuate the Death Star in time.

  18. So I marathoned Veep this weekend. Excellent, excellent show. And, having met enough politicians, they are exactly that narcissistic.

    Anyone else watching it? I’d much rather discuss it here than at the AV Club or some shit (sidenote: Selina is obviously a Dem, right? I know they haven’t said it, but female senator from Maryland big into clean jobs has to be Democrat in our modern political climate. Also the whole “We-Dom” shit in the opening of Season 2. I only ask because, as they haven’t said her party, I read the review of the first episode of season 2 on the AV Club and they were speculating that it was possible she was a Republican who rose quickly due to her Jewish Hipanic Name) (Sidenote: That side note was longer than my actual comment).

    1. I’ve only seen the first season so far, but I was a huge fan. Definitely assumed she was a Dem.

    2. I think it’s hilarious, all the actors are top notch in their roles.

      And she could be an opportunistic RINO, but I think Maryland is the giveaway that she’s a Dem. What’s funny is that at no point in the show has she given the audience any indication that she holds any passionate political views.

      1. Some of the background dialogue in the first season seems to indicate that when she was just starting as a Senator, she was full of piss and vinegar and really did believe in clean jobs and all that shit. But the bullshit of politics has ground down any idealism she had into just a craven lust for power.

        Weirdly, its the exact criticism given by Josh in the key Season 1 episode, “Let Bartlett be Bartlett” of The West Wing. Paraphrasing here, but he says, “I don’t know what we’re for, and what we’re against, except it seems that we’re for winning, and against… the other guys winning.”

        In Sorkin verse, that’s a major turning point, where the Bartlett administration recommits to their liberal values and their grand vision for this country. Its pure masturbatory theater for poli sci nerds like me, and its why even though I hate its politics I love The West Wing but its also, y’know, total bullshit, and not at all how this stuff works. Veep is more how I picture this stuff working, although it is weirdly 50s-ish how limited her role is, given the recent very active vice presidents we’ve had lately.

    3. I think it captures DC pretty well. particularly the communications director.

    4. I’m gonna watch the season 2 premiere tonight. And then probably a few more times later this week, because with the first season, I’d never appreciate the brilliance until the third viewing or so. So much great material crammed into 28 minutes. And I’m sure that the different kinds of douchiness we see from the staff is very accurate.

      And I’ll probably talk about it at the AVClub, because I respect the other commentator’s use of, “GET SOME FUCKING NUUUUUTS!”

    1. If you marry Ozzy, can you really complain about insane behavior?

      1. “Drinking and taking drugs” doesn’t sound all that crazy – except maybe it’s the way HE goes about it.

  19. Regal Entertainment Group, America’s largest theater chain, is cutting back on employees’ hours because … You guessed it! Obamacare is driving up labor costs.

    I think we all know what this means; more mass shootings in movie theaters.

    1. Because emergency rooms have to take cases no matte what. Genius, really. “Yeah, the gunshot wound is bad, by the way I’ve had this hacking cough and a rash, could you take a look at those, too?”

      1. Luckily its not that simple – yeah the ED has to take emergencies but they *don’t* have to treat everything.

        Your hacking cough is a mixture of tuberculosis and cancer. Here’s a handful of antibiotics, go see a doctor on monday.

  20. Batman lookalike arrested for burglary

    He was hailed as a crimefighting superhero when he handed a wanted man into a police station in Bradford in the dead of the night dressed as Batman.

    In a further twist, he is accused of carrying out the crime with the very suspect he took to the police in his caped crusader costume.

    1. This can’t be, it must be an illusion created by the Mad Hatter or Scarecrow.

      1. Serious question: Given that his body count at this point has crept somewhere north of Stalin, how has no one in the DC universe not just shot The Joker in the face? Or, I dunno, steal a page from Kingdom Come and snap his neck so he’s paralyzed from the waist down?

        At least the Marvel Universe kind of has an excuse with Norman Osborne manipulating his way into DHS, but DC… Jesus Christ, act as if your comic books happen in a world where people have brains.

        1. Serious question: Given that his body count at this point has crept somewhere north of Stalin, how has no one in the DC universe not just shot The Joker in the face?

          Because the only people capable of taking down the Joker refuse to kill him because of their code.

          I mean think about it: Superman could wipe out the entire Batman rouges gallery in a day if he wanted to, along with all the other criminals.

          The police are portrayed as too incompetent to compete with the super villains

          1. The police are portrayed as too incompetent to compete with the super villains

            Well, aren’t they?

          2. Yeah, I guess I just find it incredibly implausible that no one has gone Punisher on Joker’s ass, or one of the numerous other crime lords he’s fucked over haven’t put out a successful hit out on him.

            I mean, seriously, at this point, the Joker dead or alive to the U.S. Government would be approaching several billion lump sum. I think one of his gang members would just shoot him for that money.

        2. Serious question: Given that his body count at this point has crept somewhere north of Stalin, how has no one in the DC universe not just shot The Joker in the face?

          Miller’s Batman broke his neck in The Dark Knight Returns.

        3. There was a Justice League TV episode where Superman had a moment of clarity and realized catching them was idiotic. So he went around lobotomizing all the bad guys with his laser eyes.

          Off course they couldn’t leave it at that – and he became some kind of crazy dictator.

        4. Batman won’t kill the Joker, because that’s his “bright line” test to keep him from sliding into a very bad place, becoming a murderous vigilante. Batman knows he runs close to the edge sometimes, and as long as he doesn’t kill the Joker, he’s knows he’s still well on the right side of the line.

          He knows there’s a very good case for killing the Joker. But once he takes that step, then it’s that much easier to justify lethal force on the 2nd worst villain. And then the slide begins… and eventually he’s killing petty thugs and relatively non-lethal villains like the Riddler

          The Joker still being alive is Batman’s sign he’s not on the path to becoming a monster himself.

          As to why the Joker isn’t dead at someone else’s hand? It’s been tried. There have been several good stories. Like the issue of Hitman where he was hired to break into Arkahm Asylum and take out the Joker as a contract hit because a rich man’s kid was one of the Joker’s recent victims.

          1. Some people need killin’. Clint could take out the Joker. Heck, even good guy Captain America would gun him down, or toss a knife in his back if need be.


    Newtown families ask for meeting with Mitch McConnell. Reason number one million and five why I will never be in politics. I would happily meet with them and tell them to go fuck themselves and stop whoring out their dead kids.

    1. Just show up with a group of people who would be dead if they didn’t have a gun to defend themselves.

      1. Excellent.

    2. Their kids are extra dead, not the regular kind of dead they’d be if hit by a car or something. If we don’t immediately do whatever these parents want, we’re monsters.

      I’m still convinced Lanza picked Sandy Hook because the sign outside said “Visitors Welcome”. If we were serious about gun-free schools/zones such signs would say “Unarmed Visitors Welcome”.

    3. Obvious they have never met him before.

      He is an asshole, I wouldnt want to discuss anything with him.

      Which, fortunately, works on the side of good in this case.

      1. I’ve been in his bedroom several times, which is all I’m allowed to say about it.

        1. I’ve been in his bedroom several times

          Are you his fluffer? Maybe a stand in for when he doesn’t want to sex up the lady? Do you have the same build as him and his tailor uses you to fit his suits?


            1. I will absolutely take that as a yes that you provide some level of sexual satisfaction for Mitch McConnell. I hope it pays well.

          2. The Handmister’s Tale

    4. the CW is that they’re 2 votes short off 60 on the toomey-manchin amendment. and if that goes down, the bill goes down.

    5. From the comments:

      4:27 PM CDT
      The homicide rate in the United States is the lowest its been in fifty years:

      4:28 PM CDT
      It went up in Newtown a little while ago. You might want to keep up on current events, and not right wing revisionism.

      4:28 PM CDT
      The homicide rate is the lowest in 50 years? I hope you’re thanking President Obama for that!


      1. Haha it’s like a parody of a statist. Made me laugh.

      2. I’ll be billing you for the brain cells you just killed.

  22. Pretty crazy stuff man. I wish America would stop playing “World POlice” in places it has no business and start dealing with its own problems.

    1. The anonbots are getting agendas now.

  23. Former escort turned fidelity counselor offers advice to women: have more sex with your man.

    Salon writer disagrees.

    This is to say nothing of relationship advice from sex workers in general. Kitty Stryker wrote a great piece for the Huffington Post on what she’s learned about marital dissatisfaction from her hitched clients. Her advice boils down to this: Talk with your partner. Rather than giving out grudging blow jobs like doggie treats, communicate openly, honestly and without judgment about your mutual needs and desires. What a concept.

    1. His advice boils down to, tell your husband to take a cold shower but be nice about it and explain yourself. Yeah, that will work real well.

      As I said on the other thread, I knew an escort once and her clients were almost all married men with frigid wives.

      But feminists will never admit that. They will never admit that any woman anywhere could ever bear any responsibility to accommodate a man for any reason.

      1. Also, John, don’t forget that the wife isn’t “giving out grudging blow jobs” She’s being raped by her patriarchal husband and degraded to the level of an object.

        1. Yes. Go on…

      2. Well, to be fair, if the women aren’t into sex, that’s a bit on the men too.

        You manage to consistently give a woman orgasms, and she’s rarely going to be too frigid for sex.

        1. Ahh the ignorant confidence of youth…

        2. While that certainly helps matters it by no means is a guarantee, nor is it a guarantee that her lack of orgasm’s is his fault. Some women are just so screwed up in the head wrt sex that it is impossible for them to have an orgasm or ever really even enjoy it.

          1. That’s fair, but that also seems like something that one can find out while dating, and avoid. I mean, there are obviously cases, but if you enjoy semi regular sex, find and/or wait for a partner who also enjoys semi regular sex.

            1. Then make the false assumption that everything will remain that way and get married.

              Good luck young man. I was you 20 years ago.

            2. Were the world so simple.

              I was married to my ex for over ten years and could (and usually did) give her an orgasm any time we had sex but she simply didn’t have much interest in sex. Some people just have a low sex drive. (She didn’t show evidence of this before we were married)

              I have also had a GF who became a FWB ? she was nearly impossible to bring to orgasm but she just loved felatio. She kept hanging out with me after we were no longer romantically involved just for the sex even though she rarely reached orgasm herself.

              And then my current wife ? who understands that sex is important to me ? simply lost her previously healthy sexual appetite after having kids.

              People are not all the same. Sometimes what you need they can’t change for you.

          2. Many years ago, there was a female friend that most of the guys in our social group had taken at least one tumble with. We all admitted one night, in one of those drunken nights, that none of us had been able to get her off.

            It was pretty much the conclusion that there was a lesbian inside that her religious upbringing would let out. She’s still with men, but never had much in the way of a long-term relationship.

            1. would = wouldn’t

            2. If you’re trying to get a religious girl off, have you ever tried moaning “The power of Christ compels thee, the power of Christ compels thee”?

              1. But, I even tried the Satanic Shocker!

      3. Actually in the case of men with frigid wives who seek out the services of a professional I would argue that it is the men who are accomodating the women. They don’t want to leave their wives and probably don’t even want to have an affair (hence paying a prostitute rather than just hitting up but since she is unwilling to fulfill his needs he seeks outside assistance to keep things from boiling over in frustration.

        Obviously this does not apply to all married men who use prostitutes, just the ones in the situation you describe.

    1. Him and Tom Brookshire are said to have partied harder than Led Zeppelin in the 1970s.

    2. That’s a bummer. I was showing a classic NFL game to The Boy last weekend, that had Summerall and Madden commentating, just he knows how it’s supposed to be done.

      1. “You know the thing about football is that the team with the most points at the end of it all is probably gonna win the game. WHOA! That’s an 8.5 on the Richter Scale!”

        That’s how it’s supposed to be done? lol

        1. Look, it’s not my fault you have no taste.

          1. Madden was the king of filler. He could talk forever without saying a damn thing.

    3. That’s too bad. Liked him and Madden in their glory years.

      He’s like the God-Emperor of Lake City, Florida. Wonder what they’ll do to honor his memory?

  24. Taste of beer makes you want more, research shows

    “It’s not just the alcohol that is resulting in this dopamine release – it is the taste of it,” he said.

    1. The taste of beer makes me want to drink more soda.

      1. You are drinking the wrong beers then.

        1. There are those of us who don’t like carbonated beverages in general.

          (I don’t drink soda or cola either. If I go to a wedding I’ll drink champagne, but that’s about it.)

      2. You’re drinking the wrong beer.

      3. Fuck the non-haters, man. Beer is lacking.

        Scotch, on the other hand, is delicious.

        1. You’re a pervert.

        2. Ashes soaked in urine? No thanks.

          Bourbon, on the other hand…

      4. Drink 6 or 7 beers, and the rum and vodka go down that much easier.

    2. Oh please. I’ve never wanted ANOTHER Budweiser.

  25. Another reason to like Richard Branson

    Three years ago Virgin Group Chairman Sir Richard Branson made a bet that his Formula 1 Racing team would finish ahead of the team backed by AirAsia X boss Tony Fernandes. Whoever’s team lost would have to serve as a flight attendant on one of the other airline’s flights.

    “The day of reckoning for Sir Richard has finally arrived,” Fernandes told journalists. “As an AirAsia X’s flight attendant, he has to comply with our grooming standards and that includes shaving his legs, donning high heels, putting on some makeup and slipping into the AirAsia’s famous red uniform.”


    1. That is great.

    2. You’d think after 3 seasons they’d start to have more competitive cars.

      1. They did become more competitive. Problem is, the competition advanced by the same amount.

        1. You;d think Fernandes would have ponied up for HRT to race this year, just so his team wouldn’t be the shittiest team on the circuit.

    3. Bill Gates’ daughter better be a big game hunting, extreme sport playing aviatrix. Or have a crippling fear of germs and own several casinos, but the first sounds more fun. We are going to need a new crazy billionaire when Branson dies.

      1. We are going to need a new crazy billionaire when Branson dies.

        We have a “new crazy billionaire” right now and he won’t let you have a soda larger than 20 oz or put salt on your popcorn.

    4. Asian airlines have the absolute hottest stewardesses. I flew on Korean Air once, and even after a 13 hour flight, they looked radiant and were as polite and happy as they were when the flight started.

      Then I get on an American Airlines flight and get served by a surly, orange-skinned, 50 year old chain smoker.

      1. I was always pretty sure that Singapore Airlines hired every hot Singaporean. Never saw women like that out on the street.

        1. Singapore Airlines is great, but their uniforms….bleech!

          Cathay Pacific, or even Nok Air…on the other hand….

          1. Um, is that Cathay Pacific link the correct one?

          2. That first link O_o

            Is that complementary?

          3. EVA Airline had less attractive women but cost much less to fly on. That was our airline of choice most of the time.

            1. EVA? Do they still pack like 5 seats on each side and 4 in the middle of each row?

              1. It’s been a while. That brings up the other reason we flew it. They had 4 classes and the economy plus class was pretty comfortable.

        2. Women in Singapore.

          One time I was in Singapore just out for a walk and lost ? I like getting lost in Asian cities because you sometimes see the most amazing stuff. I saw the most perfectly statuesque Chinese woman just standing on the sidewalk with a throng of 30 or 40 Chinese guys just standing around the area half looking at her and half talking among themselves in small groups. I had to stop to try to figure it out ? still don’t know what I saw. Obviously not a streetwalker. Nobody was approaching her. She didn’t seem to be waiting for anything particular ? but wasn’t going anywhere soon.

          I’ve lived/traveled in Asia for most of the past 35 years and that was one inscrutable episode which has always stuck out in my mind.

      2. Then I get on an American Airlines flight and get served by a surly, orange-skinned, 50 year old chain smoker.

        So let me see if I understand this…..John Boehner works for American Airlines?

    5. Is that the same Tony Fernandes who is spending tens of millions of dollars sending QPR to relegation?

      1. Pff – no wonder. Every billionaire knows it takes hundreds of millions to construct a successful team.

    6. What the fuck is Fernandes talking about? Marussia is driving circles around Catherham this season.

      1. The bet is already lost from a previous season.

        1. Branson should go double or nothing: full body waxing.

  26. The request ? if granted ? would allow the families to come face to face with the primary architect of the GOP’s strategy of blocking everything Dems propose to slow the tide of gun violence. If it is denied, it would be a big story, and could lend support to the argument that Republicans are callously rebuffing the families ? and prioritizing the gun lobby over them ? in the wake of a massacre that claimed the lives of 20 Newtown children.

    This is what thoughtful, carefully reasoned professional journalism looks like, you rabble-rousing blogosphere crackpots.

    1. “tide of gun violence”?

      You mean the tide that has been receding for 4 decades to a recent low?

      THAT tide?

      1. Shhhhh, numbers don’t matter. Emotions do.

      2. That’s the problem. Now that gun violence is rare, people go ballistic (heh) when it happens and get completely irrational when it happens. Same as cigarette smoke.

    2. What the fuck good is done by meeting the parents? Are their children resurrected?

      I guess some of them may get to vent their frustrations, so it’s possible they’ll feel slightly better, but I don’t see how they’re being rebuffed in favor of the GUNZ LOBBY. And the more important question: why the fuck should anyone care what the parents think about gun control? What makes them experts worthy of consultation?

      If my house burned down, do you really give a shit what I have to say about fire prevention?

    1. I’d say you SF’ed the link, but you didn’t…it’s just…wrong.

      1. Fuck. I got called into a meeting. Oh well. Just roll with it.

  27. Taste of beer makes you want more, research shows


    1. Im making an IPA tomorrow.

      Now if I could just get that grant thru so that all you taxpayers are paying for it….

      1. You don’t pay alcohol taxes on it so through politician logic we already are.

        1. Im not looking forward to that going forward.

          Im going to keep a running tally of federal and state excise taxes paid.

  28. WARTY!

    In the vein of Mastodon, and they’re playing at a HoB near you this Friday!

    1. Too bad I’m too poor right now for the stupid subsidized overpriced House of Blues.

    2. Excellent stuff, though. I dig it.

    3. Excellent! I need to pick this up.

  29. Mark Webber’s mistake

    1. Heh. I hope that the Porsche rumors turn out to be true. I think he’d be much happier without that too-talented twerp around.

      1. There’s been a rumor about Porsche entering F1 every year for the last 20 years or so. I won’t believe it until I actually see one on the grid.

        1. Not Porsche in F1, Wibbah to go to sportscars. But Porsche have denied it.

          1. Ah…now that I could see happening. I’ve loved Webber ever since he managed that 5th position for Minardi several seasons ago. Their first points in years! But when Vettel showed up and WON a race for Toro Rosso (nee Minardi) in the rain, well, it was obvious that kid was an alien being.

        2. This would be with their LMP1 division, not F1, but Porsche is denying it.

  30. Fuck Fate and Date Like a Grown-Up.

    Luck, circumstance?that’s the raw material. Your romantic life is about the choices you make with that. Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean you need to act like one. So, decide?to be open, engaged, willing to take a risk. Start seeing yourself as the actor in your life, instead of the passive recipient of whatever the tide washes in. Would I leave the skilled work of choosing a partner to some nebulous external force? No way. And neither should you.

    What’s hilarious is that they’re tearing her apart in the comments for using the vagina as a metaphor for weakness.

    But her advice is terrible, since when is finding a suitable partner like finding a good job or apartment? You shouldn’t try to force it, IMO.

    1. since when is finding a suitable partner like finding a good job or apartment?

      In the days of yore, your parents would help with all three.

      Thats when.

    2. But her advice is terrible,

      How so? Her article boils down to “if you want to meet a special someone, you need to actually go out and make an effort to meet people.” I don’t see what’s so objectionable about that.

      1. Yeah, but she’s silent about what do you do when you’re actively looking for someone and nothing comes along. In other words, I think following a routine of work and leisure is fine when it comes to meeting new people.

        As a student I can meet girls on campus or when I go out with friends. I’m not going to go out with the specific goal of meeting someone because that would eventually turn frustrating.

        Granted, she’s addressing a primarily female audience and I’m a young man just 21, so maybe I don’t appreciate the creeping sense of dread that you get when you’re still single at 30.

        1. Granted, she’s addressing a primarily female audience and I’m a young man just 21, so maybe I don’t appreciate the creeping sense of dread that you get when you’re still single at 30

          I think you’re correct. I would argue she’s talking about finding someone to marry, as opposed to the more casual dating that is common in your early-20s. It really is a different scene.

        2. Dude, post-college, internet dating is your friend. Because dating sucks, and internet dating helps break the ice.

          1. Dude, post-college, internet dating is your friend.

            Take up yoga. Find out where the hot girls go to drink when they are going to happy hour not out on a girls’ night. “Run into” some of them. Even if they aren’t looking, being introduced as “Brett, who we know from yoga” seems to work wonders. Although, I guess I’ve used that trick for the last time.

            1. My name’s not Brett though.

        3. Dating and making new friends can be frustrating once you get out of school unless you’re making an effort not only does that mean putting yourself in social environments but being willing to talk with strangers that you don’t have at least the basic “we go to the same school and play ultimate frisbee” types of things in common.

        4. …maybe I don’t appreciate the creeping sense of dread that you get when you’re still single at 30.

          Some of us look back fondly on those days.

      2. I was gonna say, it’s quite brave of her to be promoting initiative, self-responsibility and the power of choice in an article on jezebel.

  31. Craig Ferguson asks: Is anyone else sick of this shit?.

    I always love how Craig can be serious but still funny at the same time.

    1. Ferguson is my favorite of the late night hosts. The interviews are great and he’s legitimately funny.

    1. Well they have a point. There are much better things to mock Shelia Jackson Lee for than her outfit.

    2. Someone needs to explain to this woman that politicians are not, actually, our superiors.

    3. Minor-league non-consequential mouth-breather Berry compared a U.S. Congresswoman to Grimace.

      That’s not fair, to slur the Grimace like that.

    4. I may not have the most evil congresscritter but I do have the craziest.

    5. How old is this?

  32. That poor kid. How people murder anyone is beyond me, but kids? Jesus wept.

  33. More lying with statistics:

    Everybody, Get Ready for the Smallest U.S. Investment Budget in Recorded History

    Both the White House and GOP budgets cut domestic spending on infrastructure, education, research and other investments to historic lows as a share of GDP

    1. But, stimulus! Infrastructure! The children!

      I’d be fine with this if they’d cut spending across the board, to the point where we actually aren’t doing that whole self-destruction scene from Star Trek.

    2. Those budgets also predict 4% growth starting around 2016 (per the CBO). There’s merit to measuring investment/infrastructure? though not education? as a % of GDP (I’d argue the same for defense spending, or other “market failure” types of gov’t spending), but % of non-gov’t GDP might be more relevant since it would help remove the GDP-bloating effects of the welfare programs that could be diminishing the apparent value of the investments.

    3. Investment? I think they are misunderstanding that word.

    4. Ballooning entitlement spending is counted as part of the GDP, so the only way to keep up is for all spending to balloon! Wheeeee…

      1. Sounds like a scam to me.

        1. It’s balloons all the way down. And you know where that leads.

            1. To Tim Curry.

                1. It’s been 26.5 years since It came out…

    5. I love how recorded history starts in 1970

      1. I love how recorded history starts in 1970

        It’s the progressive way. Everything they said before that is embarrassing to them, largely because they were telling the truth about their motives.

    6. It’s the largest government budget in recorded human history.

      Cut spending.

  34. NPR’s loathsome Dina Temple-Raston has returned to mentioning possible “right-wing” motives and providing a laundry list of anniversaries proximate to the Boston Marathon bombing including Hitler’s birthday. Keep it classy, Dina.

    1. April 20th is also George Takei’s birthday. Could his anger at Shatner have something to do with all of this?

      1. Oh my.

      2. Also the Columbine massacre.

    2. I don’t understand why people subject themselves to NPR.


      1. I used to listen to it, but it’s just too danged government-centric for me. Even when they aren’t being lefty biased, they still see everything through the DC lens, which I can’t stand.

        One thing I did like about them, which may not be true anymore, is the more eclectic subject matter. Most talk radio is pretty locked in on the same old subject matter.

        1. , they still see everything through the DC lens

          You have to admit, though, that is a very, very big lens.

          Disclaimer: long-time NPR listener.

          I do get lulz from their reporting angle. That provides the humor to the experience– occasional bumper music from the Capitol Steps notwithstanding.

      2. I find NPR sucks during the day, but is good in the evening and on weekends, when you get more entertainment and general interest programming rather than political talk and news commentary.

        1. NPR on weekends = bleh.

          Bill Radke (a local guy) left Seattle to do this folksy regular-people-ish show called Weekend America that hailed from some place like Minnesota. He’s back in Seattle and the show seems to be mercifully canceled.

          Listening to that show was like watching paint dry.

          1. What? You have “Marketplace Money” “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” “American Routes” “A Prarie Home Companion” “Conversations from the World Cafe” “Thistle & Shamrock” “This American Life” “RadioLab”

            I love NPR on the Weekend.


              (Stuff Old Rich Progressive White People Like Because They Think It Brings Meaning To Their Dull, Dreary Lives)

              1. Well, I certainly do aspire to be old rich white people someday.

      3. I am weak and will volunteer for culling the next time the food supply runs low.

      1. Why, no, no she didn’t.

        1. Hmm…maybe people of that particular ideology aren’t interested in historical anniversaries or something. I mean, it’s not like there was a jihadist group named after a certain month….

          1. FTFA: Black September’s official name for the operation was “Ikrit and Biram”, after the names of two Palestinian Christian villages whose residents had been killed or expelled by the Israeli military Haganah in 1948.

            Wasn’t aware of this, but thanks for calling it to my attention. This only supports my view that the US should have a hands-off, solve-it-yourselves policy towards these people.

            1. We should have a hands-off, solve-it-yourselves policy toward all people.

              More about Ikrit and Kafr Bir’im.

    3. April 15 was Leonardo DaVinci’s birthdate.

      McDonald’s dates its founding to April 15, 1955.

      1. Yeah, but that’s just pissing in the wind. The actual import of the date of the attack was that in 1638 the Tokugawa shogunate ended the Shimabara Rebellion when they retook Hara Castle.

        1. Was that in Shogun? I get all of my Japanese history from that miniseries. Anjin-san!

          1. No. And that rebellion was largely a Japanese Christian rebellion.

            1. So yeah, right wing teabaggers. The connection is now clear, christians clining to their bibles and Katanas.

              1. You laugh, but the “ninja-sword ban” is a real thing in the UK.

                1. I know, and I don’t laugh.

                2. The Brits are a naturally stabby people. I can see why they’d want to keep sharp objects away from them.

                  1. The Brits are a naturally stabby people. I can see why they’d want to keep sharp objects away from them.

                    We know what happened when we handed guns to their police…

                  2. Al Swearengen was a stabby Brit.

          2. Nope. This would be between Shogun and Gai-Jin, which is probably the worst novel of the whole saga.

            1. I liked the book (and the miniseries) quite a bit. King Rat, too.

          3. Shogun

            was set in 1600, so not exactly, but the event has similar themes to the novel (ie, the Dutch, persecution of Christians, pissing on people, etc.)

    4. God I hope she doesn’t turn out right.

      1. It shouldn’t matter, as whoever did this was crazy or evil, but I’m sure axes will be ground, regardless.

        1. Yep, discussed yesterday. It shouldn’t matter when some evil person kills random people in a crowd because he’s got some sick beef.

          But it seems to matter very deeply to people who pass laws and have a bully pulpit… so in a circular way, it matters.

        2. For instance, I don’t know if you caught it in the other thread, but I was quoting Christiane Amanpour from a cnn interview where she created a clear, verbal dividing line between Jihadis or Extremist Nutters.

          Like they’re not one in the same.

          1. Dude, I just ate…

          2. where she created a clear, verbal dividing line between Jihadis or Extremist Nutters

            Well, of course. Slaughtering an 8-year-old Israeli boy is what the plucky, underdog mujihadeen do. Slaughtering an 8-year-old American boy….that’s just nuts!!!!

  35. right-wing anti-American corporate economists commit academic terrorism and harmed the economy and workers by spreading outright lies about debt:…..ic-mistake

    and of course reason refuses to expose the anti-science corporate Rethuglican plot to destroy civilization

    1. Economists aren’t doing science.

      1. “If the Treasury were to fill old bottles with banknotes, bury them at suitable depths in disused coalmines which are then filled up to the surface with town rubbish, and leave it to private enterprise on well-tried principles of laissez-faire to dig the notes up again (the right to do so being obtained, of course, by tendering for leases of the note-bearing territory), there need be no more unemployment and, with the help of the repercussions, the real income of the community, and its capital wealth also, would probably become a good deal greater than it actually is.”


    2. Talk about academic terrorism:

      (from Krugman’s article)

      One was Alesina/Ardagna on the macroeconomic effects of austerity, which immediately became exhibit A for those who wanted to believe in expansionary austerity. Unfortunately, even aside from the paper’s failure to distinguish between episodes in which monetary policy was available and those in which it wasn’t, it turned out that their approach to measuring austerity was all wrong;

      when the IMF used a measure that tracked actual policy,

      it turned out that contractionary policy was contractionary.

      The IMF tracked countries that said “we’re doing austerity”, with no look as to actual expenditures. Of course, this is the kind of data that Krugman prefers.

  36. More feminist insanity. Jezebel defends feminist icon and teen mom star Farrah Abrahms.

    When Deen was questioned by TMZ about it, he let the cat out of the bag that he’d shot an intentional, professional porno with Abraham.

    Well, she must’ve been pissed at him for screwing with her Kardashian-blueprint-to-superstardom, because in a truly bizarre on-the-fly interview, she claimed that Deen was using her for stardom and that he should get out of the porn business because penis is small. (BTW, her mother was standing there the whole time.)

    Sure, it wasn’t polite for Abraham to discuss Deen’s penis size. But there is a difference between the cultural perceptions of the size of men’s genitals and the size of women’s genitals. If men are accused of having a small penis, the joke sort of just ends there. “Ha ha! He has a small dick. Loser!” That’s essentially the commentary of something like that.

    But the size of a woman’s vagina holds an implicit meaning about her character.

    The delusion never stops.

    1. What the fuck!?

      If men are accused of having a small penis, the joke sort of just ends there.

      He drives a big truck, he must have a small dick.
      He bought a gun, must have a small dick.
      He’s super confident, he must be hung like a donkey.

      That barely scratches the surface about attitudes on penis size and “character.”

    2. The standards are different because men and women are different. We treat them unequally because that’s the only way to establish common-sense equality and unselfish fairness when differences make us unequal.

      What part about equality-by-being-treated-unequally don’t you intrinsically paternalistic glibertarians understand?

    3. But the size of a woman’s vagina holds an implicit meaning about her character.

      They come in sizes now?!?

      1. I’m assuming: virginal, tight, slutty, after three vaginal births (but Bloomberg is trying to ban the last one).

        1. He would.

          1. FUCK! I missed a good Ed Koch joke there!

      2. Of course they have sizes, but the size is depth. Whether they are tight or not is a function of exercise. Kegels for the win!

  37. On the Regal Cinema cutbacks: Why is it that theater chains don’t know how to run a snack bar? Supposedly they make most of their money from the snacks, yet they all run the same addle-brained operation that makes you miss the first five minutes of the movie.

    Every time I go to the theater my process-optimization gene gets activated. How is it even possible to make it take 5 minutes to complete an order for a large popcorn and two cokes? I don’t know why they don’t just run down to McDonald’s or Wendy’s and have a look at how the big boys do it.

    For cryin’ out loud guys, you already charge too much, don’t make it hard for me to give you money! Put some division of labor and technology into it already!

    1. We’ll often skip the concessions stand in favor of grabbing candy and a bottle of soda at the local drugstore. When a friend and I were regularly going to the movies we’d spend as much on concessions as we did on tickets, it was just stupid.

  38. Missouri will stop copying concealed-gun documents

    Missouri has been keeping a database of documents for all CCW permit holders, and sharing it with the ATF at their request. But certainly, no national database of firearm owners has been planned. /sarc

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