Watch Matt Welch on MSNBC's All In w Chris Hayes Tonight, 8pm ET


Matt Welch will be on All In with Chris Hayes tonight at 8pm on MSNBC. The topics will include Sen. Rand Paul's outreach effort to black voters, and MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Parry's controversial promo in which she stated that children "belong to whole communities." Harris-Perry will also be on the show.

Go here for more info.

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  1. Please tell me he’ll be wearing an explosive vest.

    1. It’s Welch, not Chapman.

  2. I can’t afford a new television.

  3. If children belong to whole communities, in their view, I have little hope of any progressive embracing the notion of self ownership for any individual. Progressivism is the philosophy of bondage and authoritarianism, plain and simple.

    Welch, you may reach some of the audience, but the people you are appearing with are beyond hope.

    1. It’s better than preaching to the choir. I hate Chris Hayes, since he’s basically a more feminine Rachel Maddow, but I think it’s good that Gillespie and Welch try to reach people who might not currently agree.

  4. I hope Melissa Harris Perry reads all the comments under the PM Links before she talks to Welch.

    She needs her brain stretched.

    1. What brain?

    2. No, she needs to read one of the threads that was actually about this, so she can hear about exactly how much I don’t want to take care of anyone else’s spawn.

  5. What brain?

    Well, what ever it is that tells her 2 + 2 = 5.

  6. exactly how much I don’t want to take care of anyone else’s spawn.




    1. Damn, I was hoping for “splitter” too!

  7. You’re a traitor to your sex, if that helps.

    1. It does.

  8. “False consciousness” doesn’t even begin to explain your psychosis.

  9. Nice hit job on Michelle Rhee, from what I saw of it. The teachers’ union should be pleased.

  10. What an obnoxious little hipster douchebag.

  11. Apparently I missed Welch’s appearance. (I wouldn’t mind a recap.) I thought there might be a late-night rerun, but nope. As soon as Maddow goes off the air tonight, it’s 48 hours of prison porn.

    1. Wait. Here it is.

  12. It’s about to happen, apparently. she was just on professing her profound bafflement as to what could conceivably have caused such an outpouring of outrage.

    But the American Pickers guys are hot on the trail of some oddball motorcycle.

  13. Oh well. That wasn’t bad. Perry bashed Bill Clinton. Maybe in 10 years, we can get her to bash Obama as well.

  14. Von Dutch VW-engined, Harley-framed Frankenstein custom. Fucking awesomely cool.

    Who gives a shit what the hipsters had to say?

  15. Watching the last seven minutes, which appears to be the only part Welch was on. Just now seeing Coates talking about the history of blacks and Republicans, but it sounds like he doesn’t know its entirety.

  16. Okay, and now it’s over. Did I just see Welch equate courageous politicians with lame duck politicians?

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