"You know, Joe Biden'"you can joke about him all you want, [but] he's got a set of balls, and he says what he believes."

'"New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Vice President Joe Biden's support for gay marriage, Politico, January 30

"There is no silver bullet." 

'"Vice President Joe Biden on potential policy responses to gun violence, Real Clear Politics, January 11

"Is there anyone more tongue-tied than a Republican politician talking about women?" 

'"American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Christina Hoff Sommers, speaking at an Independent Women's Forum panel, Talking Points Memo, January 17 

"The administration does not support blowing up planets."  

'"Paul Shawcross, chief of the Office of Management and Budget's Science and Space Branch, responding to a petition demanding the construction of a Star Wars'"style Death Star, WhiteHouse.gov, January 11