Louisville Beats Michigan in NCAA Men's Basketball Finals

Luke Hancock scored 14 consecutive points while leading Louisville back to a lead


Eight days ago, while others recoiled in horror, while his coach tried to fight back tears, Luke Hancock rushed to the side of his fallen Louisville teammate. He knelt over Kevin Ware, offered reassurance and helped calm Ware by saying a prayer. He was the epitome of composure in the dread and chaos of the situation. Nothing, it seemed, could rattle Hancock.

What transpired over the next eight days proved that show of poise was more than an isolated incident. When Louisville stumbled in the semifinals against Wichita State, Hancock was there to pick them up. And when they were desperate for a spark in Monday night's national championship game against Michigan, once again Hancock rose to the occasion and provided the impetus for an 82-76 conquest of Michigan in the frenzy of the Georgia Dome.