Margaret Thatcher

A.M. Links: Margaret Thatcher Dead, Two Killed in Clashes Outside Christian Church in Cairo, NASA Wants a Second Moon


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    Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative prime minister of Great Britain throughout the 1980s, has died after a stroke.

  • Wikileaks released a further 1.7 million mostly State Department documents from a period spanning 1973 to 1976, that were not released with the rest of the leaked cables.
  • The CIA's drone campaign in Pakistan began in 2004 with the agency offing an enemy of Pakistan in exchange for limited access for bombing to the country's tribal area.
  • South Korean officials say there's no indication North Korea is planning a nuclear test soon. Meanwhile, no deal's been reached yet in multiparty talks with Iran over its nuclear program.
  • Two more people were killed in clashes outside St. Mark's Cathedral in Cairo, where funerals for four Christians killed in earlier violence were being held.
  • The Portuguese Constitutional Court struck down $1.3 billion in cuts proposed by the government, which has outlined new cuts to replace them.
  • In Burma, Buddhist monks are inciting violence against Muslims.
  • NASA wants to lasso an asteroid and tow it into Earth's orbit. What could go wrong?

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