Come See Matt Welch Talk About Wacko Birds vs. Angry Birds April 4 TONIGHT in New York City!


I see Wacko Birds! Or maybe the barkeep. ||| Jim Lowney
Jim Lowney

Tonight, beginning at 8 pm, I will be giving a sure-to-be-contested talk at The New York City Junto, a group dedicated to "libertarianism, Objectivism, investing," about the split within the Republican Party between Rand Paul/Justin Amash-style libertarian conservatives and John McCain/Karl Rove-style GOP establishmentarians. There will be argument, drinking, and videos!

Where: General Society Library, 20 West 44 St., between 5th and 6th Aves., New York City.

When: Thursday, April 4, 8 pm. Arrive early for "socializing."

Admission: Oh, she is free! No reservation required.

Will There Be Opportunity to Antagonize the Speaker? More of a duty, really.

Drinks Afterward? That is the plan, yes.

See you there!

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  1. Why antagonize you at the event when we can antagonize you here?

    Nice job looking at the camera when someone is taking your picture, douche.

    1. Some photographers prefer for the subject not to look into the camera.

      1. Way to miss out in the antagonism.

  2. Thanks for the article. Not sure why this is of interest to Libertarians, as Sen. Paul and Amash are anti-libertarian in their positions.

    For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ ….

    1. Anarchobot?

    2. You do know there is a big difference between Libertarian and libertarian, dont you?

      1. No, KK, its not in Anarchobot’s algorithm.

  3. No reservation required.

    No exclusivity? Pass.

    1. FoE would never be a member of a club that wouldn’t have him.

  4. Damn, too bad I’m visiting the family in Pennsylbama.

  5. You couldn’t do it after tax season when I could actually go….

  6. OT:
    Hackers hack Lil’ Kim:
    …”a picture posted Thursday on the North’s Flickr site shows Kim’s face with a pig-like snout and a drawing of Mickey Mouse on his chest. Underneath, the text reads: “Threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death.””

    Read more:…..z2PWCro1eF

  7. Why do you always post this black and white photo of you staring off into space in what appears to be a dive bar?

    You look like something out of the world’s dorkiest film noir movie.

    I also really want to know what’s so fascinating that you aren’t looking at the camera. You seem really engrossed by something that’s happening just off stage.

    1. Look, if we’re going to antagonize the Welcher, we have to bring up the fact that he looks just like Noah Bennett from Heroes. Except that he doesn’t have Hayden Panettiere as a daughter, so he sucks.

      1. And by just like you mean he has the same glasses.

        1. All his people look alike to me. Besides, I’d rather look at Hayden Panettiere.

        1. You know, I would have figured you more as a bear lover, to be honest, and not twinks.

          1. A man can have many interests.

          2. Welch does have noticeably better skin than Jack Coleman.

            1. EEEEEEWWWWWW!


            2. I don’t understand what this has to do with Hayden Panettiere, jesse.

              1. It makes me sad that I am so old and out of touch that I have to keep googling all the names that keep popping up at H&R

                1. ^^THIS^^

                2. Do we need to get off your lawn gramps?

      2. Plus, he gave me permission to antagonize him.

        Will There Be Opportunity to Antagonize the Speaker? More of a duty, really.

        See? I’m just exercising my duty.

      3. Speaking of Welch’s daughter:

        “I don’t think you’re handsome, because you’re TOO FAT!”, my 4-year-old daughter tells me. WELL AT LEAST I’M NOT A STUPID 4-YEAR-OLD.

        ? Matt Welch (@mleewelch) April 4, 2013


        Four year old BURN!

    2. Toad Hall gets 3.5 stars on Yelp.

      I like the photo. It makes Matt look like an old-timey, hard-boiled writer. A regular Damon Runyan. Maybe Mickey Spillane?

      1. Good one. 🙂

  8. Drinks afterwards? Drinks afterward?!?!?

    Screw that – I want to see you ostentatiously drinking a Big Gulp during. Or better yet, get somebody to paint you up a 5 gallon bucket to look like a Big Gulp.

    And for the love of all that is holy, bring a Chicago-style deep dish pizza to munch on while enjoy your Big Gulp.

      1. PISTOLS AT DAWN, sir.

  9. Aw shit. I bought new glasses a couple weeks ago and only now do I realize that they look like Welch’s.

    Grape juice.


    The right to bear arms has always been an intellectual exorcise for me, because I have never had any real interest in owning firearms. Yest in the last 6 months or so, I have been contemplating how much money I need to save up to string concertina wire around the homestead and stock up on weapons and ammunition.

    1. Instead of expanding failed private savings programs while cutting Social Security, why don’t we cut private savings programs and expand Social Security?

      Did I not call this? It’s like I can see the future. Or that I know that these people think everything you own is theirs to use as they wish, and they will grow more and more bold about saying so.

      Also, note the implication that SS isn’t failing.

      1. My self-directed IRA gained over 10%* in 2012.

        Honestly, that is probably just keeping pace with real inflation, but still, better than SS is doing.

        How are private savings programs failing?

        *and I didnt roll past 401ks and other IRAs into it until April, so that was 10% in 9 months.

      2. I posted a story last week decrying the account management fees of 401k’s. The story implied that 401k’s were bad for individuals because the fees siphon too much money from the individual.

        When I posted it, I said that it was the beginning of the government propaganda campaign to seize 401k’s. Shreek said I was being ridiculous.

        1. You’re not being ridiculous. Cyprus is just the beginning. They can’t help it. They need money, and there’s all that money, just sitting there. Not doing anything. When it could be being used. By them. For the common good.

          1. Cyprus just went about it the wrong way. Instead of levying a one-time special fee on savings accounts they should have just expressed a concern about the safety of said savings and required banks to hold a certain percentage of their capital in long-term government bonds. (Yes, 100% is a percentage and ‘until the eventual heat-death of the universe’ is a long term.)

            IOW – the government doesn’t make the banks give them the money, they just require that the banks invest the money in the government. For security purposes, of course. It will work the same way for pension funds.

    2. Anyone arguing in favor of defined benefit plans is a moron.

      I tried to keep reading after that but I failed.

      1. The fundamental position of progressives is that the average joe or jane on the streets is not smart enough to manage the risk in his or her life (which is likely to be true for a big segment of the population).

        The progressive solution is to put Top Men in charge of every aspect of everybody’s life.

        No one is allowed to be self-sufficient if everyone can’t be self-sufficient.

        The proper solution is to tell people: learn or die.

    3. Oh boy:

      I have a Wisconsin state pension that is 99% funded, well-managed by a government agency (with help from private contractors), and I trust it. (Although Scott Walker has been making exploratory steps to privatize (destroy) it.)

      I know that other state pension plans have failed. But my own plan reminds me that it is possible to run a sound one.

      If you’ll excuse me I’m going to be quietly raging.

  11. Good luck Matt.

    We should have an Austin Reason-commenter gathering sometime.

  12. Dude seems to know what he is talking about . WOw.

    1. Am I the only one who keeps reading this handle as SumpPump?

  13. I will be there.

    Unless I don’t feel like it. But I’m sure I will. Unless I’m not.

    1. Schrodinger’s attendance.

  14. WTF is a junto? A masculine junta?

    1. It’s an alpha junta. Regular juntas are totally beta.

      1. So they have to mount the junta to show their dominance?

        One of those clubs, eh Welch?!

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