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Legalizing just medical marijuana might not be able to get a hearing in places like Florida, but the effort to legalize recreational marijuana continues elsewhere.

From the Statesman-Journal:

Forty years after Oregon became the first state in the nation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, lawmakers are considering a bill that would regulate its production, processing and sale.

"Marijuana legalization is coming to Oregon sooner rather than later," said Anthony Johnson of Portland, Ore., an activist who leads New Approach Oregon. "It makes sense to regulate marijuana like alcohol and for the Legislature to take the lead on the issue and make sure sensible regulations are in place."

There's a lot more money to be made for the government in keeping drugs illegal than there ever was in keeping gays from getting married, so don't expect politicians to jump on the anti-drug war bandwagon as fast as they did in support of gay marriage. Nevertheless, the eventual end of the drug way may be becoming just as inevitable as gay marriage.

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  1. There is alot of money to be “spent” inkeeping drugs illegal, not made by the state, unless the government plans to just become the mafia outright and sell the seized weed.

  2. “unless the government plans to just become the mafia outright”


    Thank you Lost_in_Translation for the best laugh I’ve had all week!

    1. There’s a lot more money to be made for the government in keeping drugs illegal than there ever was in keeping gays from getting married…..

      Now we don’t know this for sure until we try it. Who’s in favor of the GEA…Gay Enforcement Agency. More importantly…who gets the corner office in the “Paul Lynde Federal Building”?

  3. Oregon will do it soon because their big brother, Washington, did it. Portland residents are probably already crying about how Seattle has it before them.

    1. And Oregonite that works with says they away from the coast, it’s all “fuck over the hippies” Republicans that defeat the measures.

      1. Portland is away from the coast.

        Regardless, I have a co-worker from just outside Eugene and yes, he’s said basically the same thing as well.

        1. That’s a nice interpretation but the Republicans are too impotent for that in Oregon. It’s the Democratic establishment that doesn’t really give a shit about legalization except to use the useful idiots for their own purposes. See Ellen Rosenblum’s use in her primary versus anything she’s done in the last year in office.

          Besides, Oregon already has defacto legalization. Anyone who wants a medical marijuana card can get one. The marijuana docs advertise cards on TV. Busted for possession? Get your card after being released and watch the police return your plants. No shit either.

  4. *that works with me* Too stoned to type. Dave’s not here, man.

    1. You fucking lazy hippie scumbag. You’re already stoned?!? I have to get a fucked Reporting Services instance up and running, but you get to be stoned? ARRGGHHHHH

      1. Upgrade to SQL Server 2012, and it will go much easier, trust me.

        1. But definitely get stoned first.

          1. Neither of those is an option, unfortunately. This is incredibly frustrating.

      2. I wish. But the work day would last forever, so no.

        1. Last time I got stoned and went to work was about eight years ago. My friend convinced me to blaze before we went to lunch. Still high when I got back to work, and whadda ya know, my boss and my boss’ boss are waiting for me, wanted to go over everything I’d been working on for the last six months.

          Never Again!

  5. Even Oregon is getting into the act. What the fuck is wrong with California that we have to play catchup with other states? Democrats have a supermajority in both houses, the governorship, and all electoral executive offices except one, so don’t tell me that Democrats are better on this issue than Republicans.

    1. As long as a single Republican remains in California, everything is their fault.

    2. I’m very sorry for you unfortunate situation of being in california.

    3. In the shithole that is the world of politics, being better does not mean being good

  6. Really? Who comes up with that stuff?

  7. Eventual end of the drug wa[r]? Looks to me like by the end of this, all that happens is the line is redrawn the other side of marijuana.

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