Covered at Reason 24/7: Acting Venezuelan President Calls Opponent's Supporters "Heirs of Hitler"


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Venezuela just had a presidential election last October, but Hugo Chavez, long ill, died before even being publicly inaugurated. His vice president, Nicolas Maduro, assumed the office. The campaign to replace Chavez officially begins today and Maduro has already Godwinned the race.

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, criticized the country's acting president for describing his supporters as "heirs of Hitler."

…Maduro on Sunday compared complaints by the opposition against Cuban doctors working in Venezuela with the persecution of Jews by the Nazis. 

"The heirs of Hitler are leading a campaign in Venezuela against the Cuban people," Maduro said.

Capriles on Monday decried Maduro's statements during a news conference.

"Does he know who Hitler was? If he does, then what he said was atrocious, because he's saying that those who do not think like him are killers," said Capriles.

Maduro is (and Chavez was) a putz, but no Hitler.

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