Benjamin Netanyahu Finds a "Secret Ally" in Bashar Assad's Syria

What comes next could be worse for Israel


or something worse than assad, or something in between
Maggie Osama/

What a difference a few years can make. Five years ago, Israel had a (US-paid-for) ally to the south in Egypt and a nuisance to the north in Bashar Assad's Syria. No longer. As editor-in-chief Aluf Benn writes in an op-ed in Haaretz, Benjamin Netanyahu has become "Assad's secret ally":

With the Syrian regime becoming destabilized, its borders breached and the struggle for its future rupturing the region, Israel had the back of the tyrant from Damascus. It made no deterrent military moves, did not openly support the Syrian opposition and did not even use the horrors in Syria for obligatory propaganda like "Arabs murder Arabs and the hypocritical world does not care, and we are criticized for much less." Netanyahu made do with general statements about the "breakup" of Syria and warnings against chemical weapons and missiles falling into the hands of terrorists.

Alliances between states do not require meetings between leaders, exchanges of ambassadors and declarations of support and affection. Mutual interests that the parties understand and act upon are sufficient.

Benn provides four driving factors in Netanyahu's shift toward Assad: trying to create a division between Syria and Iran, which Netanyahu considers an existential threat to Israel, Israel's troubles with the previously more friendly countries of Turkey and Egypt, weakening Hezbollah, and preventing Al-Qaeda from gaining a stronghold to the north of Israel. Worth mentioning too is that some Syrian rebel leaders have signaled Israel would remain an enemy in any new order in Syria. Read Benn's op-ed here.

Parting question: if Barack Obama's support for borders based on the pre-1967 map of Israel (something also supported in principle by Bill Clinton at the 2000 Camp David summit, and by George W. Bush, the first president to openly support  a two-state solution) was enough to brand him as anti-Israel by some on the right, what would they brand neoconservatives like John McCain and Lindsay Graham who are itching to intervene in Syria on behalf of rebels with potential ties to Al-Qaeda, some of whom have openly expressed hostility to Israel?

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  1. It would be damn near impossible to be an Israeli libertarian. Libertarianism in Israel would mean that within a year every single Jew in Israel would be dead or forced to leave the country. The holocaust taught the Israelis the truth about human nature, and they are dedicated to never forgetting it. I admire them.

    1. My kind of libertarianism is not a suicide pact.

      1. Holy shit. Well, at least we know that Conservative has really strong opinions on some issues related to Israel, or at least he’s a masterful troll. Take some xanax, dude.

        Putting this warning up top so people can spare themselves the agony.

  2. I’d be careful with that one. The Haaretz is the Israeli equivalent of The Nation. They are respopnsible for the most recent “depro-prevera” lie. They even admitted responsibilty for blatant innacuracy, but never offered to give us a day of peace by suspending their operations. They the defintion of the term “self-hating Jew.”

    1. Oh ya, I just remebered this magazine is cosmotarian. I was wondering why any sane person would be reading the Harretz.

      1. Having fun talking to yourself?

        1. Having fun making clever arguments?

        2. Would you support open borders if you lived in Israel?

          1. Yeah I would, but I also wouldn’t have created Israel in a way that pissed off a lot of Arabs.

            1. I can think of my altrernate universe where everyone hugs each other and sings kumbaya too. You can not create Israel without pissing off the Arabs. Dumbass.

              1. So you ask me a hypothetical question and then criticize me for giving you a hypothetical answer?


                The problem in this situation isn’t the concept of open borders, the problem is pissed of Arabs. You tried to pull the the ol’ switcheroo and failed. When did you stop beating your wife?

                1. My hypothetical question was something that could possibly occur, as a Jew you have the right of return. Your hypothetical answer is based on having a time machine and happy pills.

                  1. Your hypothetical question was an attempt to criticize my support of open borders. It fails. Sorry.

                    1. Yes. I don’t see how it fails. If you did live in Israel today, would you supoport open borders? Assume a time machine is not available to you. Answer the question.

                    2. I already did answer the question, you illiterate buffoon!

                      heller| 3.28.13 @ 7:04PM

                      Yeah I would, but I also wouldn’t have created Israel in a way that pissed off a lot of Arabs.

                      That’s why your criticism fails. My answering it says nothing about the concept of open borders.

                    3. Did you even read my question

                      a time machine is not available to you

                      No rewriting history.

                    4. So you really are incapable of reading? Nowhere in my answer do I use “a time machine.”

                    5. I also wouldn’t have created Israel in a way that pissed off a lot of Arabs.

                      How are you goignt to accomplish that goal without using a time machine?

                    6. Also, when are you going to answer my question: When did you stop beating your wife?

                    7. I don’t have a wife.

                    8. I’m beginning to think when your sockpuppet said English isn’t your first language, you were telling the truth.

                      “I would not have done something” isn’t a goal. No more so than “I would not have bought that light blue suit that guy is wearing” is a goal. You’re as dense as concrete.

                      I don’t have a wife.

                      Aw, what a surprise, you sound like such a catch. Well when did you stop beating your mother?

                    9. Aw, what a surprise, you sound like such a catch. Well when did you stop beating your mother?

                      When she started sleeping at my place.

                    10. Notice the man still did not answer the question. He just keeps dodging it.

                      Also, where did I say English was not my first language? You just delight in making up random crap?

                    11. Notice the man still did not answer the question. He just keeps dodging it.

                      Only in your delusion-addled brain. I answered the question the first time you asked it. Just because you didn’t get the answer you wanted to hear, doesn’t mean I didn’t answer it.

                      Also, where did I say English was not my first language?

                      I know, it’s hard keeping track of your sockpuppet accounts:

                      Never Again| 3.28.13 @ 7:40PM

                      I don’t know that “The Harretz” is the wrong way of saying it, but English is not my first language.

      2. Also, it’s Haaretz not the Haaretz. Haaretz means The Land, so your saying The The Land.

        1. Ooh like when everyone was running around saying the Al Qaeda?

        2. In English it is perfectly correct to say The Haaretz.

          1. Yeah but in Hebrew you look like a dumbass.

            1. kinda like saying “the hoi polloi”

              1. Or even saying, “the AIDS,” or “the Google.” You don’t need to have a foreign article for it to be wrong. Saying “the Haaretz” is wrong, regardless of your Hebrew knowledge.

                1. But articles before STIs are cool: the syph, the hiv (pronounced like him, but with a v), the clap.

                  What is your position on definite articles before freeways? People north of central CA say I-5 while people south say “the 5”

            2. I’m not writing in Hebrew, though. You know Hebrew?

              1. I think it’s a safe bet that someone with the surname “Heller” who studies at Brandeis knows a bit of Hebrew, moron.

                1. I wasn’t aware of either of those two things, HM. I don’t spend every living moment of my life on this blog. If he is Jewish, I hope he doesn’t immigrate to Israel. I don’t want him here either, his policies won’t be immeditaly suidcidal but will destroy then country in the long run. He should go to Germany, there aren’t THAT many Muzzies there and there are a few thousand Jews. He should also visit a few concentration camps.

                  1. Wow, thanks for the unrequested advice, Oh Great Magnanimous Butthole.

                    You don’t know shit about Israel, Jews, or how many concentration camps I’ve been to.

                    1. I’ve always wanted to vist the camps, I’ve been to England and Israel but I’ve never had a chance to vist Germany or Poland. I’ll visit someday. When you were visited the camps, could you at least see where the Zionists were coming from?

                    2. I understand more about Zionism than a fool like you ever will.

                  2. Ummm…

                    Germany’s population of Turks, Arabs, and Persians is 4,260,000, for the sake of argument, assuming that the vast majority of them are Muslim, that’s already double the current Muslim population of the United States.

                    1. Ya, I know it’s a tragedy and all, but still, in a population of 80 million I’m sure you could find a place to hide.

              2. Ken, ani medaber ivrit.

    2. Yep, I read the article and confirmed it. By “ally” what the author really means is “refuses to bomb and even had a peace talk with(over another matter entirely).” Really it is jsut a smear against Israel. Never Again.

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      1. We really need a way to flag comments.

        1. Yes we do

  3. …Israel had the back of the tyrant from Damascus. It made no deterrent military moves, did not openly support the Syrian opposition and did not even use the horrors in Syria for obligatory propaganda…

    Israel didn’t even send the Syrian rebels a Christmas card. They must really love Assad.

    1. I’m not sure what difference the last five years have made for Israel. No matter who wins in Syria they will still be all “DEATH TO THE JEWS!!!!” so lose-lose over there.

      Iraq is being Iraq again (but without Saddam paying Palestinian Suicide bombers).

      Iran is still run by a bunch of crazy mullahs and has a midget for a mouthpiece who also wants to kill the jews.

      Palestinians are still all “DEATH TO THE JEWS!!!!”.

      Lebanon is actually improving from an Israeli standpoint since Hezbollah doesn’t have the same support from Syria anymore. That’s the only thing that matters to Israel. And Lebanon is still a mess.

      Egypt wasn’t that much better before Hosni left, but the Muslim Brotherhood is all “DEATH TO THE JEWS!!!” too so who knows.

      Jordan is still Jordan.

      Five years hasn’t really changed anything. What a stupid article.

      1. But, but it’s Arab Spring!!! Spring!! Arabs are just like us, they don’t hate Jews, it’s just Imperialism, it’s the rich white man’s fault! Hope and Change!

        1. Arabs, Jews, Russians, Americans, Africans, Chinese, Australians, you name it- they all have a decent sized chunk of people who are racist fucks whose opinions should be ignored and disassociated from civilized discourse.

          Conservatives for a time had a monopoly on being racist fucks in America. Not so much anymore, but glass houses and whatnot.

          1. But if you’re a Jew who doesn’t want those Arab racist fucks in your country, you are also a racist fuck, right?

            1. If you think all Arabs trying to obtain Israeli citizenship are “racist fucks” then yes, you too are a racist fuck.

              For instance, the Arab Israeli Amos Yarkoni born as Abd el-Majid Hidr, was an officer in the Israel Defense Forces and one of six Israeli Arabs to have received the IDF’s third highest decoration, the Medal of Distinguished Service.

              I think most Israeli’s are cool with Amos.

    2. When your enemies are busy killing each other, you keep your head down so as not to distract them from their good works.

  4. A bit off-topic, it could be interesting to check if that article on City-Journal about Syria and this map, accompanied an article by Ralph Peters…..348793899/

  5. Look at this shit.…..m-1.512259


    1. I like Israel but… you do realize that they, just like any country, have newsworthy problems, right?

    2. You are one confused Stormfronter.

      1. Stormfronters hate Israel, just like many “libertarians.” Therefore, using your flawless logic, you are a storfronter.

        1. Who here hates Israel? I’ve never heard anyone here who had a knee jerk anti-Israel bias.

        2. flawless logic

          How can you use that term when you don’t even understand what it means?

    3. So an Ethiopian moved to Israel, and then opened up a business lobbying to allow other people the same opportunity?

      He’s an entrepreneur who wants to help other people, and you’re using him as an example of why Israel shouldn’t have open borders?

      1. Exactly. If Israel let in any African who was being persecuted by his government(~100% of Africans), it would be a land full of black muslims who are mad that “da Joos gots its good whiles wes gots to lives in da pro-jects.” Israel was founded as a Jewish state, and most Israelis want it to stay that way.

        1. Uh… you really don’t know anything about Ethiopian Jews, do you?

          Any Jew is allowed the right to return and Israel has already absorbed staggering numbers of poor Jewish immigrants.

        2. I always had the strange idea that Ethiopian Jews were, you know, Jewish.

          1. You didn’t even read the link, did you? Thir Paragraph it says:

            “A Christian from Ethiopia,”

            1. third

            2. I was under the impression that Ethiopian Christians aren’t Muslim

              1. non-Muslim /= Jew

                1. You specifically said Muslim

                  1. HM implied that I was refrencing Jews, when in reality the link was specifially about the whole “refugee
                    shenanagins. This man in particular was Chritian, but I don’t see how the refugee buisness would exclude muslims.

          2. Some converted to Christianity and then some converted back, a bit like the crypto-Jews driven out by the Inquisition.

            1. Yes. I assumed he was one of those, since he qualified for the Right of Return.

              1. He wasn’t one of those, if you READ THE FUCKING LINK!

        3. so is “Conservative” “American’s” new handle?

          Why can’t you just die in a fucking fire?

          1. He’s just one of those people who want the Jews to have a homeland so they won’t come and live here.

            It’s not working out to well. For many Jews (an not a few imposters) from the old Soviet Union Israel is just a jumping off point to come to the USA.

  6. My grandfather was in a concentration camp during the war. His brother was killed. And the founders of Israel pledged to build a land where nothing like that could ever happen again. They understood that, as Jews, they would never be safe from the savages. They buiilt a JEWISH state, not an Arab state, not a libertarian state, not an “anti-racist” state. Now, a cadre of idiots like those in the Harretz want to see the state destroyed. They seem to think that if they let blacks and Arabs in they won’t kill us all. We suffered two thousand years being a minority, and they want to make us minorities again. Over my dead body. Never Again!

    1. Finally someone on here who isn’t a head-in-the-clouds college kid.

      1. Interesting that someone named after the exact phrase you used in this thread, who spells “the Harretz” in the exact same wrong way as you do, but claims to be a Jew, and repeats the exact same crap you’re peddling appears in this thread.


        1. And then conservative was the first to comment on it, very soon thereafter.

          It is a bit convenient, isn’t it?

        2. I don’t know that “The Harretz” is the wrong way of saying it, but English is not my first language.

          1. Shut the fuck up, Conservotard. You’re pathetic.

      2. Plus I’m not in college. Mark that up as another wrong assumption you’ve made about me. Nice sockpuppet, dumbfuck.

        1. It’s called hyperbole. Big word, I know.

          1. No it’s called making a fool of yourself. You’re quite skilled at it.

            1. That’s also not hyperbole.

              Here’s another big word for you: Dictionary.

      3. Actually I would guess the commenting population is pretty cold compared to the internet as a whole.

        1. *old but cold is also accurate.

    2. Ethiopian Jewry has a history that goes back to before the birth of Christ, and experience oppression of its own from both Christian and Communist regimes. What makes you believe that they will be a threat to the security of Israel?

      1. Most of the Ethiopean Jews are already in Israel. The big threat is Ethiopean “refugees.”

        1. A big threat how exactly?

          1. A threat to the nation’s Jewish character. The nation was explicitly founded upon the premise that it would be a Jewish State.

            1. Most Israeli Jews have no “Jewish character,” they aren’t religious. A quarter of Israelis aren’t Jewish at all, but you’re worried about a few thousand Ethiopians doing… something?

              Can you get any dumber? Please answer in the form of another retarded post. Please.

              1. “The nation was explicitly founded upon the premise that it would be a Jewish State”

                You say you know SO MUCH about Israel and Zionism. Israel was founded based the idea of being a Jewish state. Jewishness was always a nation, not a religion, David Ben-Gurion, I’m sure you know who he is, was an atheist.

                1. No, I said I know more than you, which is not saying much.

                  And how exactly does that touch on my reply? I was asking how bringing in a few thousand more non-Jews would harm the Jewish character of Israel.

                  1. Your treating of the phrase “Jewish character” as if it is something religous tells me you don’t know “much” about Israel.

                    1. Fortunately, your muddied interpretations of my words have zero bearing on reality.

                    2. One in eight Israelis are Muslim. That demographic reality has been through in all of Israel’s history as a Jewish state. Bringing a few Christians to the party isn’t going to break the place.

                    3. You don’t get it, Trouser. They’re black Christians.

                      Total anarchy if you let them in.

    3. I agree. Immigration has its virtues, but if the borders were opened in Israel the result would be disaster. In
      America it is hard to imagine the kind of hatred that Arabs have for Jews. If the borders were opened, the Arabs would move in, attakc and kill Jews, or take over the governmetn and expel them. All the stuff about the refugees is the same. Taken to it’s logical conlcusion, most people in most of the world would be a refugee.

      1. If the borders were opened, the Arabs would move in, attakc and kill Jews

        That’s silly. “Open borders” doesn’t mean you allow an invading army to attack you.

        1. As soon as the borders are open, millions of people would immigrate. They might bring their guns with them(they’d be allowed to do that in alibertarian state) or they would come with their fists. Once in, they would take over the government and hopefully the expulsion would be peaceful. They HATE the Jews, they say so in opinion polls, they support Hamas and Hezbolah and the like. Maybe open borders would work in a hundred years, but NOT in today’s world.

          1. Human waves are gonna defeat the Israeli military?

            1. Did you read the part where I said “they would take over the government.”

              1. That’s a little presumptuous. Open borders doesn’t necessarily mean citizenship for immigrants, first off

              2. How exactly do Arabs take over the government when the entire army is made up of Jews?

          2. Why the fuck do you keep changing your handle?

    4. Fuck you, your racism and your collectivism.

  7. Man this thread really brought out the crazies

    1. You mean one crazy and his multiple personalities?

      1. Fair enough.

      2. Is our new resident troll going to be a “conservative” Israel-obsessive who harps about Ethiopian Jews taking all the jobs from hard-working Israelis? Could be interesting, I suppose

        1. I’m assuming it’s just a new face for New Rise or American or whatever he’s gone by in the past. Someone should ask him how he feels about eugenics, and dating Asian girls to confirm.

          1. Oh come on. He doesn’t date women. He wants to, but they’re all sluts nowadays so he’s become a legitimate PUA to compensate

            1. WTF are you even talking about?So….PUAs don’t date women?

              1. Not really in the traditional sense of the word “date.” I was referring to relationships. Jesse was referencing the time you claimed to have an Asian GF

                1. I’m not a “PUA.” I do oppose feminism though, if that’s what you mean. How do PUAs not have real relationships? Are you a feminist? You think it isn’t a “real” relationship because it is “patriarchical” or something? I never claimed to have an Asian “GF.” I do admire Asain women, though, I know how much it pisses off white feminists to hear. They are just SHOCKED that men find their attitude repulsive.

                  1. “I’m not a “PUA.””

                    You claimed to be when you used the screen name “Gillmore.”

                    “How do PUAs not have real relationships? Are you a feminist? You think it isn’t a “real” relationship because it is “patriarchical” or something?”

                    Strawman alert

                    “I never claimed to have an Asian “GF.””

                    You did under another one of your past screen names

                    1. “You claimed to be when you used the screen name “Gillmore.””

                      I only had one past screen name, and it wasn’t “Gillmore.”

                      “Strawman alert”

                      Okay then, explain how PUAs don’t have “real” relationships.

                    2. “I only had one past screen name, and it wasn’t “Gillmore.””

                      You’re full of shit. Everyone knows who you are. If you think you can come back here day after day making the same arguments and think we aren’t going to recognize you because you change your name, you’re an idiot.

                      “Okay then, explain how PUAs don’t have “real” relationships.”

                      When you were Gillmore, you claimed the reason you didn’t do relationships was because of the morals and attitudes of modern women. Your words, not mine. You claimed that instead you just used them for sex. And there was a huge argument with Virginian and other people about PUAs as a part of that.

                    3. Are we really gonna do this again?

                    4. I think Willard was the PUA, Gillmore was the raging racist asshole, no? They could’ve been the same guy, or different guys: sadly there are more than one asshole in the world.

                    5. I just remember that there was a huge bitchfest between the resident PUAs about whether or not SOCON PUAs are allowed in the clubhouse. Or something.

                      But as we all know, bitching on the internet is alpha as fuck, of course. Hehe.

                    6. No Virginian called a troll a beta and then the troll redirected his troll power to absorb all of Virginian’s attention. And then the thread burst into flames…FLAMES!

                    7. In any event, it was truly glorious.

                    8. You’ve got it backwards jesse, but they were both the same guy. Gillmore responded to a question I posed to Willard at one point, and from the comment it was obvious that he forgot to switch accounts. Later, Gillmore said “I’m about to get banned again. Bye.”

                      Were you here when a poster named “American” first showed up a few months ago? If not, basically this guy started posting here, turning every thread into an argument about either immigration, race, homosexuality, gender, etc until he got banned. Since then he periodically comes back under a new name and is usually banned soon after. Sometimes he uses multiple accounts at once (as he did in this thread)

                    9. I’ve heard tales of American, but the first time I saw him it was New Rise.

                      You’re right, I remember he forgot to switch usernames before responding.

                    10. American was glorious because he played the long game. He was around for like 2 weeks posting randomly with only a few hints of the racist insanity that was to come.

                      All of the sudden, two weeks after he started posting, he began writing nothing but 1400 character posts which invariably began with the phrase: “You know what libertarians don’t get…” before the post devolved into racist, nativist nonsense about how Karl Marx was right about economics and the goddamn Mexicans will form a reserve army of labor that will make Americans poor.

                      I’m still impressed by that two week period when no one knew what was to come.

                    11. Ooh that does sound like fun. I’m sad I missed it. New Rise et al have been loads of fun to watch.

  8. This North Korean little Dictator continues offering our current American Middle East nuclear containment agenda the best PR support possible..

    Every U.N. member country & World Politico living in & out of Iran can now easily imagine what the world might also be looking at in the future if Iran is allowed to create a future Middle East nuclear arms race..

  9. We have a vivid memory of when a Canadian citizen was renditioned to Bashar Assad’s Syria by America.

    When this innocent Canadian returned home to North America after months of wrongful torture,he was given $3 million by Canada & $0 by America in compensation.

    Apparently President Bashar Assad must have had somewhat friendlier relations with America at that time more than he obviously does today..

    We will never really know the truth about why (Axis of Evil Syria) President Bashar Assad was torturing our renditioned suspected Terrorist suspect from Canada ?

    1. link?

  10. Israel had the back of the tyrant from Damascus. It made no deterrent military moves, did not openly support the Syrian opposition and did not even use the horrors in Syria for obligatory propaganda

    So staying on the sidelines of a conflict where both sides say they want you destroyed means you “had the back” of Assad??? What type of logic is that?!

  11. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it. Wow.

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