Scientists Developing Cloaking Technology

Just works on microwave light, for now


Harry Potter fans and secret agents, take note: Scientists at the University of Texas, Austin have developed an "invisibility cloak." The catch is that, for now at least, it only shields objects from microwave light.

The researchers are optimistic that they will someday be able to develop similar technology to hide an object from visible light. The cloak was able to hide a 7-inch long rod using copper tape and an extremely thin (100 micrometers) polycarbonate film.

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  1. And this is “new”? To who? There’s been research going on in this area for over a decade. So far nobody has been able to really and actually “cloak” much of anything within the range of normal human senses.

    I, however, have been dreaming of unicorns. And because I dreamed of them, that means someday they might become real.

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